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The Loopy Landmark of LSD

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Here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar, we discuss many topics around drug use.  It’s no secret that drugs make their way into the conversation once in a while.  Alcohol and cannabis are the main ones that are routinely discussed (there’s a whole category that’s been dedicated to cannabis since last year!).  While many drugs come with bad PR reps, there are times that we dig up a PR miracle here and there.

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Image result for LSD Tabs

A few weeks ago, we took a look at how businesses are changing the way they work through alternative methods (you can go back to that article here).  The one component of that post that we really dug into was about employees taking small doses of lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD).  Employees working in the creative industry, especially those residing in Silicon Valley, have been micro-dosing LSD as a unique method of problem-solving.

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As far-fetched as this idea sounds (and this REALLY takes the cake!), microdosing LSD has shown some proven benefits for many employees.  Workers who ingest small doses of acid find it easier to get into the work zone, have magnificent outbursts in personal and work projects, and their overall work becomes much more fun.  The PR miracle seen in this scenario is that the employees will do a better job and they will find it much more interesting.  Better quality work means more audiences will follow the brand.

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Image result for LSD Art

So how did we get here?  How is it that something notorious like LSD became another tool for the creative departments?  What kind of waves have the acid culture made here in American society?  Is there any similarities with the LSD culture and cannabis culture?

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To start, let’s begin with a bit of history.  Dr. Albert Hofmann discovered LSD back in November 16th, 1938.  While researching lysergic acid derivatives, he successfully synthesized LSD.  He set aside the chemical for almost five years until he decided to re-examine it on April 16th, 1943.

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Image result for lsd alice in wonderland

While he was re-synthesizing LSD, he accidentally ingested a small amount and discovered its powerful effects.  He drifted off into what was described as a Alice In Wonderland-type fantasy of fantastic pictures and extraordinary shapes with intense, kaleidoscopic play of colors.  After only two hours, the conditions faded away.

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In just only three days letter, Hofmann ingested 250 mg of LSD while riding his bike (which is now known as ‘Bike Day’ on April 19th).  This was the first intentional LSD trip recorded in America.

Dr. Albert Hofmann continued to ingest small doses of LSD throughout his life.  He always hoped that people would find use for the chemical.

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Image result for 1950s LSD experiment

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Throughout the 1950s, research on LSD became widespread in the field of psychiatry.  Mainstream media reported on this growing trend of LSD research and undergraduate psychology students that were experimenting with it as part of their education.  This trend became so popular that Time magazine published six positive reports on LSD between 1954 through 1959.

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From then on, there was extensive research and testing that was conducted on LSD.  Many patients (whether they knew or not!) were given small doses during their psychotherapy treatment.  One of those notable users was none other than legendary film star Cary Grant (which we’ll explore later on).  Psychiatrists were taking the drug for recreational use and Dr. Timothy Leary’s experiments spread LSD’s usage to a bigger population.

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‘Turn on, tune in, drop out’ was the popular phrase during the counterculture era.  Many participants tuned into LSD’s magical properties and dropped out into their individual lives.  LSD, just like cannabis, was one of many aspects that modified the counterculture movement during the late 60s.  People rolled doobies (some while rolling on acid) to spark up the nationwide movement of peace and love.

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Image result for LSD Research

Decades later and people are still tuning into ingesting doses of LSD.  Even though its considered a schedule I drug, LSD is still being widely studied all across the nation.  It’s no coincidence that people are still turning on, tuning in, and dropping out towards their individuality.

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This makes you wonder if the hippies weren’t just ON something, but they were ON TO something.  Many liberal ideas stemming from the counterculture movement such as legalization of cannabis, wider coverage of the LGBTQ community, and strong feminist leaders rising up continue to flourish more than forty years later.  We have accomplished a lot of work since then and continue to work towards those goals for the future.

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LSD may not receive as much coverage here, but it certainly holds a special place in the PR world.  The drug is currently being studied to this day even after halting all work since 1980.  We’re finding more and more surprising benefits of the drug even though it still remains at Schedule I.

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There’s a lot of undiscovered properties that have yet to be found within LSD.  All we need to do is go further down the rabbit hole to see what awaits us.



Grassfed — Social.Dining.ELEVATED.

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It’s no secret that cannabis can be combined with a myriad of activities.  People consume cannabis before doing things like painting, writing, working out at the gym, hiking, catching the latest flick, bird-watching, and other entertaining hobbies.  Cannabis and hobbies go together like peanut butter and jelly – both the product and interest mesh together to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

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Rather than be fearful of the unknown consequences, business owners should welcome the 4/20-friendly audiences.  These cannabis enthusiasts finished their last joint (or dab hit!) and they want to be fed, entertained, cared for, and possibly have their minds blown away.  Sure these stoners seem like a laughable audience, but they will pay some good money for those delicious pizzas.

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Image result for Uplifting

Before I get off-track with the 4/20 jokes, one information remains crucial – we can’t ignore the fact that cannabis goes hand-in-hand with many other social activities.  Many cannabis strains (especially the sativas!) are known for elevating mood and keep you uplifted.  Preying on those positive effects such as elevated mood is a key strategy for this concept.  It’s that idea that would help run a successful business.  One company, Grassfed, is flourishing with this business idea.

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Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Grassfed is a cannabis company operating in California that combines everyday activities with cannabis.  The company focuses on food, music, and cannabis through different events.  Their motto reads ‘Social.Dining.Elevated.’ (the elevated part being the cannabis!).  One event provides soul food while listening to some funk music while another will have high end veggie cuisine in a Woodstock-themed environment.  Some non-related food-events include a virtual reality experience with cannabis and even a burlesque show.  While they’re only based in California right now, Grassfed plans to expand towards other states in the future.

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Some of their business partners include DaVinci, Vapexhale, and To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates.  Their business has become a huge success and even featured in the press for companies like Vogue, LA Weekly, Edibles Magazine, Merry Jane, InStyle, and others.

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I think Grassfed truly has a successful business!  They truly knocked it out of the part with the unique, yet simple strategy of combining cannabis with sophisticated activities.  Cannabis users have always enjoyed their activities more after consumption and Grassfed revolved their strategy around this concept.  Not only are cuisines more enjoyable after cannabis, but foods infused with cannabis make the experience that much more exciting.

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Image result for The Wheel

This is a great example that business can learn from.  It’s not about looking to reinvent the wheel.  The wheel has already been built, so your left with the question of what other function does the wheel provide to society.

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Same goes with cannabis – you already have the base product (which is the flower itself!).  The challenge starts when you have to mold the basic item into something unique.  That flower could turn in to wax for dabbing or be decorated for t-shirts.  These possibilities are endless, so its up to YOU to discover another useful function of the cannabis plant.  It could be mixed together to create hash or just become a theme for a gay porn series (there ARE 4/20-themed pornos out there!).

The secret has already been out – many activities can be enhanced after consuming some cannabis.  That right there is the new mixture created from the base product.  Cannabis plus a common activity molded together to create a truly unique business concept.

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When you think about it, this makes the business complexities much more simplified.  Don’t look to reinvent the wheel – look to further enhance the CONCEPT of the wheel itself.  The wheel could either be enhanced through decorated rims or designed as a logo for a brand.  That wheel – the first base product that started it all – has been successfully utilized millions of times in the business world.

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So if you’re looking to make waves in the cannabis industry, focus on the CONCEPT of cannabis and not the plant itself.  It is then, and only then, that you have succeeded in what mankind has done for years.

Canada’s Cannabis Advent Calendars, Eh!

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With December coming soon in just three days, it’s almost time to break out the advent calendars.  Advent calendars are a fun way to countdown the days until Christmas; they come in various themes within many shapes and sizes.  Some advent calendars feature treats hidden behind the doors.  Hidden treats include chocolate, lotions, alcohol (yes, even alcohol!), and other intriguing collectibles.

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Advent calendars are always in the rage at the end of November.  Everyone looks to get their hands on a calendar once Thanksgiving is over.  One company in Canada is seeing a HIGH demand in their unique advent calendars that feature — wait for it — CANNABIS PRODUCTS.

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Image result for Cannabis Advent Calendar

You heard me RIGHT, readers – cannabis advent calendars are up for sale!  Canadian company Coast to Coast Medicinals is selling cannabis advent calendars.  These sets of calendars come at $200-$230 ($157-$180 in US Dollars) and feature three options.  The first option provides 26 grams of flowers, another choice features 24 cannabis-infused edibles, and there’s the mixed-bag option (14 grams of flowers and 12 edibles.

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Image result for Coast to Coast Medicinals Vancouver

Coast to Coast Medicinals is based in Vancouver, B.C.  They are one of many medicinal cannabis dispensaries around the area that sell many forms of flowers, concentrates, edibles, topicals, capsules, and other cannabis products.  The company operated earlier this year, but their business has been skyrocketing due to the large demand of pre-orders for the cannabis calendars.

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Image result for Canada Cannabis

Not only is this genius marketing tactic perfect timing for the Christmas season, but it’s also relevant to Canada’s transition period for the cannabis industry.  Canada is looking to legalize recreational use in July 1st of next year and the government has been working ruthlessly to set plans into place.  If all goes accordingly well, the country of Canada could be going to pot (LITERALLY!).

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What’s interesting is that Coast to Coast Medicinals isn’t the only cannabis company utilizing this marketing tactic.  Seattle-based dispensary Dockside Cannabis started selling their cannabis advent calendars last year.  Customers can choose from either the 12-day calendar for $160 or the full 25-day adventure for $300.  You’ll have to celebrate in Seattle if you truly want a Happy Holidaze!

Image result for Advent Calendar

Image result for Advent Calendar

The cannabis-themed advent calendar is a fantastic idea!  I enjoy opening up the doors on the advent calendar each year and providing cannabis products into the mix would make the experience that much more enjoyable.  It’s an interesting product that mixes the traditional spirit of Christmas with the modern socio-progressive liberal stance towards legalizing cannabis.

Image result for Canada Medicinal Cannabis

Image result for Canada Medicinal Cannabis

Many Canadians have been leaning towards legalizing recreational use for the country, with the release of these cannabis advent calendars proving as a great example.  Canada legalized medicinal cannabis in 2001 and the cannabis industry has been flourishing since.  With cannabis legalization spreading nationwide, it’s about HIGH time we mix our holiday traditions with a modern spin.

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Image result for Cannabis Advent Calendar

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Cannabis advent calendars prove that we have come a very long way from cannabis prohibition.  What was once sold in the clear plastic bag is now being placed inside a small box to open up before Christmas.  It’s like the ugly duckling of the consumerist world became the beautiful swan that it is today.  So much PR nightmares made cannabis become this ugly duckling that no one would bother caring for.  It took years (even DECADES!) for this ugly duckling to transform into the magnificent swan.

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Here’s to Coast to Coast Medicinals for helping that swan look more gorgeous than ever.  It’s cannabis companies like them that will help the cannabis industry grow even further.

Boston Gets LIT: 11/27-12/1

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Welcome back readers!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration.  I’ve spent many days gobbling down some tasty food and now I’m slowly creeping into the work mode.  It’ll be a while before I slip back into the normal routine.

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Nevertheless, MakeSandcastlesNotWar will be cranking out some juicy stories happening around the holidays!  Thanksgiving may be over, but Christmas is around the corner.  December starts in four days and the weather is only getting colder.  It’s just like what the motto of House Stark from Game of Thrones once said – Winter is Coming.

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Winter is DEFINTELY coming, folks!  With a new season comes the festival holidays before we ring in the new year (2017 went by FAST!).  Nevertheless, we are trading in our pumpkin lighting for tree lighting.

Tree lightings are a lot of fun to go to.  I love seeing the decorated Christmas tree and waiting for the countdown until the lights turn on.  This yearly tradition of the tree lighting marks the start of a warm and joyous season.

Image result for boston tree lighting

Image result for boston tree lighting

I already checked out the Salem Holiday Tree Lighting (which was absolutely fantastic!) and I’m excited for more to come.  Surely enough, there are more tree lighting events happening around the city of Boston.  There’s a tree lighting event happening every day this week and MakeSandcastlesNotWar has you covered on when they will be happening.

Here’s the lowdown on Boston’s Christmas Tree Lighting Celebrations:

Today – Copley Square

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Image result for Boston Copley Square Old South Church

Our first tree lighting of the week kicks off at Copley Square.  The event goes on at 5:00-6:00, with the Old South Church bell tolling when then lights go on.  Santa, Rudolph, and Frosty will be joining us as well as music from local chorus groups.  Other than the tree lighting, the Boston Public Library will be hosting story time and candy cane tea from 3-4:30.  This event may be free, but you must call ahead to make the reservations.  Be sure to swing by the Fairmont Copley Plaza for a post-lighting reception at 6 PM.

Tuesday 11/28 – Massachusetts State House

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Tomorrow’s tree lighting will take place over at the Massachusetts State House.  A giant Christmas tree will light up in the Rotunda, followed by an open house and visit from Santa at Doric Hall.  The tree will be lit at 5 PM tomorrow.

Wednesday 11/29 – Faneuil Marketplace

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Image result for faneuil marketplace boston

If you’re in Faneuil Marketplace on Wednesday, be sure to check out the tree lighting ceremony.  The event will begin at 7 PM and the tree will light up at around 8 PM.  Blink! (the music-light show on the Christmas tree) will start at 4:30 and run every hour from then until January 1st from 4:30-9:30 daily.  You definitely don’t want to miss Blink! this season.

Thursday 11/30 – Boston Common

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Take a stroll through the Boston Common this Thursday for another festive tree lighting event.  Head over near the Visitors Information Center on Tremont Street to find the tree.  Refreshments, entertainment, and music will be provided by local groups.  Lights on the tree (almost 7,000 in total!) will be lit around 7:55 PM, as well as the lights on 80+ other trees throughout the Common and Public Garden.  This show will close with a joyous firework display over the Common.

Friday 12/1 – North End

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Image result for Boston North End Hanover and Cross Street

The first Christmas tree lighting on the first day of December will take place in the North End.  Walk over to the corner of Hanover and Cross streets to enjoy some light refreshments.  Other than the tree lighting, the North End’s Holiday Stroll takes place as well.  All of this will go from 6-8 PM on Friday.

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That’s it for the 411 on Boston’s tree lighting events.  Be sure to check out a tree lighting event if you are ever in the area (better yet, go to ALL of them if you can!).  The holiday season is upon us and Boston will be filled with Christmas cheer.

Come out and celebrate the beginning of the cheerful and joyous season of winter!

Micromanaging Your Micro Dosed LSD

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Image result for Snow White Hi Ho gif

In this 21st century, the way we conduct work has changed dramatically.  We continue to search for alternate ways to improve our work lives.  Whether it’s increasing wages for employees or renovating the overall landscape of the office space, we’re always brainstorming new ideas in order to keep the business afloat.  These ideas apply especially to businesses working in creativity.

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Image result for Beer fridge at work

Creative agencies (advertising, PR, marketing, whole nine yards) are working harder than ever to release their best work for the public.  They’ll have to have all of the tools they need at their disposal.  Some employees sip on their favorite tea or craft beer while brainstorming more ideas.  In other cases, workers consume cannabis while working on their projects.

What’s interesting is that these aren’t the craziest ‘work habits’ that creative employees do.  The latest trend sweeping around the nation?  Micrdosing LSD.

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Image result for LSD gif

Seriously folks – employees are consuming micro doses of LSD (lysergic acid diethylamide) for improving overall work life.  Microdosing LSD may seem like a bizarre work trend, but some are reaping some amazing benefits from the procedure.

Image result for LSD 1960s

Image result for LSD 1960s

Lysergic acid diethylamide was created by Dr. Albert Hoffman back in 1938.  Ever since it became popular back in the 1960s, acid has been fueling its way into mainstream culture (we’ll dig deeper into LSD’s history later on).

Image result for Silicon Valley Ca

Image result for Silicon Valley Ca

This unique psychedelic trend has been happening for quite a while now.  It all started when young professionals in Silicon Valley, California started microdosing LSD before heading into work.  Since then, a growing number of employees are insisting that microdosing psychedelics (cannabis, LSD, psilocybin, etc.) help improve their performance at work.  They say that they become more creative and focused with the task at hand.

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Image result for Bill Gates LSD

Surprisingly enough, Silicon Valley has had a long history of psychedelic drug use in order to boost creativity (Fun Fact: technology celebrities Steve Jobs and Bill Gates experimented with LSD!).  Decades later and more technological enthusiasts are turning to microdosing LSD in order to get their creative juice pumping.  Besides, they will need all of their tools that is at their disposal.

Image result for LSD tabs

Image result for LSD tabs

Microdosing psychedelics like LSD or magic mushrooms has some incredible health benefits that help combat various illnesses.  LSD has been taken to treat depression, anxiety, alcoholism, OCD, PTSD, and even been used to quit smoking tobacco.  The real PR miracle here lies within the increased creative output LSD offers for employees.

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Image result for Don Draper Advertising

Employees that take a micro dose of LSD will have brilliant outbursts in personal and work creative projects, feel as thought it is easier to get into the work zone, and the overall work becomes fun.  When the work goes from the mundane to being exciting, employees work harder and more efficiently to get the job done.  The PR pro will write better press releases, mad men will design more creative advertisement ideas, and marketers will design clever creative tactics to get the product or service out to the audience. It becomes a WIN-WIN situation for every creative employee.

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The way we work will always change every year.  We have to drum up new tactics for improving overall work life in order to produce more incredible content.  Advancements in technology are pushing us harder than ever to showcase the best work we can create.  New problems drum up alternate ideas for discovering the solutions (microdosing LSD is just one of them).

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Image result for Creative tools

I think this is an intriguing idea.  As bizarre as a tactic as it is, micro dosing LSD does provide some healthy benefits.  Employees in the creative department need all of the tools they can get.  Whether that tool be a hammer or a joint, it’s these products that help us get the job done efficiently.  PR pros like me need our tools to write better each day.

Image result for haight ashbury 1967

Image result for Gay San Francisco 1970s

Image result for Valerie Solanas

When you think about taking LSD, you probably think of dirty lazy hippies slumming around the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood.  Maybe those hippies weren’t just ON something, but may be on TO something.  They initiated this widespread counter-culture movement that carried on decades later.  It’s this counter culture that caused for things like cannabis legalization, a wider recognition of the LGBTQ community, and for feminists to rise up as leaders in the nation.  Smoking reefers and taking LSD wasn’t so much about just doing drugs, but rather, becoming a revolutionary movement that would shake up the nation for years to come.

Image result for LSD Blotter

Image result for White collar work

So much change has happened since LSD became popular for the counter-culture movement and it continues become a part of our society in many ways.  It’s not just a part of California’s culture, but a part of our nation’s culture.  You know times have truly changed when white-collared workers are taking small doses of illegal psychedelics in order to complete their work.

Image result for Looking forward

We have many complex problems that we face in the future, but it’s the tools from our past that will help complete our work we have in the present.