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Stranger Things 3 Summer Blockbuster

Image result for Stranger Things 3 Poster

Image result for Stranger Things 3 Poster

Alrighty folks… Stranger Things returned for a third season on Netflix this summer!  Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, El (Eleven), and the rest of the kids face a whole new evil brewing within the new Starcourt Mall.  Will is triggered yet again from horrific forces from the Upside Down.  It’s yet another explosive summer (literally!) for the kids at Hawkins, Indiana.

Image result for Stranger Things 3

Image result for Stranger Things 3

To sum it up, Stranger Things was absolutely amazing yet again.  This incredible 80s sci-fi-themed series killed it with another chapter of the battle within the Upside Down.  Even with the kids growing up over the years, they still came together to defeat the evil in the world.  Stranger Things was definitely a big hit this summer.

Image result for Stranger Things 3

As a matter of fact, Stranger Things was so big that it was a blockbuster hit for Netflix.  The newest season proved to be much popular than the previous one, with over tens of millions of viewers watching the whole season merely days after it released on the Fourth of July.  With over 150 million Netflix subscribers active, that comes out to more than a quarter of them binge-watching the series.

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Image result for Stranger Things 3 Marketing

The main reason for these high numbers stems from both great content and great marketing.  Its these key strategies that helped drive more users towards Netflix.  When Netflix creates amazing content that is marketed the right way, the ending results lead to even more audiences.  Amazing TV series like Stranger Things are already popular among fans, so adding more to the story will only bring them back for more binge-watching.

Image result for Stranger Things 3

With that, Stranger Things is more popular than ever.  The newest season did well on Netflix, with a little help from marketing of course.  It was the perfect summer season for a perfect blockbuster TV series to release this year.

Image result for Stranger Things 3

After another glorious day of summer, be sure to binge-watch Stranger Things 3 on Netflix!


Neon Genesis Evangelion (Netflix Version)

Image result for Neon Genesis Evangelion Netflix

Image result for Neon Genesis Evangelion Netflix

During my vacation time, I have been watching this classic anime series called Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix.  Neon Genesis Evangelion is set fifteen years after a worldwide apocalyptic event that erupted within the futuristic city of Tokyo-3.  The series is about a young boy named Shinji Ikari who was recruited by his father to the organization Nerv to pilot this giant bio-machine mecha known as the Evangelion.  He uses the Evangelion to defeat the alien beings called Angels that wreak havoc in the city.  As he continues fighting the Angels each episode, Shinji and the other Evangelion pilots.

Image result for Neon Genesis Evangelion

Image result for Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion was originally released in the US on October 4th 1995 and aired on Cartoon Network (Toonami) as well as Adult Swim.  It was released on Netflix back in June 21st.  Interestingly enough, there were some striking differences between the original version and Netflix release.  Some were minor while others changed the course of the story within the Netflix series.

Here are some of the notable changes within the Netflix release of Neon Genesis Evangelion:

#1: Ending Credit Song

Image result for neon genesis evangelion fly me to the moon

Each episode of the original version concluded with a different version of Frank Sinatra’s classic lounge hit ‘Fly Me to the Moon’.  In the Netflix version, the covers are missing and replaced by a piano version of a different song.  This was due to one reason only – licensing fees.

#2: End Credit Song Within Series

Image result for neon genesis evangelion Voicemail

Not only was ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ obsolete from the end of each episode, but it wasn’t present for many episodes of the show.  This shifts a difference in tone within some scenes, especially one involving a heartbreaking voicemail message.

#3: Voice Cast

Image result for neon genesis evangelion Voicemail

Image result for Casey Mongillo

The Netflix version also features a completely new dub by new actors.  While the new voice dub isn’t problematic for the story, the change still feels somewhat jarring throughout the show.  One silver lining is that Shinji Ikari was voiced by trans actress Casey Mongillo.

#4: Script Re-Write

Image result for neon genesis evangelion

It wasn’t just the voice-over dubs that changed with the Netflix version.  The script itself changed as well.  This new script seems more of the literal translation of the original Japanese writing.

#5: Gay Subtext

Image result for neon genesis evangelion I Love You

One random example of script re-writing involves one male character telling another that he is “worthy of love” and says, “I love you”.  Instead, the Netflix version has him saying, “You’re worthy of my grace” and, “I like you.”  It is both totally awkward and alters the meaning of the whole scene.

#6: Onscreen Text Translation

Image result for neon genesis evangelion onscreen text

Within the Netflix version, almost none of the onscreen Japanese writing is translated into subtitles.  This leaves a major mystery for many people who don’t read Kanji.

#7: Cursing

Image result for neon genesis evangelion

Several lines within the Netflix version omit some of the heavy cursing from the original series.  A crucial line from the series conclusion was altered from “I’m so fucked up” to “I’m the lowest of the low”.  Another similar change was the line “So fucking what if I’m not into you?” changing to “Fine, so I’m a stranger.”

#8: More Script Changing

Image result for neon genesis evangelion All's right with the world

Even more script changes are found within the new Netflix series.  One other such surprising case was the line “All is right with the world” changing to “All is very good.”  Interestingly enough, the original line stems from a poem by Robert Browning that reads, “God’s in his heaven – All’s right with the world!”  What’s even more odd is that the poem is present elsewhere within the show.

#9: NERV

Image result for neon genesis evangelion NERV

For some strange reason, the Netflix dubbed actors can’t seem to agree on how to pronounce the word “Nerv.”  The dubbed version has the characters saying “Nerv” or Nairv”.  This piece of dialogue changes from time to time within each episode.

Phish at Phenway 7/6 Setlist

After my fun little mini vacation I had this past week, I am now rejuvenated and energized for the next string of posts here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  It was a great 4th of July week with great food, cold craft beers, and amazing firework shows.

Image result for phish fenway 2019

Image result for phish fenway 2019

This past weekend I got to see Phish at historic Fenway Park in Boston (#PhishatPhenway).  Phish played  Friday and Saturday of last week, with thousands of people jamming to some killer tunes out on the baseball field.  Trey, Mike, Page, and Jon rocked the park here in the city.

Their setlist for Saturday was absolutely amazing.  SO amazing that its time to reveal the highlights and where some of the best tunes originated from.

Here’s the recap of the setlist of Phish at Phenway on Saturday July 6th:



Set Your Soul Free


Wolfman’s Brother – Hoist, March 29th 1994

Reba – Lawn Boy, September 21st 1990

Back on the Train – Farmhouse, May 16th 2000

Mound – Rift, February 2nd 1993

About to Run

Down with Disease – Hoist, March 29th 1994

Simple – A Live One, June 27th 1995

Backwards Down the Number Line – Joy, September 8th 2009

Death Don’t Hurt Very Long

46 Days – Round Room, December 10th 2002

What’s the Use? – The Siket Disc, July 3rd 1999

Mexican Cousin – Round Room, December 10th 2002

Also Sprach Zarathustra

Split Open & Melt – Lawn Boy, September 21st 1990

Suzy Greenberg

Rise/Come Together

Wilson – A Live One, June 27th 1995

Encore Boston Harbor Casino & Resort

Image result for Summer Vacation

Image result for Summer Vacation

Summer is all about the months of vacations.  Whether you’re just getting out of school or finally using that paid vacation time, summer is the season to take a break from the working world for some rest and relaxation (R&R).  June has come and gone, yet July will be another exciting month of the season.

Image result for Las Vegas

Image result for Las Vegas

When you want to do some gambling during your vacation, the answer is pretty obvious – Las Vegas.  Las Vegas has always been the premiere vacation destination for some real deal gambling entertainment.  At this point, its hard for me to get to Las Vegas from Massachusetts (simply due to my busy schedule and the fact that it’s hot enough already here!).

If you’re in Massachusetts and are looking for a great gaming experience around the area, then you are in for a REAL treat this summer.  Bordered within the city of Boston you can find… Encore Boston Harbor.

Image result for Encore Boston Harbor

Image result for Encore Boston Harbor

Encore Boston Harbor is a luxury casino and resort that opened up in Everett this summer.  It is located within five miles from the Boston Logan Airport and financial district.  This resort offers the finest in gaming, five-star dining, shopping, and so much more.

Image result for Encore Boston Harbor

The main casino floor offers array of entertaining games to choose from.  You can find slots, poker, blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps, and other fun games to play.  Be sure to bring your a-game and best poker face to the tables.

Image result for Encore Boston Harbor Dining

When you start getting tired from that gambling you did for a while, its time to unwind with a good meal.  Encore Boston Harbor has 15 restaurants and bars to choose from.  Asian, seafood, steaks, and other items can be found on the menu from one of many of the fine-dining experiences.  Heck, it even has a restaurant that offers a buffet (which is LITERALLY called ‘The Buffet’!).

Image result for Encore Boston Harbor Spa

After that delicious meal, the next best thing is to hit the spa.  Indulge in a wide range of soothing treatments, from specialty massages to body treatments.  The aroma of Yuzu and White Tea set alone will set the mood for the ultimate spa relaxation and rejuvenation.  You’ll have to call to make a reservation for one of these services.

Image result for Encore Boston Harbor Spa

With that, Encore Boston Harbor is the new vacation destination in the Boston area.  The gaming, spa, and fine-dining has that Las Vegas experience all within the comforts of Massachusetts.  It is already getting hot here in Boston, so its time for that true gaming experience this year.

Image result for Encore Boston Harbor Spa

Check into Encore Boston Harbor for the flair of Las Vegas within Everett, Massachusetts.

MA Recreational Cannabis on the Rise

Image result for Cultivate Cannabis

Image result for Massachusetts

Image result for Money gif

It has been over seven months since the first recreational dispensaries opened here in Massachusetts.  Cultivate and NETA Northampton were the first to dip into the recreational market on November 20th, 2018.  Even though they were far from the Boston area, both dispensaries managed to rake in MILLIONS of dollars in less than a week.

That was last year.  At March, the number of recreational dispensaries grew to a total of ten in Massachusetts.  Now, that number has doubled for a total of TWENTY recreational dispensaries.

Image result for Massachusetts Landscape

Image result for Massachusetts Landscape

We have over fifty medical dispensaries open in Massachusetts, with twenty of them open for adult use as well.  That figure translates to roughly 2/5th or 40% of dispensaries opening for recreational use alongside with medical.  Here we are at June 27th and the dispensary list is growing even further.

Image result for Massachusetts Landscape

But it’s the recreational dispensary list where things get really interesting.  As the list of medicinal dispensaries grow, so do the recreational ones.  And those dispensaries have been opening up for recreational use faster than ever.  The demand for recreational cannabis is skyrocketing so high (PUN INTENDED) that businesses are making their push for adult use to satisfy their audiences.

Image result for Medicinal Cannabis

Image result for Medicinal Cannabis

At the same time, that high demand for recreational dispensaries creates a questionable future for the medicinal industry.  Will there still be new medicinal dispensaries opening up around Massachusetts?  Could they cave into the insurmountable pressures of the consumer market and allow for recreational use?  Is there any foreseeable hope for medicinal dispensaries in the near future?

Image result for Medicinal Cannabis

With the list of recreational dispensaries doubling in numbers already, there is no telling what lies ahead for the medicinal cannabis market.  Businesses will have to devise some clever tactics in order to keep afloat in the ever-changing cannabis industry.  Whether it be through marketing or public relations, companies will have to pull out any and all of their tricks to survive.

Image result for Medicinal Cannabis

Recreational dispensaries have already doubled in numbers.  It won’t be long until that number grows even further.  That, along with the measures to start opening cannabis cafes, will lead to a brighter future for the cannabis industry.  This is the beginning of a booming industry that will rapidly change within the next few years.

First it was the medicinal market that was popular.  But now all signs point towards the recreational market.