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Phish at Phenway

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Besides being the home field for the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park also hosts many musicians coming into the city.  Zac Brown, Pearl Jam, Billie Joel, and even Jimmy Buffet are a few of many notorious bands that rocked Fenway Park.  It just goes to show that they sing more than just ‘Sweet Caroline’ in Kenmore Square (#InsideBostonJoke).

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Whether it be a music act or another baseball game, one thing’s for certain – Fenway Park makes for one of the most entertaining venues here in Boston.  Fenway Park branches out in its entertaining avenues by hosting more than just sports games.  All types audience roam around Yawkey Way to grab their food, beers, and other accessories before the big game (or show!).  This summer, audiences will be grooving to the infamous VT jam band known as… Phish.

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That’s right folks – Phish is returning to Fenway Park.  Phish will be returning with some all new jams in Boston for their Summer 2019 tour.  It’ll be a true Boston highlight known as ‘Phish at Phenway’ (#PhishPhanPun).  You can see Phish at Fenway Park on July 5th and 6th.  Tickets go out starting February 1st.

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Phish hails from the quaint town of Burlington, Vermont (a.k.a. my old college stomping ground!).  Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman, and Page McConnell formed the band back in the 1980s, making fantastic music as a jam band.  They attract many fans, known as ‘Phish Phans’, all across the nation.  Coincidentally, Phish Phans are similar to the ‘Dead Heads’ that followed the Grateful Dead.  They still play many sold-out shows, filling every seat around the stage.

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Some of their earlier albums include Junta, Lawn Boy, A Picture of Nectar, Rift, Hoist, Billy Breathes, The Story of the Ghost, and even Farmhouse.  Not only do they have lots of studio albums (15 to be exact), but they have a TREMENDOUS number of live albums from their past shows.  Phish Phans can choose from a variety of shows they played over the past 30 decades or so.  It’s those live albums that make Phish even better.

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I’m honestly so pumped that Phish is playing in Boston this summer!  Phish was one of my favorite bands in college and I have been looking to see them live at some point in the future.  Their music gets really creative throughout each track, with some spanning more than ten minutes.  So amazing that Phish his hitting up one of the most iconic spots of Boston.

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Be sure to grab your tickets to see Phish at Phenway this summer!


MA Cannabis Culture Identity Crisis

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With the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts comes many cannabis-themed establishments in the area.  Hydroponics stores, dispensaries, and smoke shops are a few of many specialty businesses that cater to the cannabis industry.  These types of specialty business funnel in BILLIONS of dollars into the growing cannabis industry here in Massachusetts.  What’s also interesting to note is that every type of business, whether it be directly or indirectly, caters to the cannabis culture as well.

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Cannabis has involved into this trending subculture all across the major cities, especially within Boston.  While Boston doesn’t have any recreational dispensaries operating yet (which is coming MUCH later this year!), there are still legal shops opening north of the city.  Those are the businesses where ALL types of audiences are welcome, not just medical cannabis card users.  It’s no secret that recreational cannabis shops will be the hot new trend this year.

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But there’s also another interesting business trend happening here in Massachusetts.  Bigger businesses from out of state are moving in on Massachusetts and acquiring companies all around the state.  These businesses are coming from states such as Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and others.  The latest acquisition recently came from a company in Georgia.  Not only are they coming from legal states, but they are even from non-legal states as well.

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What we have is a reverse ‘Gold Rush’ scenario where companies are heading out east to claim their share of the treasure.  Cities like Boston and Portland are booming faster than ever thanks to the flourishing cannabis industry.  Those HIGH rent costs in Boston are due to the cloud of cannabis smoke sweeping around the city.  Massachusetts was one of the first states of the New England region to legalize cannabis, which caused its popularity as a brand to skyrocket even further.

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In an intriguing turn of events, Massachusetts businesses aren’t establishing their own specialty cannabis operations.  Not only does these hurt businesses statewide, but it also dampens the cannabis culture as well.  As other businesses from various states swoop into the Bay State, Massachusetts may lose its own cannabis culture in the process.

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Every state created their own unique culture different from the rest.  California’s culture is significantly different from Massachusetts in many ways.  They may have legal recreational shops, but their traditions and culture were shaped completely different in history.  The last thing we need is for Massachusetts to develop a identity crisis simply because local citizens were kept out of their own.

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In the end, there certainly is a lot of excitement happening here in Massachusetts.  Businesses, especially those outside of the state, are raking in on the ‘Green Rush’ happening in the New England region.  If things don’t work itself out, Massachusetts may not establish their own unique cannabis culture that differs from Colorado or Michigan.  Who knows, we could see a cannabis culture made up from professionals in Missouri.

Let’s work to shape our Massachusetts cannabis culture with local citizens running Massachusetts-based businesses in the near future.

Photogenic Egg > Kylie Jenner

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Kylie Jenner is the true Instagram Queen on social media.  Known as one of the youngest members of the Kardashian family, Kylie is always showcasing her daily life on Instagram.  She is constantly busy on her Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Vine, and other social media platforms. Better yet, she even lets her sisters join in on the fun.  There’s always something going on in the adventures of Kylie Jenner.

But this year, Kylie Jenner has some serious competition.  This past Sunday, Kylie Jenner lost the world record of having the most liked photo on Instagram to – wait for it – an EGG.

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That’s right folks – an egg won over Kylie Jenner.  The photo features a brown egg with a light fixating on the millions of specks around the shell.  It was posted online by the account world_record_egg by the Egg Gang on January 4th. By Sunday evening, the picture received over 18 million likes for the photo.

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Many users flocked to the photo, showcasing its true greatness.  Millions praised the picture for its amazing quality.  That speck of light symbolized the glimmer of hope within the cold, dark soul of humanity.  On this day, Kylie Jenner did NOT break the world record for her photo.

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Not everyone enjoyed the photogenic egg picture.  Kylie Jenner posted a video on Sunday evening of her cracking an egg on asphalt with the caption, “take that little egg”.  The egg certainly won that round.

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With that, the egg came in and reigned supreme as the true Instagram king.  It won Instagram this week, beating out even Kylie Jenner in the process.  That light signifies our small victory here in America.  Who knew that a beautiful photo of an egg would actually become more popular than Kylie Jenner?

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At this point, I guess you can say that the egg definitely came first in this scenario.

How Hard Did Aging Hit You Challenge

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People do a lot of random things on Facebook.  They “wave” at random strangers they become friends with, poke their family and friends, and even share content all over their page (or better yet, OVERSHARE).  There’s no shortage of ways to make the most out of your social media experience.

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In some cases, users follow a particular theme that is trending around the site.  Events like the Ice Bucket Challenge or games such as Farmville became popular for quite a while.  Here in the beginning of 2019 lies a whole new challenge involving your own photos.  The latest challenge on Facebook is How Hard Did Aging Hit You?

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The challenge goes like this – you upload your very first profile picture and your most recent picture.  It’s creative way to compare how much you have changed over the years.  As the name goes, users find out how exactly hard aging has hit them.

Here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar, I’ve decided to showcase the challenge on this very blog.  It’s been 11 years since my picture was take.  Time to compare that with the most recent one today.

October 2008

oct 2008 fb picture

October 2008 – Here I am at 17 years old, kicking it in my bedroom.  I was a junior in Ipswich High School at the time, just one and a half years away from college.  Just being a regular teen, chilling in my bedroom in Ipswich.  Pretty sure I finished up my homework (or not!), so I played around on my laptop for a bit.

That grey trucker CKY hat was one of my favorites.  CKY was my favorite band and I collected all the albums through Itunes.  I still have their music locked within my portable hard drive.  YouTube really changed since 2008.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after high school, being that I was being the typical care-free teenager.  College was looming around everyone’s mind and the only main thing on mine was what was on VH1 or MTV.  There were many times where I was browsing through the Ed Hardy catalog rather than searching for colleges around Massachusetts.  Only thing I did know was that I loved being in the swarm of entertainment around me.

January 2019


Fast-forward to January 2019 – 11 years later.  Completely done with both high school and college.  I have been busy working within the cannabis industry and keeping up with an entertainment PR blog five days a week.  While I haven’t been hanging with my friends I knew in high school, I have more friends in Boston these days.  Almost three years out of college and I reach even closer to my dream career.  It’s been quite a wild ride since high school and I have been enjoying every minute of it.

To think that I have gone from this rebellious teenager browsing through Ed Hardy apparel while listening to CKY to becoming a young professional in the cannabis industry is simply beyond shocking.  Time has an intriguing way of completely reshaping who you become.  Not only do you physically age over time, but both your mental and emotional state become altered as well.  Your whole identity itself gradually progresses each year.

What seems like another social media trend is actually a mind-blowing step into the past.  Eleven years later and lots has changed since that picture I took in high school.  I was in the midst of a ever-growing trend of a new industry that would soon blossom over time.

With that, the ‘How Hard Did Aging Hit You’ challenge was quite entertaining to complete.  I can certainly say I aged well since I was 17.

Government Shutdown Delays Tax Refunds

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The month of January can only mean one thing — tax returns come out.  All those commercials are out on TV reminding us about completing our taxes.  TurboTax, Jackson Hewitt, and H&R Block are a few of many companies releasing their yearly ads for their audience.  While the message seems perfectly clear (get your taxes done before a certain date!), they make up for it with humorous instances.  Nevertheless, these advertisements get us all excited about getting our yearly tax returns.

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Now here’s where things get interesting – the government shutdown is still occurring here in the United States.  Many federal businesses are affected by the shutdown one way or another.  One thing that is adversely affected during the government shutdown are tax refunds.

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That’s right folks – your taxes could be delayed for a while this year.  After slaving away the past year at work, you will have to wait a bit to complete your taxes.  It all depends on the state you currently live in.

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Here’s the situation we have here:  Millions of audiences are tuning into the commercials from companies like TurboTax or H&R Block.  Each ad showcases the message about filing your taxes before the due date.  The catch is that many people will be waiting a while in order to complete such tax returns.  So, yeah… AWKWARD.

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This infuriating PR blunder is sure to turn off millions of audiences off from the ads.  While they may seem catchy at times, many will be annoyed by the long wait.  It doesn’t make much sense to showcase a yearly tradition when they are put on hold due to the government shutdown.

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Image result for Government Shutdown

Our solution here is simple – ship out the tax returns out as soon as possible so that the audiences has something to look forward to in the beginning of the year.  Only problem is that there is no control is to when the government shutdown will end.  It could be days, weeks, months, or even YEARS for it to cease.

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With that, the government shutdown poses a serious problem for this year’s tax returns.  Not only will people be waiting longer for their tax returns, but it also causes a strain for those advertisements from the tax companies.  Their audience will be hugely turned off by the message because they have not gotten their tax returns in the mail.

Hopefully the government shutdown will end soon, sparing the burden for the tax companies and their audiences.