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California’s HIGH GDP Growth PR Miracle

Happy Monday readers!  We’re almost half-way through February, with the last few weeks of winter coming our way.  It won’t be long now before we get outside more and watch the green grass growing.

Speaking of grass, it’s time to start the week with yet ANOTHER 4/20 topic!

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Each state here in the country brings in a certain amount of Gross Domestic Products (or GDP) every year.  Gross Domestic Product is the monetary measure of market value of all final goods and services produced during each period of time.  Usually the measurement is a quarterly or yearly rate.  This measurement doesn’t reflect differences in inflation rates of cost of living within each county.

Every year, each state is ranked based on how much profit is being fueled into the economic system.  The data is compiled together to determine which state has the highest Gross Domestic Product.

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The numbers are in…the state with the HIGHEST GDP (again!) is…California.

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That’s right people – California currently has the highest GDP in the nation.  California brings in the most profits for the nation’s economic system.

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Image result for California and New York City GDP 2017

How high is California’s GDP?  California’s economy is SO big that it is ranked the 6th largest in the world.  The Golden State is making twice as much as New York City every year.  Over a third of the GDP is produced within the Los Angeles and Orange counties (which isn’t surprising being that this is where the entertainment capital is located!).

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Ok…at this point, you’re probably wondering what ANY of this has to do with the 4/20 community.  Let me explain – California leads as the state with the most exported products within the nation.  They produce the most goods and services for their audiences; not only that, but they ship those goods all across the states.  When California’s economy grows, so do the surrounding states as well.  It’s as if the United States was tied together under this secure web that was bundled together by the state of California.

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With cannabis being legal since January, California’s GDP will only grow that much higher.  What’s also intriguing about California’s economic PR miracle is that it will benefit the other 49 states as well.  California’s GDP boom will help through:

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  • Exportation – With so much cannabis products being manufactured within California, there is such a large demand from the audiences; other than Californian citizens, citizens from other states want the product as well. California has always been a leader of exportation and adding cannabis products/services to the list would be tremendous help.  States (mostly the 4/20 friendly ones!) will be able to sell high-quality cannabis goods that was made from California.  Many states still suffer from conservative laws that prevent high-scale manufactured cannabis goods from being made.  With California producing lots of cannabis products, many states will receive their slice of the pie by exporting their goods.

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  • Reputation – Being that California is already generating MILLIONS of dollars through cannabis, their economic reputation will surely be flourishing. That economic boom will echo all across the nation, making waves for years to come.  This PR miracle will start conniving other states to go to pot (LITERALLY!) for more funding.  That funding could help states with improving roads, public schools, homelessness, and other social-economic problems they face.  California struck gold once again and audiences from all across the nation want to get in on this 21st century Gold Rush that is happening.

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And with that, California being the leader in Gross Domestic Product is definitely a great thing for the United States.  California will continue to export their high-quality cannabis goods across the nation and their economic boom will surely be a PR miracle to keep track of.  Each state (whether 4/20 legal or not) will benefit from California’s growing economy through cannabis products and goods.

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This is right here is what success looks like.  Boston should pay attention to economic PR ideas like this one if they are looking for GDP growth of their own.


If we want to figure out economic growth, we should stat from taking a page from The Golden State.


Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Tactic #420

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Image result for boy scouts of america popcorn

Back when I was in elementary school, I joined the Boy Scouts of America.  I learned many skills while on the team such as making a fire, understanding general direction, folding the flag properly, and other things.  One of my main tasks was selling popcorn to potential customers.  It was one of my first instances of learning about the business world by going door-to-door and selling popcorn for people.  There were many times where people didn’t buy anything from me, but I did learn some good lessons about business.

Image result for girl scouts cookies

Image result for girl scouts cookies

While Boy Scouts had the popcorn drive, the Girls Scouts sell cookies for their organization.  Girl Scouts all across the country promote the famous Girl Scout Cookies around their neighborhood.  The types of cookies that they feature are S’mores, peanut butter, and even thin mint.

Image result for girl scouts cookies

Image result for girl scouts cookies

Like the popcorn sales, the Girl Scout Cookie drive is the perfect way of teaching young girls about the business world.  Girl Scouts are learning useful skills that would help them prepare for such career paths like advertising, public relations, marketing, journalism, and other fields of communication.  These types of skills will be necessary if girls need a leg up in the competition.  One Girl Scout went above and beyond her call of duty with her marketing strategy of selling her cookies near… a CANNABIS DISPENSARY.

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

A Girl Scout decided to set up her wagon near Urbn Leaf, a recreational cannabis dispensary located in San Diego.  The results?  Over 300 boxes of cookies sold in just SIX hours!

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What makes this even better was that she was still following the organization’s rules.  The girl scout set up her wagon with her father and technically she was off of the property, so no rules were broken.  It may have been a bold strategy, but she made out very well in the end.

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Urbn Leaf is a medical and recreational dispensary located on 1028 Buenos Avenue.  It is one of many recreational dispensaries currently open in San Diego.  The recreational shop sells an assortment of flowers, capsules, topicals, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, and other cannabis accessories.  Another location is open at Golden Hill/South Park area at 3385 Sunset Street and another shop is set to open downtown at 3500 Estudillo Street.

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This marketing strategy is absolutely GENIUS.  It’s simple, yet clever at the same time – set up a table near a cannabis dispensary to sell cookies for potential customers.  Customers get the munchies after consuming some cannabis, so they will stop by a table to buy a box (or more) of some delicious Girl Scout Cookies.  People will enjoy some Girl Scouts Cookies after purchasing some GIRL SCOUT COOKIES at Urbn Leaf!

Image result for Urbn Leaf Girl Scout Cookies

That marketing strategy will take her very far in life.  The Girl Scout Cookie and Boy Scouts popcorn drive teaches kids the very basics of business.  They may not know it now, but those days of going door-to-door to sell products will come very handy in the future.  Kids will learn about the true meaning of entrepreneurship (both the good and bad parts!).

Image result for Urbn Leaf Girl Scout Cookies

Take a close look, communications professionals – THAT girl will be the one brainstorming amazing ideas for many businesses.  She hasn’t even started middle school yet (let alone high school!) and she is already demonstrating incredible skills in marketing.  This is the kind of competition we got going on from our future generation.

Image result for Urbn Leaf Girl Scout Cookies

Who knows what the future holds for the brilliant girl scout in San Diego.  Hopefully she pursues a career in marketing because she would make an incredible business woman.

If any boy scout or girl scout is having trouble selling their products, learn a lesson from the girl scout in San Diego and sell your cookies/popcorn near a cannabis dispensary.

California’s 4/20 Business Model WIN

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Image result for California Legal Dispensaries

Eight days since California legalized cannabis and business continues to be BOOMING.  People are lining up around dispensaries to purchase pot (LEGAL pot, that is!) to consume.  Millions of dollars of tax revenues are flowing through the streets from the cannabis sales.  It truly is a whole new world for California in 2018.

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Well folks – it looks like the sky didn’t fall after all.  California will be raking in more profits then ever, many more people will be stopping to visit (tourism will be SKYROCKETING over this entertaining attraction!), and the product will continue to modify its ever-changing social culture.  Cannabis has presented many ‘golden’ opportunities for the business world.

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And speaking of ‘golden’ opportunity, we haven’t gotten to the best part about this whole PR miracle.  Cannabis legalization opened the floodgate for not only cannabis as a product itself, but utilizing the CONCEPT of cannabis in business models.  Not only did we legalize pot (which was the most OBVIOUS ending result we wanted!), but we initiated whole new industry that will continuously modify our society.

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Oh yeah…the best part?  It’s already HAPPENING.  Start-up businesses in California are utilizing cannabis as their business model.  Whether its using the physical plant itself or a property of the product, Entrepreneurs are re-shaping cannabis’s role in society.

Image result for California Medical Dispensary

Image result for California Medical Dispensary

Way before the 4/20 party kicked off in California, the earliest business plan was providing cannabis at a medical dispensary.  Patients show a medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis from a budtender.  They choose from a variety of flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and other products that are on display.  Marketing, advertising, and even public relations was VERY limited when medical cannabis was starting its roots (One part being that medical cannabis started before the .COM boom, but the MAJOR part was that it was still illegal under the California and federal government!).

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It’s been 24 years since California legalized medical cannabis and the cannabis culture has been selling like hot cakes.  Yoga studios are offering ‘BYOC’ (Bring Your Own Cannabis) classes where students can consume cannabis and do yoga.  Wineries are infusing wines with cannabis flowers with THC and CBD.  Cannabis tours offer guests rides on a bus where they can smoke and learn about all of the aspects of how cannabis is produced.  Spas are soothing guest’s muscles with THC-infused massage oil.

The list goes on and on and on.  Every type of industry, whether it’s hospitality or entertainment, is utilizing cannabis as part of their plan for their business.  It’s the most simplistic, yet GENIUS idea for attracting customers.  And the possibilities…are ENDLESS.

Image result for MedMen Weed Advertising

Image result for MedMen Weed Advertising

Now that California has much more relaxed policies on cannabis, businesses can utilize those amazing communications strategies to attract more audiences.  Retail cannabis company Medmen took advantage of the news by producing ads for billboards around Sunset Boulevard.  Billboard ads depict men and women of all ages that are ‘medicated’ (A.K.A. STONED!) with the tagline saying ‘____.  It’s Legal).  This clever ad goes perfect with the ever-changing social landscape of California.

Image result for California Beach Sunset

What you see happening around California – an actual LEGAL cannabis business – will set the stage for future business models across the country for YEARS to come.  All it took was hard work, patience, dedication, ambition, and a big dream.  Californians are known for dreaming BIG out in the west coast and their dream is finally coming true.

Image result for Cannabis Coffee Shop

Who knows what other bold business idea will spring up next in the Wild Wild West.  Maybe we will have cannabis coffee shops opening or 4/20 nightclubs featuring the hottest services to choose from.  We could even have more 4/20 porn produced (straight AND gay 4/20 porn!).

Image result for Boston

Pay attention, Bostonians – this is a glimpse of what the future holds for the city in less than SIX MONTHS.  Less than SIX MONTHS until the cannabis culture starts making waves, shaking up the business culture for lots of industries.

Image result for California  Sunset

Until then, keep an eye out for California these next few months.  The west coast’s influence will soon move over to the east in the years to come.

Countdown Until Legal Recreational Shops in MA:

5 Months, 3 Weeks, One Day

2018 Golden Globe Awards!

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Happy Monday readers!  Many people bundled up during some of the coldest weather ever this past week and the worst of it is over (FINALLY!).  Since I was too busy fighting off the bitter cold, I’ve rarely checked the TV schedule to see if any events were happening.  It wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that I found out about the 75th Golden Globe Awards airing later on.

Image result for 75th golden globe awards

Image result for 75th golden globe awards

Ah, yes – The 75th Golden Globe Awards.  Just the thing to distract my mind from the bombogenesis this past weekend.  Four hours packed of glitz, glamour, and the whole shebang!  It was perfect timing for escaping to La-La Land for a little while.

It was quite a night for the hottest movies and TV series that were nominated this year.  There’s also the continuing trend of streaming services (Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime!) appearing in some of the categories.

Let’s check out the highlights for this year’s Golden Globe ceremony:

Time’s Up Campaign & Dressing in Black

Image result for 75th golden globe awards

Image result for 75th golden globe awards

There were two trending clothing items were the main stars of the Red-Carpet event – the ‘Time’s Up’ pin and dressing up in black.  Time’s up is a campaign initiated by hundreds of actresses and women who work in the entertainment industry to fight against sexual misconduct across the America.  Women dressed in black as a way to stand in solidarity with many victims of sexual harassment and assault.

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Image result for Time's Up

Two distinct clothing trends, one common cause – winning the ever-growing fighting against sexual misconduct across the nation.  These trends come in the wake of the mass sexual harassment stories popping up around Hollywood, with the first being Harvey Weinstein (you can read that PR nightmare here).  Months after the stories were released, many men and women aren’t backing down and staying silent about the issue anymore.

Major Nominations

Image result for The Shape of Water

The Shape of Water was the most nominated film this year.  It ended up taking home Best Director (Guillermo del Toro) and Best Original Score (Alexandre Desplat).  I saw this on Christmas and the film was absolutely amazing.  Guillermo del Toro created an incredible story that featured one awesome sea creature.

Image result for Big Little Lies

For TV series, Big Little Lies snagged the most nominations.  The popular HBO series ended up winning 4 awards – Best actress for Limited Series or Television Movie (Nicole Kidman), Best Supporting Actor for Television Series (Alexander Skarsgard), Best Supporting Actress for Television Series (Laura Dern), and Best Limited Series or Television Movie.  It was a popular winning choice that featured a shocking story with disturbing truths.

            Kudos to Big Little Lies and The Shape of Water for receiving the most nominations this year!

Roseanne & Dan Conner Return!

Image result for Golden Globe Awards 2018 Roseanne

Roseanne and Dan (Rosanne Barr and John Goodman) came to the stage to present the award for best TV drama series.  90’s fans would remember the couple from the ABC series Rosanne.  Ironically enough, Rosanne will be returning in March this year on ABC.  It’s great to know that Rosanne and Dan will be back on Television after being cancelled for over 20 years!

Image result for 2018 Roseanne

Be sure to check out Rosanne this March.

Handmaid’s Tale – 2 Wins

Image result for Handmaid's Tale

Hulu’s popular series The Handmaid’s Tale took home two wins – Best Series and Best Performance in a Drama Television Series (Elizabeth Moss).  The Handmaid’s Tale was one of few TV series hailed from a streaming service.  Such streaming services like Netflix and Hulu are releasing more original content for its audience.  Their selections are so popular that they are taking up more spots on the nominations.

Here’s to hoping streaming services produce more unique series for everyone.

The Post – Featuring Sarah Paulson

Image result for Golden Globe Awards 2018 Sarah Paulson

Image result for The Post Movie

            American Horror Story veteran Sarah Paulson presented the nomination for the film The PostThe Post is a political thriller film depicting journalists from The New York Times and The Washington Post who published the Pentagon Papers that regard the U.S. government’s involvement during the Vietnam War.  Sarah Paulson stars as Antoinette “Tony” Pinchot Bradlee in the film.  While The Post did not take home any major wins, it did receive six Golden Globe nominations.

American Crime Story Cast Preview!

Image result for american crime story the assassination of gianni versace

Not only did AHS vet Sarah Paulson present the nomination for The Post, but the main cast of American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace appeared on stage as well.  The cast got up to present the award for Best Actor in Limited Series or TV movie.  American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace will air on January 17th on FX and there will be coverage about that story a little bit later!

Thelma & Louise – 26 Years Later

Image result for Golden Globe 2018 Thelma and Louise

Image result for Thelma and Louise

Our last highlight was Thelma and Louise reuniting on stage after 26 years.  Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis starred in the nostalgic 90s film Thelma & Louise about two friends who embark on a road trip with surprising consequences.  The duo appeared together on stage to present the award for best drama film.  It was incredible to see an amazing duo reunite together once again in the spirit of entertainment.

Image result for golden globes 2018

Another Sunday and another Golden Globe Awards event finished.  There were many big wins, intriguing causes pointed out, and unforgettable reunions of famous characters.  It was surely a glamorous night in Hollywood yesterday.

Let’s see what Hollywood has in stores for us this year for the 2018 season!

Grassfed — Social.Dining.ELEVATED.

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Image result for Hiking with cannabis

It’s no secret that cannabis can be combined with a myriad of activities.  People consume cannabis before doing things like painting, writing, working out at the gym, hiking, catching the latest flick, bird-watching, and other entertaining hobbies.  Cannabis and hobbies go together like peanut butter and jelly – both the product and interest mesh together to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Image result for Cannabis People

Image result for trippy pizza gif

Rather than be fearful of the unknown consequences, business owners should welcome the 4/20-friendly audiences.  These cannabis enthusiasts finished their last joint (or dab hit!) and they want to be fed, entertained, cared for, and possibly have their minds blown away.  Sure these stoners seem like a laughable audience, but they will pay some good money for those delicious pizzas.

Image result for Uplifting

Image result for Uplifting

Before I get off-track with the 4/20 jokes, one information remains crucial – we can’t ignore the fact that cannabis goes hand-in-hand with many other social activities.  Many cannabis strains (especially the sativas!) are known for elevating mood and keep you uplifted.  Preying on those positive effects such as elevated mood is a key strategy for this concept.  It’s that idea that would help run a successful business.  One company, Grassfed, is flourishing with this business idea.

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Grassfed is a cannabis company operating in California that combines everyday activities with cannabis.  The company focuses on food, music, and cannabis through different events.  Their motto reads ‘Social.Dining.Elevated.’ (the elevated part being the cannabis!).  One event provides soul food while listening to some funk music while another will have high end veggie cuisine in a Woodstock-themed environment.  Some non-related food-events include a virtual reality experience with cannabis and even a burlesque show.  While they’re only based in California right now, Grassfed plans to expand towards other states in the future.

Image result for DaVinci Cannabis

Image result for To Whom it May Cannabis

Image result for Vapexhale

Some of their business partners include DaVinci, Vapexhale, and To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates.  Their business has become a huge success and even featured in the press for companies like Vogue, LA Weekly, Edibles Magazine, Merry Jane, InStyle, and others.

Image result for Cannabis Consumers

Image result for Cannabis and Yoga

I think Grassfed truly has a successful business!  They truly knocked it out of the part with the unique, yet simple strategy of combining cannabis with sophisticated activities.  Cannabis users have always enjoyed their activities more after consumption and Grassfed revolved their strategy around this concept.  Not only are cuisines more enjoyable after cannabis, but foods infused with cannabis make the experience that much more exciting.

Image result for The Wheel

Image result for The Wheel

This is a great example that business can learn from.  It’s not about looking to reinvent the wheel.  The wheel has already been built, so your left with the question of what other function does the wheel provide to society.

Image result for Cannabis flower

Image result for Cannabis dab

Same goes with cannabis – you already have the base product (which is the flower itself!).  The challenge starts when you have to mold the basic item into something unique.  That flower could turn in to wax for dabbing or be decorated for t-shirts.  These possibilities are endless, so its up to YOU to discover another useful function of the cannabis plant.  It could be mixed together to create hash or just become a theme for a gay porn series (there ARE 4/20-themed pornos out there!).

The secret has already been out – many activities can be enhanced after consuming some cannabis.  That right there is the new mixture created from the base product.  Cannabis plus a common activity molded together to create a truly unique business concept.

Image result for The Wheel

When you think about it, this makes the business complexities much more simplified.  Don’t look to reinvent the wheel – look to further enhance the CONCEPT of the wheel itself.  The wheel could either be enhanced through decorated rims or designed as a logo for a brand.  That wheel – the first base product that started it all – has been successfully utilized millions of times in the business world.

Image result for Cannabis Leaf

So if you’re looking to make waves in the cannabis industry, focus on the CONCEPT of cannabis and not the plant itself.  It is then, and only then, that you have succeeded in what mankind has done for years.