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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

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The Lion King is one of the biggest anticipated films of the summer.  Twenty-five years since Disney released the original cartoon version and a new CGI remastered version came out.  You know its going to be a great summer in entertainment when a nostalgic Disney classic like The Lion King is out in theaters.

And yet, The Lion King is merely just one of few blockbusters films out this summer.  Another blockbuster film is a comedy-drama that centers around Los Angeles during the 1960s.  This is Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. 

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Once Upon a Time in Hollywood was written and directed by Quentin Tarantino.  It stars Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton, a former television actor who struggles to transition to film in 1969.  He leans onto his best friend Cliff Booth (Brad Pitt), a longtime stunt double and Vietnam War veteran, for support during his tough times.  Booth and Dalton navigate through an ever-changing scenery in Hollywood during the 1960s.  Some other notable cast members include Margot Robbie, Emile Hirsch, Timothy Olymphant, Dakota Fanning, Al Pacino, and Luke Perry.  The film was released this past weekend on July 26th.

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If you’re looking for a good blockbuster about the life and times of Hollywood, then Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is the movie for you.  It acts as Tarantino’s nod towards Los Angeles during the 1960s.  The film features multiple story lines set in a modern fairy tale tribute to Hollywood’s golden age.

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With that, Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is worth checking out this summer.  It’s a great film from Quentin Tarantino featuring a great cast of celebrities with some amazing Hollywood stories.


Summer Reading 2019 #2: All That Heaven Allows

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So we started off our summer reading list this year with Cognitive Therapy: Basics & Beyond Judith S. Beck.  Cognitive Therapy: Basics & Beyond dived into beneficial cognitive skills and strategies to use in life.  They aim to help bring more clearer perspectives into your personal and professional situations you face every day.  Psychiatrists use them as a way to treat their patients.  When you can’t see a psychiatrist or therapist at the moment, this book is the second-best thing at your disposal.

Our next novel moves away from psychology and into the land of 20th century Hollywood.  It tells the tale of Roy Harold Scherer Jr., who is more famously known as Rock Hudson.  Hudson was a famously handsome movie star who was the embodiment of romantic masculinity within American film through the 50s-60s.  He was loved by both women AND men.  This is All That Heaven Allows.



All That Heaven Allows is a biography of Rock Hudson written by Mark Griffin.  The novel chronicles his early days as a young boy growing in Winnetka, Illinois.  He landed his first acting gig with a small part in Fighter Squadron back in 1948.

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From there, he appeared in many films throughout the 1950s and 1960s.  Some of his most notable films include Giant, Pillow Talk, Written on the Wind, A Gathering of Others, Gun Fury.  Interestingly enough, the novel stems from the 1955 film All That Heaven Allows.

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Other than his romantically masculine films, Rock Hudson also had a lavishly, yet closeted gay lifestyle.  He had numerous relationships as well as some intriguing affairs.  Interestingly enough, he even crossed paths with famous writer Armistead Maupin (a.k.a. writer of the Tales of the City series).  Rock was known to make appearances at house parties, bars, nightclubs, and even the local bathhouses.


But this novel is more than about Rock’s raucous sex parties in Hollywood.  All That Heaven Allows is a look at a entertaining and insightful journey of one of Hollywood’s classic movie stars.  Rock was continuously threatened to be exposed for his erratic homosexual lifestyle; and yet, he was still one of the best stars around.  Audiences, especially those outside of the Hollywood circle, loved all of his work.

With that, All That Heaven Allows is worth the read this summer.  Rock Hudson was a success in both movies and television, being loved by audiences worldwide.  Both men and women fantasized about being with him.  It reveals his life throughout Hollywood, sex parties and all.


Cheech & Chong’s JOINT Oscars Venture

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It has been weeks after Kevin Hart was booted from hosting the Academy Awards this year.  After his troubling stint with using gay slurs on social media, Kevin Hart resigned his position as host for show.  Ever since then, Hollywood has had a tough time finding their new replacement.

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Multiple celebrities were up for discussion these past few weeks.  There was even talk that cast members of The Avengers would fill in as hosts.  But the best choice comes from the infamous comedic stoner duo Cheech and Chong (Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin).

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Cheech and Chong recently announced a plan that would say, ‘light up’ the Oscars this year.  Chong shared a short clip of him and Cheech Marin offering their services to be this year’s host for the Oscars.  Users took to Twitter with the best pot puns imaginable.  It certainly would bring much HIGHER quality to the 91st Academy Awards.

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This is a great publicity stunt that took a tragic PR nightmare and recycled it into a humorous joke.  The award shows have gone ‘Up in Smoke’ these past few years, so Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin could be the hosts we needed in life.  With cannabis legalization looming around the nation, it wouldn’t hurt to have two infamous stoners host this year.  Better yet, it would push the legal agenda even further!

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Since we can’t find any trending stars to help host this year’s Academy Awards, Cheech and Chong could be our best bet.  They have already flipped a PR nightmare into a series of pot puns all around Twitter.  Since they generated positive buzz around social media, they would certainly keep the show ‘lit’ for the year.

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With that, here’s to hoping Tommy Chong and Cheech Marin become the fill-in for the 91st Academy Awards.  It’ s definitely HIGH time to make this happen.

Musk’s Hyper-loop Tunnel Into the Future

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Elon Musk has been all around the news lately, known as one of the hottest entrepreneurs around.  He is the founder and CEO of companies such as Tesla, Inc. as well as SpaceX.  When he isn’t working on projects involving Teslas or space, Musk is always out there in the public eye.  One of his recent stints included consuming some cannabis on The Joe Rogan Experience (which you can read up more on here).

Whatever the case may be, Elon Musk definitely has some bright ideas for the country.  His latest project involves a huge tunnel in Los Angeles.  That tunnel will make way for something known as… hyper-loop travel.

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You heard me right – hyper-loop traveling is happening very soon!  Elon Musk released a video this past weekend showcasing him walking through the two-mile tunnel created by his company the Boring Company (a subsidiary of SpaceX).  The tunnel extends from SpaceX’s office in Hawthorne, California to an LA suburb.  This tunnel is set to open on December 10th,with the aim to reduce traffic congestion within Los Angeles.  These tunnels will utilize autonomous, electric skates to move about 8-16 passengers at a speed of 124-155 mph.

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It sounds like something straight out of Futurama – human beings entering an enclosed tube, only to be shot hundreds of miles per hour from one destination to another.  Human beings will soon be able to travel to farther destination within HOURS, even MINUTES.  Hyper-loop traveling is something man has been dreaming about for DECADES.

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Hyper-loop traveling is the future of transportation here in America.  The science behind this concept is so innovative and revolutionary; but in a sense, it also takes some time to ponder about.  Human beings have been traveling over hundreds of miles in such quick speed (through airplanes and by trains), but hyper-loop is a completely unique mode of traveling.  Before we start establishing hyper-loop tunnels all across the nation, we will have to start small with Los Angeles.

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Nevertheless, the fact that hyper-loop traveling is becoming more of a reality is truly a glorious thing to behold.  It won’t be long until tunnels start being constructed all across the nation.  Soon we will be living in a world where Boston citizens will be able to land in New York City via hyper-loop tunnels in under an hour.  Just imagine the countless number of business opportunities that await us in the near future.

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With that, Elon Musk is one of many pioneers of the not-so-distant future.  More hyper-loop tunnels plan to open across Los Angeles, connecting more paths underneath the bustling city.  This is a PR miracle that will make history for the years to come in the name of technology.

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You won’t have to dream about the future anymore – because the future is already here.

The Final Straw for Plastic Straws

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Happy Monday, fellow readers!  Lately I have been hearing a lot about plastic straws being banned and whatnot.  Various states (California and New York City for example) have been taking serious measures to eradicate plastic straws from businesses alike.  The main reasoning deals with the environmental impact plastic straws have in our natural world.

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Hundreds of millions of plastic straws are used every day.  Each one gets tossed into the trash, polluting the ecosystem in the process.  To think that one of the most popular accessories for beverages causes serious pollution within our earth.

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With that in mind, its time we start alternating the straw to become a better product.  The answer could be, say, make the straw become REUSABLE to use for longer periods of time!

Well folks – I can tell you in this 21st century period…that type of technology certainly exists.  I give you… FinalStraw.

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FinalStraw is the world’s first reusable and collapsible straw.  This nifty straw comes compact inside a small case that fits on your key chain.  Just pull the straw out and place it right into your favorite beverage.  Whether your sipping on a cold soda on a hot day or binging on your favorite craft beer, FinalStraw is the reusable straw to use.  You can order your FinalStraw on November 2018.

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Not only is FinalStraw great for the environment, but it also puts you at a social-cultural advantage as well.  Cities like Seattle and San Francisco have banned or are planning to ban plastic straw use.  With that in mind, many restaurants are even taking out straws (and some even charging customers for them as well!)  FinalStraw will be the trending reusable straw being spread nationwide.  Eventually that buzz will hit right into Boston in the future.

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There is an environmental movement happening in this country and one solution we have is FinalStraw.  FinalStraw is the key to cutting through this monstrous pollution problem we have on earth.  Straws have been used for thousands of years and its time we modified our beloved beverage accessory to help our planet even more.  There is no need to completely eradicate straws – the real solution lies in rejuvenating the straw become more beneficial to society.

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Our politics change every day, so our traditional products need a little fine tuning here and there.  FinalStraw provides a fine tuning to the original plastic straw we’ve all learned to love.

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Be sure to order your FinalStraw this fall.  This will be the FINAL STRAW for plastic straws here on earth.