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Viceland’s Weed Week on April 17th-20th!

Alrighty then…today marks our LAST day of March (holy shitballs that was fast!).  Even though its currently snowing a bit here in Massachusetts, Spring is already here with its rainy days.  We’re transitioning from the snowy, cold days to days full of rain.  With those April showers on the way comes May flowers.

Speaking of flowers, what’s that special day in April where we celebrate my most favorite flower of all time? 4/20, of course!  Earth Day is commemorative to our earth, but April 20th is where the REAL party happens.  April 20th is less than a month away and brands like Viceland are already rolling out plans for the celebration.

TV network Viceland announced their special ‘Weed Week’ event happening on April 17th-April 20th.  4/20-friendly series will be airing throughout the ‘Weed Week’ event.  Series like Fuck, That’s Delicious and Dead Set on Life will some of many 4/20-friendly shows to check out.  But the best part about ‘Weed Week’?  BRAND-NEW episodes from two of my favorite Viceland series will be airing on April 19th!

My favorite TV shows, Bong Appétit and Weediquette, will kick off their new seasons just a day before April 20th.  It is SO exciting to hear that my favorite series on Viceland will return with new seasons during the event.  I knew that both series would be renewed for a new season, but I didn’t think that it would hit so soon.  Here’s a brief summary of the two shows and what we’ll expect to see in the next season:

Weediquette –  Weediquette is a documentary series hosted by Krishna Andavolu.  Andavolu takes viewers into the economics, culture, and science of the cannabis industry.  From kids using CBD medicine to NFL players combatting CTE with cannabis, each topic takes us into our complicated relationship with cannabis here in the United States.  As we delve further into the cannabis culture, it seems more clear that cannabis is becoming widely accepted into our social norms.

Next season will deal with topics surrounding immigration, driving while stoned, law enforcement, entrepreneurship, and other ideas.  While recreational cannabis has been made legal in more states (CA, MA, NV, and ME), the fight for cannabis legalization is still happening around the country.  Season 3 of Weediquette showcase more further complications that are hindering the legalization process.

Bong Appétit –  For the lighter and more culinary side of cannabis, Bong Appétit will be returning as well.  The show where the fabulicious Laganja Estranja smoked that dank weed is coming back on April 19th (more on that post here).  Bong Appétit stars Abdullah Saeed, Vanessa Lavorato, and Ry Prichard as they showcase cannabis-infused entrées.  From sausages to ice cream, different kinds of food from various cultures use weed as one of the main ingredients.

Not only has the menu changed, but the weed pantry itself has upgraded as well!  No official word on what types of food will be seen next season, but it surely will be mind-blowing to see what they create next.  Who knows what unique terpene flavors will be showcased in the new season (maybe the Ghost Train Haze will be making a comeback!).  You’ll want to get your munchies snacks ready cause Bong Appétit will be opening its doors in just a few weeks!

I’m SO excited for the new seasons of Weediquette and Bong Appétit in April!  These are the only few shows I look forward to on cable television these days.  To see that they’re both airing just a day before 4/20 makes the event even better.

This is a great publicity stunt by Viceland.  Viceland provides shows that take viewers into a look at controversial social cultures that audiences rarely know about.  When it comes to the cannabis culture, Viceland doesn’t get taboo about one of America’s most favorite plant.  It’s widespread approval grows even further with the 4/20-friendly programs.

Here’s to Viceland for hosting this special 4/20 event on April!  Be sure to check out ‘Weed Week’ on Monday April 17th.

Deadpool Teases a Sequel!

On a gloomy Friday evening, there was no better idea than to go check out a movie.  I’ve been dying to see Logan when it came out and some friends have told me that it was amazing.  After eating an early dinner at a sub shop, it was time to head to the theaters to go see Logan.  Even though the film opened a few weeks ago, the theater packed up just mere minutes before the film started.

Logan ended up being an amazing film!  The movie centers around James ‘Logan’ Howlett (Wolverine) and Professor Charles Xavier as they escort 11-year-old Laura to a destination in North Dakota called ‘Eden’.  Along the road, the trio encounter slew of enemies that are looking to kidnap Laura.  It was one adventurous road trip to North Dakota where we got to learn about Laura’s past.

While the film itself was excellent, there was something even more interesting that happened before it started.  After the trailers were finished, there was a new teaser being shown.  It took me a few minutes to realize that it was the teaser for Deadpool 2.  How ironic that they saved the best teaser for last right before Logan was about to be screened!  Ryan Reynolds will be returning as Deadpool once again.

The teaser itself was hilarious.  Wade Wilson is walking down an alleyway when he noticed someone getting robbed at gunpoint.  He dashes into the phonebooth to change into Deadpool.  It took him a minute or two as he struggled to get his gear on.  After fumbling with his costume, Deadpool notices that the guy was already dead before he got there.  In typical Deadpool fashion, he just laid his head onto his chest while sipping coffee.  The screen pans out from the scene to reveal that Deadpool will be coming back.

Other than being a hilarious trailer, it was an interesting publicity stunt that Marvel pulled off.  Marvel’s films are connected in some form or another and it holds true through their teasers (FYI, a poster of Logan can be seen on the brick wall!).  Deadpool and Logan are both titles from the same Marvel universe, so it made sense that Deadpool appeared before the film started.  There will be a lot more Marvel film releasing in the future, so this was great to captivate the audience about their newest title.

Seeing that teaser before Logan was amazing!  I’ve yet to see Deadpool and I’m excited to see that Ryan Reynolds will be reprising his role for the sequel.  Viewing trailers are my favorite part of going to the movies and the Deadpool 2 trailer worked well before the film.  Hopefully we will get more information soon on the Deadpool sequel.

The Color-Changing Dress: A Tale of Fashion and Technology

Heidi Klum’s famous quote on Project Runway is, “As you know in fashion, one day you’re in.  And the next day, you’re out”.  What was hot in fashion one day will be a thing of the past the very next day.  Popular fashion choices change within a blink of an eye.  Ed Hardy clothing was a huge hit almost a decade ago, but now they are a thing of the past.  Nevertheless, there is always a new fashion trend popping up into the mainstream that will turn people’s heads.

Even in 2016, many new fashion trends are still turning heads and making waves on social media.  Statement scarfs, over-the-knee boots, bomber jackets, and man buns are just a few favorable fashion trends that are hot this year.  While some fashion trends seem to be making a comeback, technology has been working to extend creativity within the fashion industry.  One dress utilizes technology in such a way that could become a HUGE game-changer for fashion.

Australian e-retailer Showpo created a brand-new dress…that changes color with a press of a button.  Wavering dressers, rejoice!  People may no longer have to fret over what color dress to wear for their special occasion.  We have now gotten to a breakthrough in technology where we will see color changing clothes.

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Showpo is an online boutique retailer for women’s fashion.  They conduct their business over at the headquarters office in Sydney, Australia.  The retailer company sells fashion products such as dresses, bathing suits, play-suits, skirts, shorts, coats, and many other clothing necessities.  Jane Lu, Showpo’s CEO, released a video earlier showing off the color-changing dress on Youtube.

A model dons a flowy white dress with a high-low skirt, high neck, and cinched waist.  Jane Lu’s colleague touched a color wheel on his iPad and the dress becomes pink.  With just a touch of a button on the color wheel, the model’s dress suddenly turns pink while everyone screams with excitement.  Lu then remarks that she wants the dress to be blue and – with a touch of a button on the color wheel – the dress turns blue!  The dress is finally changed to purple, with everyone’s jaw dropping to the floor.

So what’s going on in the video?  Was there truly a breakthrough in fashion technology?  Or was this some advanced camera trick that made the dress look like it changed color?  I can tell you right now that this was NOT a camera trick or silly publicity stunt from Showpo.

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Here’s how the idea works: the dress was stitched together with a special fabric that could reflect different light frequencies.  That fabric is linked to a device (an iPad, in this case) that can communicate with the fabric, changing the frequency of light that the fabric reflects on.  So there’s the science behind that video: a unique fabric that links to an electronic device, communicating on a specific color choice.  This technological breakthrough could break new grounds within the fashion industry for years to come.

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This video was truly jaw-dropping to watch!  We have definitely come a long way with technology since I was a kid, but this has become a serious game changer for fashion.  I would love to see color changing t-shirts hitting the shelves soon (preferably one with skulls or psychedelic designs!).  Color-changing dresses could be the pinnacle fashion trend combining fashion creativity with advanced technology.  It’s so amazing to see fashion and science going to work to design something spectacular for the female demographic.

Image result for Technological Breakthrough

This color-changing dress prototype would be the product extension that extends the mere creativity that goes with designing a dress.  When working in a creative environment, you always have to ‘think outside the box’ for that light bulb to light up within your head.  It wasn’t what was ON the dress, but more about how it could interact with the people around you.  Wearing this dress will surely turn lots of heads at that popular cocktail party with your friends.  Showpo’s color-changing dress truly set the stage for what will be trending in the future.

21 Greenpoint – Guest Starring Bill Murray

When it comes to making appearances at random places, no actor does it better than Bill Murray.  Starring in numerous films such as Groundhog Day and Ghostbusters, Bill Murray has been known for making random appearances in restaurants or bars.  Murray has been known for crashing birthday gatherings, karaoke parties, and even tended bar during SXSW to serve Tequila to everyone.  Even in recent years, Bill has really become a popular actor who really connects with his audience when he isn’t busy shooting movies for Hollywood.

Bill Murray mostly strolls around the streets of Brooklyn, hopping into a bar to drink with random fans in the area.  If you reside in New York now, there’s a good chance that he will be one of many celebrities you would run into within the Big Apple!  Bill’s son, Homer Murray, currently resides in Brooklyn where his father comes to visit.  The Murray clan will be making their appearance in Brooklyn for a special event: the opening of Homer Murray’s new restaurant.

Homer Murray will be opening a new restaurant called 21 Greenpoint on the building that was formerly known as River Styx.  21 Greenpoint will be opening this weekend on 21 Greenpoint Avenue.  The food will be seasonal and will come from local farms, with nachos and burgers being taken off the menu.  But the main highlight of opening weekend?  Bill Murray will be pouring drinks at the bar.  The Caddyshack star will be pouring various cocktails for all of the guests at 21 Greenpoint.  Anyone within the Brooklyn area should not miss out on this opportunity to have their drinks created by legendary actor Bill Murray!

It is so cool to see Bill Murray pulling another publicity stunt like this in Brooklyn!  I have heard about how Bill wanders around New York City and crashes parties with random fans.  This event just goes to show that celebrities are people just like us and they have a humorous side off-camera.  People know Bill Murray from his popular flicks during the 80s-90s as well as his popular skits on Saturday Night Live.

Even in the 21st century, Bill is popular among the Millennial generation that grew up watching his movies.  Murray’s brand as an actor continues to flourish with each stunt completes for his audience.  Besides, how can you be upset about your party being crashed by Bill Murray?  You can’t be pissed about having a hilarious comedian swing by your event.  Personally, I wouldn’t mind if Bill crashed an event or two that I was hosting.  He would just make my event much more interesting.  Here’s to Bill Murray and whatever other party he crashes this year!

Super Mario Brothers: Rio Olympics

  The Rio Olympics came to a close a few days ago and it has been an incredible ride.  United States competitors took home more gold medals, Usain Bolt proved himself once again to be the fastest runner in the world, and Michael Phelps gave the ultimate glare that broke the internet in just 24 hours.  With all of this excitement this summer, the Rio Olympics came to an end with the traditional closing ceremony.

After all of the Olympics event, the hosting country puts on their closing ceremony show for their audience.  All of the competitors are tired out from their performance, so a good show is in order to celebrate their hard work!  Rio put on a colorful display of dancers, performers, and singers that was accompanied by music and lighting effects.  Once Rio completed their ceremony, they passed the torch over to Tokyo for hosting the summer Olympics in 2020.  Tokyo put on a dazzling show with anime characters appearing around the city, but the real star that stole the show was Mario.

Mario, the superstar of the Super Mario Brothers series, appeared at the closing ceremony!  The beloved mascot of Nintendo jumped into a warp pipe from Tokyo to enter another pipe leading into the Olympics in Rio.  A man climbed up the pipe dressed as Mario, only to reveal that he was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as Mario…no words could describe how EPIC that performance was!

This colorful reference spread through social media like wildfire, with viewers freaking out about Japan’s Prime Minister dressing up as Mario.  Rio put on a colorful theatrical performance, but Shinzo Abe stole the show when he appeared from the pipe.  Audiences can definitely look forward to more animated theatrics when Tokyo hosts the Olympics in 2020.  In the meantime, Olympic athletes will take this time to train harder for the next summer games.

Mario has become the quintessential brand for Tokyo.  Mario was one of many Nintendo characters created by Shigeru Miyamoto, releasing him for the home consoles with Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.  It sold millions of copies worldwide and aided in resurrecting the American video game market when it crashed during the 80s.  Both in reality and in the virtual world, Mario is considered a hero for gamers worldwide.  While he is busy saving Princess Peach from the castle, Mario is saving millions of people suffering from boredom on a daily basis!

I watched the closing ceremony for Rio and was amazed to see Mario making an appearance!  Japan is widely famous for their video games, so it was great to see a video game superstar like Mario pop up the warp pipe for the Olympics closing ceremony.  Choosing Mario as part of the ceremony was a brilliant strategy for marketing Nintendo.  While Nintendo won’t be sponsoring the 2020 games, it was a great move by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to appear as Mario.  Not only did the publicity stunt raise awareness of Mario, but it showed Abe’s comical side to the audience.  Kudos to Japan for their strategic business move to announce the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.  With a colorful and animated display like that, we can only expect more exciting performances in the next Olympic opening ceremony!