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AHS 100th episode Asylum References

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Halloween is just three days away, which means its time to break out some more horror-themed topics for MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  This is the last week of October where all of the spookiness comes into play.  And what better way to start this Monday than with the 100th episode of American Horror Story.

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Last Wednesday marked the important event of the 100th EPISODE of American Horror Story.  The episode took us years after the horrific events unfolded at Camp Redwood, with most of the characters being killed off.  Many characters changed since the tragedies that happened that night.

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The characters that died in Camp Redwood (Montana, Xavier, Chet, and Ray) are still at the camp, terrorizing and even killing off more victims.  Brooke was serving her sentence for taking out Montana and even runs into her enemy Richard Ramirez (who was caught during his killing spree in Los Angeles).  Margaret and Trevor are stuck in a bizarre marriage pact, yet she becomes a rich real estate mogul.  All of these separate side stories will come together during the Camp Redwood reunion event that will take place during Halloween.

It was great to check back with our characters years later.  But what was even more surprising were the quick references made from a previous AHS season.  These hidden easter eggs came up fairly quick, so you had to pay close attention to the main dialogue during the episode.

Here were the random throwbacks during the 100th episode:

Briarcliff Manor

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Margaret was featured on the episode of The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous which showcased some of the homes she worked on.  One of those homes happened to be Briarcliff Manor.

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Briarcliff Manor was where the patients resided at in American Horror Story: Asylum.  Even more interesting is that it was quickly featured in American Horror Story: Freak Show when Pepper was being admitted near the end of the season.  A quick glance turned to a flashback to not just one, but TWO previous seasons.

Skin Lamps

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One of Margaret’s ideas she pitched was to feature faux skin lamps for one of her events.  Those ‘faux skin lamps’ are a nudge towards the shocking scene of Lana discovering Dr. Thredson’s disturbing hobby of turning human skin into lamp shades back in American Horror Story: Asylum.  He later revealed to Lana that he was Bloody Face the whole time and that he snatched up Wendy in the process.

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Those were the two intriguing references during the 100th episode of American Horror Story.  Briarcliff Manor was mentioned once again as well as Dr. Thredson’s horrific interest in human skin.  There have always been random references each season and the 100th episode wasn’t any different.  It only made it that much more amazing to watch.

AHS 1984 Plot Twist

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Within the American Horror Story universe, there is a reoccurring element that happens in some of the seasons.  And it goes something like this – when the character is killed off in a particular place, especially if it is haunted, then they end up living in there forever.  All of the people who moved into infamous Murder House in American Horror Story: Murder House ended up residing their forever after they died.  It was also why none of the guests in American Horror Story: Hotel checked out of the Hotel Cortez.

This is one of many plot twists that happens within some of the seasons.  Those that were once killed off come back to life, only to live in the last place they were in.

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Interestingly enough, this twist returned during the most recent episode of AHS: 1984.  We first find this little surprise when Brooke runs into Ray, who she thought he was alive… at FIRST.  A little later on, she discovers that Ray was dead after find his severed head.  Ray tries to escape Camp Redwood the next morning, but only ends up back where he started.

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But Ray isn’t the only one who ends up a ghost.  Margaret killed off both Chet and Xavier, only for them to reappear as ghosts the next day.  Brooke ended up killing Montana, who comes back as a ghost as well.  Chet, Xavier, Ray, and Brooke all come back as ghosts who reside at Camp Redwood by the end of the episode.

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In the end, we are left with quite a shocking plot twist in AHS: 1984.  Merely halfway through the season and the story shifted onto a whole new direction.  What lies ahead for Brooke now that her new friends are all ghosts of Camp Redwood?  Where is Ramirez heading to with Mr. Jingles?

We’ll have to stay tuned this week when the new episode comes out this Wednesday.

AHS 1984 Season Premiere

Last night was the premiere of American Horror Story: 1984.  As you may have seen from the teasers and trailers, the newest season is a tribute to the classic 1980s horror slasher films.  It has been heavily influenced by films like Halloween and Friday the 13th.  The season premiere was chock full of surprises.

Here are some of the highlights of the season 9 premiere:

AHS: 1984 Intro

This season starts in 1970 where a group of campers are having fun at night.  It isn’t until later on that a mysterious man enters the cabin where he goes on a killing spree.

After watching the mysterious killer take out his victims, we are first treated to the colorful 80s intro theme.  The typical AHS theme song had a new wave remix playing throughout.  Neon lighting, Ronald Reagan, and even the number ’84 flashed throughout the introduction.

Camp Redwood Counselors

The next scene after the intro takes place Xavier’s aerobics class in Los Angeles.  Brooke, Montana, Chet and other join Xavier’s class for some fitness.  After class, Xavier mentions to some of his classmates that he will be a counselor at Camp Redwood.  He invites some of the crew to come along.  Everyone, except Brooke, are already interested in the idea.

Later on, Brooke come face to face with a robber who takes her jewelry.  He even threatens to find her again in the near future.

By the next morning, all of the camp counselors make their way to Camp Redwood.  Brooke joins the gang along for the ride.  On their way, they stop by a gas station to fill up for gas.  They meet a creepy gas station attendant who tells them to go the other way.

But that wasn’t the only danger they face on the road.  Xavier hits a random hitchhiker wandering through the area.  The gang take him to Camp Redwood to get healed by Rita, the camp nurse.

Mr. Jingles Origin

While the gang are sitting around the campfire, Rita stops by to tell the origins of Mr. Jingles and what went on in Camp Redwood.  Mr. Jingles used to be in the army, but was discharged due to his murder spree.  He was arrested for his heinous crimes.  It was the main reason for why Camp Redwood was shut down years ago.  Since then, Mr. Jingles was held in a psychiatric ward… until now.

Jingles Release

Mr. Jingles ends up escaping the psychiatric ward by stealing a set of keys from one of the guards.  Not only that, but he opens up all of the doors for the others to escape.  He makes his way over to Camp Redwood for some more fun.

Brooke’s Encounter

Brooke runs into Mr. Jingles after leaving the cabin for a bit.  She flees from him after allegedly seeing the hitchhiker dead.  The gang return to the scene of the crime, only to see that nothing was really there.

Moments later, Brooke answers a phone call from the payphone nearby.  She answers the phone, only to hear a set of keys jingling.  Not only that, but she runs into the robber once again!

AHS Apocalypse Season Finale

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Alrighty folks, after mere months of weekly horrific surprises… American Horror Story: Apocalypse has finally come to an end.  It has been quite a wild ride, running into many crossovers this past season.  Each character (especially those from the previous seasons!) played their unique role in this apocalyptic madness.  After just the first episode, the crossovers just kept coming.

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Let us begin with the story – Back in 2017, Myrtle infiltrates Jeff and Mutt’s lab while there were plotting who will escape to which outposts during the Apocalypse.  Myrtle forces the two that Coco is guaranteed a spot at Outpost 3 (which also goes for her family as well).

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In the swamp, Cordelia and Myrtle cast a special identity spell on Coco and Mallory so that they easily hide out in Outpost 3 while Michael Langdon instigates the nuclear war.  Their plan is to break the spell on Mallory after the Apocalypse and use the time-traveling spell (the one that was used in the last episode) in order to stop Michael Langdon from starting the Apocalypse.

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Flash-forward to 2021 and we have Madison, Myrtle, and Cordelia awakening from Misty’s shack.  They make their way over to Outpost 3 to resurrect Coco, Mallory, and Dinah (which ALREADY happened earlier in the story).  At this point, we travel back to where we left off in episode 3.  As Dinah asserts her loyalty to Michael, the voodoo queen Marie Laveau returns.  Marie Laveau was released from hell by Papa Legba in exchange for Dinah’s soul.

It is then that the real battle begins – Marie kills Dinah with a machete while Cordelia casts a spell to make Mead explode.  While Michael stood there looking stunned, Madison arms herself with Mead’s inbuilt rifle and shoots him dead.

Meanwhile, the other witches grab a strand of Michael’s hair and take Mallory to a safer place in order to begin the spell.  After being stabbed by Brock, she loses too much energy to go on.  In order to save Mallory, Cordelia offs herself so that Mallory could become Supreme; thus, rejuvenating her and enhancing her powers.  With that, Mallory successfully casts the spell to travel back to time.

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We are now in 2015 back in the Murder House.  You heard me right – we are officially back at the Murder House ONCE again.  More accurately, we are back at the time when Michael becomes a full-grown teenager and kills a priest.  Constance insists that Michael leaves her house at once.  Michael steps outside, only to be repeatedly run over by Mallory.  Michael begs Constance to take him into the Murder House, but she leaves him out on the road instead.

With the timeline now altered, many changes awaited Mallory.  Myrtle Snow remains dead, being that Cordelia never had to resurrect her for the Apocalypse (since it wasn’t going to happen).  Mallory also saved Queenie by warning her off of the Hotel Cortez.  As an act of gratitude for destroying Michael, Papa Legba’s associate Nan returns Misty Day from hell.  Madison still remains in hell, but Mallory would get to her eventually.

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But it wasn’t just the witches’ lives that were completely altered.  Remember those two lovebirds Timothy and Emily from the first few episodes?  They ended up meeting together for the first time.  After a year, they ended up having a baby; three years after that, their child killed its nanny in a recreation of Michael Langdon’s first murder.  Anton LaVey, Samantha Crowe, and Mead arrive at the house to receive the new Antichrist.

And there you have it – the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  It was quite a bizarre story, full of foreshadowing and flashbacks.  But after all of that craziness, is the madness really over?  There are still many plot holes that have yet to be filled from this season.

Could next season take off from the Apocalyptic theme?  We may not know yet, but we will have more clues thrown at us next year.  All we have to do now is to look back on yet another fantastic season finale from the AHS universe.

The Twilight Zone… Revived

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Long before the days of American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, there was a unique kind of horror series.  Each episode came with an unexpected twist as well as a thought-provoking moral within the story.  The series was a combination of science fiction, fantasy, suspense and even psychological thriller.  It was a journey into the unknown, a dimension full of mystery and imagination.  This is… The Twilight Zone.

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The Twilight Zone began on October 2nd, 1959 with Rod Sterling as the host.  Each episode depicted characters dealing with a disturbing or unusual event in their lives.  Not only was there usually a shocking twist in most of the episodes, but they also came with philosophical morals as well.  While The Twilight Zone isn’t as graphic as American Horror Story,  but it certainly came with some incredible plot; what lacked in horrific content made up for it with its genius storyline.  There is no ‘Rubber Man’ or ‘Addiction Demon’, but The Twilight Zone comes with its own set of monsters – the monsters that lie within every day people.

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After airing on CBS for almost five years, The Twilight Zone told its final story on June 19th, 1964.  The series would go on to be revived in 1985 (September 27th 1985-April 15th 1989) and in 2002 (September 18th 2002-May 21st 2003).  Fans will be happy to know that The Twilight Zone will be revived for the third time.

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Starting next year, The Twilight Zone will be back on CBS.  The new host for the new revival will be played by none other than Jordan Peele.  Not only is Peele the new host for the series, but he will also produce it as well.

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This will be an interesting TV revival for next year.  The Twilight Zone has been a classic on TV for decades.  Many stories from the show are still referenced within pop culture today.  Who knows what classic tales will be told again during the next reboot.

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Coincidentally enough, I have been binge-watching The Twilight Zone on Netflix lately.  It’s such an amazing horror series with each episode packing quite a punch in the story line.  Even though horror factor doesn’t measure up to my favorite series American Horror Story, most of these plots are absolutely brilliant.  They come with such disturbing scenarios for the characters such as being the only human being on a new planet or having their world taken over by robots.  Each scenario becomes more twisted as the season goes on.

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In the end, this new revival of The Twilight Zone will be something interesting to check out next year.  Who knows what stories will be told (or what classic tales will spring up again) by Jordan Peele.  We will just have to wait until 2019 before we enter into the dimension of imagination and mystery that is known as… The Twilight Zone.