Soul Stirs, Spirirt Soars

“Writers take a grain of sand, and then create a beach” ~ Robert Black

My name is Jonathan Carey and I am interested in reading, thinking, and exploring new ideas every day.  I believe the world is chock-full of fascinating ideas that have yet to be explored.  Years of playing video games have taught me a lot about overcoming obstacles that hinder my path.  I recently graduated from college for Public Relations and I am set to writing the correct paths to the solution.  My dream is do public relations work for the entertainment industry.  I’ve had a lifelong passion for the entertainment business in terms of television, movies, video games, books, and other media outlets.  Other being my passion, I believe that entertainment outlets conjure up stories that provide lifelong lessons we should follow.

Hope you enjoy reading my daily posts and get lost in the world of entertainment!

Jon “JC” Carey


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