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6/15 TGIF Quote

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Most people exhibit what political scientists call “the conservatism of the peasantry.” Don’t lose what you’ve got. Don’t change. Don’t take a chance, because you might end up starving to death. Play it safe. Buy just as much as you need. Don’t waste time. When we think about risk, human beings and corporations realize in their heads that risks are necessary to grow, to survive. But when it comes down to keeping good people when the crunch comes, or investing money in something untried, only the brave reach deep into their pockets and play the game as it must be played.

~ David Lammers


Roger Waters’ ‘High Hopes’ for Assange

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Pink Floyd is a timeless band that has been around for decades.  Founding members like Roger Waters continues to tour around the world.  He plays his familiar tracks, both from his Pink Floyd days and his solo albums, for the Pink Floyd Fanatics throughout each of his concerts.

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Waters was always vocal about his political views throughout his work.  Albums like The Wall and The Final Cut played on themes about the harsh realities of war.  He even showcases these themes during his worldwide tour.  Just recently, Waters put on quite a light show for the audience in Berlin.

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Before the concert started, a neon red text was projected onto a black backdrop.  The text read, “Resist the attempted silencing of Julian Assange”.  Many fans took to twitter to discuss Roger Waters’ stunt before his show.

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This text refers to Julian Assange, the man who created Wikileaks back in 2006.  Wikileaks dealt with a political PR nightmare in 2010 when it published a series of controversial leaks from Chelsea Manning.  Ever since then, Assange has been living in the Embassy of Ecuador in London.

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Roger Water always admired Julian Assange and it was an intriguing way of showcasing his political views.  Years after making music with Pink Floyd and he still has a large audience base.  It goes to show that classic bands like Pink Floyd still have a place for the modern world.

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Musicians like Roger Waters are important in the entertainment world.  They help create a revolution that help make a difference in the world.  Roger Waters certainly isn’t just ‘another brick in the wall’; rather, this noise he makes ‘Echoes’ on this very earth.

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This ‘Fearless’ PR stunt went well with the audience, being that they are tweeting about this electric show he put on.  Any buzz generated about Pink Floyd is astonishing after establishing themselves decades ago.  He certainly gives us ‘High Hopes’ about where our world should be heading in the near future.

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Kudos to Roger Waters for that intriguing performance.  It certainly is a show worth remembering for years to come.  Who knows what other messages Waters will showcase for his audiences at his next concert.

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We will have to find it over at ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’.

Pot and the City – Starring Cynthia Nixon

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Back in March, Cynthia Nixon announced that she would be running against Andrew Cuomo for governor of New York.  After retiring her role as Miranda Hobbes in HBO’s Sex and the City, Nixon channeled her inner-Miranda into running for governor.  If successful, she would become the first governor who is both female and part of the LGBTQ community.

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Cynthia Nixon already announced one of her primary priorities if she were elected as governor of New York City.  Nixon’s first priority as governor would be – WAIT FOR IT – legalizing cannabis for the state of New York.

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Image result for Cynthia Nixon Governor Cannabis

That’s right folks – Cynthia Nixon wants to legalize cannabis in New York.  Nixon made cannabis a central part of her campaign because it touches up on so many other issues, especially for people of color.  She called for cannabis legalization a mere month after announcing her candidacy.  So not only is Nixon looking to become the first female and LGBTQ governor of New York, but she is looking to legalize cannabis for the state as well.

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            In real life, Cynthia Nixon has only smoked cannabis twice in her lifetime; even still, cannabis was used in a few instances of Sex and the City.  The first time was during the episode ‘Hot Child in the City’ (season 3, episode, 15) when Carrie smokes weed with her boyfriend Wade “Superboy” Adams in his apartment.  After Wade’s mother finds the bag of weed in the apartment, Carrie ended up taking it home to enjoy it with the girls.

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The other instance happens a little later on in the episode ‘The Post-It Always Sticks Twice’ (season 6, episode 7) when Carrie and her friends visit the new nightclub Bed after her boyfriend broke up with her through a Post-It note.  Miranda, being that she was able to fit into her new skinny jeans, gained the confidence to buy some cannabis from some guys on the street.  Two distinct instances of cannabis use from one timeless show about a group of gals searching for love in New York City.

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Image result for SATC

All joking aside, the liberal views from Sex and the City seems to be rubbing off New York City.  New York City is looking to become the next big legal city this year.  If successful, New York City could easily rake in hundreds of millions of dollars into the economy.  Its famous figures like Cynthia Nixon that will bring New York City one step closer towards legalization.

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After sharing cannabis with her fictional gal pals on Sex and the City, Cynthia Nixon is looking to provide that opportunity for New Yorkers alike.  Fiction is usually mirrored by reality; but in this case, REALITY is currently being mirrored by FICTION.

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In order for cannabis use to become legal in the state of New York, Nixon will have to channel her inner-Miranda in order to make that happen.  Who knows, maybe she will share some more weed with her gal pals.  Only this time, it won’t be because Carrie got broken up through a Post-It note.

Sessions Supports the Sensimilla

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It was a roller coaster of PR stories for the cannabis industry last week.  First it was the PR nightmare with the High Times Cannabis Cup in San Bernardino, then Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) announced his plans to decriminalize cannabis on a federal level.  Whatever the case may be, the cannabis industry has been generating lots of buzz around the United States.  More and more people are supporting cannabis legalization every week.

Even the most conservative politicians are starting to see the brighter side of legalizing cannabis.  They may just be getting into the 4/20 party now, but its better later than never.  One major PR miracle happened when we got support from U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, the same politician who claimed that ‘good people don’t smoke marijuana’, announced that he may be accepting the need to advance cannabis research.  He mentioned that it was “perfectly appropriate to study” and even admitting that “there may well be some benefits from medical marijuana”.  Only problem is that his positive statements were only dampened by his rejection of current research on cannabis, misleading claims about U.S. treaty obligations, and even having a major disbelief that cannabis could provide any medical purposes.

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Image result for Us Attorney General Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions may not be convinced yet, BUT the fact that he was open to the idea of researching medical cannabis is a big deal.  Ever since Sessions was appointed as U.S. Attorney General, he has been a key opponent of cannabis.  Part of his agenda included shutting down the cannabis industry for legal states like California and Colorado.

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This latest statement from Jeff Sessions only proves that cannabis prohibition is slowly coming to an end.  After more than a year of going after the legal states, Sessions now wants to conduct scientific research on cannabis.  Some of his findings will seem obvious to the American people, but at least he will see that the proof is in the pudding.

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In the end, our country’s politicians are very out of touch with the American people.  A majority of Americans believe that cannabis should be legal, yet many politicians work to keep it from happening.  There is much work to be done on the political side; on a good note, cannabis remains legal for 1/10 of America.  Now we just need to continue to provide more information on how beneficial cannabis is for our country.  WE the people voted to legalize cannabis and now WE must show how it benefits us as a nation.

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And to comment on Jeff Sessions’ latest statement…good people DO smoke marijuana!  If cannabis consumers completed this much work just to legalize it for their state, then they are doing something TRULY amazing for this country.


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