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The Midnight Gospel

20 Best Anime to Watch on Netflix (2020) - Japan Web Magazine

These days I have been watching a LOT of stuff on Netflix.  Even with lots of places being temporarily closed, there are still other options for entertainment.  Now is a better time than ever to catch up with the latest shows and movies.

There was one particular series that caught my eye last week that I simply had to binge-watch it.  It’s a animated series that combined trippy scenes and mind-blowing philosophy.  This is The Midnight Gospel.

The Midnight Gospel (Western Animation) - TV Tropes

Netflix's 'The Midnight Gospel' Is a Profoundly Weird Psychedelic ...

The Midnight Gospel is set in this dimension known as ‘The Chromatic Ribbon’ where spacecaster Clancy owns a forbidden multiverse simulator.  Clancy travels through worlds that are about to have their own apocalypse where he interviews characters for his show.  It was created by Pendleton Ward (creator of Adventure Time) and comedian Duncan Trussell.

DTFH #41 feat. Christopher Ryan (Duncan Trussell Family Hour ...

Interestingly enough, the interviews are based on real interviews from Trussell’s podcast The Duncan Trussell Family Hour.  Some of the voice actors include Dr. Drew Pinsky, Maria Bamford, Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz, Pauly Shore, and many others.

Rick & Morty Eyes Open Poster in 2020 | Rick, morty drawing, Rick ...

Joe Rogan & Duncan Trussell - Compilation (The Family Hour) - YouTube

This show was definitely worth the binge-watch.  The Midnight Gospel felt like a mix of Rick and Morty with The Joe Rogan Experience.  It was a show that featured many elements packed into each episode.

The Midnight Gospel": Netflix Releases Adult Animated Series Teaser

With that, The Midnight Gospel is definitely a trippy animated series worth binge-watching on Netflix.

Tom Brady Cameo in Living with Yourself

Image result for American Horror Story 1984

American Horror Story: 1984 really hit the mark with the 100th episode.  It featured some great scenarios for what happened to all of the characters after Camp Redwood.  Better yet, there were two references towards American Horror Story: Asylum.

Image result for Living with yourself

Image result for Living with yourself

But American Horror Story wasn’t the only series to feature a random reference this past week.  One of the series I binge-watched on Netflix earlier was Living with YourselfLiving with Yourself featured Paul Rudd as Miles Elliot, a man who goes through a mysterious treatment that promises him a better life.  He discovers that has been replaced by a clone version of himself.  Both him and his clone figure out how to live with this surprising twist in their lives.

It’s in the premiere episode where things get REAL interesting.  After Miles first arrives to the spa, he sees a man exiting from the place.  That man just so happens to be New England Patriot quarterback Tom Brady.

Image result for Living with yourself Tom Brady

Image result for Living with yourself Tom Brady

Tom Brady makes a surprising cameo as the man who exits the spa.  During the scene, Miles asks him how many times he has been in the place.  He responds with ‘six’, making it his sixth time there.

Image result for Living with yourself Tom Brady

Interestingly enough, this quick scene is a nudge towards the PR nightmare of Robert Kraft getting caught in the prostitution ring in Florida earlier this year.  It mirrors from the scenario that took place at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa.  As bad as the PR nightmare was, it still makes for an intriguing reference in the first episode of Living with Yourself.

Image result for AHS 100th episode briarcliff

Image result for Living with yourself Tom Brady

First American Horror Story referenced its own seasons on the 100th episode and then Tom Brady made a ‘wink wink, nudge nudge’ reference on Paul Rudd’s new Netflix series.  Two surprising references within the past week.

Who knows what other random references will be thrown at us this time.  Whether they be from a good or bad scenario, it will surely be recognized by the audience either way.

The Politician – Hobart/Jackson

Image result for The Politician

Image result for The Politician

Over the first week of October, I kicked off the fall season by binge-watching Ryan Murphy’s newest series The Politician on Netflix.  The Politician followed Payton Hobart’s (Ben Platt) race as high school class president at Saint Sebastian High School in Santa Barbara, California.  It was quite an amazing story that wove together elements from shows like Glee and House of Cards.

But while the main storyline was all on Payton Hobart’s race for class president, there was another familiar star of the show.  That actress was none other than Jessica Lange.

Image result for The Politician Dusty

Image result for The Politician Dusty

Image result for AHS Apocalypse Lange

That’s right folks – one of the BEST things about The Politician was the return of Jessica Lange.  This was her latest TV role after making her surprise appearance in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  Jessica Lange played Dusty Jackson, the mother of Infinity Jackson (Zoey Deutch).

And for the record, Jessica Lange’s character was just as crazy as ever.

Image result for The Politician Dusty

The first episode starts with Payton taking in cancer-stricken Infinity Jackson under his wing.  However, he gets news that Infinity didn’t have cancer.  After running some blood tests, He and his friends find out that she was perfectly healthy… or so they thought.

Image result for The Politician Dusty

Infinity wasn’t actually sick.  It was her mother Dusty that was causing her to be sick in the first place.  She was a victim of Munchausen by proxy from her own mother.

Image result for The Politician Dusty

So there you have it – Jessica Lange played a crazed grandmother who made her own granddaughter sick.  The story about what happened to her own daughter gets even more disturbing.

Image result for ahs murder house constance

Image result for ahs Asylum Sister Jude

Image result for ahs Coven Fiona

Image result for ahs Freak Show Elsa

So far Jessica Lange was Constance Langdon in American Horror Story: Murder House and American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Sister Jude Martin in AHS: Asylum, Fiona Goode in AHS: Coven, and Elsa Mars in AHS: Freak Show.  Not only that, but she also played Bette Davis in Feud.   Years later and she is still bringing her A-game on Netflix.  Dusty Jackson was just one of many amazing characters to watch.

Image result for ahs murder house constance

Image result for ahs Coven Fiona

With that, Jessica Lange returned to play another disturbing, yet creative character in The Politician.  Dusty Jackson definitely had that American Horror Story vibe to her (like Constance or Fiona!).

Image result for ahs Coven gif

Whatever character she plays, just remember that she’ll always be the baddest witch in town.

Charisma Carpenter TV Genre CrissCross

Image result for Charmed original

Image result for Charmed original

One classic series I have been binge-watching on Netflix lately is Charmed.  This famous fantasy drama series is about three sisters who are witches known as the Charmed Ones.  Prue, Piper, and Phoebe fight crime in San Francisco.  They each use their own unique magical powers, as well as spells, to ward off from the bad guys.  Following Prue’s inevitable death in the season three finale, their long-lost half sister Paige Matthews take over her place for the ‘Power of Three’ from season four onwards.

Image result for Charmed Kyra

Image result for Charmed Kyra

At season seven, there is something familiar about the character Kyra.  I knew I have seen her appear in other shows I have binge-watched before.  After a bit of searching, I realized that Kyra was played by Charisma Carpenter.  Interestingly enough, this isn’t Carpenter’s first role in a fantasy series like Charmed.

That takes us what is known as a TV genre crisscross!

So let’s get to it – Charisma Carpenter plays Kyra, a demon who eventually forms a friendship with Leo Wyatt.  She appears in three episodes of the seventh season.

Image result for Buffy the Vampire Slayer Cordelia

Image result for Angel Cordelia

Charmed is not the only fantasy series Charisma Carpenter appeared in.  She also played as Cordelia Chase in season 1-3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and had a main role in Angel.  While there weren’t other actors/actresses who were on the same screen with her, this still makes another role for her in a fantasy drama series.  Thus, making for an interesting TV crisscross.

Three different fantasy series, one actress appearing in all three.  Charisma Carpenter plays an incredible role for all three series.  All of them are a fantasy series, which makes her the subject for today’s TV genre crisscross.

Image result for Charmed Kyra

That’s all for today’s post.  Charisma Carpenter was in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Charmed.  She is the star of this week’s TV genre crisscross.

Netlflix Ryan Murphy Highlights

Image result for el camino a breaking bad movie

As you may or may not know, Netflix is releasing a lot of exciting titles this Fall.  One of the biggest releases is the new Breaking Bad film El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (Yeah Mr. White!  Yeah Science!).

Image result for Netflix The Politician

But the big winner has to go for Ryan Murphy’s new dark comedy series The Politician.  After another successful season of Pose, Murphy continues on with his next chapter of American Horror Story and The Politician on Netflix.

If you’re still feeling nostalgic from season 2 of Pose or you can’t contain your excitement for his next series, then don’t fret!  There’s lots of other titles out or soon to be coming on Netflix.  Niptuck may not still be in the library, but there’s plenty of other series from Ryan Murphy to enjoy.

Here are the latest series from Ryan Murphy that are out or will soon to be released for Netflix next month:

The Politician

Image result for Netflix The Politician

Our first show that is drumming up a lot of anticipation is The Politician.  Payton Hobart is a wealthy Santa Barbarian who uses everything in his power to achieve his political goals, with one of them being to become president of the United States.  The Politician will be released on September 27th.


Image result for Pose Season 1

Season one of Pose is out on Netflix.  Catch up with the original season where Blanca first creates her own house of to compete in the balls.  You can enjoy the first season again if you can’t get enough of the slay game.

American Horror Story: Apocalypse

Image result for american horror story apocalypse

Not only is American Horror Story returning on FX, but American Horror Story: Apocalypse is also releasing on Netflix as well.  Watch the twisted season where Michael Langdon creates the Apocalypse, becoming the true Antichrist of the world.  It’s an all-out battle between some of the biggest forces of evil.


Image result for Glee

With The Politician having hints of musicals at times, Glee is another series to enjoy as well.  Glee follows a group of high schoolers who join the Glee Club.  It’s a comedic series with musicals that offer some heavy high school drama on the side.