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10/15 Sunday Funday Quote!

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What is tolerance? — it is the consequence of humanity. We are all formed of frailty and error; let us pardon reciprocally each other’s folly — that is the first law of nature.

~ Voltaire


Comprehending Colors in Nahant

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Two days ago, I wandered through Black Rock Beach in Nahant.  Black Rock Beach features a small walkway area just a few steps away from Tides restaurant.  This smaller, quainter beach is great for wandering away from the noise within the area.  It stretches for miles from the end of Nahant Beach all the way to Nahant Short Beach.

The day was waning and the weather was becoming cooler.  I sat on the cool sand to watch the sun setting between the buildings.  Colors were slowly fading, with the sun casting silhouette figures.  Noise was quieting down and more people were roaming by to catch this magnificent event happening before them.



As the water was slowly rippling towards the surface, I noticed this small beam of light coming up front.  I looked slowly up to the base of the line to find that big glowing sun right in front of my eyes.  The sun dominated my view, with silhouetted buildings slowly fading.  That ball of sun was the only thing I was fixated on.


A few minutes later and things turned even MORE miraculous.  As the sun was plunging deeper into the depths of the earth, a tall ray of light was shooting upwards into the sky.  What used to become the base of a line has now become a middle intersection between two infinite lines.  One ball of sun casting two rays of light away from each other.


It wasn’t just another beautiful sunset I was witnessing; I was viewing light’s reflection bouncing off upon the air and water.  The light itself generated the colors I see before me and that very same light mirrors off of the atmosphere and the water.  As the sun’s colors was slowly disintegrating, its bright orange color was mirroring off of the clear blue water and sky-blue atmosphere.  These clear blue hues make perfect backdrops for watching nature’s most extraordinary masterpieces.

But what if the colors were different?  What if our atmosphere and water were painted with hues of green or red?  Would it make viewing sunsets much more astounding?  Or would shifting the traditional colors become so catastrophic that it alters our biological system?

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You see that the sky is naturally blue and that the ocean is covered in hues of light green, yet you never stop to wonder why that is.  It isn’t something you learn in school or what someone tells you because you see it yourself.  This is one of those miraculous discoveries you learn in life.  One of the steps in obtaining this kind of knowledge is going deeper down the rabbit hole in figuring out how light is reflected around the earth.  The real fun begins once you ponder about what would happen in certain scenarios.


Viewing this perfect sunset made me think about the importance of light in nature.  Light is reflecting all across the earth, with hues of lighter colors as the day goes on.  Sunset becomes twilight before heading into dawn and dusk.  Four separate stages of sunset where a myriad of colors bounce back into the water and atmosphere.

I thought it was truly amazing how much color stretches across the sky during the last few minutes of sunlight.  You never know how much you take this scientific information for granted until you experience these events firsthand.

If you want to know anything about color, simply step out into your backyard and watch the sky during the sunset.

Baileys Hill’s Blissful Gem


Back in Monday I referred to this ‘hidden gem’ I discovered earlier this year.  I’ve lived around Lynn for more than a year and never discovered this incredible landmark within Nahant until this Spring.  Nahant is a quaint, timeless island attached to the rambunctious atmosphere within the city of Lynn.  Surrounded by the vast ocean, Nahant is where you slow down and notice the movements of nature.

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Located at the end of Bass Point Road is Bailey’s Hill.  Bailey’s Hill features park benches as well as a gazebo built near the ocean.  But what really intrigued me about this park was the trail veering off to the right.  And what I discovered at the end of the trail was something truly amazing.

#1 Following the Trail



With my backpack in hand, I stepped out to the entrance of Bailey’s Hill.  I veered off to the right where I noticed this trail heading up north.  The trail looked like it was inclining higher as you walked further along.  What was this mysterious trail leading me to?  How far would this trail go?  Curiosity got the best of me, so I started walking towards the trail.

          #2 Shrouded in greenery



          Walking up the path, I am greeted by the shroud of greenery along the sides.  Plants, branches, leaves, and flowers made their place in their neck of the woods.  The sun is slowly waning in the sky, giving off its last jolt of light before taking off for the night.  Shadows are swaying by the plants, hinting that natural darkness is yet to come.   Light gave color to the plants and the darkness is creeping up to steal every inch of it.

          #3 Twisted Tree Dancing


I took a small break when I noticed a unique group of tree trunks.  These tree trunks were twisting upwards, soaring higher into the blue sky.  Autumn’s foliage is shedding the leaves of their temporary color, only to have them fall to the ground before winter.  Leaves are falling, yet twisty tree trunks continue to fly higher into the sky.  It’s as if life within the tree trunks was still bursting.  What strange symbol could be waiting for me next?

          #4 End of the Trail



After wandering aimlessly through this curvy path, I stopped to look further ahead.  There it was – just one last leg of the trail left.  More plants and shrubs and trees greeted me near the end as I walked to where the cement met the dirt.  Cement slowly thinned out near the ground as I entered through Nature’s path.

          #5 Trees Hiding Surprise


            As the path became more and more rugged, I knew that I was heading towards the end of my journey.  I stumbled onto an area where huge trees stood their grounds.  Looking past the growing trees, I noticed a crystal clear blue light shining nearby.  The end is close!

          #6 One Last Path


Wandering past the trees, I discovered the last path through the exit.  One more small, narrow path leading me to a whole new area of Bailey’s Hill.  The journey has been fun, but I was ready for what lied ahead in the end.  What special area has this miraculous path led me to?

          #7 Paradise



There it was – paradise.  I reached the end of trail to catch one of the most beautiful sights ever.  Clear blue ocean swirling, seagulls leaping off, the sky painted in hues of pink and orange.


I traveled quite far from my apartment, walking farther and farther away.  In this land, there was no city.  There were no cars or buses or restaurants or people or drugs or billboards.  Instead, there was only LIFE – Life occurring to the very fullest.


Seagulls diving into the ocean for clams, barnacles sliding through the slippery rocks, sea salt swiveling around the tide pools, waves crashing ferociously every second.  That right here is how life truly happens – not just for us, but for every living being on this planet.  It’s not about you getting through that crappy job or searching for your soulmate; in reality, it’s about surviving every complexity life has to offer.  What’s truly shocking about this conclusion is that man will never grasp full control of this so-called life!

When I reached closer to the ocean, I realized how small I truly was as I human being.  All of those personal turmoil or sadness washes away into the sea because you stop to realize that you part of something so much BIGGER and GREATER than you ever could imagine.  Those daily problems — collecting enough money for rent or getting through that project – seem completely and utterly superficial when you understand how many other living species are on this Earth.  You are facing the same complexities of life, just like the barnacle sliding through the tide pool or the fish swishing around to avoid predators.

          #8 Nature’s Reward


          Even when I thought I have seen everything in this incredible area at Bailey’s Hill, it turns out to be even more magnificent.  An orange glow was shining through just a few minutes after taking in the paradise in front of me.  Not only did I come to the end, but the sun was just about to set.  The sun was waning into the ground, casting silhouettes from the distance.  Its orange glow reflected upon the choppy waters, streaming a path straight ahead.



Minutes passed and the sun was concealed from the silhouetted buildings.  What was once a gold-orange sky was now becoming hues of pink and dark blue.  Sunset was turning to twilight in just the blink of an eye.  It was something you anticipated for, but at the same time its too overwhelming with beauty that you couldn’t believe what was happening.  This was the instance where patience becomes the ultimate virtue in the end.


That marked the end to my adventure around Bailey’s Hill.  From the leading trail to finding nature’s surprise, the whole experience was outstanding.  This was something you had to discover for yourself, not read about it in some book or article.  The spontaneity made the journey even more mystifying, prompting me to reflect back on my role as a human being here on this earth.  It was one of those days where nothing mattered except this very moment.  Walking through the trail, being greeted by shrubs, viewing the twisted trees branches – those small things made it that much more memorable.


In the end, the most exciting experience that occurs is the unexpected, spontaneous experience.  It’s truly amazing because you don’t anticipate what happens, yet the fun part is diving head-first into the many surprises life has to offer.  Wandering through the trail at Bailey’s Hill provides that experience every time.

September Sunset Philosophy


Yesterday I decided to hike up to my favorite spot called Fox Dennings Area.  Located within Nahant, Fox Dennings Area is a beautiful park area that features amazing trails.  These trails lead up to the end where you can experience a breath-taking view like no other (I’ll go further into this hidden gem on another post later!).


The time was reaching towards 5:00 PM, so I had to find out when the sun would set.  The sun would start setting around 6:37 PM, which meant I had an hour or so to kill.  I roamed around the rocky boulders and navigated towards the best spot to view the sunset.  I bought my pre-roll of Moonshine Haze that I was saving for the special occasion.


Minutes were passing by and the sun was slowly slipping away.  It was started to wedge between the apartment buildings, so I lit up the Moonshine Haze pre-roll to get things started.  Sun setting, waves crashing, seagulls crying, hazy smoke floating into the blue sky – it was the picture-perfect night for this sunset.  I barely moved, becoming too fixated towards the greenish-yellow glow reflecting upon the earth.


It wasn’t that I couldn’t move, but rather, I didn’t WANT to move.  I told myself to stay still to watch the magic happening before my eyes.  All was still, life was happening in its natural pace.  There was no noise, only the blissful sounds of what I was experiencing this very moment.  Choosing to stay still meant choosing to sit back and watch nature takes its course.

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Watching this gorgeous sunset made me reflect back to another blissful time.  It was March 6th, 2012 – I was roaming around Santa Monica Pier in California.  I was walking through the hot sand and noticed the sun was setting.  Walking further away from the pier, I sat down to stretch my legs for a bit.  Within the hazy smog floating around the Pacific Coast, I noticed the sun seeping under the Santa Monica Mountains.  Same peaceful setting like I felt at Fox Dennings Area – seagulls crying, waves crashing, very little noise.

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Writing about both of these tranquil instances made me stop to think about how amazing life is.  What’s interesting about these events is that they happened around Spring/Fall equinoxes.  I know that its fall, not because of the traditional decorations or what our ‘calendar’ says, but because of watching the sun setting east.  The sun sets east around Spring/Fall equinoxes every year, which is one of nature’s indications of seasons changing.

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This was a glorious event to experience.  As a PR pro, I always trace ideas back to their natural roots.  Going back to nature gives me a better perspective of how things operate.  Sometime it only takes a small hike around the woods to spark your creativity.  Letting your mind wander aimlessly is crucial for generating that creative buzz.

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Image result for Forest Bath

If any of you are stuck in your creativity rut, I suggest heading to the nearest trail and wandering aimlessly around the woods.  Letting your mind get lost in the tranquility of nature is one of the rejuvenating experiences to have as a human being.  In order to understand how a society operates, one must fully understand themselves as a human.  It is then, and only then, that you will understand what role public relations has in our social culture.