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Crawford VS. Davis: Hollywood’s Most Notorious Feud

Within the star-studded world of Los Angeles, many celebrities feuded with each other on and off the set.  The ego-driven atmosphere of La-La Land stirred up a lot of competition among certain actors/actresses that worked with each other.  Some of the most infamous fights include Mary-Kate Olsen/Paris Hilton, Debra Winger/Shirley Maclaine, Courtney Love/Madonna, Cybill Sheperd/Christine Baranski, Jaime Foxx/LL Cool J, and even Sarah Jessica Parker/Kim Cattrall.  Their life may seem glamorous in Tinseltown, but what people don’t see is the fierce competition that occurred during filming.

Many aspiring actors/actresses make their way to Los Angeles to become a star, hoping to become the next larger-than-life character in America.  Becoming a star meant fighting your way to the top in the dog-eat-dog world that is show business.  It’s a long and arduous journey within the superficial town of Hollywood, but the road to stardom pays off in the end.  Before the 21st century, there was one feud that would be known as one of the most notorious fights in Hollywood.  Today’s post dives into the legendary fight between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Our famous feud started in 1935: Dangerous hit the theaters, which starred Bette Davis and Franchot Tone about a rehabilitated, alcoholic actress who was known to be a jinx.  Davis fell hard for Tone during filming, but he has his eyes set on Crawford instead.  Crawford allegedly invited him over to her place and greeted him…naked!  They eventually married, sparking Davis’ jealousy.  Joan Crawford was already a big star, sleeping her way to the top in order to get the roles she wanted (like I mentioned before, it was a dog-eat-dog world in the realm of show business!).

Bette Davis was so irritated with the newspapers becoming obsessed with Crawford’s love life, especially when the studio arranged this big publicity stunt for her new film Ex-Lady.  Most of what they bitched about were each other’s appearance, upbringing, love-lives, awards, careers, and even each other’s children.  Their Hollywood schematics went on for decades up until 1962.

Crawford went to Davis with a pitch that would be the film What Ever Happened to Baby Jane, a psychological thriller film produced and directed by Robert Aldrich.  The duo needed a big break in the new decade of Hollywood, so this was their chance to revive their acting careers.  Filming started going well, but it wasn’t long before they were at each other’s throats.  Name-calling, complaints, threats, and even physical altercations went on during the filming.  Their feud reached its highest peak when they were filming the movie.  This historic soap opera became a staple series for various TV/film projects, including one that is premiering in less than a month.

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Ryan Murphy (co-creator of Nip/Tuck, Glee, American Horror Story!) signed on to a new series called Feud that will premiere on FX on March 5th.  The premiere will chronicle the Davis and Crawford’s backstage battle during the production of What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?.  Jessica Lange stars as Joan Crawford alongside with Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis.  Other cast members include Stanley Tucci, Judy Davis, Sarah Paulson (AHS veteran!), Kathy Bates, Catherine Zeta-Jones, and even Kiernan Shipka (Don Draper’s daughter Sally Draper in Mad Men!).  The 8-episode series will premiere in less than a month.

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I am really looking forward to this series in March!  Ryan Murphy creates some amazing content for TV and it will be interesting to see how he writes his version of the feud.  Other than the show itself, it will be awesome to see Jessica Lange on TV again!  If you’re a fan of American Horror Story like me, then you know that Lange played some of the most badass characters of all time.  Her finale role in AHS was Elsa Mars in American Horror Story: Freak Show.

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It’s funny how TV shows/films can mimic what was happening with the actors and actresses in real life.  Davis and Crawford’s feud went on for so long before shooting What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and this film mirrored their tumultuous journey.  Even before the digital age, celebrities feuded with each other in Hollywood.  Media outlets like newspapers and radios showcased the inevitable drama that was happening on/off the set.  It was this land-marked feud of all feuds in Hollywood.

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Working in the TV/film industry can be a dirty game.  Aspiring actors/actresses would be up for ANYTHING to snatch that lead role that would make their careers (that included sleeping with a few employees!).  You have to swallow your pride and be up for anything that flies in your way.  Los Angeles is part of the Wild West and nothing is wilder than the crazy antics of Hollywood.  Joan Crawford and Bette Davis’s long feud shows how wild Hollywood can be sometimes.


The Terminator’s Apprentice

With all this commotion about the newest posts in 2017, I haven’t discussed anything within the silver screen lately.  No TV criss-crosses have been spotted yet and there haven’t been any unique shows that jump out at me.  Business has been slow this month and Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony starts in a few weeks.  Now that Trump is busy with his Presidential work, we have a new host for this year’s The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

Former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed on to be the new host for this year’s season.  The Celebrity Apprentice aired on January 2nd and includes 15 new celebrities competing this year.  Some notable celebrities competing include Boy George, Lisa Leslie, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Snookie, and Kyle Richards.  The 1st episode already aired, with Carnie Wilson Carrie Keagan being the first to be eliminated.

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People remember the earlier seasons with Trump’s infamous catchphrase “You’re Fired!” when each contestant was eliminated.  With a new host comes a new catchphrase and viewers had to wait until the season premiere to hear it.  When Carrie Keagan did the worst job on the first task, Schwarzenegger yelled out his catchphrase, “You’re Terminated!” to her.  Damn!  Arnold went all Terminator-style on that contestant!

This wasn’t the first (and last!) time Arnold went all Terminator on his contestants.  Carnie Wilson’s head was on the chopping block in the 2nd competition being that she did the worst on the task.  When Wilson was picked to leave the show, Schwarzenegger got up to say, “You’re terminated,” and “Hasta la vista, baby.”.  DAMN!  We should just rename this show The Terminator’s Apprentice if The Terminator will be hosting the show.

For those aren’t up to speed with 80s sci/fi films, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Terminator in The Terminator when it was released in 1984.  He returned as his lead role as The Terminator in 1991 with the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  A few other Terminator films were released years later (Rise of the Machines, Salvation, Genisys), but they weren’t as exciting as the old films.  Either way, it’s exciting to see Celebrity Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger use Terminator references on this show.

Hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new catchphrase for The Celebrity Apprentice was great.  It was hilarious how he’s referencing one of the best 80s sci-fi films that he starred in.  I’ve seen some of the Terminator series and I definitely remember his catchphrases in the movie.  Schwarzenegger definitely has some big shoes to fill now that Trump is in office!  Who knows what other random Terminator references he’ll throw out this season.

Arnold’s catchphrases may be funny, but they’re also great for flourishing the Terminator brand.  Some viewers of The Celebrity Apprentice haven’t seen the Terminator films, so Arnold is definitely raising awareness of his work through his catchphrases.  Who knows, maybe his new catchphrases will cause him to be a favorable host with the audience.  And THAT was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new catchphrase for The Celebrity Apprentice…hasta la vista, baby!

MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Christmas List 2016

You guys…Christmas is in TWO DAYS!  We’ve written up a few good Christmas lists up over at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  Our Christmas list posts started with discussing the hottest toys for Christmas this year, we flashed back 20-25 years ago to talk about the best Christmas gifts during the 1990s (best childhood years EVER), and we ended with a special cannabis-themed Christmas list for the cannabis connoisseurs.  It seems like we’ve put out some great ideas for Christmas this year.

But in the midst of heavy-duty research and organizing the lists, there was one question that has been on everyone’s mind.  That question is: what does MakeSandcastlesNotWar want for Christmas?  What kind of special gifts is the blog asking Santa for?  If there are any gifts, would Santa Claus be able to deliver them to MakeSandcastlesNotWar?

Well folks, that question has been asked on Monday and a list has been worked on until today.  Today we delve into the list that MakeSandcastlesNotWar created over the past few days.  Here are some special items that the blog is asking for this year:

PR Miracles:  There have been some interesting public relations miracles that have helped people shape their perceptions of the world around them.  These ‘miracles’ that I speak of are uplifting business stories where a brand’s reputation flourishes after their publicity stunt.  We’ve seen celebrities speak out for their favorite cause and even actors/actresses announcing their newest project in the entertainment world.  Sometimes the world can seem all doom and gloom, but it’s these PR miracles in life that help us find the light in even the darkest places.

TV Criss-Crosses: Ah yes, the infamous TV Criss-Crosses!  MakeSandcastlesNotWar is asking Santa for some more mind-blowing TV criss-crosses to discover.  It’s been a ball finding these hidden gems when binge-watching some incredible content on Netflix.  Whether it was seeing David Duchovny in Pamela Adler’s Better Things (see here!) or finding out that Tom Lenk was on the silver screen with David Boreanaz 3 different times (read about THAT criss-cross here), each criss-cross spur up a wonderful surprise for all of us to discover.  With more TV shows to watch, the hunt for more criss-crosses has become bigger than ever!

PR Nightmare:  They say there is no such thing as bad publicity.  While the PR miracles opened our minds to a more optimistic world, there have been some PR nightmares that continue to float around.  These nightmares cause a slew of problems businesses, hindering their reputation in the long run.  As bad as these nightmares can be, they make for some interesting lessons in the business world.  Social media has given audiences a voice on how to react towards these nightmares.  Whatever horrific PR nightmare comes our way, MakeSandcastlesNotWar will be sure to discuss the bigger picture of the story!

Celebrity Scandals:  Even the actors/actresses in La-La land run into some troubles every now and then.  Celebrities are people too and they make mistakes during their career.  Some mistakes could cost them big time, making for some headlining scandals that rock the world.  These headlines make their way over to MakeSandcastlesNotWar, which make for some interesting discussions.  MakeSandcastlesNotWar is asking for more (and even bigger) scandals from the entertainers at Tinseltown.  Your move, Hollywood!

Innovative Ideas:  As technology advances even further, human beings drum up some unique ideas that we would never think of.  These ideas aren’t necessarily life-changing and some make for better ways of doing business with others.  Whatever bright ideas come flying over, MakeSandcastlesNotWar is always ready to discover how truly amazing they are.  Any news about innovative ideas is a part of MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Christmas list this year.

Hottest Releases in Entertainment:  Rather than conducting mundane reviews, MakeSandcastlesNotWar writes up about the hottest releases in the world of entertainment.  Whether it be a new TV series or unique video game, MakeSandcastlesNotWar is always ready to spread the excitement of what’s coming up soon.  There have been some awesome releases lately and we are excited about what’s coming in the near future.  Here’s to 2017, a new year that will provide us joyous products/services to learn about!

And that is the definitive list for what MakeSandcastlesNotWar wants for Christmas this year.  It’s not a long one, but this is a demanding list for things it needs on a weekly basis.  Christmas is just TWO days away, so hopefully that’ll give Santa some time to give the blog what it wants for presents.


American Horror Story: Sweet Dreams Teaser

It’s been a week now and I STILL can’t get over the season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke.  After all of those twists and turns, I don’t know if my Wednesdays will be the same again.  Wednesdays at 10 PM were the only times I looked forward to watching cable television.  Now it’ll be back to binge-watching shows on Netflix and catching TV specials when I find them.

Season 6 ended and now we all have to wait until next October for what’s in stores next.  It’s only been MERE minutes after the finale and Ryan Murphy already entrapped us with some hints about next season.  As a matter of fact, a quick teaser was released after the season finale.

Image result for American Horror Story Stick Figures

A teaser was posted on the American Horror Story Twitter Page at 11:01 PM last week.  The title card read ‘SWEET DREAMS’ with a few seconds of waves moving around the ocean.  Half-way through the clip, we see quick clips of the stick figures while the picture flickers in black and white.  The title card ends with the sea waves moving among the ocean again.  That is the only teaser we have seen so far.

But wait, there’s MORE!  Remember that moment when the Spirit Chasers run into Lee at the Roanoke House?  At one point, a huge crash spurs everyone into another room.  The cast then find a dusty, wooden model ship that fell on the floor.  Just like everyone else, I thought that it was just an innocent scene…. but we were WRONG!

What’s the real meaning behind the wooden ship?  Is the next season going to take us for a life at sea?  Why were those creepy stick figure dolls popping up in the teaser?  WHERE…is this show… GOING?

One speculation hints that the next season will be related to one of the various subplots within American Horror Story: Roanoke.  Lady Gaga guest starred as Scáthach this season (that crazy witch who took The Butcher and Matt to the dark side!).  For those that do not know, Scáthach was an Englishwoman with a Druid lineage that traveled by boat to America.  Later on, that sea voyage becomes deadly as the colonists who were hunting her traveled by sea as well.  The ship that we saw crashing on the floor could be a major part of the story next season!

Keep in mind that NOTHING has been set in stone so far.  Ryan Murphy also teased that fans could expect more in-depth story lines of the characters from American Horror Story: Freak Show for next season.  They are just “exploring” this plot, so there is no definitive answer yet.  Our only ideas we have to go on are the hint from the season finale and the teaser clip released on the Twitter page.

The teaser clip was suspenseful to watch!  I don’t know how I missed this clip last week after the season finale.  Teasers were always released mere months after the season finale, but hints are already being dropped this year.  It sucks that I have to sit back and make educated guesses about the next chapter.  All I have for clues are the big, wooden ship that fell on the floor and the teaser clip to go on for my speculations.  Until then, we’ll have to see where the waves sweep us next in the American Horror Story universe.