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HIGH-Quality Cannabis Products

Here we are folks – February 2018.  A whole month has gone by in the new year.  Winter is almost halfway over and New England hasn’t gotten any bitter cold temperatures lately.

But what’s most important about today is that we check back with… The Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Countdown.  Here’s the latest update:

Countdown Till Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries

5 Months

Five months… just FIVE months until the recreational cannabis dispensaries open.  One month down and just five more to go.  A lot of planning is going on at the moment, but this will set the stage for some of the most profitable business practices here in the state of Massachusetts.  Hopefully there’ll be some news released about where these cannabis shops will be located.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate this milestone with another 4/20 post.

Image result for Product Quality and Quantity

Image result for Quality of Product

Image result for Quantity of Product

Products receive various pricing based on both its qualitative and quantitative aspect.  The quality of a product revolves around what it is functioned to do and how it effects your life.  Quantity deals with how much of the product can be made.  Higher quantitative price means it is a rare item that is one of its kind.  Something of a higher quality would be priced higher because it produces more positive effects.

Image result for Cannabis Quality

Image result for Cannabis Quantity

This economical idea applies to all products or services in business – and that includes cannabis as well.  Cannabis is priced based on the quality of the product (its psychoactive effect) and its quantity (how much of the strain is going around).  For example, lower-grade cannabis would probably sell at a lower price for an eighth than the top-shelf Purple Kush due to its lesser quality.  If there were a certain strain that is rarely sold in stores, then that strain would cost a lot higher to purchase than the more common ones.

Image result for Cannabis Quantity

Image result for Cannabis Quantity

While this all may sound like basic economics, we must remember to apply this concept for cannabis as well.  People are paying lots of money for high-quality cannabis products, so its crucial that we deliver those top-notch strains to them.  That $60 1/8th of Golden Goat better produce that uplifting and happy effect or else your customers won’t be happy with the money they have spent.  Even worse is that they will take their hard-earned money elsewhere.

Image result for 4/20 Party

Image result for 4/20 Party

Customers are paying good money to get what they have been longing for decades – legal cannabis sold in recreational shops.  Let’s not ruin the 4/20 party by selling lower-quality products at high prices.  This industry will flourish well if we produce the highest-quality products and services for all audiences.

Image result for Cannabis Flag

Recreational cannabis dispensaries are opening in just FIVE months.  I have been repeating this countdown lately because it is one of the biggest things going down in Boston this year.  The long-awaited dream is finally coming to a reality; it’s a reality that also signifies a brighter future ahead.  Now we just have to make that reality a whole lot better.

That improved reality starts with creating high-quality cannabis products.


Philosophic Passage on Products

Time and time again, you interact with products every day and every night.  Hour by hour, you pick up some type of product to use for your convenience.

Image result for Morning Scene

Up in the morning, you wake up to pull off those sheets and covers from your bed.  After a few minutes of yawning, you head over to the bathroom to take a shower.  Thousands of tiny water droplets pour from the brass shower head fixated right onto the wall.  Soap, shampoo, and even condition nests right on the wall.  Once you get done with your shower, you wrap yourself with a warm towel or fluffy bathrobe draped onto the hook.  Your toothbrush and toothpaste sit inside the bathroom cabinet so that your mouth is clean.

Image result for Morning Scene

After getting yourself dressed from the various clothing items to choose from, you walk over to the kitchen to get breakfast started.  You grab the fragile eggs nestled inside the grey plastic packaging.  Coffee or tea is being brewed as you make your eggs on that black skillet pan.  Once your eggs are ready, you eat them with your knife and fork off one of your decorated white plates.

Image result for Endless road

Work is starting soon, so you dash over to your automobile and start it with the special ingrained key custom-made for that vehicle.  You press onto the dash of your car and steer with the wheel over to where you need to go.

Image result for Endless road

Upon arriving at work, you set down your belongings onto your desk to start the day.  Pencils, pens, highlighters, papers, tape, rulers, and other office supplies are scattered all across your office.  You start your work day on the dot and utilize all of those special tools given to you.

Image result for Sunset

Once the work day is complete, you head down to the nearest bar to grab a glass of your favorite beverage.  A variety of beers, wines, and specialty cocktails are all available to choose from.  You drink through a glass (or two) in order to ‘take that load off’ as they always say.

Image result for Night time

A few drinks later, you head back into your house after a long day.  You slip out of those formal clothing and dress down for a comfortable night of sleep.  That unkempt bed you rolled out of is still there as you left it.

Image result for History of mankind

This repetitive process happens again and again…and yet, you never stop to realize how many types of products you interacted with in this world.  Many of these products have been around for years (even CENTURIES!) and they still become relevant, even in this 21st century.  You interacted with those products for a reason, whether directly or indirectly, and you never stop to think about how much history can be told about the product.

Image result for Pen

Think about the pen you had in your hand earlier – did you know who branded that pen?  How did that ballpoint pen come to be?  Have you ever thought about how it was manufactured?  Do you ever ponder about how that exact pen was shipped from the assembly line only to land on your hand?  Did you ever stop to think about the public figures that conducted business to raise awareness about that very same pen, only to reach countless success for their company?

Image result for Blank piece of paper

That engraved ball-point pen, the one you used at your office at work earlier, has been used by many human beings for MILLIONS of reasons.  You sit at your desk every day using that pen and you can’t begin to imagine how much incredible ideas have been drawn out, only to become a reality.  Someone used that SAME exact type of pen to create something absolutely MAGNIFICENT in this world.  An essay, a short-story, a novel, a play, a script, a porno, a magazine.  But most important of all – an IDEA has been created.

Image result for Civilization

When you go about your daily life, time and time again, you interact with a product every day and every night.  You even have the universal freedom to choose to utilize that type of product, one way or another.  It’s not just the ballpoint pen – it’s the car you have that drives you to work every day, the sheets that keep you warm while you rest your weary head after a long day, those eggs that give you energy to kick-start your busy day.  All of those everyday things showcase what was the history of mankind for YEARS, the very cradle of civilization.

Image result for Earth

These ‘things’ are products, significant items you utilize to the very fullest.  Those products – the pen, the sheets, the towels, among all other things – have all be created right here on that blue and white marble in space called Earth.  And it’s at that point that you realize, that product you are currently interacting with at this very moment represents ANYTHING that matters EVERYTHING in your life.  The myriad of food, clothes, cars, music, chairs, games, papers, drugs, and tools of this ever-changing world — only to bring you joy, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, jealousy, and love.  Good, bad, even in the middle – all of these are brought from some type of PRODUCT.

Image result for Earth

The product –whatever you are currently interacting with right this second – was manufactured right here on this planet.  You’ve used this product all throughout your life and you can’t imagine how many ways it’s been interacted with again and again.  First it was an idea drawn on paper, only to be constantly discussed over for months or YEARS until it receives the green light.  That green light, the notable signal to go ahead with the plan, signifies one of the most beautiful events that happens in the business world.

Image result for Production Flow

As soon as the plan is set to go forward, the REAL work begins – conducting strategy on production, advertising, marketing, finances, promotions, and all other practices of business.  All of that planning over one ingenious idea that will radically transform the world in one way or another.

Image result for Earth

You’ve been working with products all of your life and you have to bring this all back somehow.  But then you start to wonder…are they any more ideas to drum up into more products?  Have we reached our quota of distinguished products that will radically change our lifestyle?  Are there other life-changing ideas waiting to be drawn up within the production phase?

Image result for Human mind

In the end, you know that we will NEVER stop manufacturing new types of products.  The human mind has no limit when it comes to imagination and creativity.  There is nothing stopping us from creating a whole new idea that could help modify our culture for years to come.  Someone somewhere is drawing up some new ideas for Earth.

Image result for Human mind

We don’t know what the next big product will be that will create drastic changes in our life, but we know that a product will always be released into this ever-growing world.  It’s not just my product to utilize or your product to utilize; it’s EVERYONE on this earth that will utilize the product, one way or another.

Image result for The Product

All of this deep thinking, these concrete examples stemming what is a philosophical journey, stems from one very important piece of life…the product.

~ Jonathan J. Carey, 2018

Grassfed — Social.Dining.ELEVATED.

Image result for Cannabis

Image result for Puff Pass and Paint

Image result for Hiking with cannabis

It’s no secret that cannabis can be combined with a myriad of activities.  People consume cannabis before doing things like painting, writing, working out at the gym, hiking, catching the latest flick, bird-watching, and other entertaining hobbies.  Cannabis and hobbies go together like peanut butter and jelly – both the product and interest mesh together to make the experience that much more enjoyable.

Image result for Cannabis People

Image result for trippy pizza gif

Rather than be fearful of the unknown consequences, business owners should welcome the 4/20-friendly audiences.  These cannabis enthusiasts finished their last joint (or dab hit!) and they want to be fed, entertained, cared for, and possibly have their minds blown away.  Sure these stoners seem like a laughable audience, but they will pay some good money for those delicious pizzas.

Image result for Uplifting

Image result for Uplifting

Before I get off-track with the 4/20 jokes, one information remains crucial – we can’t ignore the fact that cannabis goes hand-in-hand with many other social activities.  Many cannabis strains (especially the sativas!) are known for elevating mood and keep you uplifted.  Preying on those positive effects such as elevated mood is a key strategy for this concept.  It’s that idea that would help run a successful business.  One company, Grassfed, is flourishing with this business idea.

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Image result for Grassfed Cannabis

Grassfed is a cannabis company operating in California that combines everyday activities with cannabis.  The company focuses on food, music, and cannabis through different events.  Their motto reads ‘Social.Dining.Elevated.’ (the elevated part being the cannabis!).  One event provides soul food while listening to some funk music while another will have high end veggie cuisine in a Woodstock-themed environment.  Some non-related food-events include a virtual reality experience with cannabis and even a burlesque show.  While they’re only based in California right now, Grassfed plans to expand towards other states in the future.

Image result for DaVinci Cannabis

Image result for To Whom it May Cannabis

Image result for Vapexhale

Some of their business partners include DaVinci, Vapexhale, and To Whom It May Cannabis Chocolates.  Their business has become a huge success and even featured in the press for companies like Vogue, LA Weekly, Edibles Magazine, Merry Jane, InStyle, and others.

Image result for Cannabis Consumers

Image result for Cannabis and Yoga

I think Grassfed truly has a successful business!  They truly knocked it out of the part with the unique, yet simple strategy of combining cannabis with sophisticated activities.  Cannabis users have always enjoyed their activities more after consumption and Grassfed revolved their strategy around this concept.  Not only are cuisines more enjoyable after cannabis, but foods infused with cannabis make the experience that much more exciting.

Image result for The Wheel

Image result for The Wheel

This is a great example that business can learn from.  It’s not about looking to reinvent the wheel.  The wheel has already been built, so your left with the question of what other function does the wheel provide to society.

Image result for Cannabis flower

Image result for Cannabis dab

Same goes with cannabis – you already have the base product (which is the flower itself!).  The challenge starts when you have to mold the basic item into something unique.  That flower could turn in to wax for dabbing or be decorated for t-shirts.  These possibilities are endless, so its up to YOU to discover another useful function of the cannabis plant.  It could be mixed together to create hash or just become a theme for a gay porn series (there ARE 4/20-themed pornos out there!).

The secret has already been out – many activities can be enhanced after consuming some cannabis.  That right there is the new mixture created from the base product.  Cannabis plus a common activity molded together to create a truly unique business concept.

Image result for The Wheel

When you think about it, this makes the business complexities much more simplified.  Don’t look to reinvent the wheel – look to further enhance the CONCEPT of the wheel itself.  The wheel could either be enhanced through decorated rims or designed as a logo for a brand.  That wheel – the first base product that started it all – has been successfully utilized millions of times in the business world.

Image result for Cannabis Leaf

So if you’re looking to make waves in the cannabis industry, focus on the CONCEPT of cannabis and not the plant itself.  It is then, and only then, that you have succeeded in what mankind has done for years.

Nipton’s Green Rush!


Image result for nipton california

Image result for nipton california

Deep near the border of Las Vegas lies Nipton, a small town in San Bernardino County.  This California desert town sits within 120 acres of land featuring a general store, hotel, and school house.  It’s one of those ghost towns within the Mojave Desert area with a small population (even smaller than Ipswich!).  Even in this 21st century, we still have ghost towns lying around the wild wild west.

Image result for nipton california

Image result for Ghost town

Instead of dribbling on about the picturesque landscape of Nipton, this PR topic is on the golden opportunity that lies within desert towns (pay close attention to the term ‘golden opportunity’ throughout this story!).  Since these towns have a very low population rate, tourism is the key strategy for keeping these unique towns going.  There are still customers that would enjoy taking a trip to deserted towns to get away for a while.  Deserted towns have that nostalgic western feel, taking people back to simpler times.

Image result for nipton california

Image result for Los Angeles

Image result for San Francisco

But with a ghost town like Nipton competing with big-time cities like Los Angeles or San Francisco, tourism competition can be heated around California.  And with many more Americans taking less vacations these days, the strategies to attract tourists become much more complex.  Businesses are testing out new tricks to attract the new and younger tourists (i.e. unique hotel bars with assorted craft beers, food tours, and even flavored water!).  Nipton is revolutionizing their tourism strategy by changing from being a ghost town to being a pot town.

Image result for Nipton California

Image result for American Green inc

It’s official, folks – this California ghost town is going to pot…LITERALLY!  Cannabis-focused technology and growing firm American Green Inc. purchased the town for about $5 million.  The new strategy is to transform Nipton into what will be known as, “an energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality destination”.

Image result for Desert Oasis

Other than going to pot (again, LITERALLY!), Nipton will also be producing bottled water infused with cannabis.  These cannabis-infused water bottles will come from Nipton’s aquifer.  Looks as though the water is springing back up into this desert town!

Image result for Desert Oasis

Think about this for a moment – a small deserted ghost town that found this golden opportunity to flourish their tourism business.  Not only that, but there will be a river of cannabis-infused water floating around the desert.  ‘Golden opportunity’, water appearing around the desert creating an oasis…history, my friends, is repeating itself!

Image result for Nipton California 19th century

Image result for 19th century Gold

California was a huge gold town during the 19th century and Nipton was one of the popular destinations.  Pioneers traveled thousands of miles to the new lands in search for the gold.  It wasn’t so much ‘the’ gold they were looking to collect, but rather the idea concept of gold itself.

Image result for Christopher Columbus

Image result for Gold

Christopher Columbus once said that someone who had gold were in possession of something with such great value of earth.  People sought after the amazing value the gold had to offer.  This amazing value would help souls reach this paradise they yearn for.  Paradise is reflected not within the piece of gold itself, but the value gold would bring to the individual.  The mere idea of discovering gold would strike a sense of shock, adventure, excitement and even opportunity (a GOLDEN opportunity would be more like it!).

Image result for Golden Cannabis

Image result for Golden Cannabis

How does this philosophical concept of gold apply to this PR case?  Cannabis itself presents great value on this earth.  It is the number one booming cash crop in the country, with people planting their own seeds to grow strains of their own.  With cannabis becoming much more popular within the social norms, the demands for cannabis start increasing.  The ever-increasing demand presents a myriad of opportunities for the communities.  Ghost towns like Nipton, California see cannabis as this ‘green gold’ that would cause tourists to come rushing in (hence the term ‘Green Gold Rush’).  In a sense, the ‘ghost’ you’ll be hearing about in this ghost town is the shipment of Ghost Train Haze being sold!

Image result for California Cannabis

Image result for California Cannabis

We are presented with an intriguing, yet nostalgic strategy happening in California.  Legalizing recreational cannabis means the green gold has finally been unlocked and people are rushing to collect from the treasure chest.  This green gold provides many opportunities for the industry itself and the people who help it grow.  Some opportunities include increased profits, buzzing publicity, an ever-growing community of cannabis users; but the most important opportunity of all is the discovery of a new way of living.  It’s these golden opportunities that make the West so amazing.

Image result for California pioneers

With that in mind, we continue to be in the midst of the 21st century green rush happening in the western region.  The cannabis community continues to spread and new opportunities arise on the horizon.  Pioneers from the 19th century aren’t so different from the pioneers heading out west these days.  Both groups set out west in search for gold, a new home, friends, family;  but most importantly, these pioneers went forth to search for their new lives.