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Smokin’ Hot Surgeons Calling the Kettle Black

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To start today’s post, I have an interesting story to share:  I was staffing for an event at the Hynes Convention Center this past weekend.  The event was catered to the American Association for Thoracic Surgery (in English, heart surgery).  My role at the event was line monitor, which was to monitor the pre-registration line to make sure things were running smoothly.

Once the line quieted down, I got to take a 15-minute break.  With my CBD vaporizer at hand, I went for a stroll outside.  What I saw outside was absolutely baffling to me.  I went out the doors to see members of the event…smoking cigarettes.

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Seriously guys…I was watching PROFESSIONAL heart surgeons smoking cigarettes outside of the Hynes Convention Center.  Some members smoked typical cigarettes while others smoked a cigar.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I witnessed surgeons having a smoke before heading back to their class.

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Image result for Nurse Smoking Cigarette

Think about this for a minute:  these are licensed surgeons that work fixing the human heart to prevent it from stopping.  They were admitted into medical school for over TEN years studying everything they needed to know about heart surgery.  Ten years of studying, labs, homework, papers, and other school work and yet some of them smoke cigarettes during their break.  Cigarettes are the #1 cause of many heart problems in America and there are actually heart surgeons who smoke.  This observation was absolutely MIND-BLOWING to witness.  How do we have heart surgeons smoking cigarettes?  What happened?

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What happened?  AMERICA happened!  But in all seriousness, this is an interesting topic to discuss.  Employees in the medical field always caution us about smoking cigarettes every year.  Doctors and nurses ask us things like how much alcohol we drink, how much cigarettes do we smoke, do we smoke cannabis (if so, how much), and if we consume any other drugs.  Our doctors can only inform us about what’s causing the problem (there WERE doctors that advertised cigarettes on television, but that’s for another discussion!).

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In a surprising study, less than a quarter of doctors smoke cigarettes while nurses smoke twice as much.  While these numbers aren’t so high, it’s still alarming to hear of medical professionals smoking cigarettes during their break time.  The irony around this is that doctors/nurses advise us against smoking cigarettes, yet there are some that smoke during their free time.

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If we want to better understand this strange phenomenon, let’s shift gears from cigarettes to the obesity crisis.  Over two-thirds of Americans are considered overweight and about a quarter of people are obese.  Doctors and nurses always advise us to exercise on a daily basis as well as eating healthy food each week.  In a surprising twist, some of these doctors/nurses are overweight themselves (FYI, there are MORE overweight nurses than doctors!).  So not only do we have medical professionals smoking cigarettes, but now there’s some that are overweight or obese!

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Public Relations deals with the reputation of a company or businesses.  Medical professionals have a serious moral/ethics code to abide by and keeping a clean record is a serious deal.  One misstep and they could jeopardize their entire careers to the point where they lose their medical license.  Are cigarette smoking and weight issues part of the moral and ethics code that doctors/nurses abide by?  If not, then those destructive behaviors should definitely be added into the list.

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I’m not saying that every doctor needs to look like McSteamy or McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy (although that would be a perfect world to live in!), but they should consider what kind of example they are setting for their patients.  Patients will learn through EXAMPLES set by doctors or nurses that tell them how they can lose weight or what steps to take on quitting cigarettes.  If I were an overweight/obese patient coming in for a physical check-up, I wouldn’t be motivated to lose weight if my doctor or nurse wasn’t physically healthy.  How can doctors/patients expect us to be healthy if they can’t take care of themselves?

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Here’s another analogy to consider:  police cops are always advising us against drunk driving or doing drugs in this country.  They come into grammar schools to teach kids the dangers of drugs (cocaine, meth, alcohol, heroin, etc) and how they destroy your life.  It would be EXTREMELY unprofessional if those cops were to snort some blow or inject heroin after the lessons.  Kids aren’t going to listen to you once they catch you with that joint or needle you were about to use.  Doctors/nurses who smoke that advise us against smoking is the same as cops doing drugs while telling people to not do coke or smoke crystal methamphetamine.

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Image result for Obese America

One last thing to consider with this ironic tale:  what if the problem was us?  What if the overall health in America has gone so downhill that medical professionals have turned to smoking to combat the stress of treating their patients?  Could the stress of so many unhealthy patients have created a snowball effect where doctors/nurses have given up on teaching us how to stay healthy?  Have we lowered the bar so far down that doctors have to smoke a pack (or two) of cigarettes to get through the day?  Is this what American healthcare has come to?  If doctors/nurses can’t set the right example for living a healthy lifestyle, than who can?

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As a human being, I have very little health problems I deal with.  I eat right each week and I exercise every now and then (when I’m not at the gym, I am walking around Boston or doing some cardio exercise).  While I don’t smoke cigarettes myself, I do consume cannabis as well as vape CBD oil on a daily basis.  My doctor isn’t overweight/obese and I’m unsure if he smokes cigarettes during his free time.  I wouldn’t consider myself overweight (although I could lose some of that belly fat!), but I am well aware of many health problems going on in America.

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With that, hearing about doctors/nurses smoking cigarettes sends an eerie message to us patients.  If the rate of medical professionals consuming cigarettes or are overweight is increasing, then we really need to do a double-take on America’s healthcare system.  We don’t need to force every doctor to look like something out of General Hospital, but they should consider what kind of message they are sending to us.  An overweight doctor won’t motivate me to cut back on the pizzas and fried calamari if that’s all he eats every week.

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And as far as people’s health goes, maybe we need to stop our bitching and do the hard work necessary to live a longer life.  You and ONLY you can take the steps necessary to be healthier.  No doctor/nurse will provide you with some magic pill that will make you become just like them.  They follow the same diet/exercise routine just like everyone else.  Here are some tips if you want to look like McSteamy/McDreamy:  cut back on smoking cigarettes, exercise daily, and eat healthier every day.

PR-Nightmare Trifecta!

Ladies and gentleman…it has been QUITE a month so far for PR nightmares these days.  Three different businesses from three unique industries have created such horrid PR nightmares.  These nightmares are SO horrid that they’ll be suffering for quite a while before customers want to work with again.  We have someone being dragged off a plane, a god-awful commercial from a popular soda brand, and a political statement SO idiotic that we have made America DUMBER again.  These 3 PR nightmares have merged together to become what is known as…the PR Nightmare Trifecta!

The PR Nightmare Trifecta, consisting of three PR nightmares occurring around the same month, is what we have flying around social media these days.  One PR nightmare wasn’t enough in Trump’s America, so now we got THREE nightmares happening (ONE of the businesses is STILL suffering from a nightmare that happened almost a month ago!).  We will be revealing these three PR nightmares together in order because the shock waves they made were SO big that they couldn’t be discussed individually.  These PR nightmares of the PR Nightmare Trifecta include Pepsi’s latest ad featuring Kendall Jenner, the doctor being physically thrown off an United Airline plane, and Sean Spicer’s most preposterous statement that will make even the youngest of children face palm.  I hope you guys are ready, because the PR Nightmare Trifecta is about to begin!

Kendall Jenner’s Pepsi Ad:  Pepsi thought they were being smart by utilizing Kendall Jenner as part of their new televised ad campaign.  It shows the opulent Kendall Jenner walking past a group of protesters in order to hand a Pepsi to a police officer.  A young Muslim woman smiles with glee, taking snapshots of the police officer quenching his thirst.  The crowd cheers as the situation becomes less hostile and they are happy once again.

This may have seemed like an interesting idea for their audience, right?  WRONG!  Right after the ad aired, Pepsi was criticized for its trivial portrayal against Black Lives Matter.  Thousands of upsetting consumers flocked to social media, ranting on about how it belittled the whole Black Lives Matter movement.  Due to the controversy, Pepsi pulled the ad from TV shortly thereafter.

Pepsi may have cleaned up part of the mess by pulling their ad, but they still got some serious work to complete in order to salvaged their sinking reputation.  In the growing PC-world, that shit just doesn’t fly with people these days.

I do believe that this was in such bad taste, but the real offensive part of this commercial?  Knowing that Pepsi sunk so low on the celebrity endorsement concept that they chose Kendall Jenner out of all of the celebrities.  How did we go from seeing gracious and sophisticated Joan Crawford as the face of Pepsi (true story!) to seeing “popular” celebrity Kendall Jenner, who is part of a Hollywood dynasty that made MILLIONS out of nothing?  To this day, I have NO idea how or why this Kardashian Dynasty is still flourishing around Hollywood after being on TV 10 years ago (if someone has a concrete reason for WHY they’re so famous, PLEASE tell me!).

         United Torture Airlines:  Ah, yes… UNITED AIRLINES.  Remember last month when those two girls were forced to don a dress before boarding one of their planes (which you can read about here)?  Well now United Airlines has a bigger PR nightmare to wrestle with.

It was like something out of a ‘torture porn’ horror film:  A United Airline plane was overcrowded with too many passengers.  Airline representatives selected four random passengers to get off the plane when people refused to leave.  What do the United Airline staff decide to do?  Physically throw people off the plane, of course!

One of the four passengers David Dao (who was a DOCTOR that needed to see his patients the next day) refused to leave after being threatened of security being called.  Three officers yanked him off as he screams of terror as his head bangs on the armrest.  If that wasn’t sadistic enough, they grabbed his wrist and dragged him down the aisle on his back (while bleeding the ENTIRE time!).  Passengers watched in horror as this beaten man (who was a DOCTOR, for God sakes!) get dragged around like some weak rag doll.

In response to this PR nightmare, United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz released a formal statement apologizing for the incident.  He is now working with his team to formally address the situation at hand, even meeting with the victim that suffered through this ordeal.  To give some insight to his customers, a united spokeswoman remarked that all passengers will receive compensation that would be equal to the cost of their plane ticket.

Even though passengers will be compensated for the shocking incident, United Airlines customers (including David Dao) are looking to sue the company for what just happened.  People may be getting their compensation, but that won’t be enough to fix what is MAJORLY broken at United Airlines.  So not only are they disciplining women on what to wear on the plane, but now they are physically removing random passengers off of the plane.  United Airlines has some SERIOUS work to complete on their PR part!

Sean Spicer Said WHAT?!?:  Alright folks, the last (and most idiotic) PR nightmare is here.  After the recent attacks occurring in Syria, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer set off a horrific backlash afterwards.  In his recent statement, he claims (NOT EVEN KIDDING when I say this) that President Bashar al-Assad of Syria was guilty of acts worse than Hitler and that Hitler had not used any chemical weapons years ago.

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Oh my sweet Jesus…I need a minute right now.  Just…the amount of STUPIDITY within that state is SO strong it’s physically hurting my insides.  For the love of God, America…just…WHY?!?  WHY?!?

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Ok people… Adolf Hitler DID in fact use chemical weapons for the gas chambers at the concentration camps.  What were those gas chambers a part of over 70+ years ago?  THE HOLOCAUST.  Ah, yes… one of the most sadistic events of the mid-20th century in Nazi Germany.  It was those chemicals that were used as part of the nation-wide Nazi propaganda agenda during World War II.

And on a somewhat-related note, the US Army was studying chemicals that were related to mustard gas to develop more effective agents for war and defensive measures.  The army discovered a unique compound called nitrogen mustard, which was discovered to have other unique chemical properties.  Many other discoveries led to the beginning of CHEMOTHERAPY (the therapy we use now to treat cancer!).  So yes Sean Spicer, Adolf Hitler DID use chemical weapons for his agenda during Nazi Germany.

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There’s my scientific rant about chemicals.  I am still dumbfounded that our White House Press Secretary would be that ignorant.  If he’s the White House Press Secretary, then that should make me CEO of a Fortune 500 Company (like MakeSandcastlesNotWar!).

Either way, these businesses really need to clean up the mess they caused.  Three companies, three PR nightmares, and many problems have risen.  They pretty much made their bed and now they must lie on it.  My advice for these companies would be to wait for their BS to blow over and start anew.  Even though these PR nightmares were horrific, they CAN come back to fix things.

That concludes my discussion of the PR-Nightmare Trifecta.  Who knows what other PR nightmares will be bubbling up to the surface in the near future?  Let’s hope for a PR miracle here in America!

When Branding Goes to Pot

Afternoon everyone!  Today is a beautiful sunny day here in MA with temperatures reaching upper 70s around the Boston area.  It’s been 3 days since I attended the Mass PRSSA Chapter Meetup in Salem and I couldn’t stop thinking how much fun I had.  Another round of cheers to Salem State University’s incredible PRSSA crew for having me at the event!


Their theme for the event was ‘Battle of the BRands’, showcasing important brands in the business world.  A brand is any design, name, words, style, or symbol used individually or in combination that will help distinguish one product from another for the customers.  For example, Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts utilize unique symbols for brands to distinguish themselves from each other (for the record, Starbucks ain’t got nothing on Dunkin’ Donuts in Massachusetts kid!).  Speaker Nicole Keiser talked about brands and how important they are in the business world.

This idea about brands got me thinking:  what’s the type of brand that would be most used within the cannabis industry?  Would this brand identity be shared amongst other businesses?  How do various companies utilize this brand to distinguish themselves from their competition?

So what’s the most common brand that is used among the cannabis industry?  The pot leaf, of course!  This well-known leaf, consisting of 7 pointed leaves, is the universal symbol of cannabis.  People that see this image in a business know first-hand that the company is selling cannabis or is providing services within the cannabis industry.  We’ve seen this symbol firsthand as kids and now we’ve seen this brand image flourish as a statement within the business world.

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The pot leaf symbol is seen in all aspects of the cannabis industry – dispensaries, flyers, edibles, tinctures, oils, MMJ doctors, advertisements, and many other instances.  It’s the pot leaf that alerts audiences that this business will provide cannabis-related products/services.  Whether it is bongs or the flower itself, you will run into this mutual symbol every time.

In some cases, the pot leaf may not even be displayed.  Some companies utilize light green colors (colors that look like the pot leaf) on the design ideas to keep that psychedelic vibe.  This is an interesting case where the brand’s color catches the customer’s attention rather than the leaf itself.  Either way, companies must utilize the cannabis leaf in one way or another so your audiences is aware of what your business does.

As a PR pro, I definitely see the importance of using the cannabis leaf when running a business.  Businesses use brand to communicate with their audiences about what products or services they offer.  Whether it is a restaurant or clothing store, all businesses must have a great brand to showcase their type of work.  Your business will only plummet if you don’t provide a true identity.

That concludes my discussion about the pot leaf brand.  If anyone is looking into starting a cannabis-related business, I definitely recommend utilizing the pot leaf for your brand.  Whether it is displaying the leaf itself or its natural colors, branding is SO important in creating your identity.

Don’t Panic, the Food’s Organic!

Yesterday was the second time in a week that I dined at an organic café.  After getting a haircut and shave in Beverly, I decided to check out the Organic Garden Café on 294 Cabot Street.  I wandered into what looked like a hippie-style atmosphere that had colorful paintings hanging up on the wall.  The menu itself provided food items that I rarely come across in normal restaurants.  Various dishes contained food such as beets, sprouts, kale, avocado, spinach, bay leaves, mushrooms, and other toppings.

I decided to go for the Monk Bowl with lettuce, brown rice, and vegetarian chili.  My meal featured a colorful array of fresh veggies covering over the brown rice underneath.  The meal itself…was absolutely delicious!  Not only was this the healthiest meal I had, but it wasn’t filling where I was too full to eat anything else.  After I got home from eating at Organic Café, I was still feeling hungry for the pizza I had for dinner.

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These vegetarian organic cafés have become my new favorite trend since last week.  My first trip to an organic cafe was when my friend took me to Life Alive in Salem.  I had no idea what to expect when walking in, but it had a cool hippie vibe to it.  The employees dressed in tie-dye fashion and the place smelled of steamed vegetables that were cooking in the kitchen.  Once I got in line, I got The Lover Bowl and a Hive Alive drink.

Even though there were some food items I haven’t had before, The Lover Bowl was absolutely amazing.  It featured carrots, beets, mushrooms kale, broccoli, brown rice, and ginger nama shoyu sauce.  I finished the whole bowl and could not believe how delicious it was.  Life Alive is definitely a restaurant I would go back to if I were in Salem again.

So what I’m trying to get at with my random rambling is that you should definitely check out an organic café if you’re looking to eat some real healthy foods.  Eating a side salad at a regular restaurant is great, but organic cafés contain meals that are out of this world.  The meals are less filling and you’ll feel more energized after walking out of the place.  Life Alive and the Organic Garden Café are the only restaurants I know of within my area, but I’m sure that there are plenty of organic cafés within the Boston area (there’s a Life Alive in Cambridge, so there’s that!).

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As a health-conscious young man, I’m always searching for the latest health food trends around Boston.  Organic cafés like Life Alive are vital for people that conscious about the food they eat daily.  Regular restaurants are great, but I do crave healthy foods to keep my mind and body energized for the week.  They say a healthy mind is a healthy body (and vice-versa), so it’s important to keep them working properly as you get older.

In the end, I recommend checking out an organic café the next time you’re looking for something unique to eat.  Not only do these meals taste delicious, but they will leave you even more healthier than before.  Now you’ll remember why your parents always persuaded you to eat your veggies!


Medical cannabis has helped treat numerous ailments that people face.  From glaucoma to depression, people are turning to medical cannabis to treat their illnesses.  This just goes to show that cannabis has become a more reasonable substitute for medicine than pharmaceutical drugs.  More people have been flocking to medical cannabis for treatment, yet the federal government has been lagging so far behind on the cannabis culture within our American society.

How behind is our government in terms of the cannabis community?  A recent article from The Washington Post was released yesterday showcasing the “marijuana” that the government has been studying all those years.  What we discovered was absolutely SHOCKING.

Seriously guys…what…the FUCK.  Is this some kind of a joke?  This is the cannabis that the government has been using for research all these years?  It looks like some wacky tobacco/oregano crap from Mexico!  I couldn’t even call this cannabis because it looks like patches of sticks/dirt used for a bird’s nest.  As Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman would say, “It smells like, like a used diaper…filled with…Indian food.”

It really has to be some kind of sick joke because that is NOT the kind of cannabis you see at dispensaries.  That so-called “marijuana” that they were researching with looks like mutated bird shit grounded up with dirt and stems.  As a cannabis connoisseur, I’m APPALLED at how disgusting that batch of cannabis looks.  Here’s what REAL cannabis should look like:

Look at that gorgeous nug!  It’s got that light-green color, orange hairs, crystallized white trichomes, and is much more thicker than the counterpart.  THAT is what medicinal cannabis should look like when your administrating it to patients, not that mutated rosemary leave seasoning that the government has been working with.

All insults aside, this poses a serious health problem and PR nightmare for the cannabis industry.  This is a grave insult to medicinal patients all across the country that habitually use cannabis daily.  Patients depend on high-quality medicine from license professionals, not something that looks like cow manure drenched in grass clippings (if you’ve been keeping track, that’s FOUR shots fired at the “cannabis” used for government research!).  Cannabis professionals are so ahead of the time, in terms of proper cultivation techniques, that patients are flocking to these professionals for help rather than the ‘professionals’ in the healthcare system.

If we can’t trust our country’s top federal researchers to conduct proper research on cannabis, then how can we possibly trust them at all?  No patient would ever purchase that dried-up patch of grass and dirt mixture (FIFTH shot fired!).  If I ever bought something like that at a dispensary, I would immediately send it back and NEVER go back there ever again.

In order for the NIDA researchers to get back into good graces, they really need to keep up with the cannabis trends.  The cannabis culture has been soaring since legalization has been making waves all across the country.  If this is the best that NIDA can do in the 21st century, then they are seriously sinking from the public’s favor.  We live in a world where cannabis connoisseurs/professionals are providing better-quality medicine than the researchers at NIDA.

This was a bad PR nightmare to hear about!  Dispensaries have been rolling in millions of dollars in state sales and our top health researchers are so far behind on the latest trends.  I would never use it because that is not the cannabis I see within the TV series showcasing medical dispensaries.  If you want to provide high-quality medicine, then you have to follow every correct procedure EVERY step of the way.  You can’t take any shortcuts or else your product will plummet in sales.

Within the growing medical cannabis community, patients demand high-quality products to treat their pain.  That patient suffering from depression won’t be too happy if you provided him that grounded-up grassy shit rather than the big green buds filled with orange hairs and sticky trichomes.  Even worse, you could possibly increase their pain and suffering that they are going through right now (that depressed patient could be having suicidal thoughts again!).  It’s crucially important to cultivate cannabis the proper way in order to get the most out of your product.

As time yields on, hopefully NIDA will get in on the cannabis trends that are happening now within the industry.