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With the year 2020 in place, more housing starts being developed in cities nationwide.  The most popular building tactic is building condos or apartments.  These condos/apartments can house multiple groups of residents under one big building.  Since the city is the most popular destination for jobs, people look for housing in the area.

Image result for Luxury Condos in Boston Accomodations"

Image result for Luxury Condos in Boston Accomodations"

Image result for Luxury Condos in Boston Accomodations"

Now here’s where things start to get interesting – most of the time the development becomes a luxury condo or apartment.  These opulent buildings feature some of the hottest accommodations the city has to offer (24-hour concierge service, indoor pool, playroom, all the bells and whistles).  Luxury condos and apartments are the biggest types of housing development happening in 2020.

And the number of people that can ACTUALLY afford these places?  Very few.

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This is the thing – many people can’t afford an apartment, let alone a LUXURY apartment, in these big cities.  New York City, Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, and even Dallas have some of the highest rent prices in the country.  We’re pushing to market these so-called ‘luxury apartments’ to an audience from a different income bracket.

To put it more simply, how do you sell a $3000 a month luxury studio apartment in Boston to someone who makes an average salary of $20,000?  The math simply just doesn’t add up.  Only answer to the problem would be to sell the property who has an average salary of $40,000 or more.

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Image result for Luxury Condos"

And that’s just what is happening around the American cities – luxury condos and apartments skyrocketing in construction, looking to be marketed with high expectations.  But those expectations won’t be met if the audiences can’t afford even a studio apartment there.

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The housing PR nightmare is a simple, yet complex economic math problem cities need to solve.  Many audiences have already been leaving cities in the northeast (including Boston!) and flocking down south.  Even residents in the west coast are flocking from California and moving a bit east or north.

This is one complex math problems cities must solve in order to get back their audiences, those from every type of income bracket.

From Formal to Casual: Dressing Down at Work

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Image result for Workplace Formal Wear"

When I visited corporate offices as a kid, I remembered that employees had various conservative policies in the workplace.  No tattoos, no piercings, no crazy hairstyles, and no casual attire.  These such rules even applied for technological situations such as streaming sporting events or using emojis in emails.

This was back before I even started working my first job.  Flash forward to decades later and now the workforce has changed dramatically.

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More employees are pulling off those non-traditional hair styles.  They are more at ease about showing off their tattoos on their arms.  And many workers are wearing even more casual attire (other than on casual Fridays!).

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Image result for Piercings in the workplace"

These days, hiring managers now say tattoos and wacky hair colors are becoming more accepting in the office.  A majority of them even say that workplaces have become less formal than they were a decade ago.  More and more employees are busting out their most casual apparel and accessories.

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One such reason for this growing trend is that the traditional social standards have loosed in the workplace.  Professional appearances have drastically changed over the past decades.  Button up suits and shined shoes are continually being replaced by casual graphic tees and flip-flops.  More flashy jewelry is being flaunted by both men and women.  Visible tattoos no longer have to be covered up by a long sleeve shirt.

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Image result for Millennial Workplace"

Another part of this has to do with the increase of younger generation of workers.  Generation Xers and Millennials will make up more than half of the workforce this year.  The number of Baby Boomer employees will decrease and Generation Zers will continue to increase as well.  The three growing generations of workers are creating a more relaxing work atmosphere when it comes to personal appearances.

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A growing set of generations of workers, combined with loosened social standards, have paved the way for a whole new way of conducting work.  People are entering their office wearing their favorite casual shirt and piercings, without dealing with the traditional idea of having to change into something more formal.

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No matter what personal appearance they have, they are still getting the job done.  The only difference is how they look while doing it.



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Over the past few years, I have met hundreds of people from around the city.  I have met them from jobs, internships, networking events, and even events through sites like Meetup.com.  Since I enjoyed hanging with these new acquaintances of mine, I always find some way to keep the connection going.

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Image result for Business Cards

That’s where business cards come into play.  Business cards are the best way to keep a person’s contact information with you.  This way you’ll know how to get in touch with them through email, phone, social media handles, and other lines of communication.

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Now for me, I have accumulated tons of business cards myself.  I still hold business cards I have received one, two, three, and even FIVE years later.  It’s a neat little connection of mine that’s good to have in handy in my line of work.

For most people, the obvious thing to do once they obtain someone’s business card is to contact them right away.  They have shown a real interest in the other person they have met (professionally and/or personally).  It is then that they send an email out to make that first line of connection.

With me, I take the strategy a step further by reaching out to my contacts through yearly email blasts.  Yearly email blasts are great for keeping tabs on how everyone has been doing every now and then.  It just takes one template email that will be used for every type of contact (only difference is the name of the person).

The template goes something like:

Dear John Smith,

Hope all is going well.  Just wanted to reach out to see how you have been these days.

Things have been good on my end.  I have been busy working at (company you work at).  In the meantime, I have also been working on other projects as well.

Have a great day.


Jonathan Carey

This is just one of many templates to utilize when reaching out to other contacts.  Better yet, you can even throw in a few sentences about getting together for coffee or drinks at a bar.  Whether they be in your area or not, its always great to stay in touch with as many contacts as you can.

And that is all for today’s lesson on yearly email blasts.  If you have lots of other people’s business cards at your disposal, be sure to send out those emails to them.

P-Town Pot Dispensaries (Opening 2020)

Image result for Christmas Presents

Image result for Christmas Presents

Happy Christmas vacation week everyone!  At this point I believe you’ve all opened your Christmas presents and have been enjoying them for quite some time.  Some of you are on vacation until after New Year’s Day (2020!) while others have to work some days in between the holidays.  Whatever the case may be, it won’t slow you down from enjoying these last few days of the year.

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In fact, Provincetown has some AMAZING gifts in store for its citizens and tourists alike.  As of the beginning of next year, Provincetown will open up recreational cannabis dispensaries.

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You heard me right folks – Provincetown is getting legal cannabis dispensaries opening up real soon!  A total of six dispensaries are slated or are waiting approval to open up in Provincetown.  One cannabis company, Curaleaf, will be opening one of their dispensaries on Commercial Street.  Curaleaf is just one of three dispensaries that will be opening up within one of the busiest streets in the area.  There is no telling when each dispensary is opening, but they will start the process in the next year.

Image result for Provincetown MA Gay

Image result for Provincetown MA Gay

Provincetown has been on the map for decades as one of the hottest gay destinations of New England.  Adding recreational cannabis dispensaries to the mix only heightens the P-Town experience.  Hundreds of thousands of tourists from across the nation flock to P-Town every summer for some of the biggest LGBTQ events every week.  Not only that, but some audiences come for the holiday events as well.

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With that, Provincetown will make for the perfect place to open recreational cannabis dispensaries.  Six dispensaries are waiting to open, with three of them located on Commercial Street.  Many tourists already come for the weekly LGTBQ celebrations and now they will be able to pick up some cannabis products along the way.  It’s all about spreading the peace and love in the land of P-Town.