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Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Tactic #420

Image result for boy scouts of america popcorn

Image result for boy scouts of america popcorn

Back when I was in elementary school, I joined the Boy Scouts of America.  I learned many skills while on the team such as making a fire, understanding general direction, folding the flag properly, and other things.  One of my main tasks was selling popcorn to potential customers.  It was one of my first instances of learning about the business world by going door-to-door and selling popcorn for people.  There were many times where people didn’t buy anything from me, but I did learn some good lessons about business.

Image result for girl scouts cookies

Image result for girl scouts cookies

While Boy Scouts had the popcorn drive, the Girls Scouts sell cookies for their organization.  Girl Scouts all across the country promote the famous Girl Scout Cookies around their neighborhood.  The types of cookies that they feature are S’mores, peanut butter, and even thin mint.

Image result for girl scouts cookies

Image result for girl scouts cookies

Like the popcorn sales, the Girl Scout Cookie drive is the perfect way of teaching young girls about the business world.  Girl Scouts are learning useful skills that would help them prepare for such career paths like advertising, public relations, marketing, journalism, and other fields of communication.  These types of skills will be necessary if girls need a leg up in the competition.  One Girl Scout went above and beyond her call of duty with her marketing strategy of selling her cookies near… a CANNABIS DISPENSARY.

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

A Girl Scout decided to set up her wagon near Urbn Leaf, a recreational cannabis dispensary located in San Diego.  The results?  Over 300 boxes of cookies sold in just SIX hours!

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

What makes this even better was that she was still following the organization’s rules.  The girl scout set up her wagon with her father and technically she was off of the property, so no rules were broken.  It may have been a bold strategy, but she made out very well in the end.

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Urbn Leaf is a medical and recreational dispensary located on 1028 Buenos Avenue.  It is one of many recreational dispensaries currently open in San Diego.  The recreational shop sells an assortment of flowers, capsules, topicals, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, and other cannabis accessories.  Another location is open at Golden Hill/South Park area at 3385 Sunset Street and another shop is set to open downtown at 3500 Estudillo Street.

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

This marketing strategy is absolutely GENIUS.  It’s simple, yet clever at the same time – set up a table near a cannabis dispensary to sell cookies for potential customers.  Customers get the munchies after consuming some cannabis, so they will stop by a table to buy a box (or more) of some delicious Girl Scout Cookies.  People will enjoy some Girl Scouts Cookies after purchasing some GIRL SCOUT COOKIES at Urbn Leaf!

Image result for Urbn Leaf Girl Scout Cookies

That marketing strategy will take her very far in life.  The Girl Scout Cookie and Boy Scouts popcorn drive teaches kids the very basics of business.  They may not know it now, but those days of going door-to-door to sell products will come very handy in the future.  Kids will learn about the true meaning of entrepreneurship (both the good and bad parts!).

Image result for Urbn Leaf Girl Scout Cookies

Take a close look, communications professionals – THAT girl will be the one brainstorming amazing ideas for many businesses.  She hasn’t even started middle school yet (let alone high school!) and she is already demonstrating incredible skills in marketing.  This is the kind of competition we got going on from our future generation.

Image result for Urbn Leaf Girl Scout Cookies

Who knows what the future holds for the brilliant girl scout in San Diego.  Hopefully she pursues a career in marketing because she would make an incredible business woman.

If any boy scout or girl scout is having trouble selling their products, learn a lesson from the girl scout in San Diego and sell your cookies/popcorn near a cannabis dispensary.


Giving the Gift of Cannabis

Image result for Cannabis Products

Image result for Cannabis Products

As of right now, millions of Americans are able to buy legal cannabis.  With a wide range of dispensaries selling various merchandise, customers are purchasing more cannabis than ever.  The passages of laws such as Amendment 64 (Colorado) and Question 4 (Massachusetts) have made it much easier for businesses to provide cannabis for their audiences.  It was easy enough to get audiences riled up and ready for legal cannabis to purchase; only problem were the legal roadblocks preventing us from providing safe access to cannabis.

Image result for Gift

But there’s one aspect of the cannabis industry that’s rarely been discussed about.  It seems to be, dare I say, a HIDDEN GEM discovered within the written law.  Cannabis can not only be sold, but it can also present itself as a GIFT.

Image result for Cannabis Gift

Image result for Cannabis Gift

That’s right – it’s LEGAL to give cannabis as a GIFT to someone.  Cannabis products can be used as a gift item for another person.  The gift aspect applies to all festivals – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, and especially for 4/20!  Now that cannabis can legally be gifted for someone else, the creative possibilities are ENDLESS.

Image result for Duuber

Image result for HighSpeed Juice

Oh…I forgot to mention something else – businesses are ALREADY cashing in on this aspect of the law.  Businesses all around are utilizing this as their hidden marketing strategy.  Juice delivery service HighSpeed delivers expensive bottles of juices, but their products come with free sample of cannabis. Boston-based company called Duuber is presenting their ‘gift’ through cannabis-themed T-shirts.

Image result for Duuber Shirt

Image result for HighSpeed Juice

Get the gist yet?  Businesses are not SELLING cannabis; rather, they are adding it as an accessory to their main products.  Duuber is selling the T-SHIRTS, but their cannabis treats build on their brand awareness.  HighSpeed is juicing up their sales on juices, NOT on the cannabis.  Cannabis becomes like an accessory piece, serving as a subtle function for the product.

Image result for Marketing Mix

Image result for Price of product

There are different ways to market cannabis and this unique tactic is certainly one of them.  By utilizing the Price and Product of the marketing mix, brands like Duuber and HighSpeed will succeed in targeting new audiences.  Cannabis is a very interesting product that has so much potential to flourish in the business world (most especially with marketing in this case!).  There’s so much creativity to put into this product and so much more potential audiences to tap into.

Image result for Cannabis Gift

Image result for Cannabis Gift

With that, there’s more than one way to present a product or service.  Hidden gems like being able to gift cannabis provide the answers we need to provide better work marketing this product.  There’s so much more creativity we have yet to tap into; nothing should ever prevent us from unlocking the secret answers we have been yearning for.  These are the answers that will help drive cannabis even further.

Image result for Cannabis Law

If we want to push cannabis further out of prohibition, maybe the secret lies in digging deeper into the laws.

HIGH-Quality Cannabis Products

Here we are folks – February 2018.  A whole month has gone by in the new year.  Winter is almost halfway over and New England hasn’t gotten any bitter cold temperatures lately.

But what’s most important about today is that we check back with… The Recreational Cannabis Dispensary Countdown.  Here’s the latest update:

Countdown Till Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries

5 Months

Five months… just FIVE months until the recreational cannabis dispensaries open.  One month down and just five more to go.  A lot of planning is going on at the moment, but this will set the stage for some of the most profitable business practices here in the state of Massachusetts.  Hopefully there’ll be some news released about where these cannabis shops will be located.

In the meantime, let’s celebrate this milestone with another 4/20 post.

Image result for Product Quality and Quantity

Image result for Quality of Product

Image result for Quantity of Product

Products receive various pricing based on both its qualitative and quantitative aspect.  The quality of a product revolves around what it is functioned to do and how it effects your life.  Quantity deals with how much of the product can be made.  Higher quantitative price means it is a rare item that is one of its kind.  Something of a higher quality would be priced higher because it produces more positive effects.

Image result for Cannabis Quality

Image result for Cannabis Quantity

This economical idea applies to all products or services in business – and that includes cannabis as well.  Cannabis is priced based on the quality of the product (its psychoactive effect) and its quantity (how much of the strain is going around).  For example, lower-grade cannabis would probably sell at a lower price for an eighth than the top-shelf Purple Kush due to its lesser quality.  If there were a certain strain that is rarely sold in stores, then that strain would cost a lot higher to purchase than the more common ones.

Image result for Cannabis Quantity

Image result for Cannabis Quantity

While this all may sound like basic economics, we must remember to apply this concept for cannabis as well.  People are paying lots of money for high-quality cannabis products, so its crucial that we deliver those top-notch strains to them.  That $60 1/8th of Golden Goat better produce that uplifting and happy effect or else your customers won’t be happy with the money they have spent.  Even worse is that they will take their hard-earned money elsewhere.

Image result for 4/20 Party

Image result for 4/20 Party

Customers are paying good money to get what they have been longing for decades – legal cannabis sold in recreational shops.  Let’s not ruin the 4/20 party by selling lower-quality products at high prices.  This industry will flourish well if we produce the highest-quality products and services for all audiences.

Image result for Cannabis Flag

Recreational cannabis dispensaries are opening in just FIVE months.  I have been repeating this countdown lately because it is one of the biggest things going down in Boston this year.  The long-awaited dream is finally coming to a reality; it’s a reality that also signifies a brighter future ahead.  Now we just have to make that reality a whole lot better.

That improved reality starts with creating high-quality cannabis products.

Axe-Throwing Adventures in Boston!

Image result for a4cade boston

Image result for Restaurant Live Music

Running a regular bar just doesn’t cut it in 2018.  You have to really get creative on strategies for a unique feature that would draw a big crowd.  Rotating craft beers and special cocktails can only get you so far, but the real trick is keeping your customers around longer.

Image result for Pop Up Event Boston

Image result for Night Shift Brewery Video Game

Image result for Drag Bingo

To combat this common issue, many bars or restaurants established fun events happening each week.  Various tactics restaurant businesses have used live music, trivia, board game night, food truck pop-ups, open mics, video game night, and even drag bingo.  Restaurants have become much more creative in marketing their business now than they did 20-30 years ago.  Selling food and beverages (especially alcohol!) are the obvious building blocks to a successful restaurant, but now you have to go BEYOND the call of duty to satisfy potential customers.

Image result for Young millennial Crowd

Image result for Avocado Toast

Image result for Bar Games

The Millennial demographic produced a series of  challenges for restaurant businesses –a desire for more craft beer rotations, creative food options on the menu (like kale salad or avocado toast!), and social events to bring people together.  Boston is always knocking it out of Fenway Park when it comes to trending bars and restaurants in the city.  A couple of Boston neighborhoods are getting a special bar that involves…WAIT FOR IT…Axe-throwing.

Image result for Axe Throwing

Image result for Urban Axes

Image result for Urban Axes

Yes, people – AXE-THROWING bars are coming to the Boston area!  Philadelphia-based chain Urban Axes is opening a shop in Union Square of Somerville.  The location will provide a bar and is able to fit 80-100 people at a time.  There will be multiple throwing areas for your party.

Image result for Axe Throwing gif

Image result for Axe-throwing gif

Each player throws 1.5-pound hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bulls-eye.  Players throw axes and try to reach as close to the bulls-eye to score as many points as they can.  Before the game starts, players start with safety and instructions from one of the main “axeperts” in the house.

Image result for Urban Axes Philly

Image result for Urban Axes Austin

Urban Axes opened in 2016 and they currently have locations in Philadelphia and Austin (Baltimore will be open on March 15th).  These existing venues don’t serve food, but guests are welcome to bring some of their own.

Image result for Bone Up Brewing

Image result for Short Path Distillery

Image result for night shift brewery

Other than Urban Axes, Revolution Axe Throwing will be opening this April.  This axe-throwing venture will be opening up on 69 Norman Street of Everett (near Nightshift Brewery, Short Path Distillery, and Bone Up Brewing!).  There won’t be food at first, but they are getting their beer and wine permit for the business.  Norman Street has become a growing gem for the city of Everett, so this area could get interesting this year.

Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

This idea sounds absolutely amazing.  Like David Ortiz knocking out another grand slam out of Fenway Park, Boston knocked out another grand slam with this incredible business concept.  Axe-throwing enthusiasts will be flocking to Somerville and Everett this summer.  2018 will surely be the year of axe-throwing bars.

Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

Axe-throwing will become the new trick to bringing in the millennial demographic.  It hits three points of reeling in the Millennial audiences – the social feature (axe throwing), rotating craft beers, and creative food to keep them hungrier for more.  This right here is a prime example of great marketing and restaurant PR work.

Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

We may have to wait a few months until these axe-throwing venues open, but this will definitely be exciting to look forward to.  I don’t know about you, but I’m SO ready to take out my pent-up anger on those axes this summer (New England winter has been BRUTAL so far!).

Image result for Axe Throwing gif

Look out for these axe-throwing bars this Spring and Summer!

California’s 4/20 Business Model WIN

Image result for California Legal Cannabis

Image result for California Legal Dispensaries

Eight days since California legalized cannabis and business continues to be BOOMING.  People are lining up around dispensaries to purchase pot (LEGAL pot, that is!) to consume.  Millions of dollars of tax revenues are flowing through the streets from the cannabis sales.  It truly is a whole new world for California in 2018.

Image result for Cheering gif

Image result for Cheering gif

Image result for Cheering Gay gif

Well folks – it looks like the sky didn’t fall after all.  California will be raking in more profits then ever, many more people will be stopping to visit (tourism will be SKYROCKETING over this entertaining attraction!), and the product will continue to modify its ever-changing social culture.  Cannabis has presented many ‘golden’ opportunities for the business world.

Image result for Cannabis Leaf

And speaking of ‘golden’ opportunity, we haven’t gotten to the best part about this whole PR miracle.  Cannabis legalization opened the floodgate for not only cannabis as a product itself, but utilizing the CONCEPT of cannabis in business models.  Not only did we legalize pot (which was the most OBVIOUS ending result we wanted!), but we initiated whole new industry that will continuously modify our society.

Image result for Eaze

Oh yeah…the best part?  It’s already HAPPENING.  Start-up businesses in California are utilizing cannabis as their business model.  Whether its using the physical plant itself or a property of the product, Entrepreneurs are re-shaping cannabis’s role in society.

Image result for California Medical Dispensary

Image result for California Medical Dispensary

Way before the 4/20 party kicked off in California, the earliest business plan was providing cannabis at a medical dispensary.  Patients show a medical cannabis card to purchase cannabis from a budtender.  They choose from a variety of flowers, edibles, concentrates, tinctures, and other products that are on display.  Marketing, advertising, and even public relations was VERY limited when medical cannabis was starting its roots (One part being that medical cannabis started before the .COM boom, but the MAJOR part was that it was still illegal under the California and federal government!).

Image result for California Cannabis Yoga

Image result for California Cannabis Wine

Image result for California Cannabis Tour

Image result for California Cannabis Spas

It’s been 24 years since California legalized medical cannabis and the cannabis culture has been selling like hot cakes.  Yoga studios are offering ‘BYOC’ (Bring Your Own Cannabis) classes where students can consume cannabis and do yoga.  Wineries are infusing wines with cannabis flowers with THC and CBD.  Cannabis tours offer guests rides on a bus where they can smoke and learn about all of the aspects of how cannabis is produced.  Spas are soothing guest’s muscles with THC-infused massage oil.

The list goes on and on and on.  Every type of industry, whether it’s hospitality or entertainment, is utilizing cannabis as part of their plan for their business.  It’s the most simplistic, yet GENIUS idea for attracting customers.  And the possibilities…are ENDLESS.

Image result for MedMen Weed Advertising

Image result for MedMen Weed Advertising

Now that California has much more relaxed policies on cannabis, businesses can utilize those amazing communications strategies to attract more audiences.  Retail cannabis company Medmen took advantage of the news by producing ads for billboards around Sunset Boulevard.  Billboard ads depict men and women of all ages that are ‘medicated’ (A.K.A. STONED!) with the tagline saying ‘____.  It’s Legal).  This clever ad goes perfect with the ever-changing social landscape of California.

Image result for California Beach Sunset

What you see happening around California – an actual LEGAL cannabis business – will set the stage for future business models across the country for YEARS to come.  All it took was hard work, patience, dedication, ambition, and a big dream.  Californians are known for dreaming BIG out in the west coast and their dream is finally coming true.

Image result for Cannabis Coffee Shop

Who knows what other bold business idea will spring up next in the Wild Wild West.  Maybe we will have cannabis coffee shops opening or 4/20 nightclubs featuring the hottest services to choose from.  We could even have more 4/20 porn produced (straight AND gay 4/20 porn!).

Image result for Boston

Pay attention, Bostonians – this is a glimpse of what the future holds for the city in less than SIX MONTHS.  Less than SIX MONTHS until the cannabis culture starts making waves, shaking up the business culture for lots of industries.

Image result for California  Sunset

Until then, keep an eye out for California these next few months.  The west coast’s influence will soon move over to the east in the years to come.

Countdown Until Legal Recreational Shops in MA:

5 Months, 3 Weeks, One Day