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Nintendo Switch Wins Summer Gaming Sales

Image result for Video Game Bars

Image result for Video Game Bars

As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, video games are one of many entertainment options that restaurants and bars offer for their patrons.  There’s nothing better than having a drink with your buddies while playing Super Smash Bros. on a flat-screen.  It’s a bar event worth going to in your local city.

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When it comes to video games, the best option is Nintendo since there are more (and better!) multiplayer games to play from.  The Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, and Wii all offer amazing games to play.  One of the more popular consoles that is out now is the Nintendo Switch.

Image result for Nintendo Switch

Image result for Nintendo Switch

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In fact, the Nintendo Switch has been doing so well that it has been dominating video game sales this year.  The Nintendo Switch beat out its competitors the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in the video game market.  Even with the Nintendo Switch being two years old, Nintendo continues to roll out amazing games this summer.  Some of the hottest titles out include Super Mario Maker 2, Fire Emblem: Three Houses, and Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order.

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Nintendo has a great line up of games for the summer and they continue to have incredible surprises in store for us in the future.  The Nintendo Switch continues to bring us more nostalgic games we have been playing all of our lives.  Mario continues to be the main character for Nintendo, even in this 21st century.

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With Nintendo games being offered to play in more restaurants and bars, its no surprise that the Nintendo Switch is popular this year.  Some of the best multiplayer games have mostly been from Nintendo.  Games like Mario Kart 64 or Mario Party are perfect games for a group of people to play while dining on good craft beers and appetizers.

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That is all for today’s celebration of Nintendo’s latest victory in the video game market.  Nintendo continues to crush the market once again, offering some of its best games around.  The next few months look very exciting, especially when the holidays kick in.


Unique Water Products Philosophy


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We looked at two unique water products this week, CBD water and hydrogen water.  CBD water is infused with cannabidiol.  Hydrogen water contains extra hydrogen molecules.  Both products offer their own unique benefits to the audiences.

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To take something so simple, like water, and modernize it with some other ingredient is truly outstanding.  This concept has been done before with other beverages (like Coca-Cola or alcohol!) as a means to reach out to other consumers.  Some people like vanilla added to their sodas or dragonfruit mixed into their tea.  They ask for things such as flavored sodas, beers mixed with fruits, various protein shakes.  It’s all about catering the food/drink experience based on the ongoing trends in the nation.


Image result for Dragonfruit tea

CBD is trending high in the nation, so it only makes sense to add it into waters for those 4/20-friendly consumers.  Some athletes want something to help out with their workout recovery, so hydrogen water would be the right choice for them.  The right type of waters will help out those niche audiences in need.

Image result for Hydrogen Water

As the years go on, there will be even more trends in bottled water products.  We can find the solutions for more unique concepts by looking at what our audiences want in their beverage experience.  It’s about creating that beverage experience for the niche audience.

Cooling Off with Hydrogen Water


I gotta tell you folks – that CBD water really hit the spot last week.  Its combination of CBD into alkine 9+ph water truly quenched my thirst.  This water has much more health benefits, especially when its packed with CBD.

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Image result for Mineral water

Image result for Vitamin water

Drinking that CBD water got me thinking – water, or rather, the product of water, has truly changed over the years.  Companies have been adding various ingredients into water to create a more innovative concept.  Electrolytes, mineral, coconut, and vitamins are a few of many ingredients being infused into water these days.  Each and every ingredient helps present water as a hip, modernized beverage item in this ever-changing society.

Interestingly enough, I recently came across yet another modern trend in water.  It’s a simplistic, yet ingenious approach to one of our most sought after beverages.  This beverage is known as Hydrogen Water.

Image result for Hydrogen water

Image result for Hydrogen water

Hydrogen Water speaks for itself – it is basically water with extra hydrogen molecules added.  The extra hydrogen helps with things such as athletic performance or overall mood.  It’s the type of water that would be great before or after your workout.

Image result for H20

Water is created when hydrogen and oxygen through electrolysis, as in, the splitting of molecules.  All that is different are the additional hydrogen molecules being added into hydrogen water.  Its no different than the concept of adding such things or coconut or caffeine; and yet, this simple idea creates a new line of bottle water products.

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Image result for mineral water bottle

We continue to revolutionize water every day and hydrogen water is just one of many examples of that.  Water is one of our most basic needs in life.  It is a product we truly cannot live without.

Image result for Hydrogen water

Trends like hydrogen water will always live on now and in the future.  Water is a food item that will never go out of style.

BK’s & KFC’s Stoner-Chic Dining Options

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Image result for Wendy's

For the record, I don’t dine in fast food restaurants these days.  It has been merely years since I ate from a McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King, Subway, and other fast food chains.  Some of the food tasted delicious at the time, but it really did a number on my body when consuming too much.  Nevertheless, I’m one of those consumers that will pay for high-quality food in a restaurant.

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Image result for Shake Shack

Gentrified restaurants are all in the rage nowadays anyways, offering unique food choices from fresher ingredients.  Fast food restaurants are seeing a major decline due to competition coming from places like dive bars and local pubs.  These restaurants cater to more audiences (mostly millennials) that want a certain twist to their favorite food.

To combat these tough competitors, fast-food chains Burger King and KFC got creative with their food options. Burger King released what’s known as the Burger King Tacos.

Image result for Burger King Tacos

Image result for Burger King Tacos

The Burger King Taco is made with ground beef, shredded iceberg lettuce, shredded cheddar cheese, and this “savory taco sauce”.  It is a complete replica of the tacos from Taco Bell’s.  Burger King put a Mexican twist on their classic dish being a taco rather than a burger.

Image result for KFC Cheeto Sandwich

KFC utilized their chicken with a bag of Cheetos to create the Cheetos Sandwich.  The Cheetos Sandwich is the Crispy Colonel Sandwich smothered in Cheetos sauce with a layer of Cheetos.  It’s truly a crunchy, crispy, cheesy sandwich over at KFC.

Image result for waffle ice cream sandwich

To put it bluntly, it looks like these two food items were made at a college student’s dorm at one point.  There is this stoner-chic feeling that Burger King and KFC is trying to utilize for their product marketing. They feel eerily similar to things like waffle ice cream sandwiches.

Image result for Burger King

Image result for kfc

As weird as their product marketing strategy may be, at least Burger King and KFC aren’t throwing in the towel.  These two major food chains continue to bring innovative dining options that support all sorts of audiences.  Since interest in fast food has been declining among the younger generations, all of the fast food restaurants will have to work harder at keeping themselves afloat.  The millennial generation is known for dining out more than their previous generations, yet fast food chains like McDonald’s is not one of their interested options.

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Image result for kfc cheeto sandwich

With that, Burger King and KFC are releasing items that look like something made after a few hits from the bong.  Legalized cannabis has been underway across the nation and there’s no telling what other creative dining options will be conjured up next.  We’ll just have to think over a Burger King Taco or KFC’s Cheetos Sandwich.

Positive Connections Through Quid Pro Quo

Image result for Marketing Outreach

Image result for Marketing Outreach

One of my favorite tasks of my part-time job, when I am not busy running the show here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar, is conducting marketing around the area.  It’s a freeing and fun task where I roam around a city or town in Massachusetts to talk with other businesses.  Sometimes these business discussions don’t come through right away or they get shut down within minutes (which is part of the risk of marketing!).  When the talks end up going well in my favor, I exchange the promotional materials for business cards and build the connections from there.

Marketing is my favorite aspect not only because I have gotten good at it over the years, but also because it subtly teaches me to push other angles in the process.  Every new business, whether directly or indirectly related to my line of work, can be utilized in the process.  There are always different ways to captivate new audiences from other forms of businesses or industries.

Even still, there is one common tactic I work with throughout each marketing outreach trip.  That special tactic is simply known as quid pro quo.

Image result for Quid pro quo

Image result for Quid pro quo

Quid pro quo is a Latin phrase meaning ‘something for something’.  In business terms, it involves an exchange of goods or services whereas one transfer is contingent upon the other.  One business conducts a favor for another business for exchange to help them in the process.

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With my case, quid pro quo starts through educating audiences about my line of work.  Rather then jump into my ideas, I ask about general information about the place itself.  I search for something eye-catching, something I could fixate my beginning conversation on.  It doesn’t have to be within the place itself; rather, the discussion could start with ARRIVING to the destination as well.

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Asking about the audiences’ business first sparks genuine interesting in learning about what we have to offer.  They will most likely respond positively when they discuss they line of work first rather than being bombarded with overwhelming information on your end.  That’s where the benefit of quid pro quo happens – they will most likely accept the connection when they learn how it will enhance both businesses in the long run.

Image result for Quid pro quo

In the end, quid pro quo is the business tactic that helps out most when conducting marketing outreach.  Quid pro quo is great for sending positive connections (and vibes) among other businesses.  Helping out other businesses will help your business in the long run.

You can all send positive connections through quid pro quo.