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MakeSandcastlesNotWar – Two Years Later

Ladies and gentlemen… today is a VERY special day.  No, it is not about PI day nor will it be six days until Spring (but THAT’S exciting too!).  Today is… wait for it while you hold my beer…
THE TWO-YEAR ANNIVERSARY OF MAKESANDCASTLESNOTWAR!            `Image result for Surprise crowd gif

Image result for Surprise crowd gif

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I…just…WOW.  Two years.  It already has been TWO years full of PR nightmares, TV criss-crosses, business WINS, Netflix/TV binge-watching reviews, philosophical journeys and many other crazy shenanigans.  We’ve dived into some intriguing ideas as well as some of the most twisted PR stories that would affect audiences for years to come.  While some businesses crossed the line, others formulated a unique product or service to offer.

Just think that we have covered a span of these topics in just TWO YEARS.  My mind is still boggling even as I type this two-year anniversary post.  After being away on vacation for a few days this past weekend, it’s finally time to celebrate this special day.

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So last year we dived back into the first blog post topic about Jonathan Blow’s The Witness.  Ironically enough, it was a blizzard outside (like the one that is currently happening now!) and it was the perfect day to celebrate.  It was already a year since MakeSandcastlesNotWar was created, so we entered the time warp (*Swoosh*) to see how it all started.  This was a fantastic voyage of nostalgia about a dreamy puzzle adventure game.

Image result for Time Warp gif

Image result for Time Warp gif

But for today’s anniversary, things are about to get weird…and I mean, REALLY WEIRD.  This will be a post like no other.  Today isn’t just an ordinary nostalgic post looking back in time.  We are in the midst of a…BLOGCEPTION.

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Image result for mind blown gif

We’ve finally done it folks – a blogception has occurred on MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  There has been some strange topics popping up here and there, but this is where things will get really bizarre.

It’s about time I explain – a blogception is when a blog post is written up about a previous blog post relating to a post that was written before.  The blogception consists of only one post, BUT it becomes tethered to other similar posts from history.  There are two or more subjects happening at once, but yet they still become connected to construct a concrete story.  With all of these subjects floating around at once, your mind can’t fully grasp around the mere fact that it actually WORKS.

Hold on folks, because things are about to start…NOW.


March 14th, 2017 – it was the day we were exploring a post about the first video game topic about The Witness.  There was so much to celebrate that day – more followers, increasing number of views, many widespread topics stemming from major categories, and even other surprises that were in stores.  I had to kick off the celebration by introducing the story of how this blog came to be.


After studying PR in Salem State University, I was enthusiastic to continue my blog work.  I truly enjoyed the writing work I completed, so I took it upon myself to build this magnificent creation that would become MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  This sandcastle would become filled with various content – reviews, criss-crosses, PR nightmares, philosophical journeys, field trips.  Every new topic was a new adventure into another world.  Even when diving back into a familiar subject, there was always a new gem waiting to be discovered.


And if you’re wondering…YES, there were still more topics to discuss from The Witness.  Months (even YEARS) after playing The Witness, I found so many aspects I enjoyed about it.  From the challenging gameplay to the philosophical wisdom from the audio logs, The Witness offered so much as a puzzle adventure video game.  It was these strings of posts that would lead up to the blogception that we have discovered today.

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Here we are folks – a year later after traveling back into time to discuss the first post the year before.  It’s truly a mesmerizing and glory idea to behold.  This blogception has truly given a sense of how far things have come.  What was once a small experiment on writing about some of my favorite things has blossomed into a fully-grown entertainment PR blog.  Two years later and I still gain the satisfaction of writing about more incredible ideas.

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What makes this even better is that the adventures still continue.  We still have SO much to discover in this thriving and chaotic world of entertainment PR.  There’s always another philosophical journey to write about or some TV criss-cross waiting to be found.  Who knows, there may be another flourishing business that starts sinking due to a PR nightmare.

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Times have truly changed since creating this blog post; what hasn’t changed is the initial ambition for discovering new and exciting ideas.  Whether we go forward or backward, we’re always connected one way or another.

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Writing this blog has truly been a blessing.  It has been a crazy journey since launching onto the WordPress platform.  Two years later and I still enjoy writing posts each day.

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Two years later…and the journey still continues.  What new adventures awaits us?  Who will we discover in the next TV criss-cross? Where will the next PR nightmare happen?

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For now, we can just remember this one thing… Make Sandcastles, Not War.


Denver Opens The Coffee JOINT!


Last Monday was quite a busy day for me.  One major highlight was checking out The Summit Lounge, Worcester’s premiere social cannabis club nestled in water street.  The Summit Lounge is the first and only cannabis club of its kind here in Massachusetts.  While business is just starting to pick up, The Summit Lounge still sets the bar high for what lies ahead in the cannabis community.  It seems as though the cannabis community is starting to pick up here in the east coast.

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Meanwhile in the west coast (WEST COAST=BEST COAST), the cannabis community continues to flourish even further.  Veteran 4/20 legal states like Washington State haven proven that the cannabis community will thrive well in the ever-changing social landscape.  Other than Washington State, Colorado has certainly been reaping the benefits since Amendment 64 passed back in 2012.  Denver residents voted for legal cannabis clubs just four years later.  And now…the city of Denver will be getting its first ever cannabis club!

Image result for Denver The Coffee Joint

Image result for Denver The Coffee Joint

Just last week, Denver approved its first cannabis club within the city.  Denver-based coffee shop The Coffee Joint will open up cannabis use for the public.  You can find The Coffee Joint at 1130 North Yuma Center of the Lincoln Park neighborhood.

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All guests must pay a $5 fee to enter the club.  There is NO smoking cannabis allowed on the premises, but you are allowed to vaporize cannabis or consume cannabis edibles.  While the club won’t be open for cannabis use for at least another week, you can still check out the various accessories featured.

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This is a big political PR win not only for the city of Denver, but also for the state of Colorado as well.  Denver voted to start legal cannabis clubs back in 2016 and business owners have jumped through multiple hoops just to get their business going.  Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational cannabis use back in 2012, setting the stage for what would be a whole new industry sweeping the nation.  The Centennial state continues to make ground-breaking history to this day with the first ever legal cannabis club in Denver.

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With The Coffee Joint allowing cannabis consumption very soon, Denver is setting the bar high for other populous cities on the west coast.  This PR miracle is echoing throughout other big cities like San Francisco or Las Vegas.  Recreational cannabis use is legal all across the west coast, which means that cities are working harder than ever on revitalizing their brand.  More increasing publicity means more audiences will flock towards those cities (whether they are relocating or simply visiting).

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Denver is showcasing a glimpse into a 4/20 future where more cannabis clubs will be opening in the biggest cities of all time.  This will pressure other major cities to go to pot (LITERALLY!) to rake in potential audiences.  Cities like Dallas, Philadelphia, New York City, Atlanta, Boston, and many others will establish these new businesses as part of this branding strategy.

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Cities continue to move like clockwork every year.  Something becomes trendy one day and then soon becomes a thing of the past the next. It’s always a challenging feat to keep up with the rat race happening in a majority of these cities (take Boston, for example!), so the desire for trending business practices become more critical than ever.

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We have FOUR months until recreational dispensaries are open in the state of Massachusetts.  Cities like Denver or Los Angeles are already paving the way for the new 4/20 community in this 21st century.  Its PR miracles like this that prove that cannabis has a place in our American society, especially as a form of entertainment.

Image result for Denver The Coffee Joint

For now, let’s all praise The Coffee Joint for showcasing a unique business practice that allows for recreational cannabis use with other people.

Celebrity-Branded Cannabis!

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With cannabis legalization unfolding around California, many celebrities are looking to get into this flourishing industry.  They worked hard in the entertainment industry and now they are looking to make their mark with cannabis.  Celebrities like Mike Tyson are breaking in by building a 40-acre ranch to grow cannabis plants.  Over time, many celebrities are shifting towards a new industry to rejuvenate their brand.

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Nowadays, many celebrities created their own branded cannabis products.  From Snoop Dogg to Whoopi Goldberg, all sorts of celebrities are striking it rich through the industry.  Here are a few celebrity-branded cannabis products around:

Tommy Chong – Chong’s Choice

Image result for Tommy Chong Chong's Choice

The first pick goes to one of the most notorious cannabis consumers of all time, Tommy Chong.  Chong launched his brand Chong’s Choice to showcase some of the industry’s highest quality buds.  These strains were cultivated by artisan farmers in California and Colorado.  He was diagnosed with colon cancer earlier and credits cannabis for eradicating the disease.  Look for Chong’s Choice if you want to smoke high-quality doobies from Tommy Chong.

Willie Nelson – Willie’s Reserve

Image result for Willie Nelson Willie's Reserve

Image result for Willie Nelson Willie's Reserve

            Willie Nelson was never shy about his abundant cannabis use.  He launched Willie’s Reserve back in 2016 to share his love for cannabis with his followers.  You can find some of his products over in Nevada or Colorado.

          Snoop Dogg – Leafs by Snoop

Image result for Snoop Dogg Leafs by Snoop

Even as he continues making music, Snoop Dogg has also been playing a heavy part in the cannabis business.  Other than his digital news business Merry Jane, Snoop Dogg also released his own line of cannabis called Leafs by Snoop.  These are crafted by Snoop himself, so you know that you’ll be consuming some HIGH-quality product.  Fo’ shizzle, ya’ll!

          Melissa Etheridge – Known Label Wine

Image result for Melissa Etheridge Known Label Wine

Etheridge is a strong support of medicinal cannabis after being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2004.  She fought off the nasty side effects of chemotherapy with cannabis and emerged from her battle cancer-free.  After fighting a long battle of breast cancer, Melissa Etheridge ventured into the industry by creating Know Label Wine.  She used the wine during her battle and now you can pick from one of many offered flavors to choose from.  If you’re a daily wine drinker, be sure to pick up a bottle in California.

          Whoopi Goldberg – Whoopi and Maya

Image result for Whoopi and Maya

            Other than being a co-host of The View, Whoopi Goldberg has also been busy with her own cannabis business Whoopi and Maya as well.  Whoopi and Maya offer cannabis products specifically created for relief from menstrual discomfort. She is vocal about her medical cannabis use on the show and promotes legal cannabis use for everyone.  You can find some of Whoopi’s products in California and Colorado.

Image result for Snoop Dogg

Those are a few of many celebrities breaking into the cannabis industry.  Their brands were already flourishing in their line of entertainment (whether they were an actor or musician) and now this industry gives them a chance to push their brand out even further.  These celebrity brands are being taught new tricks in order to make it further in business.  Snoop Dogg continues to make music, but he also shifts his focus on his cannabis product lines as well.

Image result for Seth Rogen Gravity Bong

As time goes on, we will see more celebrity-branded cannabis products and services created in California.  Who knows what other celebrity brands will go to pot this year.

            Until then, be sure to pick up one of many celebrity-branded cannabis products featured in the legal states.

Countdown Till Recreational Cannabis Dispensaries

4 Months


MakeSandcastlesNotWar Visits The Summit Lounge

Business proposals for legal cannabis clubs have already been drawing up here in Massachusetts.  With cannabis legalization in full swing and dispensaries soon to be opening, the need for public consumption becomes critical.  Massachusetts citizens are able to consume cannabis legally, yet you cannot consume in public.  The city of Worcester figured out the so-called ‘water water everywhere and not a drop to drink’ scenario by opening up the first ever cannabis social club called The Summit Lounge.





The Summit Lounge, located on 116 Water Street, is a non-profit private social club where members can openly consume cannabis.  Members can consume their cannabis by using their collection of papers, pipes, bongs, lighters, and other accessories; they provide the accessories, but they run on a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) policy.  You can also consume cigarettes, cigars, and even hookah on the premise as well.  It’s a unique social club providing a 4/20-friendly atmosphere.  Anyone who is looking to be a member of The Summit Lounge can join for just $50 a month.




Other than cannabis accessories, The Summit Lounge offers a wide range of activities.  You can curl up with a joint and a good book or play some Xbox One with your friends.  If video games aren’t your thing, there’s also a stack of board games to choose from.  This is the kind of 4/20-themed entertainment where you get to consume cannabis, play some games, and possibly make a friend or two afterwards.

I wanted to learn more about how this exciting new service came to be.  Earlier I spoke with Kyle Moon, the general Manager for The Summit Lounge.


Kyle informed me that he got the idea from his brother Jake.  Jake Moon was a medical patient in MA who went to Colorado to check out the cannabis scene.  He noticed that there was no safe place for any legal social consumption, so he pitched the idea to operate a legal social club back in Massachusetts.  They worked with a lawyer to figure out the legality issues of running a cannabis social club.


As far as audience demographics, Kyle mentioned that the average age group that enter the club is 25-40.  It is mostly middle-aged men and women (30-40) who are married and have kids.  They are concerned about smelling like cannabis in front of their children, so they head over to The Summit Lounge to consume with other like-minded adults.  The concept was only limited to medicinal patients at first, but later it opened up for everyone.


Some events that they hold (or plan to hold in the near future) include paint night, glass blowing, social networking, and even classes like teaching members how to roll a blunt.  There are even members that pop by to consume cannabis while getting some work done.  This was set as a social environment where people could come together and consume cannabis.


Surprisingly enough, Kyle’s business doesn’t really have any big competition around Worcester.  The Summit Lounge is still so new that people don’t know what it is yet.  Even with cannabis legalization set in full swing, the cannabis industry still proves to be an evolving landscape.


Even still, Kyle definitely sees more cannabis lounges happening in the future.  With all of the advocacy for legal social consumption, the need for places like The Summit Lounge are more important than ever.  He mentioned that Boston would be a perfect location for a cannabis club because of the wide demographic of young professionals in the city.  This type of establishment would work for any big city as well.


For those looking to open up their own cannabis social clubs, Kyle Moon’s one advice would be to always follow up.  It is important to stay connected with everyone in this evolving landscape.  You will be hit with plenty of pitfalls and you have to find a way to work through everything.

And with that, The Summit Lounge proves to be a worthy social cannabis club that works for the thriving city of Worcester.  Special thanks to Kyle Moon for taking the time to discuss the first ever social cannabis lounge in the state of Massachusetts!  Here’s to hoping more social cannabis clubs open up in the near future.


Be sure to check out The Summit Lounge at 116 Water Street Worcester, MA.  Happy smoking!


Final Thoughts on Cannabusiness Networking

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It’s been quite a philosophical week for cannabis posts.  Hundreds of cannabis professionals are flocking together to 4/20-themed networking events to share ideas.  These ideas are just floating, drifting around a room that is full of excitement and ambition.  But as we learned later on, those so-called ‘ideas’ had to be PITCHED perfectly to get the points across.

Image result for Ambience

Ideas feel naked without some concrete sales pitch for the audiences.  Without a constructed pitch, these ideas are just flying around like birds who escaped their cage.  Who would believe in such an idea without the pitch?  It may seem like some fluff piece…but even that fluff piece holds as much importance as the idea itself.  One element is tied together with the other and vice-versa.

Related image

What we have discussed are many successful ideas floating around the room of intelligent employers and employees within the cannabis community.  The ending reward happens when you connect with the right people who truly believe in executing them.  That right there is when the TRUE magic happens in the business world – two people meeting up to discuss intriguing concepts, only to reunite once again with the same mindset they never had before.  And this magic happens again and again throughout many industries.

Related image

No matter what industry you are involved in, whether it be cannabis or accounting, you will always see that same beautiful connection happening at every networking event.  Someone somewhere is currently exchanging business cards with another employee.  But what’s even more precious are the stream of ideas intertwining between the two parties.

Image result for Quiet Ocean

As the weeks go on, more and more networking events will occur.  More people connecting with each other, more ideas filling the up the room, more business cards being traded every second.  The stage will be set for more people looking to network with others over common interest.

Who knows what bold idea will be executed at the next networking event.  Whatever the idea may be, just remember that one connection is all it takes to make it happen.