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Gourmet-Styled Food Science

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I had quite an eventful couple of days last week food-wise.  First, I grabbed some lunch at a restaurant/bar within the North Shore Mall and the day after I had some delicious dinner at a barcade place in Cambridge.  Being that I had a busier schedule than usual, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to dine out while I am at it.

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While the meals themselves were absolutely delicious, it was the bill it that became most shocking experience itself.  After tips, both of meals ended up totaling almost $30.  My jaw could not lift itself from the table after seeing the total price.

Here’s a quick peek at my total purchases:

Tuesday Lunch

1 Regular-Sized Beer – $7.00

Chicken Wings – $10.00

Parmesan Truffle Fries – $8.00

Total: $25.00

Wednesday Dinner

1 Bottled Beer – $8.00

Single Bacon Cheeseburger – $7.49

Side of Truffle Fries – $3.99

$5 of Tokens – $5.00

Total: $24.48

One look at the chart and you’ll notice the obvious expenses such as the up-scaled alcohol as well as $5 of tokens for video games.  But here’s where it gets interesting – the truffle and Parmesan-infused French fries were a unique expense on its own.

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Food itself has become more and more gourmet over the years.  A simple side dish like French fries has now become Parmesan truffle fries, which is French fries dipped in truffle and Parmesan.  More and more ingredients are being infused with our All-American comfort food.

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It’s not just French fries that have become gourmet.  Mac & Cheese is now being served as pasta infused with five different cheeses and bread crumbs.  A classic cheeseburger is being transformed into a grass-fed organic burger slapped with brioche-buttered buns, applewood sugar coated bacon, aged cheddar cheese, and ends with a homemade special sauce.

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Now here’s the thing – NONE of this is a bad thing whatsoever.  It doesn’t ring in as an alarm for a PR nightmare bubbling beneath the surface.  What we are seeing is food becoming more specialized as other unique ingredients become equipped in the dining experience.  Just like the ordinary French fries dipped in parmesan truffle mix, classic staples such as cheeseburgers and Mac & Cheese are getting modern makeovers.

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And those modern food makeovers are a part of why dining experiences cost even more money.  Millennials are dining out more than ever, yet that culinary experience is becoming more expensive.  Gourmet dishes such as five-cheese Mac & Cheese are absolutely delicious, but that taste comes with a hefty price.

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Food used to be simple – bread, water, heat, meat, vegetables, fruits, etc.  As time went on, more unique ingredients came into the mix.  That shift of ingredients created stand-out dishes for a greater dining experience.  It’s not so much about nit-picking a problem with this concept; but rather, observe the experience from a different angle.  This is when we get to the science of the whole idea, solving the mystery of the recent price increases.

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With that, gourmet-styled food is becoming all the rage around America.  If you are looking for cheaper prices, search for places that don’t serve food items with over a dozen ingredients.



Russian Doll – Netflix

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Ok folks — we are just about one month away of winter left.  We are FINALLY at the last leg of snow, slush, and brutal cold temperatures here in Massachusetts.  Even though there hasn’t been as much snow as last year, this winter seemed too long to deal with.  It was like dealing with this Groundhog Day-themed loop where I kept waking up to cold temperatures and snow on the ground.

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For the record, I wasn’t the only one dealing with the psychological effects of this year’s Groundhog Day loop.  This past week, I checked out a series about someone dealing with a similar effect… but MUCH more bizarre.  It tells the tale of a woman who relives her 36th birthday over and over again, only to die each time at the end.  This is Russian Doll.

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Russian Doll stars Natasha Lyonne (Nicky Nichols in Orange is the New Black) as Nadia, a young woman celebrating her 36th birthday in New York City.  She gets caught in this vicious loop where she dies at the end of the night; after each death, she wakes up fully alive the next day.  Throughout her journey, she meets with a man named Alan Zaveri (Charlie Barnett) who is experiencing a similar time loop.  Alan and Nadia discover some shocking truths about how this is happening in their lives.

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The show is a similar take to Harold Ramis’s film Groundhog Day.  This classic 90s movie stars Bill Murray as Phil Connors, a TV weatherman who gets caught in a time loop where he repeats the same day.  Connors relives the same day waking up on Groundhog Day after covering the event while in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania.  He works out all the kinks he can to try to escape the time loop.

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With Russian Doll, the themes about time loops become more philosophical.  Symbolic images and figures such as the fish swimming in their tanks or Horse utilize that kind of scientific knowledge to provides a deeper learning experience.  Nadia and Alan’s history become a main key in solving their continuous time loops.  That’s what separates Russian Doll from its counterpart Groundhog Day.

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It’s as if Natasha Lyonne escaped FCI Danbury prison from Orange is the New Black, only to be transported into her own psychological prison in Russian Doll.  Better yet, Dascha Polanco (Dayanara “Daya” Diaz in Orange is the New Black) makes an appearance as well.  Both ladies take part in the mind-boggling torture in the series.

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With that, Russian Doll was truly an amazing series. The Groundhog Day loop stretched to new boundaries while Nadia and Alan looked into the troublesome past to find the answers.  After the dreadful winter time loop, it was certainly entertaining to watch one that was more philosophical.

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Definitely check out Russian Doll on Netflix for the mind-blowing Groundhog Day loop experience.

2/1 TGIF Quote

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In all places where there is a Summer and a Winter, and where your Gardens of pleasure are sometimes clothed with their verdant garments, and bespangled with variety of Flowers, and at other times wholly dismantled of all these; here to recompense the loss of past pleasures, and to buoy up their hopes of another Spring, many have placed in their Gardens, Statues, and Figures of several Animals, and great variety of other curious pieces of Workmanship, that their walks might be pleasant at any time in those places of never dying pleasures.

~ John Worlidge

Cold Remedy Treatment Tips

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Last week I got hit with a bad cold.  After a fun night in Boston with some friends, my cold kicked into high gears the next morning.  I could barely concentrate on the computer screen, let alone bring myself to type out another magnificent creation.  It was the kind of day to lay down and binge-watch shows on Netflix for hours on end.

One week later and I now remain sick-free.  It was quite a while until I was feeling 100%, being that it took some legwork each day.  The cold didn’t disappear with just one medicine alone.  In fact, it took a combination of various health tools that were at my disposal.

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If you’re a professional businessman like me and need to cure your sickness as soon as possible, there are a few great remedies to help alleviate your symptoms.  Here are a few of my remedies I used to ail my cold this past week:

Tea (and other liquids)

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Everyone always says you must start drinking more liquids as soon as you get sick.  I’ll do you one even better – I drank even more tea than usual.  Any and all types of tea will work.  Green, black, white, herbal, and mint are a few of many great teas you should be drinking each day.  Tea has many antioxidant properties that help flush out toxins that are causing you to be sick.

Drinking liquids when your sick will help, but tea will alleviate your symptoms even faster.


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Taking DayQuil and NyQuil were a good routine for treating the cold as well.  DayQuil helps with the symptoms throughout the day.  NyQuil is perfect before bedtime to help get to sleep faster (it causes drowsiness, so its important to take it at night!).  They come in either liquid form or even in gel caps.


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Before starting your work day, be sure to pack an Emergen-C and water on the go.  Emergen-C is a powered drink mix vitamin supplement that is packed with tons of vitamin C; in fact, one packet contains 1,000 mg of it.  Vitamin C is the perfect remedy for knocking out the cold while in the office.

Tea, Emergen-C, and a touch of DayQuil are a few of many remedies to help relieve your cold.  We are still in the winter months, so expect more cold days to come here in Massachusetts.  Nevertheless, you can still treat your cold while braving the frigid temperatures each day.