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Best Boston-themed Cannabis Strains


With all of the excitement happening over 4/20, I forgot to mention that yesterday was the Boston Marathon.  Held every year in April, the Boston Marathon is an event where people compete in a huge race.  Runners from all across the country gather together to compete in this annual race each year.  Whether you are competing against other runners or wanting to become a part of the event, the Boston Marathon is a race for everyone.

The Boston Marathon is one of many great things that make Boston an amazing city to live in.  This historic city was home to some of the most notorious events that happened during the Revolutionary War (Boston Tea Party, Paul Revere’s Ride, Boston Massacre to name a few).  It’s been over 300 years since these violent events occurred and some of the historic buildings are still open to this day.

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With question 4 being passed in the state of Massachusetts, Boston is now one of the new U.S. cities working to bring in the cannabis industry.  There’s already a handful of medical dispensaries open around the city and plans for recreational dispensaries will be ready by next year (July 2018, to be precise).  Now that the cannabis community is spreading more within New England, it’ll be interesting to see what the Boston cannabis culture will look like.

What kind of strains will we see inside Boston’s new recreational dispensaries?  Would there be popular strains from the West Coast flying over to the East Coast?  Are there enough popular strains in New England that will provide enough variety for customers to choose from?  Could growers produce strains that were influenced by Boston’s culture?

To discuss some of these ideas, MakeSandcastlesNotWar decided to list a few cannabis strains that would fit perfectly within the Boston community.  After scrolling through each cannabis strain, a handful of strains have been selected based their resemblance towards Beantown.  Here are the top strains that reminds you of the great city of Boston:

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Green Monster:  Opening day for the Red Sox was two weeks ago and Wally the Green Monster is back at it!  It’s only fitting that we start this list off with Green Monster.  Green Monster is a sativa-dominant hybrid strain that provides a nice cerebral high when smoked.  This strain will keep you happy and relaxed during the day.  The strain has a woody and earthy scent, giving off a nice flavor when used.  Consume some Green Monster before catching a game Fenway Park and be sure to find Wally around (as well has his sister Tessie!).

Golden Goat:  While we’re on the subject of New England sports, we have to get into the Patriots.  Every football team may have their secret weapon, but our ringer is Tom Brady a.k.a The GOAT (Greatest of All Time!).  Consuming Golden Goat won’t make you the next Tom Brady, but it’ll definitely get you uplifted for game day.  Golden Goat is another sativa-dominant hybrid strain that will keep you happy and euphoric for the day.  This strain is perfect for relieving the stress and depression some patients feel (how can you feel depression when you got the GOAT back for game day, kid?).  If Tom Brady ever considers getting into the cannabis community, Golden Goat would certainly suit him well!

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Dr. Grinspoon:  Most cannabis connoisseurs would know of Dr. Lester Grinspoon, the legendary scientist that corrected misinformed science about cannabis in the 1970s.  Dr. Lester Grinspoon conducted his work at Harvard (cause all of our college students are wicked smaht in Boston, especially Hah-vard University!).  This sativa strain provides creative and happy effects after consumption, which is great for fighting depression or stress.  Dr. Grinspoon has a spicy, citrus flavor within each nug.  Wicked smaht college students in Boston should pick up Dr. Grinspoon for those long nights of studying (especially those at Hah-vard University!).

Jillybean:  A common nickname for Boston is ‘Beantown’, so it’s only fitting that Jillybean makes the list (Jillybean, Beantown…yeah, you get the idea).  Jillybean is an indica-dominant hybrid strain that is known for being a happy and upbeat hybrid.  The strain is most popular for creative minds and social butterflies searching for imaginative euphoria during the day.  Anyone residing around Beantown should consume some Jillybean for some daytime fun!

Moose and Lobsta:  Boston is known for having amazing seafood dishes around the city.  Oysters, clam chowder (chowdah!), and even lobster (lobstah!) rolls can easily be found.  Moose and Lobsta would be the perfect strain when chowing down on a lobster roll.  This sativa-dominant hybrid provides a pungent odor of tropical fruit and skunk.  Consuming this strain will leave you uplifted and happy during the day, making it the go-to strain to ease pain and depression.  While there are no moose roaming around Boston, there are plenty of lobster rolls to go around!

New England Patriots Parade 2017

On February 5th, 2017, the New England Patriots won the 51st Super Bowl.  It was a close game by the end of the 4th quarter as the Patriots were coming back from a rough 1st half.  By the end of the 4th quarter, the Patriots and Falcons were tied up in the end, leading to the first overtime game ever in Super Bowl history.  Both teams were tied 28-28 when they went into overtime and the stake were higher than ever.  In less than 4 minutes, James White dived into the end zone for the final 6 points.  TOUCHDOWN!!!

It was one of the most amazing comebacks in Super Bowl history.  The Patriots were down by 28 points, only to rake in the last 6 points while they were in overtime.  Even when they were down and out, the Patriots pushed harder than ever to grab their 5th Super Bowl win.

So how did New England celebrate their triumphant victory on Sunday?  By holding a parade, of course!  Mayor Marty Walsh announced that the Patriots Parade would take place in Boston on February 7th, just mere hours after their victory.  Since I was free on Tuesday, I had the golden opportunity to become a part of an incredible and victorious celebration.



The streets of Boston ran red, white and blue as the Patriot fanatics entered the city.  Hundreds of people cut school (and work!) to become a part of the celebration here in Boston.  Even the snowy, cold weather wasn’t going to stop New Englanders from attending the parade!


Their route started at Boylston street and would end at City Hall Plaza.  The parade itself would begin at 11:00, but the floats didn’t actually start moving until 45 minutes later.  Regardless of the late start, fans cheered on the Pats as they were heading their way.


With my body shivering out in the cold, I stood within the barriers in City Hall Plaza with my friend Andrew to witness the amazing celebration (shout-out to my friend Andrew Carr for attending this awesome event with me!).  Colorful confetti shot from cannons, scattering around the streets as fans cheered on for their favorite football team.  Even though the weather was crappy, the overall atmosphere brightened up with positivity around the city.  Patriot fans from all walks of life were here to celebrate their 5th Super Bowl win.




All of the hard-working Patriot players and staff danced around their floats as they passed through different areas of Boston.  Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, Jimmy Garoppolo, LeGarrette Blount, Stephen Gostkowski, and other players celebrated their 5th world Championship (Bill Belichick even got in on the party as well!).  Our hard-working players deserved to party, especially after that incredible comeback near the end of the 4th quarter!

This was such an incredible event to be a part of!  Thousands of fans cheered every minute as their favorite players partied down the streets of Boston.  I have seen more positive vibes around Boston today than I ever have this past month.  So many people cheered and high-fived me as I wandered around City Hall Plaza.  Even those that were working near the parade got in on the fun as well!




With all of the commotion happening around the streets, I realized that it was so much more than about the Patriots winning their Super Bowl.  Seeing Patriot fans come together on a cold and snowy day really showed what Boston is all about.  Boston is a city that embraces the underdogs, cheering on those that work harder than ever to get to where they are now.  This is a city where people work diligently to prove how worthy they are to society.



If we find something that doesn’t fit right with our city culture, then we work our asses off to fix the situation!  Boston is actually one of the most liberally-progressive cities in the United States.  With Massachusetts being the first state to legalize gay marriage in 2004, it’s no wonder that Boston is one of the most liberal cities in New England.  And with that note, I have to point out again that cannabis was made legal in Massachusetts BEFORE California during the elections!


Even when facing such uncertainty and anxiety in the world, Bostonians don’t back down from a challenge.  Just like the Patriots winning the 51st Super Bowl, Bostonians fight each day to solve their personal dilemmas from all aspects of life.  It’s times like this where we realize that we can overcome any obstacles that stand in our way.  Nothing will ever get in the way of our personal ambitions that we strive for in this city.


And with that, I must give a special thanks to the New England Patriots: thank you Patriots for showing the world what Boston is all about.  A special thanks to all Patriot players for playing as hard as they could to clinch their 5th Super Bowl win in the nation.  I have to also thank Tom Brady, the true GOAT that helped lead an incredible team to another Super Bowl victory.  Thank you for claiming another win, helping us walk even taller in this complex world.

MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Most Memorable Posts of 2016

Welcome everyone!  2016 is coming to an end and many people have mixed feelings about what 2017 will bring.  It’s been a quite a hectic year, what with the shocking events that have kept us scrambling for answers.  We’ve dealt with arguments over transgenders using the bathroom, a gorilla being shot in the zoo, a reality TV series becoming President, cannabis being legal in 20% of the country (#megalizelarijuana!), and a slew of celebrity deaths.

We will see some more exciting content coming up next year, but more on that news later.  Right now it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to visit MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s most memorable posts.  There were posts that made us happy, sad, frustrated, amused, confused, and just downright BLOWN AWAY.  These posts delved into some deep-rooted issues from provocative news stories that occurred this year.

Here were the most memorable posts in 2016 from MakeSandcastlesNotWar:

SeaWorld Orca Change (March 21st):  Before I even started MakeSandcastlesNotWar, I was writing blog posts for my school’s PRSSA chapter at Salem State University.  My first post was about SeaWorld’s PR nightmare after Blackfish came out in 2013.  It’s been more than two years since the original post and I was happy to announce that SeaWorld will stop breeding Orcas in their facility.  They got major backlash about their treatment towards killer whales and they’re definitely listening to their audience.  This was one of my first PR nightmares that was created for MakeSandcastlesNotWar.

        Georgia Anti-Gay Bill (March 24th):  Back in March, Georgia almost passed a controversial bill that would’ve hindered their business with Disney and Marvel.  The religious liberty bill, a bill that would’ve legalized discrimination against the LGBTQ community, could’ve created serious ripple between businesses.  Other than LA or New York, Georgia has become a popular hotspot for filming TV series/movies (The Walking Dead was shot in ATLANTA!).  Luckily the bill never passed and business went on as usual.  As mentioned beforehand, MakeSandcastlesNotWar believes everyone should have the same human rights.  It really doesn’t matter whether your straight, gay, bi, transgendered, or other identities.  We’re all human beings in the end and we all make sandcastles!

        San Francisco Paid Parental Leave Law (April 8th):  Ah, San Francisco!  Be sure to smoke those flowers when you’re there!  San Francisco approved a law mandating six weeks of full-paid parental leave.  The measure applies to mothers, fathers, adoptive parents, and same-sex couples.  Any mothers-to-be looking for the best business benefits should head on over to San Francisco.

        Steam Sega Mega Drive (April 27th):  Sega made one of the coolest announcements in April: the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub, a nostalgic 90s-hub where you play classic titles through Steam!  This exciting announcement was made back in 2011, but Sega was looking to add unique features for enhancing their retro-gaming atmosphere.  You can download the program on Steam to play all of the classic Sega titles.  The best part?  Games are played through the old CRT-TV!

        Kings of the Jungle (June 3rd):  JUSTICE FOR HARAMBE!  But in all seriousness, Harambe’s death was so widespread that we HAD to discuss this.  Harambe was a 450-pound gorilla that was shot in the Cincinnati Zoo after a 3-year-old boy fell into the exhibit.  His death sparked a nationwide controversy, with everyone finding someone to point fingers at.  What followed were a slew of memes dedicated to Harambe.  As I write this piece, I’d like to remind my readers that my dick’s out for Harambe.  #DicksOutforHarambe!

        Gotta Catch ‘em All! Pokémon GO! (July 13th):  This whole post started after a funny story from working at Berry Pond.  A kid was walking by the gate to wander around the park.  He was wandering around, you guessed it, to find Pokémon through the Pokémon GO app.  Pokémon GO caught on like wildfire, becoming the most popular app in less than week.  Millions of downloads and thousands of dollars later, Pokémon GO remains popular to this day.

        Super Mario Run (September 8th):  When I found out that my favorite plumber Mario was leaping into the mobile market, I just HAD to write about this!  Super Mario Run is the first Mario game people can play one-handed.  You just tap the screen and hold the screen for bigger jumps.  Collect as much coins as you can and challenge others through the ‘Toad Rally’ mode!  The game released for Apple on December 15th and there’s no word yet on when it’ll hit the Android market.

        American Horror Story: Roanoke (September 15th-November 17th):  I’ve discussed a lot of TV shows on the blog, but American Horror Story: Roanoke was a season like no other.  An isolated house near the haunted Roanoke grounds, a disturbing history of the colony itself, and a HUGE twist in the middle of the show that blew everyone’s mind!  This year’s season of American Horror Story was so amazing that posts were created the day after the episode aired.  Best part about the whole season?  Two words: PIGGY MAN.

        David Ortiz Flag Roll (October 3rd):  David Ortiz played his final game with the Boston Red Sox on October 2nd 2016.  Ortiz retired after this season, but not after an amazing tribute for him.  He may not be playing for the Boston Red Sox, but he will forever be a part of the Boston community.  As David Ortiz once said: this is our fucking city!

        #Grassachusetts (November 9th):  One of the GREATEST events happened for Massachusetts, California, Nevada, and Maine: cannabis became LEGAL!  Question 4 passed for Massachusetts with 53% voting ‘yes’ to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults 21 and older.  Similar measures were passed for Nevada, Maine, and California.  This is a major step in what would initiate the cannabis industry to flourish in America.  In pot we trust, God bless Marijuanamerica.  Yes we CANNABIS!

        A Secret Category Approaches! (November 15th):  Last but not least, we have the new category that entered the blog!  There were three clues relating to what the category would be, each stuffed into an empty bottle that all read ‘12/15/16 – ????’.  The answer to the secret category was finally revealed on December 15th.  We’ll have more content generated towards the new category as the next year rolls in.

Punting Thursday Night Games off the Airwaves

One of America’s popular sport during the fall/winter season is Football.  Families and friends gather around on Sunday night to watch their favorite team try to win.  Fantasy football fanatics are glued to their TV and laptop in the hopes of scoring more points in their league.  It’s one of America’s greatest pastimes when baseball season ends in October.

Football games used to air only on Sundays, but popular demands for the sport extended televised games for a few extra games.  Monday Night Football started in September 21, 1970 and became one of the highest-rated prime time programs, particularly among male viewers.  These Monday night games featured celebrity guests to “liven up” the games when it was starting.  NFL games have been airing on Thursdays for a decade now, but they could soon become a thing of the past.

The National Football League is considering ending, or at least limiting, Thursday Night Football. Their current contract with CBS and NBC runs through 2017, so certain changes to the negotiations could start in 2018.  Audiences have been tuning off from these Thursday night games because the two teams don’t have their A-game (literally!).  With both teams not giving it 100%, this leads to poor plays throughout the game and people will starting tuning out.

What’s interesting is that Thursday games weren’t a part of the NFL season until the post season race in November 2012 (when Obama was reelected for his 2nd term as president).  The first game that aired on Thursday was Thanksgiving night in 2005.  Thursday night games slowly became popular in 2012 and it started to take a serious toll on its players.

Seattle Seahawks corner-back Richard Sherman joined a number of NFL players who speaking out against Thursday Night Football.  He calls out the NFL for their hypocrisy about preaching player safety, yet sending their players into games with only four days of rest.  Sherman also tossed the complaint about playing on Thanksgiving night and having to miss a home-cooked meal with his family.  Former Houston Texans running back Adrian Foster accused the NFL of “putting every player on the football field in danger” when it came to Thursday games.

Viewership ratings have been decreasing during the 2016-2017 season, causing the NFL to look at what isn’t working with its viewers.  The NFL is faced with various options:  one of those is to eradicate Thursday Night Football completely.  Another option would be to start Thursday games at Thanksgiving and going until the season ends in January.  Decisions will need to be made in order to protect both the players health and approval rating from their audiences.

To better understand the major tolls Thursday night games take, let’s look at a typical scenario involving one NFL player.  We’ll go with Rob Gronkowski as our example (because of his awesome social media involvement!).  It’s Sunday and the Patriots play against Oakland Raiders.  The Patriots win 22-14 and their next game is on Thursday night against the Miami Dolphins.  After the game, Rob Gronkowski has exactly 4 days until his next game on Thursday.  This means that Rob would have about 96 hours to rest, eat, train, hydrate, and practice to get himself prepared for his next game.  Gronk may be a young spring chicken, but all those tackles will take a serious toll on both his physical/mental health.

So we seem to have an interesting marketing problem here.  We are seeing more football games than the past decades, yet the audiences are tuning out due to their sluggish performance.  Keep in mind that sports is a part of ENTERTAINMENT and the players PERFORM this sport every week in front of a live audience.  The ironic thing is that audiences are complaining that football isn’t what it used to be.  Other problems audiences see in football are harder tackles, more rules that dubbed the NFL the ‘no-fun-league’, players taking knees during the National Anthem, mediocre half-time shows, and more time broadcasting the game.  It seems as though the NFL is spurring up this razzle-dazzle concept to fluff up their programs, but the audience isn’t buying it at all.

Thursday Night Football is just flaming the fire of a branding nightmare the NFL has been facing the past few years.  This and the increase of Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (more on this exclusive subject later!) has caused serious issues among the NFL, it’s players, and their audiences.  What should the verdict be for Thursday Night Football?  Could we really do without football on Thursday?

Who knows what the future will hold for the NFL.  With more players suffering life-threatening injuries in football, the NFL really needs to think about the future of American Football the next 5-10 years.  If nothing gets sorted out, then football will become extinct in the near future.  This isn’t just about football games on Thursday nights; it’s about the teetering future of one of America’s greatest weekend pastimes.  Football helped shape America to what it is today and our country’s most important values could soon be punted off the field.