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Tampa Bay Welomes Brady and Gronk

I’m not a major sports fan, but I must confess that I really do miss sports these days.  It’s a strange time when you don’t hear any news whatsoever about basketball, baseball, hockey, football, and other sports leagues.  There are no results from each home team since the season hasn’t even started yet.

Even still, there are trades happening among different teams.  Just recently, New England Patriots made has made two shocking trades with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  The two team members include… Tom Brady… and Rob Gronkowski.

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Tampa Bay Buccaneers Logo Drawing by Deborah Young

You heard me right, folks –Tom Brady and Rob Gronkowski will be joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  Tom Brady announced the move back in late March.  Just a few weeks later, Rob Gronkowski agreed to come out of retirement to play for Tampa Bay.

Tom Brady apparently hinted to teams during free agency that Rob ...

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Two of the greatest football players for the Patriots are now starting their season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  What does the future hold for the New England Patriots?  How will Brady and Gronk do this season now that they start with the new team?  Will we see the New England Patriots climb to the top this season?

We’ll have to find out how this will play out when the season begins Fall 2020.  One thing is for certain – the matches between the New England Patriots and Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be VERY interesting this year.



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Even in the days of legal cannabis sweeping the nation, the NFL is still against pot use among players.  Players who use cannabis, even when it heals many of their physical injuries, can still risk suspension for a few days.  What’s even more preposterous is that the Super Bowl continues to omit cannabis as part of their famous ads.

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In this new decade we have various players admitting to using cannabis during their off season.  Famous athletes like Rob Gronkowski are getting off the stadium grass and heading towards the CBD grass.  Gronkowski is one of many who are advocating for cannabis use in the NFL.

And that’s when something HUGE just came around this year.

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A proposed agreement from team owners would no longer suspend players who test positive for cannabis use.  This new policy would also reduce the number of players called in for testing.  Besides that, the plan would narrow the window for when tests can be administered from four months to two weeks at the beginning of training camp.

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Cannabis has been growing even stronger as an industry.  It’s soaring in popularity, even HIGHER than the NFL.  With more and more NFL stars admitting to toking up off the field, the NFL is slowly swaying into a more liberal policy towards cannabis.

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The proposal won’t be decided until the end of the week.  Whatever decision goes through, one thing will be for certain – This could be the start of something absolutely life-changing for both the cannabis industry and the NFL.