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Kareem Hunt’s NFL PR Nightmare

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PR nightmares come in many forms.  Some nightmares happen after a bold moment with a certain character or a tragic mishap from a big company.  Nevertheless, any PR nightmare is the worst kind of thing to deal with.  People can recover after the damage happened, but it may last longer than they think.

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Image result for PR Nightmares

In some cases, PR nightmares share similar stories but with different characters.  They become part of this ever-growing horrific theme that comes out of the end of each story.  Many of them come with unexpected consequences, but some may come with a beacon of hope at the end; that is, IF they settle the score the right way.

This past week, we are dealing with a shocking PR nightmare that shares a familiar background story with other characters.  It’s a nightmare that features an NFL’s violent altercation with a woman at a Cleveland hotel.

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A video resurfaced from February 2018 featuring former Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt.  Hunt was engaging in a verbal altercation with a woman at a hotel in Cleveland.  He was seen fighting with the woman, shoving her away from him.  It got even worse as he was even seen kicking her while she was on the ground.

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Just for the record, doesn’t this PR nightmare sound too familiar?  It should.  NFL fans would remember the infamous Roy Rice beating back in September 2014.  A video resurfaced of Rice beating her former fiance Janay Palmer in an elevator.  Rice got in major trouble with the NFL, causing quite a stir throughout the year.  This became one of many PR nightmares that ignited the conversation about domestic violence.

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Here we are four years later – same PR nightmare, different characters.  Hunt’s video is just as disturbing as Roy’s candid scandal.  He has already been spreading his apologies all around the media.  Even still, Hunt is still facing a six-game suspension this year.  It hasn’t been a week and the PR nightmare has already been blowing up in his face.

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With that, Kareem Hunt’s shocking video created another PR nightmare for the sports community.  This act will send shock waves among Hunt, the Kansas City Chief, and even the NFL as well.  Who knows what strategies the NFL will unfold to salvage themselves from this mess.  Social media is only making it easier for horrific videos of Kareem Hunt or Roy Rice to surface onto the internet.

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Kareem Hunt becomes another character in the ever-growing PR nightmare clouding around the NFL.


Boston Red Sox – 2018 PR Miracle Champs

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Well folks, its time to end this week on a positive note… a TRULY positive note that is.  After a few weeks of horror-themed posts, we start this month on the right foot. I mentioned this blurb back on Monday and its time to say it again – The Boston Red Sox are the 2018 World Champions.

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Image result for Boston Red Sox

That’s right – the Red Sox won the world series.  They won their final game on Sunday October 28th, winning by 4 (final score: 5-1).  After a grueling and tiresome few weeks, the Red Sox finally won the championship once again.  It truly is a great start for the city of Boston.

But a PR miracle happened a mere week before they won the world series.  This miracle happened after the second home game, involving a famous outfielder and his love for delivery food.

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Red Sox outfielder Mookie Betts went by the Boston Public Library around 2:00 AM to deliver Dominican food to the homeless.  After wandering around the area with hot plates, about a dozen or so people went up to get food from him.  It was quite a miraculous scene over at the Boston Public Library, with many of the homeless thanking him for his generosity.

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Image result for Mookie Betts

Interestingly enough, this PR miracle wasn’t even a publicity stunt to begin with – Mookie Betts and his companions just wanted to give food to the homeless.  It’s that simple act of kindness that makes Boston so amazing.  Even after working their hardest on their season (whether its making baskets or scoring touchdowns), Boston athletes always think of the real citizens that live in the city.  These small acts of charity humanize Boston’s sports brands, becoming more relatable to their audiences.

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Not only did Mookie Bett’s brand shine through this generous act, but he made the Boston Red Sox brand better as well.  Betts is just one of many examples where Boston athletes do real work for the community.  Why rely on complicated politics to solve the homeliness issue in Boston when you have superstar athletes like Mookie Betts pitching in to help.

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In the end, Mookie Betts is what Boston is all about.  Not only did Betts pay it forward by delivering food to the homeless, but he helped flourish his brand (as well as the Boston Red Sox brand) even further.  If you want to look for an incredible sports PR miracle, look no further than Mookie Betts.

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And with that, Boston gets bragging rights for the next two months.  Boston Red Sox are the 2018 world championships and Mookie Betts hit a home run with that PR miracle during the world series.

Who knows what other PR miracles/PR nightmares are in stores for the Boston Red Sox next year.  Hopefully we will see another world series in the near future.

Paul Pierce Dunks Into the Vape Business

Well folks, November is here.  Another Halloween has come and gone.  It was quite a spooky month here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  But even with Halloween being over, there is still no shortage of PR nightmares that are soon to come.  The month of November only brings us more PR/marketing-related news, especially with the elections happening very soon.

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For now, it’s time to go from spooky back to pot…LITERALLY.  These days, many retired athletes are cashing in on the cannabis industry.  Mike Tyson bought land to grow cannabis, Eugene Monroe went on Bong Appetit eating edibles as well as smoking from a super pipe (more on that here), and Ricky Williams even launched his own line of cannabis products (read up here).  Many athletes enjoy cannabis not only for its incredible business opportunity, but also for treating their own injuries.  After competing for years out on the field, these athletes are now consuming cannabis during their off seasons; better yet, some are even bringing it to light.

Ricky Williams is not the only retired athlete who started his own cannabis business.  One famous player is making a slam dunk in… the vape pen business.

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Former Celtics player Paul Pierce is in the business of creating his own vape pen company for CBD oils.  He tweeted the news last week, announcing his new company called Vape Vesper.  Pierce listed himself as the co-founder and CEO of the company.


Paul Pierce is an avid cannabis user, vaping CBD oil to deal with his anxiety and chronic pain.  He advocates on how he uses CBD oil instead of pain pills.

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As recreational cannabis use becomes increasingly popular in sports and society, athletes have been turning to CBD as an alternative medicine for dealing with pain and stress relief.  Paul Pierce is one of many athletes turning to cannabis for their own personal and professional use.  It goes to show that cannabis has a place for every source of entertainment, including sports.

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This is also one of many PR miracles happening for retired athletes.  It’s the same story, but with different characters – the athlete retires after years of competing in the major leagues.  All of those aches and bruises start to catch up as time goes on.  That athletic superstar (in this case, Paul Pierce) turns to cannabis as a way of dealing with his personal injuries and illnesses.  Not only that, but he establishes his own business venture to help other people as well.  The cannabis business acts as a perfect PR strategy for famous athletes nationwide.

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Kudos to athletes like Paul Pierce for turning to cannabis.  He played fifteen seasons with the Boston Celtics (helping them win the NBA championship in 2008!) and now he will be making slam dunks with his new cannabis venture.  Hopefully his CBD oils will help other athletes who are dealing with their own chronic illnesses.

Be sure to look out for Paul Pierce’s new CBD oil in the near future.  It will be yet another PR miracle for the city of Boston.

Summer 2018 Goals

It has been an interesting couple of days here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  Pride Month started earlier, recreational cannabis shops are opening in less than a month, and summer is coming up real soon.  Summer is usually a more relaxed season and business runs a bit slower than usual; this scenario goes for the PR industry as well.

Being that there aren’t as much entertainment releases during this season, I figured I take things a different direction.  Earlier I composed list of goals I want to complete for this summer.  These are not important life-changing goals that could drastically alter my life; but rather, just fun activities or events I plan to complete for this summer.

Here are my summer goals for this year:

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Read 5-10 Books

To be honest, I have not been reading as much books as I used to.  With the weather getting nicer, now is the time to sit outside and read some books.  I received a bunch of books last Christmas from my family.  This past weekend I finished reading California by Edan Lepucki, which was a real interesting read.

My goal is around 5-10 by the end of the summer, but I will probably add on to that list as time goes on.

Hiking Trips to New Mountains

Hiking trips around Bailey’s Hill are always fun, but its time I extend my trips elsewhere.  There are lots of other hiking trails I have yet to discover around the Boston area.  Even in the busy streets of Boston, there are still nearby trails to hike around.  Hopefully I will find some great trails that are not too far from me.

Rooftop Bar Events

Yesterday I played around with the idea of rooftop events in Boston (which you can read about here).  Rooftop bars make for great events to enjoy drinks on a nice summer day.  Whenever I am in Boston, I will be sure to hit up some good rooftop spots.  I have already spent enough time drinking my craft beers inside the bars and now it’s time to enjoy a cold one out on a rooftop or patio area.

Biking Around Beaches (Nahant, Winthrop, Revere, etc)

Other than hiking trails, I enjoy riding my bike outside as well.  I took my bike out last year a few times in Point of Pines.  It was an exhilarating exercise to do around Revere Beach.  Some other areas I want to ride around are Nahant Beach, Winthrop Beach, Swampscott, and even parts of Boston.  Definitely looking to stay active all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Attend Concerts

A few years ago, I attended some good shows around Boston.  I got to check out the Boston Calling Festival and even saw Gregory Alan Isakov live.  This year I plan to be on the hunt for some good bands coming into the area.  Anything within the jam band/classic rock scene would be great.

Go Camping

Camping is always a fun summer activity.  I went camping a few times with the family and enjoyed getting away from town for a while.  Hopefully I will go camping with some close friends of mine during their break from work.  This could be a great way to take a break and reconnect with nature.

Vacation Trip to Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT was the home of Champlain College, my first college I went to after graduating high school.  This was such an amazing city to be in with so many awesome places in downtown.  I would walk for miles around the city and never get bored of what Burlington had to offer.  During this summer, I definitely want to head back to my old college town for a bit to explore B-Town again (#BrokeInBurlington).

Take Trips to NH and Maine

Besides Burlington, I definitely want to take some quick trips up to New Hampshire and Maine as well.  New Hampshire and Maine are more than an hour away from me, but it’s a great drive to get away from the city.  The city may be fun, but I will carve out some time to explore the countryside.

Summer Blockbusters

Those summer blockbusters are perfect for the rainy days.  There are a lot of great movies coming out this summer that I will have to check out this year.  If the weather isn’t perfect, then its time to check out some summer blockbuster films.  And for the record, I WILL create a post about some of the movies I checked out this summer.

Swimming in the Ocean

One last healthy activity for the summer – swimming.  The ocean will be warming up near the beach, which will be perfect to swim in.  Swimming in the pool is one thing, but swimming in the ocean is even better.  There’s nothing like feeling the waves of cold water splashing over you on a hot summer day.

That is all for the summer goals of 2018.  There may be new goals added if something else comes up.  Either way, this summer is looking to be brighter than ever each and every day!