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Kraft’s Preventable PR Nightmare Explosion

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Happy Monday everybody!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend with some good cannabis on 4/20 (#420BlAzEiT) and a wonderful Easter celebration.  Two amazing holidays fell under one weekend here in April.  In the end, 4/20 was my favorite holiday this past weekend.

Now that the weekend of holidays is over, we are back into the real world with another week of topics.  For today, we have familiar PR nightmare that has only taken a turn for the worse.  Our returning star for today’s PR nightmare is none other than New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft.

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If you remembered earlier this year, Robert Kraft was one of the dozens of people arrested in Florida for ties to a prostitution ring happening at a massage parlor.  This bizarre scandal happened at Orchids of Asia Day Spa at Juniper, Florida.  He ended up pleading not guilty on his counts, denying that he did anything illegal.

This PR nightmare happened mere months ago.  And folks, it only just got worse from there… MUCH worse.

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Kraft’s recent act was caught on video and was shipped around various media outlets.  There are even plans for the video to be released in public.

First the PR nightmare happened at the massage parlor in Juniper, Florida.  Now that nightmare was recently caught on video.  In this digital age, the thirst for that information has never been stronger.

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Robert Kraft will have to work with his best legal team to prevent the video from spreading.  Releasing the video would cause serious damage.  In this case, that small spark has to be stopped before it reaches gunpowder anytime soon.  One touch of it and you got yourself a PR Nightmare Explosion (#PRNightmareExplosion).

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As sophisticated as our technology becomes, our laws have become even more modernized for cases like this.  There are ways around preventing private videos from being leaked.  Simply stating the nature of how shocking and inappropriate it would be for one to release such video could be the key to prevent it from happening.  Kraft will have to pull a few tricks with his lawyers to keep this from getting any worse.

With that, Robert Kraft has a lot of strategizing to do in order to keep this PR Nightmare Explosion from happening.  Hopefully the video won’t see the light of day through mainstream media.

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All we need is to prevent the spark from reaching the gunpowder so that the PR Nightmare Explosion doesn’t happen.


Gronkowski’s Post-NFL Career Ideas

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Some shocking news has come from the sports front.  Rob Gronkowski, the infamous tight end for the New England Patriots, is officially retiring.  That’s right, the same Gronkowski who created his own KanJam Game Set and started what would be an entertaining Instagram account.   After playing nine years for the Patriots, Gronkowski is hanging up his jersey.

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Its surprising to hear of this news just more than a month after the New England Patriots snagged their 6th Superbowl Championship.  Rob Gronkowski played an amazing season with the Patriots, helping to snag three rings during his NFL career.  Gronkowski had a good long run for nine years with the Patriots, but now he will be exploring other career avenues in the future.

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After his stint with the NFL, Rob Gronkowski has a lot of options available to him career-wise.  His entertaining and likable personality will help open many doors for him in the long run.  He already negotiated with companies such as Monster Energy and Dunkin Donuts for sponsorship deals.  Even if he does retire at a young age (age 29), he still has a lot of exciting ideas in store soon.

Since Rob Gronkowski is retiring soon, MakeSandcastlesNotWar decided to pinpoint some career options that would work best for his brand:


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During his NFL career, Rob Gronkowski took part in various modeling shoots.  Gronkowski has already graced the cover of Sports Illustrated, GQ, Muscle & Fitness, ESPN The Body Issue, and others.  Now that he is retiring from the NFL, he will have more time to explore a career of modeling.  Who knows, he may model with cute animals by his side!


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Gronkowski has proven to be quite a great actor in Hollywood.  He has a small cameo in Entourage and played an animated version of himself in Family Guy.  With his friendly personality, Rob Gronkowski can definitely play other rolls in the latest TV series or movies.  His hilarious social media posts say it all when it comes to entertaining fans.  While his NFL career is over, he can still be on camera acting rather than playing football.


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Rob Gronkowski’s acting skills could land him a career in wrestling.  Gronkowski already made an appearance in WWE’s Wrestlemania 33, so he’s no stranger to the wrestling ring.  He’s also wrestled with his brothers as a kid, so he still has a few special wrestling moves as well.  With that, Gronk could utilizes his physical strength for wrestling instead of football.

Motivational Speaker

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Whether he is on of off the football field, Rob Gronkowski has touched thousands of peoples lives.  He co-wrote his memoir titled It’s Good to be Gronk with Jason Rosenhaus back in July 2015.  His memoir helps motivate people like him to keep pushing forward in life, even in the toughest of times.  His wise words could turn him into a motivational speaker for audiences alike.  Better yet, he could produce his own TED talk if he works hard at it!


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Now that he is officially off the football field for good, Rob Gronkowski could use the time to write more novels about himself.  His first memoir showcases the road leading up to his football career with the New England Patriots.  The next book he writes could be a reflection upon his career with the NFL.

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Those were five career moves Rob Gronkowski could get into after retiring from the NFL.  Whether he starts more modeling or becomes a motivational speaker, Gronkowski has many doors opened for him in the future.  There is no telling what he will think of next for him and his brand.  Even still, his brand will flourish further years after his NFL career.

PR Nightmare Week Philosophy

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This week has been flooded with PR nightmares.  Robert Kraft, Jussie Smollett, and even the alcohol industry itself has landed in hot waters recently.  While Kraft and Smollett watch their nightmares unfold before them, the growing rise of the cannabis industry will make the nightmare last even longer.

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Two notorious celebrities, one popular vice that has been used for centuries.  All three-falling prey into their own PR nightmares.  Smollett’s publicity stunt only landed him flat on his face and pushed far away from his own show.  Robert Kraft got caught in the prostitution ring over in Florida, which puts a bit of damper on his team’s recent victory.

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For the alcohol industry – well, that nightmare would eventually start once recreational cannabis became popular.  More consumers (most especially millennials) have been purchasing more cannabis than alcohol these days.  That PR nightmare will continue even further with the rise of dispensaries and cannabis lounges within the nation.  The PR miracle of recreational cannabis has been tipping the scales, initiating the spark of alcohol’s worst PR nightmare.

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What makes this particular nightmare so disturbing is that it becomes a competition among one growing industry rather than various companies.  This won’t be the first time we will run into this particular PR nightmare.  Over time, the rise of recreational cannabis will have a major impact on the alcohol industry.

Robert Kraft and Jussie Smollett will deal with their own troubles.  As for the alcohol industry… well, their PR nightmare is only just beginning.

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As we approach the month of March, we will enter into Spring soon.  This shift towards the new season will present us more exciting and adventurous stories in the world of public relations.  PR nightmare or not, we will discover more shocking revelations happening in the field of entertainment.  New characters will come into play, packed with more twists and turns in their story.

Let’s welcome the new month (and pretty soon, new season) with open arms.  We could certainly use some good PR miracles in the future.

Kraft’s Prostitution PR Nightmare

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The New England Patriots have been celebrating yet another Super bowl champion this year.  More than three weeks ago, the Patriots beat the Los Angeles Rams 13-3.  Things were quiet at first, but it quickly kicked into high gears as the game went on.  That makes it six rings for superstar quarterback Tom Brady.

It’s time like this that you know the year kicked off great so far when your home team wins yet another Superbowl.  All of the New England Patriots get to live in the glory until the next season starts.  Hopefully we can start thinking about clinching yet another ring for 2019-2020 football season.

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But while the Patriots have been celebrating their PR miracle, chief executive officer Robert Kraft dealt with his own PR nightmare this past week.  Last week, Robert Kraft was charged in connection with a prostitution sting in Florida.  Kraft had a driver take him to The Orchards of Asia Day Spa (which he was a regular customer at) on two different occasions last month.  The Orchards of Asia Day Spa was one of 10 massage parlors that was shut down amid a wide-spread crackdown on human trafficking.  This particular spa was about 20 miles north of Kraft’s luxury home of Breakers Resort in Palm Beach.

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No charges have been filed yet, but one thing’s for certain – Robert Kraft has quite a PR nightmare on his hands.  Even with his team’s latest Superbowl win, this latest snafu will put a damper on the team.  His latest actions got him roped into a major human trafficking crackdown happening around Florida.

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Even during the off-seasons, PR nightmares can still happen in the sports world.  Athletes, agents, managers, and other figures of the sports industry get caught up in their own wild games that it ends up hurting themselves in the long run.  Not only does it hurt them, but it seeps into the industry as well.  Kraft’s latest notorious excursions landed him in hot water, generating bad buzz for him and the New England Patriots.

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With that, Robert Kraft now has to play the PR game the right way if he wants to generate good publicity.  He needs to spread the buzz to flourish him, as well as the New England Patriots, even further.  It is only then that they can start scoring even more touchdowns with their brand.

Captive Markets – High Prices, High Experience

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That Bruins game three weeks ago made me ponder about some things.  For one thing, I was hoping that the Bruins are doing well this season (GO BRUINS!).  The other was the shocking increase of food and drink prices showcased on the menus.  I have not caught a Celtics or Bruins game in the TD Garden in a long while, so it was amazing to see how modernized everything looked.  What I wasn’t intrigued about were the ‘modern’ prices set around the area.

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For the record, it wasn’t just the alcohol that was up-scaled.  Burgers, pizza slices, hot dogs, chicken tenders, French fries, and even bags of peanuts were being sold at wildly outrageous prices.  I could purchase these items for half (even more) the prices at other places in Boston.

It wasn’t until a week later that I discovered a term that made all this complete sense to me.  What was going on at the time was simply known as a captive market.

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Captive markets are markets where the consumer face a severely limited number of competitive suppliers.  Their only choices are to purchase what is available or make no purchase at all.  This marketing tactic provides higher prices and less diverse options for the consumer.

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Being that the consumer is captive within a designated area, he/she is forced to choose from what is available to them.  Even with the higher price ranges, the consumer will still make a purchase based on what is available.

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This term right here describes best as to what happened at the TD Garden earlier.  Because there were very limited options to choose from for food and drinks, I was forced to purchase what was available at the TD Garden.  You aren’t able to bring in any outside food or drinks with you since they sell products during the event.  Every type of business was in full swing when the Boston Bruins were playing the Philadelphia Flyers.

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Rather than dwelling on the outrageously high prices, I found this concept quite fascinating.  It’s a perfectly reasonable marketing tactic aimed for the consumer to get the most out of their experience.  Whether it is a sports game or a rock concert, captive markets are always happening to provide the best experience necessary.

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With that, captive markets were happening during the Boston Bruins game I attended a few weeks ago.  At this point, I can only be intrigued by this unique marketing concept.  It is always great to discuss another marketing concept here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.

Captive markets may cause for higher prices, but you’ll get a much higher sporting experience in the long run.