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5/30 Thirsty Thursday Quote

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Henceforth I ask not good fortune, I myself am good fortune.

~ Walt Whitman


Gaming Disorder? GAME OVER

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There are lots of amazing video games to play through these days.  From old school classics like Donkey Kong Country to trending titles on the mobile platform such as Fortnite, all kinds of games are available in this day and age.  It’s always easy to pick up a new title you have not tried before, only to experience a whole new digital world that awaits you.

Video games can be fun and all, but sometimes that fun can get a little too much at times.  There is the unfortunate trend of ‘gaming addiction’ that has been happening across the world.  But these days, gaming addiction is now being known as a mental illness called Gaming Disorder.

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Through the latest revision of the World Health Organization’s International Classification of Diseases released last year, Gaming Disorder is now officially a thing.  Gaming Disorder involves instances that involve impaired control over gaming, increased priority given to gaming, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite occurrence of negative consequences.  This revision comes into effect on January 1st, 2022.

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The number of active gamers has skyrocketed since the video game industry began.  There are currently over 2.47 billion gamers in the world and that figure is projected to increase by the millions over the next few years.  More and more gamers are entering the video game market.

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While video game popularity has been flourishing faster than ever, it doesn’t cause much of a PR nightmare.  Sure, there are lots of people getting into video games either through home consoles or their mobile device; but the increase of players only means that there are more audiences getting into this growing form of entertainment.  All audiences from various walks of life are grabbing the controller and playing the latest games available.

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With that, Gaming Disorder is something to be watchful of in the future.  Even still, it doesn’t produce enough of a spark to create a PR nightmare for the video game industry.  Video games will continue to be a popular form of media, producing franchise brands for audiences alike.

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Hopefully this research won’t spell ‘GAME OVER’ for the video game industry.

Provincetown Sashays into Pot Cafes

Welcome back readers!  It’s been merely half a week and I am back here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  I am just slowly stretching out my fingers for my writing work after a great few days of rest and relaxation.  Memorial Day Weekend is already over and we are slowly creeping into Summer.

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It’s time to kick off the new week with today’s story – lately there has been much discussions about cannabis being consumed at public cafes and concerts around Massachusetts.  Two types of licenses would be granted for businesses.  One would allow facilities specifically for recreational cannabis consumption (as in, a cannabis café) while the other would be for holding public events.  Five locations were selected for a pilot program that would allow for the social consumption licenses.  One of them just happen to be where I was vacationing this past weekend – Provincetown.

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Provincetown was selected as one of the areas for the special pilot program.  The town would be automatically accepted for the pilot program if they wanted to participate.  If the town agrees, Provincetown could have a cannabis café in the near future.

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This town is most famously known as the premier vacation destination in the Cape Cod area that has been a longtime haven for artists, lesbians, and gay men alike.  Other than Fire Island in New York, Provincetown is one of the most popular vacation destinations within the LGBTQ community here in New England.

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Providing a cannabis café in Provincetown would do wonders for the resort town.  After staying there this past weekend, I can definitely see a café or two selling cannabis products to its customers.  While there are no medical or recreational dispensaries within the area, Provincetown does provide cannabis accessories in some of its shops.  The cannabis culture is slowly blooming within the radiant, colorful town of Provincetown.

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Opening up a cannabis café would really put Provincetown on the map.  Both Fire Island and Provincetown are two of the most popular LGBTQ vacation destinations here in New England.  They both have a rich history of provocative culture throughout the 20th century.  What Fire Island is to New York is what Provincetown is to Massachusetts.  Two of the trendiest vacation destinations, with Provincetown being the first to receive licenses for cannabis café.

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Massachusetts and New York have always been competitive in the New England region in terms of food, sports teams, hospitality, tourism, and even gay-friendly resorts.  These two states push to raise their own brand awareness higher than any states within New England.  They are two of the most popular (and EXPENSIVE!) cities in the area.

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In the end, Provincetown only raised their rainbow flag higher by being involved with discussions about cannabis cafes before Fire Island.  This PR miracle will flourish brands in both the cannabis and the LGBTQ community of Provincetown.  Tourists may soon be able to wave their rainbow flag all while puffing on a good pre-rolled joint at a nearby café.


5/27 Motivational Monday Quote

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Suppose a boat is crossing a river, and another empty boat is about to collide with it.  Even an irritable man would not lose his temper.  But supposing there was someone in the second boat.  Then the occupant of the first would shout to him to keep clear.  And if the other did not hear the first time, nor even when called three times, bad language would inevitably follow.  In the first case there was no anger, in the second there was; because in the first case the boat was empty, and in the second it was occupied.  And so it is with man.  If he could only roam empty through life, who would be able to injure him?

~ Zhuangzi, 4th century B.C.

5/26 Sunday Funday Quote

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Our hangnails are incredibly real to us; whereas to most of us, the English village of Nether Wallop and the high Himalayan country of Bhutan, not to mention the slowly swirling spiral galaxy in Andromeda, are considerably less real, even though our intellectual selves might wish to insist that since the latter are much bigger and longer-lasting than our hangnails, they ought therefore to be far realer to us than our hangnails are.  We can say this to ourselves till we’re blue in the face, but few of us act as if we really believed it.  A slight slippage of subterranean stone that obliterates 20,000 people in some far-off land, the ceaseless plundering of virgin jungles in the Amazon basin, a swarm of helpless stars being swallowed up one after another by a ravenous black hole, even an ongoing collision between two huge galaxies each of which contains a hundred billion stars —such colossal events are so abstract to someone like me that they can’t even touch the sense of urgency and importance, and thus the reality, of some measly little hangnail on my left hand’s pinky.  We are all egocentric, and what is realest to each of us, in the end, is ourself.  The realest things of all are my knee, my nose, my anger, my hunger, my toothache, my sideache, my sadness, my joy, my love for math, my abstraction ceiling, and so forth.  What all these things have in common, what binds them together, is the concept of “my”, which comes out of the concept of “I” or “me”, and therefore, although it is less concrete than a nose or even a toothache, this “I” thing is what ultimately seems to each of us to constitute the most solid rock of undeniability of all.  Could it possibly be an illusion?  Or if not a total illusion, could it possibly be less real and less solid than we think it is?  Could an “I” be more like an elusive, receding, shimmering rainbow than like a tangible, heftable, transportable pot of gold?

~ Douglas Hofstadter, 2007