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12/31 New Year’s Eve Quote!

Happy New Year’s Everyone!!

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Software entities are more complex for their size than perhaps any other human construct because no two parts are alike. If they are, we make the two similar parts into a subroutine — open or closed. In this respect, software systems differ profoundly from computers, buildings, or automobiles, where repeated elements abound.

~ Fred Brooks Jr.

MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Top Posts of 2017!

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Welcome back readers!  It’s time for a special post on this cold Saturday afternoon.  After blogging for another year (yes, ANOTHER year has gone by!), it’s time to reminisce on the most popular stories here on MakeSandcastlesNotWar.

These choices were based on the total amount of views cumulated over the months.  Some stories showcased amazing things that happened on TV while others discussed PR miracles that happened this year.  Let’s take another road down memory lane to look at the top 10 popular stories within MakeSandcastlesNotWar on 2017.

Now it’s on to the final results:

#10 – Bong Appetit’s Toasted Touchdown

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The season premiere of Bong Appetit scored many touchdowns – cannabis-infused appetizers, intriguing education on CTE, and some NFL players stopping by for some food.  But the best part of the episode?  That ridiculously huge pipe the guests smoked after dinner.

Screenshot (217)

Bong Appetit always goes above and beyond the amount of weed they use for the show and this episode definitely proved it.  This was just one of many highlights of the show.

#9 – Weedmaps Billboard Display on Revere Beach


What first started out as hidden gem near the Wonderland Station in Revere became a string of posts showcasing these billboard displays from Weedmaps.  Weedmaps advertisements were seen all around Boston – Revere, Lynn, Saugus, and even Salem had billboard displays advertising the cannabis company.  Recreational dispensaries haven’t opened in Massachusetts yet, but Weedmaps is already been advertised around the area.

This is just the beginning of many cannabis advertisements that will be flying around Boston in the future!

#8 – 90’s Console War: Sega’s Mini Mega Drive VS. Nintendo’s NES Classic Mini

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Here’s an oldie, but goodie – the 90’s Console War between Sega and Nintendo!  Last year I talked about two video game companies (Sega and Nintendo) releasing their newest consoles for the Christmas season.  Sega was releasing their Mini Mega Drive while Nintendo was releasing the NES Classic Mini.  Two nostalgic 90s gaming machines were going to be featured as a gift idea for Christmas season.

I don’t know which console ended up selling the most, but they made for excellent gift ideas.  As a nostalgic gamer myself, I’d definitely pick up the NES Classic Mini system.  It’d definitely be worth having all of those classic titles under one console.

#7 – AHS Teases New Elephant Monster!

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You can’t have a great American Horror Story chapter without a monster and this year’s season definitely delivered.  Ryan Murphy tweeted a drawing of an elephant monster on May 5th that had hollowed-out eyes and a red, sinister grin.  It wasn’t until months later that the elephant monster turned out to be Ally’s girlfriend Ivy.  The elephant costume was Ivy’s costume that she wore when she joined Kai’s cult.

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Revealing the new monster was shocking and finding out that the monster was Ivy was just as surprising.  You never know what twister monster will pop up next on American Horror Story!

#6 – RIP Ringling Brothers Circus: 1871-2017

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The most popular PR nightmare looked at dealt with the Ringling Brothers Circus closing down.  After mounting pressure, low sales, and a damaging reputation, the Ringling Brothers Circus put on their last show in May.  They have been around for over 140 years and now their entertainment reign has come to an end.

Here’s to the Ringling Brothers Circus for entertaining millions of families all across the country!

#5 – Eataly Boston, Ciao Bella!


Field trips are always popular for MakeSandcastlesNotWar readers and this trip to Eataly Boston made it to #5 of our countdown.  When I heard about an Eataly coming to Boylston Street in Boston, I knew I had to check this out.  I entered the Italian restaurant/market and gazed at the amount of pasta, wine, beers, cheese, sauces, and many other utensils for making Italian dishes.  It was so fascinating looking at all of this delicious Italian food to cook at home.

Eataly Boston was a great trip and I look forward to many other field trips next year.

#4 – Girl… The Fabulous Laganja Estranja Got Some Dank Weed!


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Another Bong Appetit post made it on the countdown.  This post chronicled a special guest on season one episode six titled ‘Marijuana Murder Mystery’ named Laganja Estranja.  Laganja Estranja was a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race and happens to be a popular advocate for the cannabis culture in California.  She appeared in the murder mystery episode alongside other guests and…GIRL, did she smoke some fabulous weed!

It’s things like Laganja Estranja smoking some fine weed on TV that make Bong Appetit such an incredible show to watch.  Cannabis is widely used by people of all colors of the rainbow!

#3 – Supernatural: XXX Edition

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Image result for Supernatural Gay

After months of binge-watching Supernatural, I became thoroughly convinced that America needs a homoerotic porno version of this show.  The subtle gay jokes are dropped in almost every episode (I finished season 11 and STILL found more jokes as the episodes go on).  Something like Supernatural XXX would satisfy a lot of fans of the series.  Dean and Castiel’s bromance could even be the center story of the film!

#2 – Paparazzi Art

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Earlier last year, I became fascinated with these magazines about the lives of celebrities.  Celebrities from all across the entertainment spectrum were featured in magazines like US Weekly or People.  It was fascinating how people became obsessed with these ideas of fame.  Even I was interested in the lives of Paris Hilton or Bam Margera while I was in high school.

Even though I don’t know most of these people personally, I still found joy in reading about what they were are up to.  This ‘paparazzi art’ was the center of this post that made it to #2 of the countdown.

#1 – My CBD Experience at The Hempest

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Our #1 post of this year was My CBD Experience at The Hempest.  A few weeks before cannabis was made legal in Massachusetts, I discussed the CBD oil I found over at The Hempest in Boston.  This CBD oil contained the non-psychoactive cannabinoid, cannabidiol, found in cannabis.  It was a combination of a field trip and science lesson about CBD.  More than a year after the trip, many people still found interest in reading about this cannabinoid.

And that’s all for this year’s hottest post of 2017!  A new year is approaching, with tons of exciting new materials coming your way.  Happy New Year to you all and stay tuned for what’s in store next year!

12/29 TGIF Quote!

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On this point we want to be perfectly clear: socialism has nothing to do with equalizing. Socialism cannot ensure conditions of life and consumption in accordance with the principle ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.’ This will be under communism. Socialism has a different criterion for distributing social benefits: ‘From each according to his ability, to each according to his work.’

~ Mikhail Gorbachev, Perestroika

12/28 Thirsty Thursday Quote!

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Behind all the political rhetoric being hurled at us from abroad, we are bringing home one unassailable fact — [terrorism is] a crime by any civilized standard, committed against innocent people, away from the scene of political conflict, and must be dealt with as a crime. . . . [I]n our recognition of the nature of terrorism as a crime lies our best hope of dealing with it. . . . [L]et us use the tools that we have. Let us invoke the cooperation we have the right to expect around the world, and with that cooperation let us shrink the dark and dank areas of sanctuary until these cowardly marauders are held to answer as criminals in an open and public trial for the crimes they have committed, and receive the punishment they so richly deserve.

~ William H. Webster October 15th, 1985

MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Top 4/20 Posts of 2017!

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Happy Hump Day folks!  Today marks the very last ‘hump day’ of 2017 and they’ll be plenty more to come next year.

Yesterday we kicked off our memory lane trip with some memorable TV series over the year.  Some were original series that started airing on Netflix while other franchises rolled out their newest season.  TV was one of the more popular entertainment categories.

Related image

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But one major category has been surging since last year – that category is CANNABIS.  Ever since cannabis became legalized in Massachusetts on November 2016, many advocates were excited about what is to come.  A whole new industry will be sweeping around the country, providing many exciting business opportunities for all.

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I was so excited to see cannabis finally become legal in the state of Massachusetts; so excited that I released the special ‘4/20’ category on December 16th when the law went into effect (remember the ‘secret’ category that you had to figure out through three clues?  Good times…).  Nevertheless, so much has happened since cannabis became legal.  Recreational dispensaries haven’t even opened for business, yet a lot of exciting things have been happening within the cannabis industry.

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MakeSandcastlesNotWar wanted to celebrate some notable milestones that have happened since the blog went to pot (LITERALLY!).  There were PR miracles that introduced more unique concepts surrounding cannabis while others diminished DECADES of prohibition propaganda.

Let’s dive into the most 4/20-friendly PR stories of the cannabis industry:

Laganja Estranja’s Most Fabulous Weed!

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Bong Appetit never ceases to amaze me with their incredible concoctions.  From the apple-shaped pipe cocktail where you smoke the cannabis afterwards to the Christmas tree blunt, Bong Appetit always push the boundaries for what can be done with cannabis.

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Image result for bong appetit murder mystery

Image result for bong appetit murder mystery

The most unique moment was on season one episode six titled ‘Marijuana Murder Mystery’ where Abdullah threw a murder-mystery masquerade dinner for his guest.  One of guests he invited was Laganja Estranja, a notable contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race.  Laganja Estranja is a cannabis advocate in Los Angeles, California and he has his own line of ice water hash cannabis joints called ‘LAhepburns’ with San Francisco-based company The Hepburns.  Not only does he have his own line of cannabis joints, but he was the first LGBTQA individual to be featured on the cover of DOPE magazine back in September 2015.

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Kudos to Laganja Estranja for leading the way of recreational cannabis use for the LGBTQA community!  Just goes to show that cannabis is acceptable for all people and doesn’t limit itself of sexual orientation.  Keep those beautiful ganja flowers fresh girl!

Weedmaps Billboards



Since legalization hit Massachusetts, Weedmaps has been advertised on billboards everywhere.  Revere, Lynn, Salem, Saugus, and even Topsfield featured some of the Weedmaps signs during the first few months of 2017.  No dispensaries have been opened, but Weedmaps is already ahead of the curve with these brilliant billboard ads.


With legalization underway, we’ll definitely be seeing more cannabis-themed advertisements around the state.  Be on the lookout for more signs whenever you are in Boston next year!

Canine-Abis: CBD for Pets

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Cannabis is something that can be enjoyed not just by human beings, but for pets as well.  Dogs and cats can enjoy CBD through Canine-Abis, a CBD extract oil made for cats and dogs all around.  British-based hemp company Love Hemp released the product earlier in the year so your pet can join in on the fun.

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CBD contains NO psychoactive effect, so your cat or dog won’t get stoned off of the oil.  It’s exciting to see a world where even our own pets can enjoy the miraculous benefits of cannabis.

DEA PR Miracle

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It’s no secret that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) is one of the biggest opponents against legalization, so this little PR miracle came in as a big surprise.  After months of dealing with public and legal pressures, the DEA removed all misleading information about cannabis.  Some of these ‘facts’ that were erased included ridiculous claims about cannabis becoming a gateway drug, cannabis causing irreversible decline in adults, and that it was a primary contributor to lung cancer.

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This was a MAJOR deal earlier because we are slowly erasing the negative stigma surrounding cannabis.  Public relations is REJUVENATING the cannabis culture rather than demonize it.  You know that the world is changing when the DEA is now expunging preposterous claims about cannabis.

Cannabis Drive-Thru

Related image

There are many planned destinations for where you can get your cannabis in and now you can get it at a Drive-Thru.  Tumbleweed Express of Parachute, Colorado opened up the first cannabis Drive-Thru where customers can grab their products on the go.  This made it the first Drive-Thru store in Colorado this year.

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Drive-Thru options are just as American as apple pie or baseball.  Throw some cannabis into the mix and you have one beautiful American country.

Mary Jane, CEO of Cannabis

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In the male-dominant business world, women are leading the cannabis business.  Mary Jane enthusiasts are making their mark in the industry, showcasing what woman can offer for the industry.  Many women are flocking to the 4/20 club, while others have become CEOs of their own business.

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Not only is cannabis being consumed by people of all sexual orientations, but its providing women with flourishing business opportunities.  Cannabis really is paving the way for a more equal and greener future for everyone.

Las Vegas Gets LIT

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Las Vegas was one of many states that legalized cannabis last year and they opened up their dispensaries back in July.  The results have been absolutely STAGGERING.  Legal cannabis has raked in millions of dollars in sales, generated lots of foot traffic around the Las Vegas Strip, and demand has been so high that many dispensaries ran out of supply after just TWO WEEKS!

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We can certainly say that Las Vegas got LIT after opening their dispensaries.  Las Vegas may be ahead of the curve, but it’ll have to compete with California once dispensaries open in January 2018.

Hotel Cannabis Shop

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Other than Drive-Thru options, there are plans to open up cannabis shops in hotel gift shops.  The Standard Hotel of West Hollywood could open up a gift shop featuring various cannabis products.  Cannabis products planned to be sold include flowers, edibles, concentrates, topicals, and other amazing gifts.

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Just goes to show you how cannabis can be sold in other types of buildings.  Place is one of the four P’s of the marketing mix and this is definitely a great way of utilizing the place.  Hopefully we’ll see some cannabis gift shops opening up next year!

Nipton, California – Cannabis Town

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Image result for Nipton California

Nipton is one of many ghost towns within California that lies deep in the border of Las Vegas in the San Bernardino county.  The ghost town plan to becomes a pot capital city in order to attract more tourists.  American Green Inc. purchased the town for $5 million as part of the plan to turn it into a cannabis-friendly hospitable town.

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While Nipton becomes a pot-friendly ghost town, it’ll also start bottling up cannabis-infused water from Nipton’s aquifer.  Nipton is surely going to pot (LITERALLY!) in order to attract more of its tourists.

Cannabis Advent Calendars

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Advent calendars are all in the rage for the Christmas season and now there’s even a calendar for cannabis connoisseurs everywhere.  Canadian company Coast to Coast Medicinals is releasing cannabis-themed calendars that go for $200-$230 ($150-$170 US).  There are three sets of calendars to choose from and each one contains special surprises in each day.

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So not only is ‘place’ being utilized from the marketing mix, but now ‘product’ is being used as well.  Cannabis advent calendars are one of many cannabis-themed products that are flourishing.  It’s not so much about reinventing the wheel, but rather the CONCEPT of the wheel.  Coast to Coast Medicinals is certainly reinventing the concept of the wheel with their advent calendars.

That concludes the 4/20 highlights of 2017.  Who knows what exciting cannabis-related topics will be discussed next year (especially when more recreational dispensaries open up around America!).

Whatever the case may be, 2017 was certainly LIT for the cannabis culture hitting the nation.