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Vibraphone Jazz (50s-60s-70s) for Jazzy Times

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Whenever I generate one of my incredibly amazing posts each week, I like to put on some music on the side.  Usually I just pop in searches on YouTube of a particular band or mix and get my writing started from there.  I enjoy listening to many genres – classic rock, reggae, punk, new age, funk, classical music, jam bands, video game soundtracks, and lots of others.  There is no shortage of music to find all around YouTube for any kind of writing mood.

One of the best types of music to get into the writing hype is jazz.  Just recently, I went into YouTube to do a search for ‘Xylophone Jazz’.  And let me tell you something folks, what I found in the search results was absolutely astonishing.

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Conducting a search for ‘Xylophone Jazz’ will land you to YouTuber Guernica0206’s mix titled ‘Vibraphone Jazz (50s-60s-70s)’.  This title features over five hundred songs that feature xylophone jazz.  Some of the great artists featured in the mix include Bobby Hutcherson, Chet Baker, Cal Tjader, Gary Burton, Buddy Rich, and many others.  The channel features jazz music from some of the greatest composers around the world.

I’ve had a deep appreciation for jazz music for quite a while.  Stumbling onto the ‘Vibraphone Jazz (50s-60s-70s)’ mix was like finding pure gold on YouTube.  It can be tough to find great music around the site, especially with so much content being streamed.

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If you’re looking for a great jazz music mix on YouTube, I’d highly recommend checking out the ‘Vibraphone Jazz (50s-60s-70s)’ playlist.  I have already listened to over sixty songs and each one is better than the other.  It showcases some of the greatest musicians from across the world.

With that, the ‘Vibraphone Jazz (50s-60s-70s)’ playlist is most best for those chill, jazz nights.



I have been posting a lot of memes these past few weekends.  My weekly inspiration involves one common meme (boy with girl while looking at other girl, girl trying kombucha reactions) and something that occurred on MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  The ending results produce one epic meme to share for the day.

And then there’s times where a random meme evolves into something even MORE amazing, making it even more hysterical.  A meme may seem real trendy at first; but sometimes making it into a video just makes it THAT much better.  That’s what recently happened to what is known as ‘Woman Yelling at Cat’ meme.

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The Woman Yelling at Cat meme, featuring infamous Taylor Armstrong from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is now made into a video.  And it’s even BETTER than I even imagined.

Here’s how the video goes down – a short clip is featured from Real Housewives of Beverly Hills episode ‘Malibu Beach Party from Hell’ of Taylor Armstrong yelling at her friends.  The next scene features Smudge the Cat meowing at the dinner table.  This is how it goes:

Taylor Armstrong: Judge me!  Don’t you judge me!

Smudge the Cat: MEOW!

Viola.  A perfect combo of Taylor Armstrong going hysterical and a confused cat meowing.  It truly is better than I even expected.

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There are times when the internet can be a truly amazing place, especially when something like the ‘Woman Yelling at Cat’ meme becomes a video.  It’s truly a wonderful time for the internet.  Who knew that the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Smudge the Cat made for such a marvelous combo?

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With that, you can kick-start your Friday knowing that the ‘Woman Yelling at Cat’ meme is NOW officially out as a video.

Working During Animal Crossing Time

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Pride month has been showcased all around mainstream media the past few weeks.  Companies from television, movies, literature, social media, and fashion are a few of many entertainment outlets that are showing their true pride colors.  Just recently, pride was utilized in the newest installment for Animal Crossing.

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Nintendo made the announcement last week that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would feature gender-neutral hairstyles and various skin tones for customizing your characters.  Players will have a lot of flexible options to choose from for skin tones as well as hairstyles.  Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set to release on March 20th, 2020.

If you are already waiting impatiently for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to come out for the Nintendo Switch, then there is something that’s just as amazing out on the internet now.  There is a site out there that plays hourly Animal Crossing music based on the EXACT time you have now.

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The idea is simple – this site detects your local time and plays an Animal Crossing tune that matches up with the one from the game.  You can choose from the three game options: Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Animal Crossing: Wild World/Animal Crossing: City Folk.  This site can be found at http://tane.us/ac/.  All of three game title options play music from the time you have now.

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This a really simple, yet genius idea.  It’s a basic idea of creating a website featuring Animal Crossing music that syncs up with real time.  With that, the idea makes for an entertaining site to use at work.  Even if you have never played any of the Animal Crossing series, the music is still relaxing to listen to.

With that, the animal crossing music site is worth checking out.  Whether you want some new music to listen to during a major project or for something during your leisure time, this site features great Animal Crossing music.  It works at any time, both day and night.

Check out http://tane.us/ac/ to have some Animal Crossing into your daily routine.

Kraft’s Preventable PR Nightmare Explosion

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Happy Monday everybody!  I hope you all had an amazing weekend with some good cannabis on 4/20 (#420BlAzEiT) and a wonderful Easter celebration.  Two amazing holidays fell under one weekend here in April.  In the end, 4/20 was my favorite holiday this past weekend.

Now that the weekend of holidays is over, we are back into the real world with another week of topics.  For today, we have familiar PR nightmare that has only taken a turn for the worse.  Our returning star for today’s PR nightmare is none other than New England Patriots CEO Robert Kraft.

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If you remembered earlier this year, Robert Kraft was one of the dozens of people arrested in Florida for ties to a prostitution ring happening at a massage parlor.  This bizarre scandal happened at Orchids of Asia Day Spa at Juniper, Florida.  He ended up pleading not guilty on his counts, denying that he did anything illegal.

This PR nightmare happened mere months ago.  And folks, it only just got worse from there… MUCH worse.

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Kraft’s recent act was caught on video and was shipped around various media outlets.  There are even plans for the video to be released in public.

First the PR nightmare happened at the massage parlor in Juniper, Florida.  Now that nightmare was recently caught on video.  In this digital age, the thirst for that information has never been stronger.

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Robert Kraft will have to work with his best legal team to prevent the video from spreading.  Releasing the video would cause serious damage.  In this case, that small spark has to be stopped before it reaches gunpowder anytime soon.  One touch of it and you got yourself a PR Nightmare Explosion (#PRNightmareExplosion).

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As sophisticated as our technology becomes, our laws have become even more modernized for cases like this.  There are ways around preventing private videos from being leaked.  Simply stating the nature of how shocking and inappropriate it would be for one to release such video could be the key to prevent it from happening.  Kraft will have to pull a few tricks with his lawyers to keep this from getting any worse.

With that, Robert Kraft has a lot of strategizing to do in order to keep this PR Nightmare Explosion from happening.  Hopefully the video won’t see the light of day through mainstream media.

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All we need is to prevent the spark from reaching the gunpowder so that the PR Nightmare Explosion doesn’t happen.