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Google’s First Coding #GoogleDoodle

Image result for Google Doodle

Image result for Google Doodle

Image result for Google Doodle

Google provides some nifty ideas for web design.  Their logo, which has been transformed to what’s known as a Doodle, turns into an interactive feature during a certain event.  Some Doodles have a game that users can play while others feature a small video about the person featured.  Whatever the case may be, there’s always some special event worth highlighting.

Image result for Google Doodle

Image result for Google Doodle

It isn’t just the traditional holidays that are featured; other events that Google points out are birthdays, anniversaries of historic events, and other special occasions.  There’s always something special going on and you can count on the popular search engine to give you the latest updates.  Today’s unique Google Doodle celebrates 50 years of kids coding language with an entertaining game featuring six-leveled quests.

Image result for Coding for Carrots

Image result for Coding for Carrots

‘Coding for Carrots’ is the first ever coding doodle where players guide a cute bunny around six challenging levels.  You must select each movement, dropping directions for where the bunny will move next.  The later stages introduce loops and the players collect medals for discovering the shortest solution for each puzzle.  Players must collect all of the carrots to make it to the next round.

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Image result for Google Doodle

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The game was designed by combination of three teams: Google Blockly team, the Google Doodle team, and researchers from MIT Scratch.  It was created for Computer Science Education Week to celebrate 50 years since kids programming languages were first introduced (since 1967).  While the game may be short in nature, it was intended to celebrate a half-century milestone in computer coding.

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Coding has been around for decades (even before video games!) and continues to be a popular tool for creating computer software, websites, and even apps.  The progressive shift towards a flourishing mobile market has made coding much more relevant these days.  Kids are utilizing codes to create an app that has games, music, social media, news, weather, or another entertaining feature.  Fifty years later and kids are still excited about computer programming.

Image result for Mobile App Coding

Image result for Mobile App Coding

This was a really cool idea from Google!  I’ve tried my hands at coding, but I wasn’t too crazy about the long process (I’ll just stick to playing on the computer rather than computer programming!).  Coding requires lots of work, but the hard work pays off once your creation works perfectly.

Image result for Lines of Code

Image result for Lines of Code

We’ve come a long way with coding since 1967 and our new designs are more incredible than ever.  Every year we’re blown away by the huge amount of creativity oozing through those codes.  Sure, it may seem like just lines of letters and numbers; but hidden beneath those lines contains something truly extraordinary.  There’s a pot of gold waiting at the end of the long, windy code line.  Once you reach the final end point – the REAL end point when the whole code works – the program works and you got yourself a truly unique product for the digital market.

Image result for Lines of Code

It’s interests like coding that people can create something BEYOND the typical design.  Designers have done beautiful things with the coding language and they continue to push the boundaries of the technological realm.

Image result for Google Doodle

What does the future hold for coding?  We’ll have to sit and wait to see what gold coders find in their computer program.


Gravitating Gravity Blankets!

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Every now and then I run into some unique products that provide some surprising benefits.  Products such as the Himalayan Salt Lamp or meditation app help consumers relieve the daily stress and anxiety they feel every once in a while.  In this rapid and chaotic age of technology, many people are feeling more stressed than ever.  This stress can cause problems with sleep, eating habits, work, social well-being, and overall health.

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Image result for Man Sleeping on desk

Sleep is one of the most important tasks of our biological agenda.  Getting enough shuteye is key to making the most out of your day.  Losing even a few hours and your day is sure to go sour due to a lack of energy.  A good bed, some comfy pillows, and a warm blanket will help put you into a good rest.  If the typical bedding products haven’t been getting you to sleep well, then there’s always…The Gravity Blanket.

Image result for Gravity Blanket

Image result for Gravity Blanket

The Gravity Blanket is a revolutionary weighted blanket aimed at helping with stress, anxiety, AND sleep.  It started as a Kickstarter idea back in April 26th and reached its financial goal in just one month (over 23,000 pledges donated over $4.7 million so far!).  Entrepreneur John Fiorentino initiated the project and his work has been featured in businesses like Mashable, Fast Company, Elle, Yahoo! Health, and many other media channels.

Image result for Gravity Blanket

Image result for Gravity Blanket

Image result for Hot guy Free hugs

Here’s the science – the Gravity Blanket is known as a weighted blanket, a special type of blanket that’s engineered to be 7-12% of your body weight.  This aspect relaxes the nervous system through simulating the feeling of being held or hugged (FREE HUGS!).  Wrapping this warm blanket will help increase melatonin and serotonin levels while also decreasing levels of cortisol.  Increasing both melatonin and serotonin are key ingredients for improving your overall mood as well as promoting a restful sleep.

Image result for Gravity Blanket

Better sleep is the main USP (unique selling product) for the Gravity Blanket.  Gravity will minimize any body movement so you will fall into a deeper REM cycle much easier.  With the perfect combination of ultra-soft microfiber and weighted feel, you’ll be sure to fall right to sleep instantly.

Image result for Breaking Bad Science gif

Image result for deep touch pressure stimulation

But the science doesn’t stop there!  Gravity utilizes the power of proprioceptive input (also known as ‘deep touch pressure stimulation’), a beneficial therapeutic method where you stimulate pressure points on the body.  These pressure points are linked to improve sleep, relaxation, and even mood.  Initiating these pressure points will reduce cortisol levels and produce more serotonin.

Image result for Gravity Blanket

Gravity Blankets won’t be shipping out until January 2018, but you can still get your pre-order in today.  If you’re looking for a warm blanket with amazing therapeutic effects, the Gravity Blanket is something you should look into.  You can wrap yourself into a deeper sleep with the comforting Gravity Blanket.

Image result for Gravity Blanket

This is really neat stress-combating product idea!  It reinvents the idea of a warm blanket by adding comforting pressure points that help you fall into a deeper sleep.  The therapeutic effects weren’t what threw me into learning about this product, but rather, how they were incorporated with a blanket to make it weighted.  Turning the blanket into a weighted blanket makes the product that much more enjoyable and desirable as well.

Image result for The Wheel

Image result for reinventing the wheel

In the end, the Gravity Blanket is a perfect case where a common product (a blanket, in this case!) was rejuvenated with fresh ideas to create something truly amazing.  The wheel was being reinvented, redesigned to take a unique shape to form some other purpose.  This should be a way of how we look at products or services.  Searching for original ideas means going back to the drawing board and understanding what made them so incredible in the first place.

Image result for The Gravity Blanket

That’s why the Gravity Blanket knocked it out of the park as a unique product.  It was redesigned with some more benefits for the consumer to enjoy.  Who knows what other product will be cooked up in the near future.  Hopefully it will help combat the daily stress and anxiety we go through in life.

France: Turn Off, Tune Out, Enjoy Life!

Here’s a scenario that’s all too familiar in America: You come home from a 10-hour day at the office and are about to start dinner for the family.  All seems to be going well so far until…the phone vibrates on the table.  You turn your phone on to find an important email from your boss.  It’s an urgent email boss, saying that you have a work project that must get done by TOMORROW.  The project will take all night, so you cancel the dinner plans and end up ordering take-out while you complete MORE work at home.

If this scenario has happened to you, you’re not alone!  American employees read thousands of emails every day and some of those emails are read after they get out of work.  The constant ringing emails, text messages, and messages from work give us such a headache that we sometimes become so detached from our personal lives.  This digital drama has become so problematic that we become so stressed out about the company community we’re a part of.  That’s about to change this year for France.

Since January 1st, France enacted a new law that made it illegal for companies to expect employees to check work emails while out of the office.  Sacre bleu!  Any company with more than 50 employees must negotiate times when employees have the right to ignore any work-based communications (which include email, instant messages, and calls as well).  Known as the “right to disconnect”, its designed to ensure a better work/life balance for everyone.

France has a traditional work week of 35 hours, so this law would save employees hours of unpaid work.  Employees who are more rested and relaxed means they will reduce time off from work, thus saving money for companies in the long run.  Employees would also be able to get through larger workloads during office hours without the fear of working into the night.

What’s interesting is that several companies in Europe already adopted policies to diminish the ‘always-on’ culture in the workplace.  Large companies in Germany like Volkswagen and Daimler already took steps to limit out-of-hours messaging in order to reduce burnouts.  Some measures even involved cutting email connections in the evening/weekends or even destroying emails automatically that are sent while employees are celebrating a holiday.  Countries like Germany and France are leading the path to a better work/life balance culture for their employees.

America is one of the hardest-working countries of all time, with Americans working an average of 34.4-hour weeks (some full-time workers clock in an average of 47 hours per week!).  All of that hard work is burning us out faster than other countries and leading a spike in work-related stress.  That work-related stress causes symptoms such as discouragement, pessimism, anxiety, depression, cognitive difficulties, and being overwhelmed/unable to cope with decision-making.  The economy may be recovering, but the battle for a better work/life balance is far from over.

I definitely agree with France’s new “right to disconnect” law!  Digital drama shifts from the office to your home, causing friction between your professional life and personal life.  Those emails, text messages, and calls from your work community disperses you farther and farther from reality.  What once was your perfect family life has now become the American Dream you can’t seem to reach for.

This definitely rings true that America is one of the hardest working countries of all time.  It always boggles my mind hearing of friends that work 70-80 hour week shifts just to survive.  We seemed to have pulled ourselves out of the recession, but people are still struggling to find a comfortable work/life balance atmosphere.  More working hours means we’re missing out on more on so much of what life has to offer.

What do you want to remember about your work life in 30-40 years?  Do you really want to discuss tales of working 70-80 hours in the office until you retired?  Or do you want to be one of those people that exited the rat race here in America?  It’s your life you lead in the end, so it shouldn’t be swarmed by constant work emails every day.

Funny Search Result on Sunday FunDay!

Hello everyone!  No news to discuss, just wanted to turn your attention to something more interesting.  Yesterday I was surfing through my blog to see the status of it so far.  Everything seemed ordinary until I looked at the ‘Search Terms’ portion.

Screenshot (28).png

Screenshot (29).png

Screenshot (30).png

Someone was searching ‘jesse jackman bottom’ and seemed to have discovered my blog on Google.  So yeah, apparently someone was searching for porn and they decided to check out my site through their search.  Well…I am certainly flattered!  It’s funny what kind of audience you get when writing about certain topics.

To the man/woman who was looking for ‘jesse jackman bottom’ videos…THANK YOU for discovering my work at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  Always a pleasure to find random visitors who stumbled upon my blog (whether it was intentional or accidental!).  I hope you enjoyed your night with some amazing videos of Jesse Jackman.

These pictures are dedicated to that user who stumbled onto my blog:

Hope your Saturday night was memorable one!

American Horror Story: Sweet Dreams Teaser

It’s been a week now and I STILL can’t get over the season finale of American Horror Story: Roanoke.  After all of those twists and turns, I don’t know if my Wednesdays will be the same again.  Wednesdays at 10 PM were the only times I looked forward to watching cable television.  Now it’ll be back to binge-watching shows on Netflix and catching TV specials when I find them.

Season 6 ended and now we all have to wait until next October for what’s in stores next.  It’s only been MERE minutes after the finale and Ryan Murphy already entrapped us with some hints about next season.  As a matter of fact, a quick teaser was released after the season finale.

Image result for American Horror Story Stick Figures

A teaser was posted on the American Horror Story Twitter Page at 11:01 PM last week.  The title card read ‘SWEET DREAMS’ with a few seconds of waves moving around the ocean.  Half-way through the clip, we see quick clips of the stick figures while the picture flickers in black and white.  The title card ends with the sea waves moving among the ocean again.  That is the only teaser we have seen so far.

But wait, there’s MORE!  Remember that moment when the Spirit Chasers run into Lee at the Roanoke House?  At one point, a huge crash spurs everyone into another room.  The cast then find a dusty, wooden model ship that fell on the floor.  Just like everyone else, I thought that it was just an innocent scene…. but we were WRONG!

What’s the real meaning behind the wooden ship?  Is the next season going to take us for a life at sea?  Why were those creepy stick figure dolls popping up in the teaser?  WHERE…is this show… GOING?

One speculation hints that the next season will be related to one of the various subplots within American Horror Story: Roanoke.  Lady Gaga guest starred as Scáthach this season (that crazy witch who took The Butcher and Matt to the dark side!).  For those that do not know, Scáthach was an Englishwoman with a Druid lineage that traveled by boat to America.  Later on, that sea voyage becomes deadly as the colonists who were hunting her traveled by sea as well.  The ship that we saw crashing on the floor could be a major part of the story next season!

Keep in mind that NOTHING has been set in stone so far.  Ryan Murphy also teased that fans could expect more in-depth story lines of the characters from American Horror Story: Freak Show for next season.  They are just “exploring” this plot, so there is no definitive answer yet.  Our only ideas we have to go on are the hint from the season finale and the teaser clip released on the Twitter page.

The teaser clip was suspenseful to watch!  I don’t know how I missed this clip last week after the season finale.  Teasers were always released mere months after the season finale, but hints are already being dropped this year.  It sucks that I have to sit back and make educated guesses about the next chapter.  All I have for clues are the big, wooden ship that fell on the floor and the teaser clip to go on for my speculations.  Until then, we’ll have to see where the waves sweep us next in the American Horror Story universe.