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Cannabusiness in the Mobile Market

Image result for App Store

Image result for App Store

There are millions of apps to discover in the app store.  Whether you are Team Android or Team Apple, there’s sure to be lots of apps to download for your phone or smart device.  Apps are being released out into the market every day for audiences to download.  These apps cater around aspects such as food, movies, games, health/wellness, shopping, weather, sports, literature, music, and many other forms of entertainment.  Whatever you are looking for, there is sure to be an app for that.

Image result for Cannabis App

Image result for Cannabis App

As the cannabis culture flourishes around the United States, various apps are being created for the community.  With more unique services being created for the cannabis industry, there is a high demand for marketing through an app.  That high demand of digital marketing will benefit both the cannabis industry and the app market, which means they will get the best of both worlds.

Image result for Leafly

Image result for Leafly

To better explain this amazing marketing tactic, let’s use Leafly as our prime example.  Leafly is the world’s largest informational resource about cannabis where users can read up on the latest dispensaries around their area, medical doctors nearby who license medical cannabis, certain strains that would help with various ailments, and even catch up on the latest news stories.  Millions of users visit the site daily for their own personal reasons.  Whether you are searching for cannabis strains that help combat migraines or reading up on the latest cannabis politics, there’s always something intriguing to discover on Leafly.

Image result for Leafly App

Image result for Leafly App

Besides providing their social media handles, Leafly created a mobile app for their audiences.  The Leafly app provides all of the bells and whistles from the website, but now these resources are condensed into one entertaining app.  Now you check back on the site right from your phone!  You could read up on the latest cannabis news while killing some time or read up on the latest strains that are being offered on your way to the dispensary.  Its all of the beneficial conveniences from the website that are now into a popular app in the Android or Apple market.

Image result for Cannabis App

Image result for Cannabis App

Businesses like Leafly are shaking up the competition with their new mobile apps.  Cannabis was made legal during the digital era, which means it has become more essential than ever to conduct some digital marketing for your marketing plan.  We have been using cannabis for centuries, but we only started the mobile market just years ago.  This is one of those instances where we can teach an old dog new tricks.

Image result for Cannabis App

Image result for Cannabis App

Cannabis has been around for a very long time, yet we continue to discover more unique ways on marketing it.  The mobile market is only drawing up more modern services being made available for audiences all across the country.  Leafly is just one of many businesses that created an app to showcase their business on the mobile market.

Image result for App Market

More and more apps are being released into the mobile market every day, with each app having some unique selling point for their users.  Having cannabis become legal will only help the mobile market by providing more apps.

Image result for cannabis App

With cannabis use becoming more acceptable in our American society, we will see more intriguing and entertaining apps from other cannabis businesses.


Social Media Superstar McKenna Meets Timberlake!

Image result for Super Bowl LII Eagles

Image result for super bowl 2018 Eagles Win

Here we are at the beginning of February and another Super Bowl has ended.  It was a tough game, but the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33.  The Patriots may have lost, but the amount of delicious food I had was definitely a WIN in my book.  We’ll have to wait months later for the 2018-19 season to start.

Image result for super bowl 2018 Eagles Win

Other than the insane number of amazing appetizers, there was another WIN that was entertaining for me during the Super Bowl.  This event took place during Half-Time Show that Justin Timberlake was showcasing.  During Timberlake’s music number, he walked over to a section of the seats to sing near the people.  One lucky teen took a snapshot of the moment, only become the newest viral sensation.

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Meet Ryan McKenna – Thirteen-year-old seventh grader from Hingham, Massachusetts.  McKenna was the lucky teen seen trying to capture the epic moment on his phone.  He was seen on the Jumbotron busy fiddling with his phone (which it turned out, he was trying to get the camera going!).  After capturing the moment, McKenna sent out his picture to his friends and family.

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

And just like that…Ryan McKenna’s phone exploded with messages.  Messages from friends, families, acquaintances, and other people continue to flood his phone.  He became the talk of the town, even making an appearance on Good Morning America.

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Both parties of this fun PR story got something out of it – Ryan McKenna got his famous snapshot with Justin Timberlake and Timberlake helped McKenna with that picture.  On a random note, it amazes me that thirteen-year-olds still know who Justin Timberlake is (Fun Fact: McKenna would have been at least 1 year old when ‘SexyBack’ was released!).  NSYNC may not have reunited during the Super Bowl, but we got this cool PR story out of it instead!

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

I’m usually not a fan of the Half-Time Shows during the Super Bowl, but this was definitely interesting to catch!  It’s always fun to see random people gain their share of fame within the social media realm.  Better yet, social media is being used more and more to spread awareness of what is happening in your life; that’s not really surprising, being that this has been going on for quite a while.  Nevertheless, it still makes for a great sports/music PR story.

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Ryan McKenna is one of many personas hopping in on the social media fame craze.  He is just one of many notorious social media stars here in America.  Social media stars come in all forms and each one presents something amazing.

Image result for New England Patriots Go Pats

That’s all for today’s sports PR story.  For now, it’s time for the New England Patriots to prepare during the off-season.

The GOAT Vs. Time – By Facebook Watch

Image result for super bowl lii

With all this talk about game (The Guy’s weed game and Nintendo’s Labo game idea), I completely forgot to mention the most important game happening soon – the Super Bowl!  It will be just FOUR days until the New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles.  All of the 2017-2018 football season comes down to this final showdown.

Image result for super bowl lii

Every Patriot team member is preparing themselves, both physically and mentally, for the 52nd Super Bowl.  Each team member is building up their strength for the big game; Tom Brady on the other hand has been revving up the audiences with his special six-part documentary.

Image result for Tom Vs. Time

Image result for Tom Vs. Time

Facebook released a six-part documentary series called Tom Vs. Time on January 25th.  Dubbed in social media as ‘Patriot Porn’, Tom Vs. Time chronicles the life of Tom Brady.  The six episodes takes viewers into the life of one of the greatest New England Patriots quarterbacks of all time.  Hailed as the greatest of all time (#TheGOAT), Tom Brady continues his winning streak five rings later.

Image result for Tom Vs. Time Facebook Watch

Image result for Tom Vs. Time Facebook Watch

Each part chronicles a different aspect of his game plan.  Other than his football strategy, Tom Vs. Time focuses on his personal life as well.  It’s definitely the kind of ‘Patriot Porn’ that Patriot fans can enjoy.

Image result for Tom Brady Uggs

Image result for Tom Brady Vegan Snacks

Image result for Tom Brady Family Guy

Image result for Tom Brady Entourage

Tom Brady’s brand has been flourishing since his winning streak with the New England Patriots.  He endorses many various brands (Aston Martin, Uggs, Movado), launched his own brand of vegan snacks, voiced in shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy, made a guest appearance in Entourage (both the show and movie!), and was even a cameo on Ted 2.  Brady’s legacy continues to flourish in the social media universe even when he’s off the field.  Even though the New England Patriots is one of the most hated brands of the sports business, fans all across the country still can’t get enough of Tom Brady.

Image result for Tom Vs. TIme

Image result for tom brady five rings gif

Audiences only get to see Tom Brady when he plays for the Patriots, but this documentary shed a humanistic side of the Brady brand.  You get to see the Tom Brady off of the Gillette Stadium field and into his home/office.  It’s the kind of sports documentary where Brady looks back at his winning seasons and reflects upon his football career.  He’s come so far since starting with the New England Patriots and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Image result for tom brady five rings gif

So far I have been enjoying this documentary series.  I love Tom Brady as a Patriots player and it was great to see another side of him.  This is one mini-series I will follow while waiting for the Super Bowl.

If you can’t wait for the Super Bowl this Sunday, check out Brady’s new documentary series Tom Vs. Time.  You will get a glimpse inside Brady’s personal world.

And with that… FOUR days left until the 52nd Super Bowl!

Go Family Guy Yourself!

 Image result for Family Guy

Image result for Family Guy

          Family Guy has been a timeless American animated comedy series for decades.  Millions of Americans tune into Fox on Sunday night for another rowdy adventure with the Griffin Family.  Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian Griffin go through one crazy story after another in the colorful town of Quahog.  Sixteen seasons and hundreds of episodes later, Family Guy is still a favorite among viewers.

Image result for Family Guy DVD

Image result for Adult Swim

It’s still amazing to think that Family Guy was once cancelled by FOX over a decade ago.  With skyrocketing DVD sales and Cartoon Network’s strategic PR move to air repeats, Family Guy proved to be a major hit amongst many audiences.  There’s no slowing down this animated comedy series from its tracks (it’s just moving towards more hysterical jokes!).

Image result for 300th

As silly as the show has gotten, there’s one serious milestone for the series – Family Guy reached its 300th episode on January 14th!  That’s right…there are now 300 episodes of Family Guy that have premiered on television.  Just…wow.  Kudos to the employees of the Family Guy series for bringing a show up for THAT long!

Image result for Family Guy gif

Image result for Family Guy gif

Image result for Family Guy gif

The Griffin family have been at it for almost 19 years.  300 episodes of hilarity, nonsense, shocking humor, gruesome battles, and just pure silliness.  Whether it was another one of Peter’s jackass antics or Brian and Stewie taking another road trip (my personal favorite sub-stories!), there was always another incredible adventure to enjoy.

Image result for Family Guy Yourself

To celebrate Family Guy’s 300th episode, FOX launched a website called Family Guy Yourself (familyguyyourself.com).  Family Guy Yourself is an entertaining interactive site where you can create a Bitmoji style avatar from Family Guy.  The generator allows you to customize a series of body types, eyes, skin colors, faces, hairstyles, noses, lips, and clothing to create your own avatar.  Once you’re all set creating your character, you can choose from a list of frames to put your character in.  You could choose to place him in a plain colored background or have him on the streets of Quahog.

Being that I love Family Guy, I decided to have some fun with this dress-up game.  I decided to create a personal avatar that reflects who I am as a professional writer.

Here’s the set-up:

Screenshot (257).png

First, I had to choose a specific body type for my avatar.  I choose the thin male body type.

Screenshot (258).png

From there, I looked through a series of skin color to choose from.  The colors ranged from white to black.  I decided to just leave it as it was.

Screenshot (262).png

Next it was time to choose a hair piece.  You could choose from a variety of hair styles that were short or long.  There was even an option to go completely bald as well!  With that, I chose to have a short blond hairstyle.

Screenshot (264).png

Chin structure was next on the list.  Many chin shapes were available to choose from.  Other than chins, you could also give them facial hair if you wanted.  I went with the blonde beard-mustache combo.

Screenshot (268)

Now I had to give him a pair of eyes (literally!).  You can choose a set of eyes to give your avatar.  Glasses are even a option for him or her as well.  I thought my avatar would be too cool for glasses, so I gave him a more animated look.

Screenshot (269).png

After the eyes came the nose.  Many noses, big and small, were available to pick from.  Noses weren’t that important for me, so I just left it alone.

Screenshot (270).png

You can’t have a nose without a mouth!  Mouths or lips are options as well.  Whether you want them cheerful or look serious all day, that option is all up to you.  Since my avatar is a happy and adventurous guy, I gave him a stiff upper lip.

Screenshot (273).png

Screenshot (274).png

Fashion is extremely important for my character.  I really wanted my avatar to look hip, so I dressed him down as casually I could.  The large variety of clothes will help you style your man or woman the best way possible.  To keep him casual (yet professional), I dressed my avatar with a T-shirt and a sleeveless button-up shirt.

Screenshot (275).png

Avatars had fashion choices for bottoms as well.  I wanted my avatar to be in a warmer climate, so I gave him shorts.

Screenshot (276).png

Once you were done creating your avatar, you get choose an image format to save the file in.  Image formats come in tall, square, round, or wide.  Then there’s the image backdrop to put your character in.  There’s four backdrops to choose from as well as background scenes from the TV series.

Screenshot (277).png

I wanted my character to stand out in a nice portrait form, so I placed him a blue backdrop.  The fourth selection really came out nicer than the other choices.

Screenshot (278).png

And… voila!  There’s my amazing avatar, all dressed in red and black.  He’s ready to get some professional writing done, yet he’s daydreaming about his next trip to the beach!  This Family Guy avatar would definitely live well on the west coast.

This was a lot of fun to play through!  I really enjoyed the wide selection of choices to create your character with.  They really help provide enough selections to really pinpoint my idea for the character.

Image result for South Park Avatar

Image result for Go Powerpuff Yourself

An interactive avatar game where users could share their character on social media is absolutely genius.  PR stunts like this really help FOX draw in more audiences to tune into Family Guy.  Many other series like South Park or even Powerpuff Girls (read about that stunt here) created their own avatar games for their audiences as well.  It’s not like a video game with any enemies, but it was meant to serve as an interactive piece of the show.

Image result for Family GUy

FOX definitely struck gold with this PR stunt and many people are getting in on the action.  Family Guy aired their 300th episode, which was fantastic news to hear about beforehand.  It still amazes me that Family Guy have captivated audiences for so long.  Ever since they landed on Fox back in 1999, Family Guy continues to flourish throughout the years.

Image result for Family Guy Brian and Stewie

That’s all for today’s PR miracle by FOX.  Be sure to tune in on Sunday nights at 9 PM to see another one of Peter’s wacky antics or another misadventure featuring Brian and Stewie!

12/31 New Year’s Eve Quote!

Happy New Year’s Everyone!!

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Software entities are more complex for their size than perhaps any other human construct because no two parts are alike. If they are, we make the two similar parts into a subroutine — open or closed. In this respect, software systems differ profoundly from computers, buildings, or automobiles, where repeated elements abound.

~ Fred Brooks Jr.