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Specialty Dating Apps for Valentine’s Day

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As you all know, Valentine’s Day is tomorrow.  Some of you already have plans with your date while others haven’t created one.  If you’re someone who hasn’t found that special someone in your life, that’s OK.  We live the 21st century, where love has been happening through dating apps you tap through on your phone.

Image result for Dating Apps

Image result for Dating Apps

Dating apps are popular among the mobile markets.  Men and women of all ages have been utilizing a dating apps to connect with others alike.  Some use the app to set dates while others just hook up with other people.  Find people to connect with is much easier now than the previous century.

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But if you are getting tired if shifting through your Tinder or Grindr account and finding the same thing every time, there are other apps to check out.  These unique dating apps distinguish themselves through their own unique features.  Some are for dating elite figures while others will spark more creativity in your lives.

Here are five unique dating apps to check out for Valentine’s Day:

Coffee Meets Bagel

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Coffee Meets Bagel was created in San Francisco by Arum, Dawoon, and Soo Kang.  The app limits the number of profiles users are able to interact with each day and offers unique ice-breaker interactions for matches.  Users look at each other’s Facebook account to help find a match.  They are exposed to one match a day and they can only contact them if the ‘Like’ each other back.

The League

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If you like your dating app with a touch of intelligence and elitist class, The League may be the right one for you.  The League features members who have received Ivy League type of education in their lives.  That Harvard hottie you thought about could be the real thing.  You’ll have to cough up some money to become a member and in-store purchases can cost more than hundreds of dollars.


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Happn focuses on people you have crossed paths with each day.  Users are matched based on locations where they may have crossed paths together.  Who knows, that guy on the subway may live close by.  That cute girl you didn’t catch at the coffee shop may be the one for you.  Check in on Happn to find these hidden surprises in store for you.


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Raya is a private, membership-based community where people from all over the world connect and collaborate.  It shifts its focus towards people who work in creative industries.  The app is used for dating, networking, and even making new friends along the way.  If you want some creative type of romance, Raya may be the app to check out.


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Hinge utilizes connections to Facebook friends to facilitate connections. Their main goal is to be known as a cooler, younger version of Match.com or eHarmony.  It comes with a ‘Your Turn’ feature designed to remind users to create a conversation in order to decrease ghosting.  If you think Facebook may be useful in your dating search, then Hinge is the app to put on your mobile phone.

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That’s it for unique dating apps today.  Valentine’s Day is one day away, so be sure to use one of these apps to snag your next date.  It’s 2019, so its time to find that lucky man/woman you need in your life.


1/6 Sunday Funday Quote

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No one knows where he who invented the plow was born, nor where he died; yet he has done more for humanity than the whole race of heroes who have drenched the earth with blood and whose deeds have been handed down with a precision proportionate only to the mischief they wrought.

~ Charles Caleb Colton

Philosophical Passages of 2018

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Image result for Philosophy

Throughout the year, there has been many philosophical-themed posts here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  These special posts take us away from the glitz and glamour of the entertainment PR world, only to showcase a much bigger picture.  All of these various topics, whether it be a 4/20-themed queer party or another PR nightmare, could be woven into a central theme.

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Then there were times where the philosophical journey had nothing to with topics at all.  Rather, they steered off the beaten path to discover something truly fascinating.  It was these incredible findings that took things to a whole new level.  Each philosophical post went even deeper than the next.

To celebrate, it’s time to look back on some of the best of the best of MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s philosophical topics.  Here are five great passages from the most mind-blowing posts:

Philosophic Passage on Products

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These ‘things’ are products, significant items you utilize to the very fullest.  Those products – the pen, the sheets, the towels, among all other things – have all be created right here on that blue and white marble in space called Earth.  And it’s at that point that you realize, that product you are currently interacting with at this very moment represents ANYTHING that matters EVERYTHING in your life.  The myriad of food, clothes, cars, music, chairs, games, papers, drugs, and tools of this ever-changing world — only to bring you joy, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, jealousy, and love.  Good, bad, even in the middle – all of these are brought from some type of PRODUCT.

Perspective Philosophy


Then you leave the city and you move farther away.  You distance yourself further and you notice the city growing much smaller.  After dealing with the stresses of life, you start to wonder where all that anxiety came from when entering the city.  Being in the city certainly takes a toll on your mind, but you never stop to think about where the madness comes from.

Meditative Hiking Philosophy


You see the path right in front of you, prompting you to interact with many things in nature.  And yet, you don’t even realize how much you do it.  There is that tree limb you hold while you pull yourself up higher.  The dirt path that leads you right into the next part of the adventure; even those jagged rocks form cramped stepping pads for you to walk through.  Nature itself provides the journey.

Incline Hill Philosophy


What I realized was that a magnitude of events was happening all at once.  I was traversing up an incline hill with a slope length that was increasing every second all while gravity pulls me from underneath my feet.  All three things are happening while climbing up this hill in front of me.

Technology Advancement Philosophy

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To think there are still ideas that man has not dreamed of yet is the silver lining in this vast advancement of technology.  A lot has evolved over time, especially within these last few decades.  All of that dreaming inside your mind is connecting among other dreamers in this world.  What we dared to dream of, whether be rational or irrational, is finally coming into realization.  It is then, and only then, that you realize that we have come such a long way from where were beforehand.    

Those were some of many thought-provoking topics here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  The glitz and glamour of entertainment is nice, but there can be meaningful philosophy behind some of these ideas.  Who knows what other random philosophical topics we will be hit with next year.  Either way, we will be ready to dive even deeper into the rabbit hole.

Google Santa Tracker 2018

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Image result for Google Santa Tracker

If there are two things Google can prove in December, its this – they are one of the most innovative technology companies in America and that Santa Claus is very much real.  Google showcases that second fact with their Santa Tracker page they launch every December.  Santa Tracker is an interactive Christmas-themed tool where users can track Santa Claus during Christmas Eve.  Users can wait for the countdown by playing fun games, watch entertaining videos, and even learn through various activities they go through.  The Santa Tracker tool was launched back in December, 1st 2004.

Fifteen years later and the Santa Tracker program is still going strong.  Better yet, Google definitely kicked things up a notch this year.  The US North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and Google teamed up this year to start the Santa Tracker websites.  Google’s updated online event has been released since Tuesday, with much more entertainment than ever.

Image result for Google Santa Tracker

Image result for Google Santa Tracker

Google’s new Santa Village allow users to play educational games and even learn how to code.  Create some colorful artwork or take some time to learn about different holiday traditions all across the world.

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For those who don’t enjoy arts and crafts, the Santa Village has plenty of games to play.  Craft your own elf in the North Pole in ‘Build an Elf’.  Better yet, learn to make him dance in the ‘Dances with Elves’ game.  There are various games to choose from in the digital library.

Image result for Google Santa Tracker Games 2018

Image result for Google Santa Tracker Games 2018

Google has definitely proved one thing through this marketing strategy – Santa Claus is REAL.  But more importantly, they went above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to producing Christmas-themed content.  They didn’t just create some cutesy holiday design to spread some Christmas cheer; better yet, Google created their own virtual winter wonderland for millions of viewers to visit.  Users all around the world can join in on the fun, learning about other holiday customs.

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Technology has this magnificent way of bringing human beings together.  Google’s innovative Santa’s Village program is an example of just that.  People use Google for their own personal or professional reasons, so it only seems fitting that Google connects its audiences in the best way possible.

Image result for Google Santa Tracker Games 2018

Some businesses chose to create decorative artwork to acknowledge their audiences.  Google decided to create an updated Santa Tracker program chock full of games and activities.  Fourteen years later and the Google Santa Tracker is still going strong.

Image result for Google Santa Tracker Games 2018

With that, Google’s intriguing marketing strategy worked wonders for the company.  Many users are digging the new features within the program.  All of these entertaining aspects will keep people even more excited about the Christmas season.

Image result for Google Santa Tracker Games 2018

Check out Google’s newest Santa Tracker program if you are excited about Christmas this year.  Just remember that there are only nineteen days until Santa makes his way around the world!

Technology Advancement Philosophy

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One of the most invigorating things happening in this world is the sophisticated advancement of technology.  At this point in time, we have seen tools rapidly changing in order to adapt to more modern times.  And yet, we continue to have the necessary tools to carry out our daily life.  We utilize these essentials every day, but never stop to think about what they contain.

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What we have been dreaming about during the last centuries is finally becoming a reality.  Hoverboards and hyper-loop traveling are a few of many technological advancements human beings have created or are coming close to accomplishing very soon.  We have pondered about brilliant and imaginative ideas about how we want to see the future; such ideas are now flying from paper and into our world.

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But one of the most surprising aspects of this rapid advancements is the erudite nature of informational technology.  As humans, the data we receive is becoming increasingly important to us.  We have come to a point where we comprehend everything we want to know about a particular subject and even more.

Say you want to go to a restaurant for dinner tonight.  You think about what restaurants are close by and what type of food they serve.  With that, you pull up your phone (or a computer even) and search for information about a particular place.

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And during that procedure, you learn EVERYTHING about EVERY piece of information there is to offer.  The time the restaurant opens, where it is located, the pricing of the food and drinks, how busy it is, how other patrons thought about it, who to talk to about booking a reservation, different events happening throughout each week.  Food, drinks, events, patrons; ALL of it, showcased on that bright glass screen right in front of you.  At that moment, you took in everything you needed to know about the place… and you never even left the house yet.

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The physical shape of the phone looks aesthetically pleasing, but it’s the inside of it — the actual inner-workings of the modernized contraption – where the REAL magic happens.  It’s a magic like no other, something human beings have pondered about for centuries.  We have rejuvenated an old piece of technology with new data being fed in for its audience to understand.

Related image

That concept, of modernizing informational technology, really makes you think.  It tells you something about what we have accomplished in this thing called life.  We are finally creating the tools man has dared to dream of centuries ago.  On the other hand, it presents this notion that this could be the beginning of much more to come.

In this case, we must ask ourselves – what does the future hold for informational technology?  Will there be any other further advancements that man has not thought of?  If such intriguing concepts were to be introduced, what key features will they hold?

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To think there are still ideas that man has not dreamed of yet is the silver lining in this vast advancement of technology.  A lot has evolved over time, especially within these last few decades.  All of that dreaming inside your mind is connecting among other dreamers in this world.  What we dared to dream of, whether be rational or irrational, is finally coming into realization.  It is then, and only then, that you realize that we have come such a long way from where were beforehand.

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There is no waiting for the future because the future is already here.  You never need to ponder about what the future holds – the key lies within the device you hold on the palm of your hands.