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Super Nintendo Entertainment System…Classic Edition!

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The Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) was my favorite console as a kid.  I was so fortunate to play some of the greatest games Nintendo ever created during the 90s.  Games like Super Mario Bros. All Stars Edition, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario Kart, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Mega Man X were what made the SNES such a timeless console.  Some of these games are so good that they are even better than some of the new titles out now (I’d bring out my SNES over playing games on the PS4 ANY day!).

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Lately Nintendo has been riding the wave of success with the Nintendo Switch released in March.  The Nintendo Switch has been selling out like crazy and they’re expecting to hit major sales during the holiday season.  As an added bonus, that’s just one of many surprises Nintendo has up their sleeves for this year.

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Image result for SNES Classic Edition

Nintendo recently announced that a SNES Classic Edition is coming out this fall!  The SNES Classic Edition, similar to the NES version, will feature over 21 titles pre-installed inside the console.  Some of the nostalgic titles being pre-installed include EarthBound, Donkey Kong Country, Star Fox, Super Punch-Out, Yoshi’s Island, and much more.  90s gamers will have to be patient because the SNES classic edition hits the shelves on September 29th at $79.99.

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As an added bonus, Nintendo will include the unreleased title Star Fox 2 to the mix.  Star Fox 2 was the sequel to Star Fox that was created for the console, but was never released to the public.  So not only will 90s gamers get to replay the nostalgic title on the SNES, but they’ll FINALLY get to play Star Fox 2 this fall!

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What’s intriguing is that this isn’t the first time Nintendo pushed this branding strategy out to their audience.  Nintendo saw major success with their NES Classic Edition (read more about that here) during the holiday season last year.  80s/90s nostalgic gamers rushed to the stores to snag their NES Mini console.  It was a brilliant strategy to keep Millennial/Gen X gamers back into the mix.

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This was so exciting to hear!  I loved playing games on the SNES and it’s going to be so great to be able to play them again.  It’s been hard to pencil in time to play some video games (what with my busy schedule and all!), but I would definitely go back to playing the system again.  The SNES console was what made Nintendo take off as an amazing video game brand.  Sure, the Nintendo Switch has been doing fantastic so far this year, but I always think back to the golden years with the SNES.

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Image result for SNES Classic Edition

I consider myself a 90s gamer and am really looking forward to seeing the SNES Classic Edition in stores this fall.  Hopefully I’ll find the time and money to get the console to relive the golden years of video gaming.  The Nintendo Switch may be out now, but I’m holding off for the Super Mario Odyssey game coming out in the winter (it’s pretty much one of the ONLY reasons for why I’d get the Nintendo Switch!).  Either way, we can all look forward to playing the nostalgic 90s titles once the SNES Classic Edition hits stores everywhere.

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Be sure to look out for the SNES Classic Edition when it releases on September 29th!


Fidgety Fidget Spinners!

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Every year there’s always some simple concept that transforms into a huge fad within the blink of an eye.  Products such as movies, toys, food, TV series, games, clothing, and other commodities can become popular through an interesting idea.  Members of the communications industry can do as much as they can to spread awareness of the trend, but the ending results lie with the audiences.  Some trends stick with the country for a long time while other just wear off quickly.  These trends may come and go every so often, but they make big waves in the social media universe.  This year’s most trending toy is the fidget spinners.

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Fidget spinners, those twirling gadgets that you spin around for hours at a time, have been selling out like crazy in stores everywhere.  These gadgets have been around mostly to help kids with autism or attention disorders concentrate in school, but they exploded in early spring this year.  They weren’t made by a major corporate company and can easily be found at your nearest convenient store.  It’s a hot toy that revolves around such a simple unique selling point, which is to prevent fidgeting problems.



After months of seeing these around the shelves, I caved in yesterday and brought myself one!  While wandering around Liberty Tree Mall with my friend, I browsed through the selection of fidget spinners on the vendor.  I decided to go with the bright orange glow-in-the-dark spinner to take home.  It was only minutes later that I really got the hang of the device.



The gist of the toy is really simple: hold the top/bottom with your fingertips and spin the wheel as fast as you can.  Once you stop flicking, hold the bottom part with your fingertips as it spins by itself.  Try holding it with one of your fingertips once you use it a few times.  For even more advanced tricks, try balancing it on your nose or shoe while it’s spinning.

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Other than the fidget spinner, there’s also an alternative toy called the fidget cube.  The fidget cube comes with buttons, clickers, and even wheels to play around with.  Clicking around the fidget cube is really comforting for your hands when you start fidgeting.

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There’s something interesting going on when a toy like a fidget spinner becomes the most popular product for adults.  In this 21st century, our world is rapidly changing each day.  Adults are performing at a faster rate and they can’t stop moving.  There’s been a large demand for more productivity, leaving many people feeling very stressed out.  Could the rise of fidget spinners be caused by the large amount of stress we’re facing?

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Before fidget spinners became the hottest toy of 2017, adults calmed their fidgeting nerves through smoking cigarettes.  Although it’s a nasty habit, cigarette smoking was the common way to calm your nerves every now and then.  But since cigarettes have increased in price over the past few decades (Marlboros are over $10 a pack in MA!), adults have been trying to trade in one habit for another habit.  Then along came the fidget spinners and those fidgety adults can’t get enough of them.  In a strange sense, fidget spinners could be the trend that would replace the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes.

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As I mentioned before, trends come and go every year.  Remember when Pokémon GO was released last summer?  That game spread like WILDFIRE, becoming the hottest app on the Android/Apple market in less than a week (read more about Pokémon GO here).  Fidget Spinners are just as much of a trend as Pokémon GO was in 2016.

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Rather than crack jokes at the silly trends kids are following these days, we should be amazed by the surprising health benefits both of these trends provide.  Fidget Spinners are great for people dealing with fidgeting problems and Pokémon GO helps people who deal with social anxiety.  These trends, as silly as they sound, actually help people in ways that we couldn’t imagine.  Who knew that a new Pokémon game would help people gain better social skills?

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In the end, fidget spinners are one of many toys that combat fidgeting among people.  Things like the ball in the cup, yo-yos, and even Rubik’s Cube were popular just to play with.  The main unique selling point behind these trends was to give your hands something to do every so often.  Cigarettes may be expensive, but you can pick up a fidget spinner for less than $10.

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So the next time you start feeling fidgety, put down the cigarette and pick up a fidget spinner.


Medical cannabis has helped treat numerous ailments that people face.  From glaucoma to depression, people are turning to medical cannabis to treat their illnesses.  This just goes to show that cannabis has become a more reasonable substitute for medicine than pharmaceutical drugs.  More people have been flocking to medical cannabis for treatment, yet the federal government has been lagging so far behind on the cannabis culture within our American society.

How behind is our government in terms of the cannabis community?  A recent article from The Washington Post was released yesterday showcasing the “marijuana” that the government has been studying all those years.  What we discovered was absolutely SHOCKING.

Seriously guys…what…the FUCK.  Is this some kind of a joke?  This is the cannabis that the government has been using for research all these years?  It looks like some wacky tobacco/oregano crap from Mexico!  I couldn’t even call this cannabis because it looks like patches of sticks/dirt used for a bird’s nest.  As Veronica Corningstone from Anchorman would say, “It smells like, like a used diaper…filled with…Indian food.”

It really has to be some kind of sick joke because that is NOT the kind of cannabis you see at dispensaries.  That so-called “marijuana” that they were researching with looks like mutated bird shit grounded up with dirt and stems.  As a cannabis connoisseur, I’m APPALLED at how disgusting that batch of cannabis looks.  Here’s what REAL cannabis should look like:

Look at that gorgeous nug!  It’s got that light-green color, orange hairs, crystallized white trichomes, and is much more thicker than the counterpart.  THAT is what medicinal cannabis should look like when your administrating it to patients, not that mutated rosemary leave seasoning that the government has been working with.

All insults aside, this poses a serious health problem and PR nightmare for the cannabis industry.  This is a grave insult to medicinal patients all across the country that habitually use cannabis daily.  Patients depend on high-quality medicine from license professionals, not something that looks like cow manure drenched in grass clippings (if you’ve been keeping track, that’s FOUR shots fired at the “cannabis” used for government research!).  Cannabis professionals are so ahead of the time, in terms of proper cultivation techniques, that patients are flocking to these professionals for help rather than the ‘professionals’ in the healthcare system.

If we can’t trust our country’s top federal researchers to conduct proper research on cannabis, then how can we possibly trust them at all?  No patient would ever purchase that dried-up patch of grass and dirt mixture (FIFTH shot fired!).  If I ever bought something like that at a dispensary, I would immediately send it back and NEVER go back there ever again.

In order for the NIDA researchers to get back into good graces, they really need to keep up with the cannabis trends.  The cannabis culture has been soaring since legalization has been making waves all across the country.  If this is the best that NIDA can do in the 21st century, then they are seriously sinking from the public’s favor.  We live in a world where cannabis connoisseurs/professionals are providing better-quality medicine than the researchers at NIDA.

This was a bad PR nightmare to hear about!  Dispensaries have been rolling in millions of dollars in state sales and our top health researchers are so far behind on the latest trends.  I would never use it because that is not the cannabis I see within the TV series showcasing medical dispensaries.  If you want to provide high-quality medicine, then you have to follow every correct procedure EVERY step of the way.  You can’t take any shortcuts or else your product will plummet in sales.

Within the growing medical cannabis community, patients demand high-quality products to treat their pain.  That patient suffering from depression won’t be too happy if you provided him that grounded-up grassy shit rather than the big green buds filled with orange hairs and sticky trichomes.  Even worse, you could possibly increase their pain and suffering that they are going through right now (that depressed patient could be having suicidal thoughts again!).  It’s crucially important to cultivate cannabis the proper way in order to get the most out of your product.

As time yields on, hopefully NIDA will get in on the cannabis trends that are happening now within the industry.

Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun (to Vaporize Weed!)

All living creatures have relied on the sun for survival since the dawn of time.  Hunter-gatherers had no concept of time, yet they knew that their day started when the sun was up.  Plants draw in energy from the sun to grow stronger each day.  We are millions of miles away from the sun and yet we always conjure up more unique ways to utilize its energy for different purposes.

Whether its growing plants for food or heating up our homes through solar panels, the sun is one of our most essential tools for survival in our daily life.  It’s astonishing how our country takes nature for granted since we depend on sunlight for a variety of benefits.  Soaking in sunlight helps us receive the necessary vitamin D3 intake that will help increase our serotonin levels (thus why we love going to the beach during the summertime!). We would be completely screwed if the sun dies out, but that catastrophic event won’t occur for another billion years later.

Advancement in technology helped us trap the sun’s energy for solar panels as a form of alternative energy.  Solar power has become a popular energy source since the 21st century and we are creating more ways of getting the most use of the sun.  It has made waves here in Massachusetts, but it’s gained a lot more popularity in California (because California has over 300+ days of sunshine each year!).  From homes to hot tubs, solar power is revolutionizing the way we utilize energy for personal benefits.  One unique function for the sun’s energy is for consuming cannabis.

Fredericksburg Virginia-based company The Sun Token created the first solar hybrid vaporizers for vaping cannabis.  Creator hector Campos initiated the company in 2015 after being able to source all the materials to create the Sun Token model that would be beautiful as well as affordable.  The product itself provides a hand-finished cherry wood base that is smooth enough to touch.  It comes with accessories such as the mouth piece, a variety of colorful bowls to choose from, shatter-proof acrylic dome with a magnet base, credit-card sized Fresnel lens, and an owner’s manual.

The concept itself is simple: pack your weed into the top carb piece.  Attach the magnetic dome onto the base to keep the flowers from being blown away.  Hold the Fresnel lens near the carb and inhale when you see the flowers being lit up.  Exhale after you take in the smoke and…voila!  You just got stoned through the power of the sun!  It’s like watching mother nature at her very finest

Remember that old childhood science trick where you held a magnifying glass near the sun to try to burn a piece of grass?  It’s just like that unique science concept, only now you’re using that science to vaporize some weed!  Your favorite science experiment now functions as a unique way for consuming cannabis with your friends.  Yeah! Science, bitch!

This is an awesome cannabis product!  If I were living in California, I would definitely vaporize some weed with my friends using The Sun Token.  It’s a perfect product for soaking up the sun while you use that sun to consume some cannabis on the beach.  The sun’s rays are so vital for our health and now we’ve utilized that function to get even healthier through cannabis.  Cannabis seems to be steering us closer to nature as recreational use becomes more popular here in the United States.

Before the digital age of the 21st century, 90s kids like me used to hold a magnifying glass near the sunlight in an attempt to burn pieces of grass.  We may have grown up years later, but our imagination helped shape the new world we live in.  Cannabis has received much more support since I was a kid and that newfound support means a whole range of innovative ideas on how to consume the product.  The Sun Token is just one of many companies bringing in a unique take on the vaporizing concept.

Millions of years later, we continue to discover more interesting ideas on utilizing the sun’s energy.  This is just the beginning for renewable energy sources.  Who knows, we could be taking bong rips by heating the flowers through the sun’s rays!  One thing is for certain: the sun is our most important tool for all living creatures on this earth.

Cannabis Chemistry 101

Here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar, two of the most popular chemicals that are regularly discussed are THC and CBD.  These chemicals compounds are found within the cannabis plant and provide a wide-range of benefits for consumers.  THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the psychoactive part of cannabis that generates the ‘high’ that people feel after consuming cannabis.  CBD doesn’t have that psychoactive feature and it can help counteract the effects from THC.  It’s also the compound that provides the calming effect needed to treat anxiety or sleep loss.

With cannabis use gaining more popularity after last year’s election results, the scientific research on the plant becomes more essential than ever before.  Newly-discovered compounds are documented, providing unique benefits that THC may not have.  What kinds of unique compounds are found within cannabis?  Do they provide similar medicinal effects that would benefit consumers?

To answer these burning questions, I’ve decided to craft a helpful list of common chemical compounds found within cannabis.  Today’s post is a lesson on ‘Cannabis Chemistry 101’, aiming to educate you on the miraculous chemicals.  So sharpen your pencils and crack open your notebooks, because it’s time to start your less on Cannabis Chemistry 101!

THCV (Tetrahydrocannabivarin)

Our first chemical compound is THCV or Tetrahydrocannabivarin.  Tetrahydrocannabivarin provides a strong psychoactive feature that will leave you with a euphoric high.  This chemical is so strong that it will leave you higher than THC, but the duration happens only half as long.  Its euphoric high contains energetic effects that will keep you moving.  Ingesting some THCV has been found to effectively counter stress, anxiety, and panic disorders without suppressing any emotion.  Taking in cannabis with THCV also reduces the tremors associated with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, and from other neurological disorders.  Users consuming THCV will also see that it diminishes appetite and help stimulate bone growth.

CBG (Cannabigerol)

Cannabigerol is a non-psychoactive chemical that has been found to stimulate both brain cell and bone growth in users (and they say smoking weed will kill your brain cells…pshaw!).  The compound also provides promise as an anti-bacterial and anti-insomnia medicine, which would be useful in combating insomnia.  While there is not a lot of major medicinal effects, cannabigerol is definitely useful for sleeplessness.

CBDV (Cannabidivarin)

Cannabidivarin (CBDV) is another non-psychoactive chemical on the list.  It demonstrates promise in treating seizures for people.  Epilepsy is a well-known disease that is currently being treated with cannabis.  It has shown some dramatic improvement over the years and CBDV is the chemical compound most helpful with the symptoms.  For those suffering from seizures, CBDV is the way to go when scouting for the best cannabis chemicals.

CBN (Cannabinol)

Cannabinol occurs after THC degradation.  It is the most sedating of all cannabinoids on the list and provides mild to non-psychoactive effects.  This chemical provides help in aiding glaucoma, insomnia, and pain.  You’ll have to degrade some THC in order to get some CBN, but the compound will be most useful for aiding sleeplessness as well.

CBC (Cannabichromene)

The last chemical compound on our list is CBC, cannabichromene.  Cannabichromene is another non-psychoactive chemical that also stimulates bone growth.  This compound is found to be about 10 times more effective in treating anxiety or stress than CBD.  If you thought that CBD was the most useful in treating anxiety, then you haven’t seen nothing yet!  While CBC products haven’t become popular on the market yet, it’s proven effects of combating anxiety/stress could become a popular cannabinoid in the near future.

So these are some of the most popular chemicals discovered within cannabis.  There are still many more hidden compounds to explore and legalization will help pave the way for better cannabis use.  Who knows, maybe there will be strains high in CBC hitting the shelves in the near future.  But for now, keep these chemicals in mind when thinking about utilizing cannabis for combating your illness.