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1/31 Thirsty Thursday Quote

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Insight into the two selves within a man clears up many confusions and contradictions … It was our understanding that preceded our victory.

~ Vernon Howard

Marie Kondo’s Surprising PR Miracle

Image result for Netflix Marie Kondo

Image result for Netflix Marie Kondo

Marie Kondo has made quite a splash this past week with her series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix.  The new reality series features Kondo helping all types of clients de-clutter their home, one item at a time.  Clients gathered all of their belongings and kept those that still ‘spark joy’ in their life.  This new method of cleaning focuses on items that are still valuable now rather than finding ones to throw away.

Image result for Netflix Marie Kondo

Image result for Netflix Marie Kondo

Ever since Tidying Up with Marie Kondo hit the digital library, many people took to tidying their own house or apartment.  They sorted out all of their belongings based on what still ‘spark joy’ in their lives.  Clothes are the most popular items that people are still holding onto years later.  But rather than throw away old clothes, audiences decided to put them to good use… and thus, a PR miracle began.

Image result for Thrift Shops

Image result for Thrift Shops

Netflix’s Tidying Up with Marie Kondo is responsible for a surge in thrift shop donations.  People from all across the country are donating their clothes to various thrift shops.  After piling all of their clothes into one mountain (as instructed by the 1st step of the KonMari method), people are organizing the clothes that don’t spark joy anymore that they will donate later on.  Shirts, socks, pants, underwear, and coats are a few of many clothing items being donated nationwide.

Image result for Thrift Shops

Image result for Thrift Shops

This a really interesting PR miracle we have here.  Not only are millennials completing the process of tidying up their home, but they are also giving back to their community.  Tidying Up with Marie Kondo teaches people about the true value of the products they own in their life.  Just because something isn’t of good use to them doesn’t mean that it isn’t good use to the world.  All of those shirts you haven’t worn in a while could be still be useful at your local thrift shop.  In the meantime, you will make room for the new shirts you’ll collect later on.

Image result for Marie Kondo

Image result for Marie Kondo

With that, Marie Kondo has taught us the importance of valuing your belongings by donating them to thrift shops rather than throwing them away.  That old t-shirt can still help spark joy for another person that would enjoy wearing it.  You should share the joy you receive from your products rather than keep to yourself.

It is then, and only then, that you can help the world spark joy in life.

Joe Montana’s 4/20 Touchdown

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Image result for 53rd Super bowl Pats vs. Rams

The Patriots have been the talk of the town this week after beating the Kansas City Chiefs and moving onto the Superbowl.  It was a real nail-biter in the end when the game went into overtime.  After a few minutes in, the Patriots scored their last touchdown and won the game at 37-31.  Only five more days until they face off against the Los Angeles Rams in Atlanta.  It all goes down this Sunday to see who will be the 53rd Superbowl champion.

While Brady and Gronkowski are set to play in this year’s Superbowl, other former Superbowl champions have been busy with their own business ventures.  One of those infamous Superbowl champions is shifting his careers from football games to the cannabis game.

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Image result for Joe Montana

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Former San Francisco 49ers Quarterback Joe Montana is investing into a cannabis company in California.  He is investing millions of dollars into a company called Caliva, a cannabis dispensary in San Jose.  Caliva plans to utilize the funding for a farm, delivery service, distribution center, and even a delivery service.  This is Montana’s second major investment into the cannabis industry after investing in cannabis media company Herb back in 2017.  His main purpose for the large investment to provide relief to people and even make in impact in the country’s growing opioid epidemic.

Image result for joe montana san francisco 49ers

Image result for joe montana san francisco 49ers

Montana is the latest and one of the most prominent, professional athletes to publicly endorse cannabis use.  He is one of many NFL stars investing into the cannabis industry after many years of his football career.

Image result for joe montana san francisco 49ers

Image result for joe montana san francisco 49ers

Joe Montana entering the cannabis game is a PR miracle for both the cannabis industry and sports industry as well.  He was an amazing athlete when playing for the San Francisco 49ers during the 1980s.  Even when he was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs in the early 90s, Montana still remained a prominent figure in the NFL.  San Francisco really had an incredible football team during that time.

Image result for joe montana Caliva

Image result for joe montana Caliva

Decades later and Joe Montana is still making an impact in California with his latest venture into Caliva.  Even though he will remain retired, Montana’s brand still lives on off the football field.  He is one of many NFL players breaking the stigma about cannabis use in sports.

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Kudos to Joe Montana for joining many other NFL players in his new adventure in the weed market.  No matter what new business venture he lands on, many San Francisco 49ers fans still remember the glory days of Joe Montana winning the Superbowl during the mid-80s.

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His jersey may be retired, but Joe Montana’s legacy will live on as he gets his gear ready for his new game with the cannabis industry.

Cleaning the ‘KonMari’ Way

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Last week felt like the longest week ever here in Massachusetts.  There was the snowstorm on Sunday then came the frigid cold on Monday.  The cold got to be too much that I get sick yet AGAIN, causing me to avoid everyone like the plague (including my own laptop).  With that, its been quiet here in MakeSandcastlesNotWar being that I spent some time resting rather than cranking out more ridiculously awesome blog pieces.

To be honest, it wasn’t all bad being cooped up inside the house.  Spending more time indoors just meant searching for more great content on Netflix.  There was one popular TV series that actually got me moving and thinking differently about cleaning up.  This is Tidying Up with Marie Kondo.

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Tidying Up with Marie Kondo stars Marie Kondo, world-renowned organizing consultant and author who helps clients in the realm of tidying up.  Each episode features Marie helping out different types of audiences clean up their apartment or home.  Some were expecting a baby on the way while others wanted make their home feel more sophisticated for their guests.  These clients learn how to apply the KonMari Method when tidying up.  The KonMari Method involves gathering together all of your belongings (based on certain categories) and keeping only items that ‘spark joy’ in your life.  This way of cleaning/organizing shifts the focus from throwing items away to thing you truly want to hold onto for the future.

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Watching Tidying Up with Marie Kondo influenced me to conduct some cleaning and organizing around my bedroom/office and bathroom.  I collected so many things these past few years, what with the amount of traveling I do in Boston and Salem almost every week, that I decided to clean out the clutter and only keep items that still ‘spark joy’.



First off I started was my closet, I took out all of the clothing and organized them based on different categories.  My blue jeans and khaki pants are shelved on top as well as my winter clothes.  Near the left corner are where I stored my hats.  The right corner is where put my bicycle helmet.


The middle section is where I hung up the shirts, a few pants, suits, and winter coats.  Less clothing meant more space, as well as easy access to any item I need for the day.  In this case, less IS more because the shirts look a lot nicer than before.


On the bottom are my shoes neatly placed on this light shoe rack.  Boots, shoes, slippers, and even my sandals are all snug within its place.  There is no scrambling for finding the right pair of shoes because every pair is right there.  No scrambling means no frustration, which only means more piece of mind.


Next we move onto the drawers.  I folded up the socks (through KonMari Method, of course!) neatly around the space.  Every pair can be seen all around the border for every kind of occasion.  No more fumbling for the right pair on a special day!


Not only did I tidy up the sock/underwear drawer, but I also worked on the shirts as well.  The KonMari Method involves folding in thirds so that the shirts make up as less space as possible.  Better yet, it gives me a better idea of what shirt to wear for the day.  Two amazing benefits through just one small activity.


This even goes for long-sleeve shirts as well.  All of my short/long sleeve shirts, neatly stacked around yet another drawer.


Last drawer shows yet more shirts as well as some pajama pants.  Through the KonMari Method, I rolled up the pants instead of folding to make them look smaller than they are.  Rolling the pants helps to create more space for your clothing.  Really its all about working with the space you have in front of you.





After cleaning up most of my room, I moved onto the bathroom.  I looked through my cabinets to throw away items that didn’t ‘spark joy’ (they were pretty much expired anyways!).  Next step was to organize the last remaining items.  The shaving products went together just like the medicine and so on.  There has been much more space in the bathroom cabinets, making everything that much easier to find.



One last thing I cleaned out was my business card collection.  I have collected hundreds of business cards throughout the years.  Ever since starting college, I received a wide range of business cards from different people in various industry.  From PRSSA to the cannabis industry, these cards come from all over the country.  Cleaning out my business cards was truly a rewarding and positive experience because I looked back on who I enjoyed connecting with.  These connections could further my career in the near future if I use them right.

Cleaning the Marie Kondo way was a truly amazing and philosophical experience.  It taught me something about value and appreciation in this world.  I haven’t been feeling much appreciation in life, so I started cleaning up in my room and bathroom.  Sure enough, it actually helped out in a major way.

Conducting this modern self-help craze made me realize… in order to receive appreciation in life, you have to start with appreciating yourself first.  It isn’t something you get right away.  Appreciating yourself is the first step in truly getting what you want out of life.  Cleaning up and organizing your possessions help clean up not only the physical clutter, but the mental clutter within your mind  That’s the best type of self-help you could ever get.

With that, Marie Kondo’s method helped me clear out the clutter – both in my room and in my mind.

1/27 Sunday Funday Quote

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Another idiot. And, by the way, a closeted homosexual who is doing everything in his power to sweep this under the rug, and I vowed I’d never say that in public. How does it always happen that all the idiots are always on your team? You guys have all the money, call the shots, shut everybody out, and then operate behind closed doors. I am taking care of more victims of this epidemic than anyone in the world. We have more accumulated test results, more data, more frozen blood samples, more experience! How can you not fund my research or invite me to participate in yours? A promising virus has already been discovered—in France. Why are we being told not to cooperate with the French? Why are you refusing to cooperate with the French? Just so you can steal a Nobel Prize? Your National Institutes of Health received my first request for research money two years ago. It took you one year just to print up application forms. It’s taken you two and a half years from my first reported case just to show up here to take a look. The paltry amount of money you are making us beg for—from the four billion dollars you are given each and every year— won’t come to anyone until only God knows when. Any way you add all this up, it is an unconscionable delay and has never, never existed in any other health emergency during this entire century. While something is being passed around that causes death. We are enduring an epidemic of death. Women have been discovered to have it in Africa— where it is clearly transmitted heterosexually. It is only a question of time. We could all be dead before you do anything. You want my patients? Take them! TAKE THEM!  Just do something for them! You’re fucking right I’m imprecise and unfocused. And you are all idiots!

Dr. Emma Brookner, The Normal Heart