Last night I watched the latest episode of American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare and all I have to say right now is: HOLY…SHITBALLS.  Episode 6 hit me with a HUGE twist that spun me into a story I never saw coming.  Just when I thought I understood the season’s theme, the surprise hit me like a ton of bricks leaving asking so many questions.  It was a twist so big that left me going like…

And also like…

As well as this…

Before I discuss the big surprise that was revealed, let’s back up to episode 5 of the season.  We last saw Matt and Shelby locked in the house, with no way of escaping the Roanoke spirits.  All hope was lost until Edward Phillippe Mott (Evan Peters!) led them down to the tunnel.  The couple follow Edward through the tunnel, only to be lost in the woods again and later kidnapped by the Polk family.  Mama Polk breaks Shelby’s leg when the Millers try to escape from the human sacrifice ritual.  Before Tomasyn starts to sacrifice the Miller family, Ambrose pushes her into the fire in penance for the colonies sins.  Lee shows up to the house and the Millers flee the property in her car.  All the characters are seen safe and sound…OR SO YOU THOUGHT!

The next episode starts off introducing Cheyenne Jackson’s character Sidney as the network executive at his office in California.  From this point on, the show is shot with found-footage style for the rest of the series.  We see Sidney discussing how much of a success My Roanoke Nightmare was during the run and how it attracted over 23 million viewers.  He then pitches this new idea titled Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell where the cast members are brought together under the Roanoke for three days during the blood moon.

While doing some work on the Roanoke house, we see a series of ‘accidents’ happen on set.  The Piggy Man makes his appearance by jumping from Diana’s car and killing her off instantly.  As the cast members settle into the Roanoke house, strange events occur within the rooms.  Rory Monahan (also played by Evan Peters) is murdered by the two nurses and Matt finds the word ‘MURDER’ written in blood on the walls.  We are left with the disclaimer that all but one participant died in the house and that the series never made it on air.

What was the big twist this season?  The past 5 episodes were ALL part of a reality show!  You heard me right – you have been watching a horror show that was made for a season of a horror show (talk about showception!).  That episode left me asking questions like, “WHAT IS GOING ON?!? IS THE SKY STILL BLUE?!? WHO’S PRESIDENT?!!”.  Seriously, this twist left my jaw dropping to the floor and wanting more answers about this season.

After this episode, I really needed a moment to digest what the hell actually happened.  These past five episodes have been a sub-story that is part of a bigger story for the season.  Just when I thought I understood this season of American Horror Story, a new twist pulls out from me and leaves me asking so many questions.  This is why American Horror Story makes for an amazing series: just when you thought you understand the storyline, a huge plot twist comes up randomly and spins it the other way.  Who knows what other plot twists will be revealed during these last few episodes.  Until then, we can only wait for more creepy surprises this season has in store for us!

Got No Strings to Hold Me Down While I Get Down

Every now and then I’ll find an interesting television advertisement that catches my eyes.  Commercials are usually annoying to watch because I have to sit patiently for the next scenes of American Horror Story.  Some commercials are funny and some just have a catchy jingle that I’ll remember for the rest of the day.  Whatever the commercial will be, it has some niche idea that captures the audience’s attention of the product.  Beats by Dre recently released a unique advertisement to market their new line of wireless headphones.

The Beats By Dre ‘Got No Strings’ strategy starts with a clip of Pinocchio singing ‘I’ve Got No Strings’ from Disney’s Pinocchio.  Musicians such as Nicki Minaj and Pharrell are seen dancing to the music with Beats By Dre wireless headphones.  Halfway through the commercial we see Pinocchio’s infamous spinning move before more celebrities’ dance to the song.  For the end, we see three models of the wireless headphones.  Three different lines of the product included earbuds with no headphone jack, a set of wireless headphones that go over your head, and a set of wireless earbuds that wrap around your ear.

Beats By Dre was founded in 2006 by music producer/rapper Dr. Dre.  It is a subsidiary company of Apple Inc. with their headquarters currently in Culver City, California.  Apple incorporated acquired Beats By Dre for $3 billion on August 1st, 2014, making it the largest acquisition in Apple history.  Their line of products includes headphones, earbuds, and speakers for enjoying your music with.

Disney’s film Pinocchio was released on February 23rd, 1940.  Pinocchio was about an old wood-carver named Geppetto who carves a wooden puppet named Pinocchio.  A blue fairy brings Pinocchio to life and informs him that he could become a real boy if he proves himself to be “brave, truthful, and unselfish”.  His efforts to become a real boy is challenged by unsavory characters such as Stromboli, “Honest” John Worthington Foulfellow, the coachman, and Lampwick.  It is considered one of the greatest animated films ever made from Disney and the film is still relevant to this day.

This was a unique idea to showcase Beats By Dre’s new product line!  Pinocchio was one of my favorite films growing up as a kid.  It was one of those movies I watched over and over again because of the colorful characters and unique storylines.  Pinocchio sang “I’ve Got No Strings” when he was made Stromboli’s slave and being forced to dance in front of a live audience.

What’s also great is the technology shift of going from wired headphones to wireless headphones.  With technology becoming more and more advanced, many companies are pressured to keep up with the latest ideas in order to stay in business. Technology has been advancing more rapidly than it has the past 20-30 years, which makes the competition that much more intense.  Whether it is video games or food processors, technology is revolutionizing how we live each year.  Wireless headphones may be the new unique selling point, but a new idea will be just around the corner.  Until then, we can all jam out to “I’ve Got No Strings” while dancing around with our wireless headphones from Beats By Dre.


Cannabis Legalization + Other Industries = WIN-WIN

We only have three weeks left until election day and Wednesday night is the final debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  Not only will we be getting a new president this year, but we will have some interesting proposals to answer.  Last Friday I talked about question 1, which deals with a new hotel and gaming facility in Massachusetts.  Another unique proposal is question 4, the idea to legalize cannabis.

Cannabis legalization is an idea that is currently on the ballot for this year.  2016 could be the year where adults 21 and over will able to use cannabis for recreational purposes in the state of Massachusetts.  Other states that have similar proposals are California, Maine, Arizona, Florida, and Arkansas.  This could also be the pinnacle year where cannabis use is legal in 1/5 of the states in America.

When cannabis legalization would be set in motion, licenses are granted to start recreational dispensary shops around the area.  It will take a while for these regulations to be put in place, but the profits will start flowing soon.  Other than the cannabis industry, what other industries could benefit from cannabis legalization?  What kind of positive impact would be made for other industries for the state of Massachusetts?

To answer these burning questions, I decided to connect the dots between cannabis legalizations and specific industries of the United States.  Like tracing lines to the right path in The Witness, I traced paths in my mind when brainstorming this interesting question.  I challenged myself to look deeper in how more revenue could be generated through legalized cannabis.  Listed below are a few industries that could benefit from this idea:


Legalized cannabis would mean a new wave of tourists flocking to the Bay State to get a taste of some Boston Kush.  Boston is one of many popular cities in America and legalized cannabis would bring more publicity from all walks of life.  These tourists will want to stay at a hotel for a few nights will venturing around Beantown.  Since cannabis use would be prohibited in public, hotels would have to be 4/20-friendly to attract that niche audience.  With the competition rising, many hotels could be pressured to being 4/20-friendly in order to increase profits and gain better publicity as a business.

Other than registering hotels as being 4/20-friendly, 4/20 tours would be created for people who are new to this groundbreaking idea.  A 4/20 tour would take participants through a series of destinations to learn where to find cannabis, how it’s grown, and what products they can choose from.  It would be a pretty costly tour that could go for about $50-$200, but Boston attracts a handful of upper middle class/upper class citizens that would be able to pay for this tour. 4/20 tours and 4/20-friendly hotels would be the key to raking in profits for the lodging/tourism industry.

Restaurant/Drinking Establishment

After you and your friends finish off that joint, you will start to get the munchies soon.  Boston has plenty of restaurants for people looking to satisfy their munchies craving.  From fresh seafood to Thai noodle bowls, there’s some type of food for everyone to enjoy.  If you are in the mood for Italian, how about taking a stroll through the North End?  In the mood for some Chinese?  Wander around Boston’s Chinatown district for some Kung Pao Chicken.

For those looking to satisfy their munchies with some good-old fashion comfort food, I recommend grabbing a burger at Boston Burger Company.  Boston Burger Company currently has locations in Somerville, Cambridge, and Boston.  One entrée that is sure to satisfy your munchies craving is the 420 Burger.  The 420 Burger consists of mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fried mac & cheese, fries, bacon, golden bbq sauce, and American cheese.  It’s one big order that’ll be sure to fill you up!

Wedding Industry

It’s that special day you have been waiting for your whole life – you’re about to marry the one person you love so much.  From the color flowers for the table to where your uncle Larry will be sitting during the reception, weddings take up a lot of time in order to plan your special moment with your partner.  Wedding planners come in handy when you’re having a big celebration and you have too much on your plate.

Since weddings involve lots of flowers, why not provide flowers for guests to smoke?  4/20 weddings have become a popular trend since cannabis legalization happened in other states.  If you and your partner want to have a 4/20-themed wedding, your wedding planner would be more than happy to accommodate you on your ideas for the event.  Whether it is pre-rolled joints or cannabis-infused edibles with low THC content, you get to decide how your theme will play out on your special.

Oh, did I happen to mention that gay marriage has been legal since 2004?  Massachusetts became the first state in the United State to recognize same-sex marriages.  Men and women have flocked to Massachusetts to marry their partner because their state didn’t allow for it (fyi, same-sex marriage has been legalized at the federal level since June 2015).  Provincetown is not only a popular summer vacation spot, but it’s also a popular wedding destination.  What could be better than marrying the partner that you love so much? A 4/20-themed wedding on the beautiful beach of Provincetown.  Wedding bells are ringing and the atmosphere will be clouded with a haze of cannabis smoke.

Advertising/Public Relations

The public relations professionals, advertisers, and marketers would be most responsible for raising awareness of the cannabis industry and keep audiences up to date with the latest 420 trends.  It isn’t enough to just open a dispensary in Boston and expect a huge line out the door; we need the brightest and most innovative people to get the word out through all media platforms.  We will need all of our Don Drapers, Olivia Popes, and Samantha Joneses of Boston to rally up our niche customers who would be interested in the product.  Agencies would work hard to snag clients within the cannabis industry to be the best of the best in their fields.  These figures are going to be the real pros in raising full awareness of the cannabis industry.

5 Nominations From the Silver Screen

In less than a month, we will decide between two candidates on who will become the next President of the United States.  Tensions have been flaring between two parties, with both parties calling each other out over controversial events.  The thing that most people would agree on is that both candidates received the lowest rating of approval in this year’s election.  There is even a petition calling for both candidates to be scrapped from the ballot to vote for new candidates this year.

Image result for trump vs. clinton

While this idea wouldn’t be happening any time soon, it’s shocking to see such low approval ratings between the democratic and republican nomination.  What’s even more staggering is the slew of negative responses of this year’s republican candidate from the republican party.  If there was a decision to scrap both candidates, it would be interesting to see what candidates would be placed on the ballot.

MakeSandcastlesNotWar presents topics within the entertainment industry, especially with what plays out on the silver screen.  The silver screen has graced us with some colorful characters that we will never forget.  Some of these characters could be a better choice to be nominated for President.  Here are some interesting choices for presidential nomination from MakeSandcastlesNotWar:

Frank Underwood, House of Cards

Before Hillary and Trump were campaigning for their nominations, there was a colorful president that we just had to binge-watch on Netflix: Frank Underwood.  Played by Kevin Spacey in House of Cards, Frank Underwood is a no-nonsense political figure who conducted every underhanded tactic to get what he wanted.  He wasn’t satisfied with being a senator, so he worked his ass off to climb all the way to the top as President.

Cutting off ties with old friends was just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Frank’s corrupted tactics in the White House.   Frank Underwood is one selfish and self-centered to watch (his initials are F.U., so that should say a lot about him!).  It’s already been a dirty game the past few years and Frank Underwood would fit right in with the political atmosphere.

Olivia Pope, Scandal

People say politics is about spinning the story towards their favor and no one knows better than about spinning stories than Olivia Pope.  Kerry Washington stars as Olivia Pope, a crisis manager of her firm Pope & Associates.  Pope works with her co-workers, a.k.a her “gladiators”, who work to solve crises within the White House.

We could really use someone who would solve the most complex crises here in America and Olivia Pope would be just the right fit.  If Pope ever thinks about retiring from Pope & Associates, she could always try to land a spot solving crises as President!

Don Draper, Mad Men

During this time of anxiety and confusion, we could really use someone who keeps himself calm and collected in times of chaos.  Don Draper would be just the right man who can keep Americans relaxed when things start to get tough.  Jon Hamm won numerous awards as Don Draper, a creative director for Sterling Cooper who later became a founding partner of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  He worked on various ad campaigns that sold thousands of products to customers.

As a mad man in Manhattan, Don knows the trick in selling products in a way that appeal to all audiences.  Not only would Don Draper make a calm and collective President, but he would be a whiz in creating political ads for his campaigns.  If you ever need someone to create appealing political advertising, Don Draper would be the mad man for you!

Nancy Botwin, Weeds

Various states are aiming to legalize cannabis this year and what better President to lead the cannabis culture than Nancy Botwin?  Mary-Louise Parker stars as Nancy Botwin, a weed dealing suburban mother who does anything she can to support her sons Silas and Shane.  From slinging weed to marrying the mayor of Tijuana, Nancy Botwin has pulled every trick in her web of lies during her crazy escapades.

At one point she worked at a department store where a tunnel was built underground connected to Tijuana (which actually became a REAL thing!).  Many Americans now favor the idea of legalizing cannabis, so Nancy Botwin would be the ideal candidate for leading America to a greener world.  Silas and Shane could also have important roles in cannabis regulations within each state.

Frank Gallagher, Shameless

People are becoming so fed up with the amount of problems we face this year: a shrinking middle class, more unknown diseases crossing into the country, universal healthcare with skyrocketing costs, and a huge surge of heroin use that has quadrupled since the 1990s.  It just seems as though America has become so shameless the past few years.  If we want to continue this shameless path, we will need Frank Gallagher to lead the way.  William H. Macy stars as Frank Gallagher, father of six kids in Chicago.  Even as a shameless alcoholic, Frank usually spouts his political and social concerns about the country.  His political slogan? Frank Gallagher: Make America Shameless Again.  A vote for Frank is a vote for a shameless four years.

Honorable Mentions: Harambe

JUSTICE FOR HARAMBE!  But in all seriousness, Harambe could be the animal candidate since human beings haven’t been getting their act together.  After being fatally shot in the Cincinnati Zoo, Harambe’s legacy still lives on to this day.  A group of baboons happens to be called a Congress, so Harambe would have a shot in the political world.

His stance would involve more bananas to be harvested and less cruelty towards gorillas all across the country.  Voting for Harambe would do justice for him and the other gorillas who wish to be free.

Honorable Mentions: Ken Bone

Ken Bone isn’t a fictional character, but he became an internet sensation after being on TV.  His Izod red sweater just oozes with innocence and his question was just absolutely amazing.  The best part about him?  Watching him take pictures of the debate…with a disposable camera!  If we really could scrap both candidates, my vote would go towards Ken Bone.  With all of the complex problems we are dealing with, we really could use an innocent man like Ken Bone for president.

Question 1 -Yes for Revere

This year there are two candidates to choose for President and four questions to decide for the state of Massachusetts.  Question one would allow the gaming commission to issue Massachusetts an additional slots license in the future.  This slots license, also known as a category 2 license, would allow an establishment or proposed establishment that could happen in Suffolk Downs.  If question 1 were to pass, we could see a proposed hotel and limited electronic gaming facility heading into the city of Revere.  I attended a few events this week that supported question 1 to better understand what the future would hold for Revere if the question passes.

The proposed gaming partner that would be working alongside with the city of Revere is Navegante.  Navegante is a full-service gaming company based in Las Vegas that handles a multitude of projects within the gaming and hospitality industry.  It is comprised of elite gaming professionals that focus on casino/resort development, consulting, and management that they believe can offer value-added service.  Some of their well-known clients include MGM Grand, Caesar’s Tahoe Resort, Casino Niagara, Santa Ana Star Casino, Sahara Hotel & Casino, and other companies.  Other than Las Vegas, Navegante has worked with companies in Toronto and Elko.

Question 1 would revitalize a struggling neighborhood with the establishment of a new gaming facility and hotel for its citizens.  The project itself could generate about $88 million in new state tax revenue once it’s open for business.  Over thousands of jobs would be created for the city of Revere, especially when the facilities start being built.  Citizens of Revere must vote on October 18th for whether or not question 1 should pass for the state of Massachusetts.

Suffolk Downs is a thoroughbred race track in East Boston that provided live horse racing.  It is also one of many MBTA stops on the blue line heading into Bowdoin station in Boston.  Participants would come down to Suffolk Downs to place their bets on which horse would win the race.  With Wynn’s proposal approved in September 2014, Suffolk Downs closed their doors to prepare construction for the new hotel and gaming facility.  Construction would start as soon as question 1 passes and would be taking place around Lee’s Trailer Park.

Image result for Suffolk Downs Revere

Lee’s Trailer Park is a facility sitting around Suffolk Down.  It is situated between Revere Beach/Winthrop Parkway and Route 1A (note: Route 1A takes you up to Seabrook, New Hampshire).  Question 1 would revitalize what is now a struggling neighborhood in Suffolk Downs area.  Re-constructing Lee’s Trailer Park would require a lot of help from thousands of employees working in construction.

What’s interesting to note is the proximity of MBTA’s Beachmont stop to Suffolk Downs.  Beachmont is one of many stops that will take you all the way to Bowdoin station in Boston.  Four other stops that will take you into Boston include Aquarium, State, Government Center, and Airport.  Why is it so important to mention Boston?  Boston happens to be the popular hotspot for young adults looking for work.

Young adults flock to Boston, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods, to search for a career after graduating from college.  Some of Boston’s hottest neighborhoods for young adults include Cambridge, Somerville, Arlington, Brighton, Allston, Newton, and Jamaica Plains.  It’s also interesting to point out that the MBTA provides various lines for people traveling to these areas.  The MBTA, as well as buses, could be one of many ways of transporting people into Suffolk Downs for the resort/gaming facility.  Young adults also use ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft to head home from a long night in the city.  We could be tapping into flourishing audience all with the help of the MBTA.

Thousands of new jobs would be created with the passing of question 1.  Constructing the actual hotel and gaming facility would require help from potential employees who specialize in carpentry, painting, landscaping, management, welding, and many other specialties that would complete the project.  It may take about 1 ½ years until the facility will officially open, but there will always be help needed in setting it up before the grand opening.  All of these jobs would be created before the doors even open for Revere’s new hotel and gaming facility.

More jobs would be available once the project is near completion.  People working in various fields would be able to work for the gaming facility or hotel based on their experience and expertise.  Accountants/financers are needed to keep count of the finances coming in and out of the industry.  Marketers are most important in raising awareness of the facility and connecting audiences to the very best of their abilities.  Social media would play a huge role in getting the word out on the grand opening and release any interesting information for the audience.  Those interesting in working for the food/restaurant aspect would be involved in cooking food and serving drinks for the customers in either the restaurant or gaming facility.  Other facilities that are in need of employee include HR, security, and retail.

In the end, there could be potential growth for the city of Revere.  A proposed resort and gaming facility could bring in more jobs, millions of dollars in tax revenue, and better publicity with more people visiting the city.  The proposal could be completed within 18 months if question 1 passes.  Nothing has been set in stone, but question 1 would play a key role in revitalizing a struggling neighborhood in Suffolk Downs.  It’s up to the citizens of Revere to decide the future of Suffolk Downs.  For now, we will all have to wait for what Revere votes for on October 18th.

Nobel Prize in Literature 2016: Bob Dylan

Every year we announce the Nobel Peace Prize to someone who completed incredible work in promoting peace within a nation.  Now that the months of 2016 are winding down, it was time to reveal the winner.  This year’s winner was Juan Manuel Santos, the current President of Columbia.  Juan Manuel Santos was named the winner for negotiating a peace treaty with the guerrillas in the country.  It was one small step for a giant leap into the right direction for Columbia.

Juan Manuel Santos may have been a Nobel Prize winner for this year, but another contender won for the Nobel Prize in literature.  The Nobel Prize in Literature is awarded to someone who produced amazing work in literature that has people thinking in the right direction.  Usually the prize is awarded to someone who fits the literary canon of novels, short stories, and poetry work.  This year’s prize winner was awarded to…Bob Dylan!

Singer and song-writer Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature.  Dylan was the first American since 1993 to win the prize after famed novelist Toni Morrison.  At 75 years old, Dylan had a shot at winning the award even though his line of work didn’t meet the typical criteria.  With music signaling a broader definition on the concept of literature, it seems that the times they are a changin.

Bob Dylan is a talented singer and song-writer, releasing 37 studio albums during his career.  He released his first album Bob Dylan in 1962 and his most recent album Fallen Angels was released on May 20th, 2016.  Other than winning the Nobel Prize in Literature, Bob Dylan has won numerous awards for his songwriting and performances.  Over four decades later and his legacy still lives on as one of the greatest musicians of all time.

Kudos to Bob Dylan for winning the Nobel Prize in Literature!  Bob has written incredible music over the years and he continues on his work to this day.  I have heard a few songs from Bob Dylan like Blowin in the Wind and The Times They Are a-Changin, which were both great to hear.

What’s also interesting to note is how literature is extending towards music as written work.  Music has always composed of lyrics, but now Bob Dylan’s poetic songs have been recognized for the Nobel Prize in Literature this year.  Lyrics can be written works, since they are words written within the tunes created for a song.  Rock, hip-hop, metal, jazz, and other music genres have lyrics incorporated into songs to provide a more meaningful experience.  Music plays a huge part in literature, even when there are no lyrics to a specific song.  Sometimes all it takes is an instrumental song to captivate an underlying story you are presenting to your audience.  Just like Bob Dylan’s poetic lyrics, we will see many works of music blowin in the wind each day.

Top 5 AHS Monsters

With all of the excitement over the latest crossover references occurring on American Horror Story, I forgot to mention our newest monster for the season.  We caught a glimpse of him during episode one, but his identity was later revealed in episode 4.  This season’s new monster is…the Piggy Man!

Our new monster for American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare is Piggy man, a man wandering around wearing a pig’s head and carrying a butcher’s knife with him.  There was a reference to Piggy Man back in American Horror Story: Murder House when Derek discussed his fears of bringing Mr. Piggy out by chanting the catchphrase, “here piggy pig pig” on the mirror three times.  Five seasons later and he has now become our horrific monster to watch this year.

Image result for American Horror Story Piggy Man

Now that the monster has been revealed, it’s time to take a look back at some of the best monsters from the former seasons.  Here are the top 5 monsters that have graced their presence in the American Horror Story universe:

5: Bastien/The Minotaur – American Horror Story: Coven

The Minotaur, also known as Bastien, was Marie Laveau’s lover and former house slave of the LaLaurie family.  He was kept shackled by Marie during the present time and later started to turn into an actual Minotaur.  Bastien was ordered to kill Delphie, in which Delphie fought the beast at the greenhouse.  This may have been a strange minotaur/human combination for the 3rd season, but his appearance was only short lived.  Still, his disturbing background as a slave gives me chills thinking about him.

#4: Dr. Oliver “Bloodyface” Thredson – American Horror Story: Asylum

After leaving the Murder House, we visited the clinically insane at Briarcliff Manor in American Horror Story: Asylum.  Dr. Oliver Thredson was a psychologist who worked with Lana on her Aversion Therapy.  A week later, Dr. Oliver Thredson took Lana back to his house…where things just got even worse.  Just when you thought you have seen every evil character at Briarcliff Manor, Dr. Oliver Thredson reveals to be the real Bloodyface.  Dr. Oliver/Bloodyface really creeped me out when he revealed his household products that were made from human skin (seriously, HUMAN SKIN) and when he took advantage of Lana while wearing his Bloodyface mask.  His disturbing confrontation with Lana puts him at #4.

#3: The Rubber Man – American Horror Story: Murder House

It’s the pinnacle scene in American Horror Story: Murder House that started it all – a man donning a rubber suit enters Vivian and Ben’s bedroom while Vivian gets ready to go to bed.  The masked rubber man climbs into bed with Vivian (who thought it was Ben the whole time…but it wasn’t!).  After the scene ends, Ben enters the bedroom while Vivian looks away in confusion.  What’s even more surprising is that Vivian ends up being pregnant with a baby…and it’s NOT Ben’s!  This disturbing scene on the very first episode of American Horror Story puts The Rubber Man on #3 of the countdown.  Leave it to Ryan Murphy and Brad Falchuk to make an innocent sex fetish into one disturbing murderer.  I’ll never look at that rubber suit the same way again.

#2: Twisty The Clown – American Horror Story: Freak Show

Move over Pennywise – there’s a new scary clown on television!  Twisty the Clown freaked everyone out when he took some people hostage in American Horror Story: Freak Show.  The freakiest thing aren’t the random killings he sets out for, but rather the horrific backstory of what’s revealed behind his mask.  Clowns are scary enough in this world, but Twisty took things to a whole another level when he terrorized the residents of Jupiter.  Twisty clowning around with his horrific acts put him at #2 of the monster countdown.

#1: The Addiction Demon – American Horror Story: Hotel

It’s finally arrived – the scariest/disturbing monster of all time is…the Addiction Demon!  Upon checking into Hotel Cortez, we are introduced to the Addiction Demon in the first episode.  Episode one set us up for what would be one of the most disturbing scenes involving Gabriel, The Addiction Demon, and a strap-on metal dildo.  The Addiction Demon came into Sally McKenna’s life in the 1990s when she was with friends with some good musicians.  After a strange sexual/drug-fueled scene, the Addiction Demon takes a hold of Sally and becomes a part of her life.  His disturbing scene with Gabriel may have been gruesome, but it was his overall appearance that put him #1 as the most disturbing/scary monster of all time.

And with that, our countdown of disturbing monsters concludes!  All that is left now is to wait for more disturbing monsters to appear in the American Horror Story universe.  What are your thoughts on this countdown?  Were there any monsters scarier/more disturbing than the Addiction Demon?  Feel free to make your own lists to share with everyone!  In the meantime, check out the newest episode of American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare tonight at 10 PM on FX.