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           New Pokémon Snap has been the successful sequel to Pokémon Snap, the original game that came out almost 22 years ago.  The first Pokémon game (Pokémon Red/Pokémon Blue) has been out for over 25 years.  Since then, a span of new Pokémon games came out for various consoles.  It also started a series of timeless Pokémon game soundtracks.

            This week is a special look at the best music in Pokémon games.  Some are the original JRPGS while others were from other game genres.  These games presented some timeless soundtracks.   

            The category is… Best Pokémon Video Game Music Playlist.  This special playlist showcases a total of 30 tracks from some of the best Pokémon games.  Pokémon, as well as its memorable list of music, has come a long way since the late 90s. 

            Here are 30 best tracks from Pokémon games:

Best Pokémon Video Game Music Playlist

Pokémon Red and Blue - Saffron Gym Leader Sabrina Battle and Get Marsh  Badge (Part 79) - YouTube
  • Gym Battle – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow
  • My Bedroom (Bedroom at Morning) – Hey You, Pikachu!
  • It’s Team Rocket! (Round 3 – Ballet) – Pokémon Puzzle League
  • Cave – Pokémon Snap
  • Snore War – Pokémon Stadium
Relic Forest Remake [Pokémon Colosseum] - YouTube
  • Relic Forest – Pokémon Colosseum
  • Wild Pokémon Battle – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow
  • Picnic (Ochre Woods) – Hey You, Pikachu!
  • Ferris Wheel for Two – Pokémon Black/White
  • Giovanni’s Theme – Pokémon Puzzle League
Pokemon Snap :: Full Walkthrough
  • River – Pokémon Snap
  • Cycling Theme – Pokémon Red/Blue/Yellow
  • Wood Music (Viridian Forest) – Hey You, Pikachu!
  • Undella Town (Spring/Autumn/Winter) – Pokémon Black/White
  • Jubilife City Nighttime – Pokémon Diamond & Pearl
Pokémon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum - Jubilife City (Night) [HQ] - YouTube
  • Tunnel – Pokémon Snap
  • Gone Fishing! (Fishing Hole) – Hey You, Pikachu!
  • Valley – Pokémon Snap
  • Over the Sea (Colbalt Island) – Hey You, Pikachu!
  • Saffron City – Super Smash Bros.
Saffron City - Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Serebii.net


            There comes a time in life where your special skill or interest can help you in a certain video game.  After practicing for years, you start to get really good at the game for a while.  Then there are times where a video game can teach you tips or tricks about a certain hobby.  That is just the kind of instance that happened with me through the popular game New Pokémon Snap.

Buy New Pokémon Snap™ from the Humble Store
New Pokémon Snap - Illumina Spot courses: How to take a photo of Illumina  Meganium, Wishiwashi, Milotic, Volcarona and Steelix • Eurogamer.net

            I have been playing New Pokémon Snap for a while now.  After buying the game a few days ago, New Pokémon Snap has been a real joy to play.  It’s so fun to go around taking cute glamor shots of Pokémon in each level.

New Pokémon Snap tips and tricks: Level up faster, take better shots, and  unlock more Pokémon | iMore
New Pokémon Snap: How to Get Maximum Points and Each Star Grade for Your  Photos - Outsider Gaming

            But one intriguing thing about the game was how it educated me on the art of photography.  Throughout the game, Professor Mirror assesses your photos based on certain categories.  He and his assistants, Rita and Phil, provide tips on how to take better photographs of Pokémon.  These helpful tips also apply to photography in general.

            Here are some of the tips New Pokémon Snap provide in photography:

Keep Pokémon in Center and Facing Camera

New Pokémon Snap - Illumina Spot courses: How to take a photo of Illumina  Meganium, Wishiwashi, Milotic, Volcarona and Steelix • Eurogamer.net
How to Create a Strong Composition by Centering the Subject

            One of the hints most brought up is about keeping the Pokémon centered in the shot and facing camera.  That holds true not just for Pokémon, but for any object being photographed.  In photography, keeping the subject centered captures the true essence of the photo.

Snapshot the Entertainment

New Pokémon Snap': Here's a List of Every Pokémon Confirmed for the Game So  Far
2,963,541 Entertainment Stock Photos, Images | Download Entertainment  Pictures on Depositphotos®

            When discovering new Pokémon, take snapshots of them dancing or enjoying fluffruit to score more points.  Taking photos of people or animals doing something entertaining is more insightful to look at than them doing nothing.  Actions speak louder than words!

Utilize the Luscious Background

New Pokémon Snap: Are you limited to one photo per Pokémon? | iMore
Digital Printing Studio Backdrop Vinyl Photography Prop Photo Background  5x7FT MCM404 | Backdrops for sale, Background for photography, Photography  backdrops

            You can score more points when the Pokémon are centered in a beautiful background for some quality landscape photos.  Choosing the right background really sets the mood for a photograph.  Whether it be a sunny tropical beach or a rainy day in the city.

Time it Right

New Pokémon Snap review: Nintendo's update to the N64 classic is a trip  worth taking - Polygon
32 Unique Photos That Required Perfect Timing

            Take the photo at the right moment when the Pokémon is about to perform some action to score some major points.  Timing is everything when it comes to taking that break-taking photo.  You have to take the photo at the right time before the bird leaps off his nest or when the whale plunges back into the water.

New Pokémon Snap's' big changes from the original 'Pokéemon Snap' - The  Washington Post

            There you have it – four random tips of photography from New Pokémon Snap.  I’m not a true shutterbug, but playing New Pokémon Snap got me more interested in photography.  Playing this game made me think about taking incredible photos of nature and how to improve on it.

Pokemon Go New Pokemon Snap Celebration Timed Research Tasks Guide |  SuperParent

            If you want to learn some things about photography, just take pictures of Pokémon on New Pokémon Snap.


Roku Removes YouTube TV From Channel Store Over “Anti-Competitive  Practices”; YouTube Decries “Bad-Faith Termination” Of Deal – Update –  Deadline

            Roku really seems to have a channel for everyone.  There are the regular streaming services, the public channels, and even private channels within the digital library.  No matter what kind of program you are looking for, there is definitely something out there.

Roku – Streaming players, smart TVs, wireless speakers & audio | Roku

            But what about for those looking for some adult entertainment?  Where are the adult entertainment streaming channels?  It’s 2021, so isn’t there a way to find some porn on Roku?

            Well, folks – I have stumbled onto an AMAZING discovery.  You can ACTUALLY stream porn through Roku.

            Yes, the statement above is real.  Adult movies can be streamed through Roku.  Both straight and gay porn movies can be streamed.

How to Add Hidden Adult Roku Channels?
AdultStreamingTV.com | Adult content for your Roku® device and other  streaming media players

            The way to find these adult entertainment channels is through a site called AdultStreamingTV.com.  AdultStreamingTV.com features adult content for Roku and other streaming services.  Along with providing the adult Roku channel guide, it also features posts about adding channels or other news happening. 

            There is one catch – Many of these channels come with their own subscription fee.  Some channels charge by the minute while other provide monthly or yearly subscriptions.  The only channel that provides free videos is Pornhub.

Roku Players | Roku

            Streaming services have come such a long way since apps like Netflix and Hulu began.  Providing adult entertainment channels to the mix only enhances the streaming service experience.  Adult entertainment has always been around for a very long time.  More adult movies are being made, yet they are being distributed in a completely unique way.

Dekkoo is now available as an Amazon Channel! – Discover great gay stories.

            Apps like Dekkoo have been known to provide some edgier content, but nothing has come close to showing actual adult movies.  Now there is an actual way to use Roku to stream adult entertainment.  While it may come at a cost, the discovery is nevertheless exciting.

            I guess the saying still holds true – like Roku, the Internet is for porn.

fact Avenue Q The Internet is for Porn Trekkie Monster  damnafricawhathappened •