7/27/ Thursday Quote!

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Like my parents, I have never been a regular church member or churchgoer. It doesn’t seem plausible to me that there is the kind of God who watches over human affairs, listens to prayers, and tries to guide people to follow His precepts — there is just too much misery and cruelty for that. On the other hand, I respect and envy the people who get inspiration from their religions.

~ Benjamin Spock

American Horror Story: Cult

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It’s a sunny day here in MA and we’re midway through this awesome summer season.  Learning about new TV series coming out this fall is one of the last things on my mind (it’s been too beautiful outside to even stare at my computer screen for one second, OK?).  This is the season where people are shutting down their screens and heading out for an adventure outdoors.  Popular TV series are on their summer break, which gives people more reasons to be outside.  While everyone has been enjoying this season, my favorite series just dropped some MAJOR clues about the next season.

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American Horror Story, which is my favorite horror TV series of all time, dropped a teaser on the internet a few days ago.  The teaser itself features a bunch of dark clowns wielding axes in what appears to be some Gothic cult.  An apprehensive woman stares out from the crowd of clowns, wondering what is happening.  A voice-over narrates during the teaser saying, “Does it seem like no one really understands you? Do some people just make you sick? Are you afraid? We can set you free.”  All the clowns gather in unison, performing their ritual for us to see as the voice-over narrates the event.  The scene ends with the announcement of season seven for American Horror Story.

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            You heard me right, folks – American Horror Story is returning for its seventh season!  This new season, titled American Horror Story: Cult, will be airing this fall.  The first episode will drop on September 5th.

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In addition to the new teaser trailer, Murphy announced that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be part of a love story this season.  He dropped a post on Instagram tyesterday featuring a drawing of a man with blue hair (who will be played by Peters!) alongside Sarah’s character with the note, “Ally and Kai in CULT…a love story for the ages”.  Evan and Sarah are both AHS veterans that have been part of the cast since American Horror Story: Murder House.  Each of the cast members played some oddball characters, but you can expect to be seeing a lot more Evan Peters in season seven.  So not only will we be seeing more of Evan Peters this season, but he will be part of an interesting love story with Sarah Paulson’s character.

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Before dropping the teaser trailer, Ryan Murphy already dropped a few breadcrumbs for us to follow.  A few weeks before the trailer, Murphy released an Instagram post of a magazine featuring Twisty the Clown on the cover (you know, THAT Twisty the Clown from AHS: Freakshow that made Pennywise look like child’s play!).  It looks like Twisty’s dastardly deeds won’t be over yet because it looks like we delving into his story again this year.  Twisty is just one of the few characters that we will be exploring this year.

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This was fantastic news to hear!  Lately I’ve been trying to keep up with the new shows premiering on Netflix and it was exciting to hear about the next season of American Horror Story.  I really enjoy most of Evan Peter’s character on the series, so I’m pumped to hear that we will be seeing more of him this year.  The new season itself looks really interesting and I’m curious what this whole cult theme will look like.

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American Horror Story has had its shares of intriguing themes and the cult idea will be interesting to check out.  There’s been lots of craziness since the election last year so we’ll have to wait a little more than a month to see what horror story Ryan Murphy has in stores for us.

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Last year we dived into the story of Roanoke and now we’re entering the cult this year.  Stay tuned on September 5th for the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult!

MakeSandcastlesNotWar Visits the Revere Beach International Sandcastle Festival!

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After a few days of heat wave hell, the weather finally got cooler around Boston.  It’s nice enough to go out and not scorching hot that we rush indoors from the sun.  Some days do get a bit cold around the beaches here in New England (which I don’t mind at all!), so those can be a blessing in disguise in the summer.  This is also the season where the beaches get PACKED with lots of people.  One beach nearby my area, Revere Beach, was busy with their annual sandcastle festival.



The Revere Beach International Sand Sculpting Festival brings sculptors from all across the nation to compete with their best work of art.  Sculptors use a mix of special sand, water, and various tools used to carve their masterpiece.  It’s all about carving a work of art using all of the tools (even your mind!) at your disposal.

I decided to check out the sandcastle festival last night during my first day off from work.  Here were some of my favorite sandcastle ideas from the beach:

Sandcastle #1: Oceans Apart/Inside My Heart



This was the first creation that caught my eye quick.  It’s amazing how the flow of ocean water circulates over the figure of a woman looking straight ahead.  The way she wraps herself with the water makes it seem as though she is one with the sea.  What’s even more amazing is the small hole dug out through the wave so you can see the ocean water.  Having that interactivity makes the artwork that much cooler.  Props to Sue McGrew for her creative work!

Sandcastle #2: Whisper In the Dark



As a dedication piece towards H.P. Lovecraft, Dmitry Klimenko sculpted this brilliant piece titled Whisper in the Dark.  This design showcases a human male being seeped into some sea monster, transforming into the very beast himself.  He dove feet first into the monster’s head and now he’s being sucked up even further.  It’s a cool sculptor with a creepy theme in mind (props to the reference from H.P. Lovecraft!).

Sandcastle #3: Who Are You



Walking further down the line and I come across another animal-themed idea.  A Griffith sits down, nodding its beak onto the boy’s head.  Both the boy and Griffith stare hard, noticing how each is different from one another.  It definitely suits what Susanne Ruseler made when she titled it Who Are You?  Another cool animal figure here at Revere Beach!

Sandcastle #4: In Justice We Trust




Roaming around a bit further and I find a political-themed work titled In Justice We Trust.  One side of the wall features a female judge holding a tipped scale with a bandage covering her eyes.  Within the other side features four small males pushing against the side of the wall.  It looks as though the four figures are pushing away from blind justice.  The political imagery really works here, especially with the wall holding up both figures.  You can thank Andrius Petkus for sculpting this piece.

Sandcastle #5: Remembering Self



Moving down a bit further and I come across this peaceful, psychedelic sculptor.  The piece features a Buddhist entangled around a decorative aurora.  This Buddhist is sleeping peacefully and keeping mindful of his surroundings.  Morgan Rudluff came from Santa Cruz to carve out this mind-altering work of art.  It’ll definitely keep me mindful of how beautiful this beach is!

Sandcastle #6: Soul Evolution



Coming in at first prize was Soul Evolution by Pavel Mylnikov.  This beautiful design depicts two angels near each other.  One angel reaches with his head up while the other kneels down in despair.  It’s a beautiful piece that symbolizes the two angels as pain and love.  Mylnikov definitely gets first place for this creative work!

Sandcastle #7: Look Up



Last but not least we have the sculptor titled Look Up by Marianne van den Broek.  This sculptor features a woman gracefully looking high up at the sky.  She looks as though she is about to get up for a second and reach further up.  It’s really interesting how she looks like she is getting up to for a better view.  While the idea does seem obvious, it definitely makes for a cool idea.

These were some of my favorite sandcastle designs from the event.  It’s always great to see such talented sand sculptors create intriguing designs on Revere Beach.  Here’s to seeing some awesome sandcastles last night!