AHS 1984 Season Premiere

Last night was the premiere of American Horror Story: 1984.  As you may have seen from the teasers and trailers, the newest season is a tribute to the classic 1980s horror slasher films.  It has been heavily influenced by films like Halloween and Friday the 13th.  The season premiere was chock full of surprises.

Here are some of the highlights of the season 9 premiere:

AHS: 1984 Intro

This season starts in 1970 where a group of campers are having fun at night.  It isn’t until later on that a mysterious man enters the cabin where he goes on a killing spree.

After watching the mysterious killer take out his victims, we are first treated to the colorful 80s intro theme.  The typical AHS theme song had a new wave remix playing throughout.  Neon lighting, Ronald Reagan, and even the number ’84 flashed throughout the introduction.

Camp Redwood Counselors

The next scene after the intro takes place Xavier’s aerobics class in Los Angeles.  Brooke, Montana, Chet and other join Xavier’s class for some fitness.  After class, Xavier mentions to some of his classmates that he will be a counselor at Camp Redwood.  He invites some of the crew to come along.  Everyone, except Brooke, are already interested in the idea.

Later on, Brooke come face to face with a robber who takes her jewelry.  He even threatens to find her again in the near future.

By the next morning, all of the camp counselors make their way to Camp Redwood.  Brooke joins the gang along for the ride.  On their way, they stop by a gas station to fill up for gas.  They meet a creepy gas station attendant who tells them to go the other way.

But that wasn’t the only danger they face on the road.  Xavier hits a random hitchhiker wandering through the area.  The gang take him to Camp Redwood to get healed by Rita, the camp nurse.

Mr. Jingles Origin

While the gang are sitting around the campfire, Rita stops by to tell the origins of Mr. Jingles and what went on in Camp Redwood.  Mr. Jingles used to be in the army, but was discharged due to his murder spree.  He was arrested for his heinous crimes.  It was the main reason for why Camp Redwood was shut down years ago.  Since then, Mr. Jingles was held in a psychiatric ward… until now.

Jingles Release

Mr. Jingles ends up escaping the psychiatric ward by stealing a set of keys from one of the guards.  Not only that, but he opens up all of the doors for the others to escape.  He makes his way over to Camp Redwood for some more fun.

Brooke’s Encounter

Brooke runs into Mr. Jingles after leaving the cabin for a bit.  She flees from him after allegedly seeing the hitchhiker dead.  The gang return to the scene of the crime, only to see that nothing was really there.

Moments later, Brooke answers a phone call from the payphone nearby.  She answers the phone, only to hear a set of keys jingling.  Not only that, but she runs into the robber once again!


Ring Fit Adventure (October 18th)

Are you looking to get back into shape?  Do you enjoy playing lots of video games?  Ever wanted to play a game AND get healthier at the same time?

Well folks – there is a video game like that coming out real soon.  Nintendo recently announced an exciting title for the Nintendo Switch called Ring Fit Adventure.

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Ring Fit Adventure is a new fitness game for the Nintendo Switch.  It is an platform-adventure RPG game where you play as a hero dressed as a gym rat who is partnered up with a sentient ring named Ring.  You go through different levels, defeating various bosses along the way.  The main objective is to defeat a muscular purple dragon in a leotard.

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

You control your character by using the ring and leg strap for the game.  Throughout each level, you conduct different physical exercises to fight off various enemies.  Moves such as squats or yoga poses are used to attack foes during each fight.

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Not only are you getting fit from the different poses, but you level up as you progress through the game as well.  Each new level will feature tougher enemies each time.  As you level up throughout, the moves will even become much harder too.

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Image result for Final Fantasy

To put it bluntly, Ring Fit Adventure plays as a cross between Wii Fit and Final Fantasy.  You’re fighting off enemies with various attacks and getting healthier at the same time.  It’s the perfect combination that makes for a truly innovative game.

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

With that, Ring Fit Adventure looks like another exciting title to play this holiday season.  This is the kind of game that combines an interesting RPG storyline with some healthy exercise.  Ring Fit Adventure will surely get you into shape.

Image result for Ring Fit Adventure

Be sure to get Ring Fit Adventure when it releases on October 18th.

MakeSandcastlesNotWar Meme Introduction

Image result for horace walpole quotes

Hello folks!  It’s time to introduce something a little different for MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  Over the past few years, there have been daily quotes during the weekends.  These quotes can be inspiring, showcasing a new way of thinking about the world around us.  As mesmerizing as some of these ideas may be, I figured it was time to add a spark of entertainment with the mix.

Instead of the daily inspiring quotes on the weekends, MakeSandcastlesNotWar will start implementing its own memes.

Image result for Meme

Image result for Animal Crossing Meme

What exactly is a meme?  A meme is an idea, behavior, or style that spreads from person to person within a particular culture.  These memes are usually spread humorous images, videos, or even pieces of text that is often copied and spread rapidly by internet users.

Image result for American Horror Story Meme

Image result for Nintendo Meme

Memes have been spreading around the internet for decades.  They stem from certain moments of pop culture such as television, movies, literature, music, fashion, and other areas of entertainment.  With each new entertainment release comes forms of memes that audiences make based on their favorite element.

Each week, MakeSandcastlesNotWar will create its own memes that will be incorporated with one or more topics that was recently discussed.  Whether it be a TV series or a recent PR nightmare, these memes will bring us a little closer to the main idea.  The memes first kicked off last Friday.

Every now and then there may be quote in place on a certain day.  Better yet, there could be a meme ON the quote recently posted!

Image result for Fall Meme

Fall is coming soon, which means it’s a time for a change in season.  That new season only brings in new and innovative ideas for MakeSandcastlesNotWar.

With that, let’s take time to welcome MakeSandcastlesNotWar memes this week.