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7/10 Wisdom Wednesday Quote

Image result for Phish Lawn Boy

I wake up on my stomach with my face between my hands and crawl along the floor toward the doorway Jumping to my feet I try to put myself together but I feel it in my knees and the room begins to spin and I slip and bump my head and raise a welt Split open and melt.

~ Phish, Lawn Boy (1990)


Phish at Phenway 7/6 Setlist

After my fun little mini vacation I had this past week, I am now rejuvenated and energized for the next string of posts here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  It was a great 4th of July week with great food, cold craft beers, and amazing firework shows.

Image result for phish fenway 2019

Image result for phish fenway 2019

This past weekend I got to see Phish at historic Fenway Park in Boston (#PhishatPhenway).  Phish played  Friday and Saturday of last week, with thousands of people jamming to some killer tunes out on the baseball field.  Trey, Mike, Page, and Jon rocked the park here in the city.

Their setlist for Saturday was absolutely amazing.  SO amazing that its time to reveal the highlights and where some of the best tunes originated from.

Here’s the recap of the setlist of Phish at Phenway on Saturday July 6th:



Set Your Soul Free


Wolfman’s Brother – Hoist, March 29th 1994

Reba – Lawn Boy, September 21st 1990

Back on the Train – Farmhouse, May 16th 2000

Mound – Rift, February 2nd 1993

About to Run

Down with Disease – Hoist, March 29th 1994

Simple – A Live One, June 27th 1995

Backwards Down the Number Line – Joy, September 8th 2009

Death Don’t Hurt Very Long

46 Days – Round Room, December 10th 2002

What’s the Use? – The Siket Disc, July 3rd 1999

Mexican Cousin – Round Room, December 10th 2002

Also Sprach Zarathustra

Split Open & Melt – Lawn Boy, September 21st 1990

Suzy Greenberg

Rise/Come Together

Wilson – A Live One, June 27th 1995

Working During Animal Crossing Time

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Pride month has been showcased all around mainstream media the past few weeks.  Companies from television, movies, literature, social media, and fashion are a few of many entertainment outlets that are showing their true pride colors.  Just recently, pride was utilized in the newest installment for Animal Crossing.

Image result for animal crossing new horizons

Image result for animal crossing new horizons

Nintendo made the announcement last week that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would feature gender-neutral hairstyles and various skin tones for customizing your characters.  Players will have a lot of flexible options to choose from for skin tones as well as hairstyles.  Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set to release on March 20th, 2020.

If you are already waiting impatiently for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to come out for the Nintendo Switch, then there is something that’s just as amazing out on the internet now.  There is a site out there that plays hourly Animal Crossing music based on the EXACT time you have now.

Screenshot (336)

Screenshot (338)

Screenshot (340)

The idea is simple – this site detects your local time and plays an Animal Crossing tune that matches up with the one from the game.  You can choose from the three game options: Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Animal Crossing: Wild World/Animal Crossing: City Folk.  This site can be found at http://tane.us/ac/.  All of three game title options play music from the time you have now.

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Image result for animal crossing New Leaf

Image result for animal crossing City Folk

This a really simple, yet genius idea.  It’s a basic idea of creating a website featuring Animal Crossing music that syncs up with real time.  With that, the idea makes for an entertaining site to use at work.  Even if you have never played any of the Animal Crossing series, the music is still relaxing to listen to.

With that, the animal crossing music site is worth checking out.  Whether you want some new music to listen to during a major project or for something during your leisure time, this site features great Animal Crossing music.  It works at any time, both day and night.

Check out http://tane.us/ac/ to have some Animal Crossing into your daily routine.

POSE Season 2 Premiere (Vogue, ACT UP)

Image result for POSE Season 2

Image result for POSE Season 2

We are in the middle of June, which means that Ryan Murphy’s other series POSE is in full swing.  Season two premiered last week, with the story turning even darker.  As dark as the story gets, the ballroom culture thrives further than ever.

Image result for Pose Season 2 Pray Tell

Just like last season, POSE touches up on familiar events that happened in the past.  Whether they be big or small, they had a major impact in shaping America as it is today.  Two interesting references popped up during the season premiere.

Today, it’s time to go a bit deeper into these elements:
Madonna ‘Vogue’

Image result for Madonna Vogue

Image result for Madonna Vogue

Image result for Ballroom Vogue

Madonna released her famous song ‘Vogue’ back in March 27th, 1990.  It was the music video she released that truly helped her make a major splash in the world.  Interestingly enough, Madonna’s inspiration was through vogue dancers and choreographers Luis Xtravaganza as well as Jose Gutierez Xtravaganza of the Harlem ‘House Ball’ Community.  She was introduced to ‘vogueing’ at the Sound Factory Club in New York City.

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That Madonna hype was a major element within the season premiere. Blanca was of many characters excited to see the ballroom culture becoming more mainstream over time.  Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ skyrocketed in popularity, showcasing a whole new world of dance to audiences worldwide.


Image result for POSE Season 2

Image result for Pose Season 2

Pray Tell attends yet another funeral of someone who passed away from HIV/AIDS.  Nurse Judy Kubrak takes Pray Tell to attend his first meeting with the group ACT UP.  He eventually joins hundreds of others in an ACT UP Protest at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

Image result for ACT UP

Image result for ACT UP

ACT UP is short for AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power.  It is an international grassroots political group that was founded in March 1987.  Their motto was ‘Silence = Death’, which was how the episode ended.

Image result for ACT UP Stop the Church

Image result for ACT UP Stop the Church

The episode also referenced the infamous ‘Stop the Church’ incident at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York.  On December 10th, 1989, over 4,500 protesters gathered outside a mass at the cathedral to protest the Cardinal’s public views on homosexuality.  A total of one-hundred and eleven protesters were arrested that day.

Image result for Madonna Vogue

Image result for ACT UP Stop the Church

All of this was referenced in the very first episode.  It has only been one episode so far and various elements from the real world are already coming into play.  Two major trends in history, Madonna’s ‘Vogue’ and ‘Stop the Church’, were woven together within season two of POSE.

Image result for POSE Season 2

That’s all for today’s discussion on season two of POSE.  Another episode premieres tonight, which means more colorful references will be discussed within the story.

Useless Recorder Meme PR Revision

Just over two weeks ago, we dived into an internet meme that was absolutely priceless.  This meme was so hilarious and relatable that there had to be a topic about it.  The meme I am describing is the useless recorder meme.

The meme revolves around the small flute known as the recorder.  It was the one annoying instrument that many elementary school kids came home with.  One of the most popular songs that kids had to learn was Hot Cross Buns.

This meme was created on Twitter a few weeks ago, sparking popularity all across social media.  It read like this:

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Me: how do I do taxes?

School: here’s a recorder

Me: what is a credit score?

School: just put it in your mouth and blow like this

Me: how do I choose the right healthcare plan?


Taxes, credit scores, healthcare plans – all useful things I truly needed to know as a grown adult.  And yet, my public school decided teaching me HOT CROSS BUNS on the RECORDER was absolutely necessary for me.  After graduating from school almost nine years later, I still have very little ideas about how those three things work.

Here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar, we enjoyed the useless recorder so much that we decided to put in a PR spin on the popular meme.  Even after graduating from college for public relations, I still come out into the real world with many burning questions unanswered.  Some are small, while others play a major role for my career.

With that, here are my three biggest questions about PR I wished I learned over the recorder:

Screenshot (332)

Me: What are the best negotiation tactics to win over your clients?

School: here’s a recorder

Me: How do I create a fair pricing on goods and services to promote for my audiences?

School: just put it in your mouth and blow like this

Me: How do you advance further in PR?


Image result for Mad Men Dinner

Image result for Mad Men Dinner

Our first question revolves around negotiation tactics with clients.  I have seen enough Mad Men to know that I will be doing a lot of negotiations with clients in public relations.  They will need to be wined and dined in order to feel enough confidence of your ideas.

What are some great negotiation tactics that will truly win them over?  How do you dive into the topic of business so easily?  Is there any type of alcohol you should have with your dinner?  Should you even drink any at all?

Image result for Pricing Goods and services

Next question is ‘how do I create fair pricing on goods and services to promote for my audience?’.  I do have lots of great ideas for what to provide for my audience, but I now very little about the economics aspect of the project.  As creative as I get, I forget how much the cost would be to make it actually happen.

With that, what makes for a fair pricing for my good and service?  Better yet, how do you even know the pricing will be fair?

Image result for Public Relations

Last question is about furthering my career in public relations.  In a competitive field like PR, there’s lots of ways to go about pushing for a bigger role.  What would make you stand out in front of the competition?  Experience in a job setting?  Personal projects you work on?  Networking?

Image result for Recorder

I don’t know the best negotiation tactics, what makes for a fair pricing on goods and services, or how to further my career in public relations.  And yet, I still know how to play HOT CROSS BUNS on a RECORDER.

Alas, those are the three burning questions I still have.  So much to be learned, yet very little room for that knowledge.  Instead, I used that time to use a RECORDER to play HOT CROSS BUNS in school concerts.  Hopefully I will have these questions answered out in the real world.

Image result for Mad Men Client Dinner

Maybe playing hot cross buns for my clients could win them over at during a business dinner.