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Prehistoric Payphones in Boston

Image result for City of Boston

Image result for City of Boston

Whenever I roam around Boston, I always stumble upon something truly eye-catching.  Some intriguing things I have seen include flashy billboards, artistic statues, a pop-up event, and other things of the sort.  Within the hustle and bustle of the city, there is always something amazing happening each day.  You have to really observe your surroundings in order to find things that would capture your attention.

Just this week, I randomly spotted something that caught my attention near Downtown Crossing.  A mere block away from the big Walgreens on Washington Street was something I haven’t seen in a long while – pay phones.



I happened to spot not one, but THREE payphones nestled onto the sidewalk.  Each payphone was back-to-back within each other in working order.  Not only did they work, but there were free numbers to call for either a job search or a bank.


Here we are in 2019 and payphones STILL exist around Boston.  Payphones are still around even as mobile technology continues to skyrocket in popularity.  It was rather odd to see three deserted payphones being bolted onto the sidewalk while thousands of people walk by using their smart phone.  Seeing these payphones was a step back into much simpler times.  You can see the shift of technological trends already changing in this scenario.


It is easy to get caught up with what the world will offer next rather than what has already been created.  Walking past a payphone while using your mobile phone is a true sign of how much times have changed since the 20th century.  Surprisingly enough, people still use payphones during their time of need.

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The central point is this – when you lift up your head to observe the world around you, you stumble upon so many amazing things.  Through mindful observations, you are able to discover a small trinket of treasure right nearby.  It could be a payphone or a pop-up event or a newly constructed statue.  Any of these hidden things can be found once you see the world before you.

By looking up into the world, you may discover something you haven’t seen or used in merely years.


The Final Straw for Plastic Straws

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Happy Monday, fellow readers!  Lately I have been hearing a lot about plastic straws being banned and whatnot.  Various states (California and New York City for example) have been taking serious measures to eradicate plastic straws from businesses alike.  The main reasoning deals with the environmental impact plastic straws have in our natural world.

Image result for Plastic Straw

Image result for Plastic Straw

Hundreds of millions of plastic straws are used every day.  Each one gets tossed into the trash, polluting the ecosystem in the process.  To think that one of the most popular accessories for beverages causes serious pollution within our earth.

Image result for reusable straw

Image result for reusable straw

With that in mind, its time we start alternating the straw to become a better product.  The answer could be, say, make the straw become REUSABLE to use for longer periods of time!

Well folks – I can tell you in this 21st century period…that type of technology certainly exists.  I give you… FinalStraw.

Image result for FinalStraw

Image result for FinalStraw

Image result for FinalStraw

Image result for FinalStraw

FinalStraw is the world’s first reusable and collapsible straw.  This nifty straw comes compact inside a small case that fits on your key chain.  Just pull the straw out and place it right into your favorite beverage.  Whether your sipping on a cold soda on a hot day or binging on your favorite craft beer, FinalStraw is the reusable straw to use.  You can order your FinalStraw on November 2018.

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Image result for san francisco straw ban meme

Not only is FinalStraw great for the environment, but it also puts you at a social-cultural advantage as well.  Cities like Seattle and San Francisco have banned or are planning to ban plastic straw use.  With that in mind, many restaurants are even taking out straws (and some even charging customers for them as well!)  FinalStraw will be the trending reusable straw being spread nationwide.  Eventually that buzz will hit right into Boston in the future.

Image result for FinalStraw

There is an environmental movement happening in this country and one solution we have is FinalStraw.  FinalStraw is the key to cutting through this monstrous pollution problem we have on earth.  Straws have been used for thousands of years and its time we modified our beloved beverage accessory to help our planet even more.  There is no need to completely eradicate straws – the real solution lies in rejuvenating the straw become more beneficial to society.

Image result for FinalStraw

Our politics change every day, so our traditional products need a little fine tuning here and there.  FinalStraw provides a fine tuning to the original plastic straw we’ve all learned to love.

Image result for FinalStraw

Be sure to order your FinalStraw this fall.  This will be the FINAL STRAW for plastic straws here on earth.

Erosion on Bailey’s Hill

An erosion can completely modify our natural landscape.  It is described as a gradual deconstruction or diminution over a period of time.  This process happens through wind, water, or other elements of nature.  Nature builds land, only for it to disintegrate later on in the process.  It becomes this continuing cycle of land constantly being reformed year after year.



To dive further into this process, let’s look at this rock formation here in Bailey’s Hill.  This monstrous landscape sits around the Atlantic Ocean where bits of rocks are slowly chipped away over time.  Long cracks scatter throughout, dividing the rocks further away from each other.  Small tides open up from the bottom where organisms like barnacles claim their habitat.  The landmark continues to disintegrate over time as the waves continue to crash against the structure.  Strong winds push the waves farther out, grabbing yet another piece to carry out into the ocean.



And in that moment, you realize that this process didn’t change in just one day alone.  This erosion has been happening for THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS of years.  Years of heavy winds, huge waves, and other chaotic scenes of nature crafted this marvelous structure.  Nature itself caused this rock structure to become what it is today.  Human beings did not cause this to happen, for it would be impossible for man to modify something of this magnitude.


As you stare into the scene in front of you, you start to realize how much of nature we truly take for granted.  You look right into the picture and can’t imagine how much change has happened in a matter of years.  Water, wind, soil, rocks, and many other natural elements played a key role in how Bailey’s Hill was formed.  And yet, this erosion will continue to happen as time goes on.


This is not some special environmental phenomenon that was just discovered – you know very well that this process happens all over the world.  From the oceans of Massachusetts to the glaciers of Canada, every type of landscape goes through some form of erosion.



An erosion is not seen as good or bad, but rather, just one of many complex processes of life.  Life itself is happening right before your eyes.  It may be a sluggish process, but the erosion is a magnificent process to experience.


So what lies ahead for the stunning rock formation here on Bailey’s Hill?  Will this structure grow even higher?  Or will the erosion continue divide the sections up further from each other?


There is no telling what Bailey’s Hill will look like from now.  We will just have to wait to see what it looks like, thousands of years later.

Philosophic Passage on Products

Time and time again, you interact with products every day and every night.  Hour by hour, you pick up some type of product to use for your convenience.

Image result for Morning Scene

Up in the morning, you wake up to pull off those sheets and covers from your bed.  After a few minutes of yawning, you head over to the bathroom to take a shower.  Thousands of tiny water droplets pour from the brass shower head fixated right onto the wall.  Soap, shampoo, and even condition nests right on the wall.  Once you get done with your shower, you wrap yourself with a warm towel or fluffy bathrobe draped onto the hook.  Your toothbrush and toothpaste sit inside the bathroom cabinet so that your mouth is clean.

Image result for Morning Scene

After getting yourself dressed from the various clothing items to choose from, you walk over to the kitchen to get breakfast started.  You grab the fragile eggs nestled inside the grey plastic packaging.  Coffee or tea is being brewed as you make your eggs on that black skillet pan.  Once your eggs are ready, you eat them with your knife and fork off one of your decorated white plates.

Image result for Endless road

Work is starting soon, so you dash over to your automobile and start it with the special ingrained key custom-made for that vehicle.  You press onto the dash of your car and steer with the wheel over to where you need to go.

Image result for Endless road

Upon arriving at work, you set down your belongings onto your desk to start the day.  Pencils, pens, highlighters, papers, tape, rulers, and other office supplies are scattered all across your office.  You start your work day on the dot and utilize all of those special tools given to you.

Image result for Sunset

Once the work day is complete, you head down to the nearest bar to grab a glass of your favorite beverage.  A variety of beers, wines, and specialty cocktails are all available to choose from.  You drink through a glass (or two) in order to ‘take that load off’ as they always say.

Image result for Night time

A few drinks later, you head back into your house after a long day.  You slip out of those formal clothing and dress down for a comfortable night of sleep.  That unkempt bed you rolled out of is still there as you left it.

Image result for History of mankind

This repetitive process happens again and again…and yet, you never stop to realize how many types of products you interacted with in this world.  Many of these products have been around for years (even CENTURIES!) and they still become relevant, even in this 21st century.  You interacted with those products for a reason, whether directly or indirectly, and you never stop to think about how much history can be told about the product.

Image result for Pen

Think about the pen you had in your hand earlier – did you know who branded that pen?  How did that ballpoint pen come to be?  Have you ever thought about how it was manufactured?  Do you ever ponder about how that exact pen was shipped from the assembly line only to land on your hand?  Did you ever stop to think about the public figures that conducted business to raise awareness about that very same pen, only to reach countless success for their company?

Image result for Blank piece of paper

That engraved ball-point pen, the one you used at your office at work earlier, has been used by many human beings for MILLIONS of reasons.  You sit at your desk every day using that pen and you can’t begin to imagine how much incredible ideas have been drawn out, only to become a reality.  Someone used that SAME exact type of pen to create something absolutely MAGNIFICENT in this world.  An essay, a short-story, a novel, a play, a script, a porno, a magazine.  But most important of all – an IDEA has been created.

Image result for Civilization

When you go about your daily life, time and time again, you interact with a product every day and every night.  You even have the universal freedom to choose to utilize that type of product, one way or another.  It’s not just the ballpoint pen – it’s the car you have that drives you to work every day, the sheets that keep you warm while you rest your weary head after a long day, those eggs that give you energy to kick-start your busy day.  All of those everyday things showcase what was the history of mankind for YEARS, the very cradle of civilization.

Image result for Earth

These ‘things’ are products, significant items you utilize to the very fullest.  Those products – the pen, the sheets, the towels, among all other things – have all be created right here on that blue and white marble in space called Earth.  And it’s at that point that you realize, that product you are currently interacting with at this very moment represents ANYTHING that matters EVERYTHING in your life.  The myriad of food, clothes, cars, music, chairs, games, papers, drugs, and tools of this ever-changing world — only to bring you joy, happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, jealousy, and love.  Good, bad, even in the middle – all of these are brought from some type of PRODUCT.

Image result for Earth

The product –whatever you are currently interacting with right this second – was manufactured right here on this planet.  You’ve used this product all throughout your life and you can’t imagine how many ways it’s been interacted with again and again.  First it was an idea drawn on paper, only to be constantly discussed over for months or YEARS until it receives the green light.  That green light, the notable signal to go ahead with the plan, signifies one of the most beautiful events that happens in the business world.

Image result for Production Flow

As soon as the plan is set to go forward, the REAL work begins – conducting strategy on production, advertising, marketing, finances, promotions, and all other practices of business.  All of that planning over one ingenious idea that will radically transform the world in one way or another.

Image result for Earth

You’ve been working with products all of your life and you have to bring this all back somehow.  But then you start to wonder…are they any more ideas to drum up into more products?  Have we reached our quota of distinguished products that will radically change our lifestyle?  Are there other life-changing ideas waiting to be drawn up within the production phase?

Image result for Human mind

In the end, you know that we will NEVER stop manufacturing new types of products.  The human mind has no limit when it comes to imagination and creativity.  There is nothing stopping us from creating a whole new idea that could help modify our culture for years to come.  Someone somewhere is drawing up some new ideas for Earth.

Image result for Human mind

We don’t know what the next big product will be that will create drastic changes in our life, but we know that a product will always be released into this ever-growing world.  It’s not just my product to utilize or your product to utilize; it’s EVERYONE on this earth that will utilize the product, one way or another.

Image result for The Product

All of this deep thinking, these concrete examples stemming what is a philosophical journey, stems from one very important piece of life…the product.

~ Jonathan J. Carey, 2018

Baileys Hill’s Blissful Gem


Back in Monday I referred to this ‘hidden gem’ I discovered earlier this year.  I’ve lived around Lynn for more than a year and never discovered this incredible landmark within Nahant until this Spring.  Nahant is a quaint, timeless island attached to the rambunctious atmosphere within the city of Lynn.  Surrounded by the vast ocean, Nahant is where you slow down and notice the movements of nature.

Image result for bailey's hill nahant

Located at the end of Bass Point Road is Bailey’s Hill.  Bailey’s Hill features park benches as well as a gazebo built near the ocean.  But what really intrigued me about this park was the trail veering off to the right.  And what I discovered at the end of the trail was something truly amazing.

#1 Following the Trail



With my backpack in hand, I stepped out to the entrance of Bailey’s Hill.  I veered off to the right where I noticed this trail heading up north.  The trail looked like it was inclining higher as you walked further along.  What was this mysterious trail leading me to?  How far would this trail go?  Curiosity got the best of me, so I started walking towards the trail.

          #2 Shrouded in greenery



          Walking up the path, I am greeted by the shroud of greenery along the sides.  Plants, branches, leaves, and flowers made their place in their neck of the woods.  The sun is slowly waning in the sky, giving off its last jolt of light before taking off for the night.  Shadows are swaying by the plants, hinting that natural darkness is yet to come.   Light gave color to the plants and the darkness is creeping up to steal every inch of it.

          #3 Twisted Tree Dancing


I took a small break when I noticed a unique group of tree trunks.  These tree trunks were twisting upwards, soaring higher into the blue sky.  Autumn’s foliage is shedding the leaves of their temporary color, only to have them fall to the ground before winter.  Leaves are falling, yet twisty tree trunks continue to fly higher into the sky.  It’s as if life within the tree trunks was still bursting.  What strange symbol could be waiting for me next?

          #4 End of the Trail



After wandering aimlessly through this curvy path, I stopped to look further ahead.  There it was – just one last leg of the trail left.  More plants and shrubs and trees greeted me near the end as I walked to where the cement met the dirt.  Cement slowly thinned out near the ground as I entered through Nature’s path.

          #5 Trees Hiding Surprise


            As the path became more and more rugged, I knew that I was heading towards the end of my journey.  I stumbled onto an area where huge trees stood their grounds.  Looking past the growing trees, I noticed a crystal clear blue light shining nearby.  The end is close!

          #6 One Last Path


Wandering past the trees, I discovered the last path through the exit.  One more small, narrow path leading me to a whole new area of Bailey’s Hill.  The journey has been fun, but I was ready for what lied ahead in the end.  What special area has this miraculous path led me to?

          #7 Paradise



There it was – paradise.  I reached the end of trail to catch one of the most beautiful sights ever.  Clear blue ocean swirling, seagulls leaping off, the sky painted in hues of pink and orange.


I traveled quite far from my apartment, walking farther and farther away.  In this land, there was no city.  There were no cars or buses or restaurants or people or drugs or billboards.  Instead, there was only LIFE – Life occurring to the very fullest.


Seagulls diving into the ocean for clams, barnacles sliding through the slippery rocks, sea salt swiveling around the tide pools, waves crashing ferociously every second.  That right here is how life truly happens – not just for us, but for every living being on this planet.  It’s not about you getting through that crappy job or searching for your soulmate; in reality, it’s about surviving every complexity life has to offer.  What’s truly shocking about this conclusion is that man will never grasp full control of this so-called life!

When I reached closer to the ocean, I realized how small I truly was as I human being.  All of those personal turmoil or sadness washes away into the sea because you stop to realize that you part of something so much BIGGER and GREATER than you ever could imagine.  Those daily problems — collecting enough money for rent or getting through that project – seem completely and utterly superficial when you understand how many other living species are on this Earth.  You are facing the same complexities of life, just like the barnacle sliding through the tide pool or the fish swishing around to avoid predators.

          #8 Nature’s Reward


          Even when I thought I have seen everything in this incredible area at Bailey’s Hill, it turns out to be even more magnificent.  An orange glow was shining through just a few minutes after taking in the paradise in front of me.  Not only did I come to the end, but the sun was just about to set.  The sun was waning into the ground, casting silhouettes from the distance.  Its orange glow reflected upon the choppy waters, streaming a path straight ahead.



Minutes passed and the sun was concealed from the silhouetted buildings.  What was once a gold-orange sky was now becoming hues of pink and dark blue.  Sunset was turning to twilight in just the blink of an eye.  It was something you anticipated for, but at the same time its too overwhelming with beauty that you couldn’t believe what was happening.  This was the instance where patience becomes the ultimate virtue in the end.


That marked the end to my adventure around Bailey’s Hill.  From the leading trail to finding nature’s surprise, the whole experience was outstanding.  This was something you had to discover for yourself, not read about it in some book or article.  The spontaneity made the journey even more mystifying, prompting me to reflect back on my role as a human being here on this earth.  It was one of those days where nothing mattered except this very moment.  Walking through the trail, being greeted by shrubs, viewing the twisted trees branches – those small things made it that much more memorable.


In the end, the most exciting experience that occurs is the unexpected, spontaneous experience.  It’s truly amazing because you don’t anticipate what happens, yet the fun part is diving head-first into the many surprises life has to offer.  Wandering through the trail at Bailey’s Hill provides that experience every time.