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California’s HIGH GDP Growth PR Miracle

Happy Monday readers!  We’re almost half-way through February, with the last few weeks of winter coming our way.  It won’t be long now before we get outside more and watch the green grass growing.

Speaking of grass, it’s time to start the week with yet ANOTHER 4/20 topic!

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Each state here in the country brings in a certain amount of Gross Domestic Products (or GDP) every year.  Gross Domestic Product is the monetary measure of market value of all final goods and services produced during each period of time.  Usually the measurement is a quarterly or yearly rate.  This measurement doesn’t reflect differences in inflation rates of cost of living within each county.

Every year, each state is ranked based on how much profit is being fueled into the economic system.  The data is compiled together to determine which state has the highest Gross Domestic Product.

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The numbers are in…the state with the HIGHEST GDP (again!) is…California.

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That’s right people – California currently has the highest GDP in the nation.  California brings in the most profits for the nation’s economic system.

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How high is California’s GDP?  California’s economy is SO big that it is ranked the 6th largest in the world.  The Golden State is making twice as much as New York City every year.  Over a third of the GDP is produced within the Los Angeles and Orange counties (which isn’t surprising being that this is where the entertainment capital is located!).

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Ok…at this point, you’re probably wondering what ANY of this has to do with the 4/20 community.  Let me explain – California leads as the state with the most exported products within the nation.  They produce the most goods and services for their audiences; not only that, but they ship those goods all across the states.  When California’s economy grows, so do the surrounding states as well.  It’s as if the United States was tied together under this secure web that was bundled together by the state of California.

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With cannabis being legal since January, California’s GDP will only grow that much higher.  What’s also intriguing about California’s economic PR miracle is that it will benefit the other 49 states as well.  California’s GDP boom will help through:

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  • Exportation – With so much cannabis products being manufactured within California, there is such a large demand from the audiences; other than Californian citizens, citizens from other states want the product as well. California has always been a leader of exportation and adding cannabis products/services to the list would be tremendous help.  States (mostly the 4/20 friendly ones!) will be able to sell high-quality cannabis goods that was made from California.  Many states still suffer from conservative laws that prevent high-scale manufactured cannabis goods from being made.  With California producing lots of cannabis products, many states will receive their slice of the pie by exporting their goods.

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  • Reputation – Being that California is already generating MILLIONS of dollars through cannabis, their economic reputation will surely be flourishing. That economic boom will echo all across the nation, making waves for years to come.  This PR miracle will start conniving other states to go to pot (LITERALLY!) for more funding.  That funding could help states with improving roads, public schools, homelessness, and other social-economic problems they face.  California struck gold once again and audiences from all across the nation want to get in on this 21st century Gold Rush that is happening.

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And with that, California being the leader in Gross Domestic Product is definitely a great thing for the United States.  California will continue to export their high-quality cannabis goods across the nation and their economic boom will surely be a PR miracle to keep track of.  Each state (whether 4/20 legal or not) will benefit from California’s growing economy through cannabis products and goods.

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This is right here is what success looks like.  Boston should pay attention to economic PR ideas like this one if they are looking for GDP growth of their own.


If we want to figure out economic growth, we should stat from taking a page from The Golden State.


Social Media Superstar McKenna Meets Timberlake!

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Here we are at the beginning of February and another Super Bowl has ended.  It was a tough game, but the New England Patriots lost to the Philadelphia Eagles 41-33.  The Patriots may have lost, but the amount of delicious food I had was definitely a WIN in my book.  We’ll have to wait months later for the 2018-19 season to start.

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Other than the insane number of amazing appetizers, there was another WIN that was entertaining for me during the Super Bowl.  This event took place during Half-Time Show that Justin Timberlake was showcasing.  During Timberlake’s music number, he walked over to a section of the seats to sing near the people.  One lucky teen took a snapshot of the moment, only become the newest viral sensation.

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Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Meet Ryan McKenna – Thirteen-year-old seventh grader from Hingham, Massachusetts.  McKenna was the lucky teen seen trying to capture the epic moment on his phone.  He was seen on the Jumbotron busy fiddling with his phone (which it turned out, he was trying to get the camera going!).  After capturing the moment, McKenna sent out his picture to his friends and family.

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Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

And just like that…Ryan McKenna’s phone exploded with messages.  Messages from friends, families, acquaintances, and other people continue to flood his phone.  He became the talk of the town, even making an appearance on Good Morning America.

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Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

Both parties of this fun PR story got something out of it – Ryan McKenna got his famous snapshot with Justin Timberlake and Timberlake helped McKenna with that picture.  On a random note, it amazes me that thirteen-year-olds still know who Justin Timberlake is (Fun Fact: McKenna would have been at least 1 year old when ‘SexyBack’ was released!).  NSYNC may not have reunited during the Super Bowl, but we got this cool PR story out of it instead!

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Image result for super bowl Ryan McKenna

I’m usually not a fan of the Half-Time Shows during the Super Bowl, but this was definitely interesting to catch!  It’s always fun to see random people gain their share of fame within the social media realm.  Better yet, social media is being used more and more to spread awareness of what is happening in your life; that’s not really surprising, being that this has been going on for quite a while.  Nevertheless, it still makes for a great sports/music PR story.

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Ryan McKenna is one of many personas hopping in on the social media fame craze.  He is just one of many notorious social media stars here in America.  Social media stars come in all forms and each one presents something amazing.

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That’s all for today’s sports PR story.  For now, it’s time for the New England Patriots to prepare during the off-season.

Harambed: The Bed of your Memes

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It’s been more than a year since Harambe’s untimely death (#RIPHarambe).  Harambe was shot in the Cincinnati Zoo, in what would follow as one of the most bizarre PR nightmares in entertainment history.  The scene made nationwide news everywhere, with many bold responses from professionals in the environmental industry.

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Years later and Harambe is still remembered in the internet.  He is a lovable meme brand that got his own song (#DicksOutForHarambe), t-shirt designs, and even an emoji.  It was shocking PR nightmare that was brought to better light by the social media community.

What’s most surprising for Harambe (and his global brand) is his newest product line – a bed.

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Image result for Harambed

That’s right, Harambe fans – the HARAMBED has arrived!  Harambed: The Bed of Your Memes.  It’s the newest product line released by the Harambe brand.

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Image result for Harambed

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The Harambed features 10 inches of ‘meme-ory’ foam that is covered by 100% faux fur.  You can snuggle up with the realistic life-sized arms; it also includes a matching pillow and sleep mask as well.  This meme-sensationalized bed can be yours for the price of… $1,000,000!

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Only a cool million dollars for a bed from one of the most notorious brands from the internet.  This bed will truly help you be the bed of your memes.  If you feel as though your losing your primal instincts, take a walk on the wild side with the Harambed.  You’ll surely feel like a true ‘King of the Jungle’ in both the morning AND night!

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Seriously guys…this idea is just pure GOLD.  The ad slogan alone sells it – the Bed of your MEMES.  It’s the perfect word twist for selling a relaxing bed to your audiences.  Every audience (including the Harambe fans) are going to flock to this product; not just because of its sheer comfort, but also because of the notorious internet reference.  Harambe’s brand was already flourishing within the social media community, which will definitely be a major help for this colorful product.

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Image result for Harambed

This is the kind of products that turn heads – its new (yet references a classic meme), got a catchy slogan, and provides some interactive accessories to use.  I’m not one of the Mad Men like Don Draper, but I definitely see how it ties in well with advertising the product.  Catchy slogans like ‘The Bed of your Memes’ will go help you go far, in terms of selling it to your audiences.

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And so, Harambe’s brand lives on years later.  The genius ad campaign for the Harambe only flourishes the PR miracle of his brand.  Public Relations and adverting bounce off of each other in the business world – public relations tinkers with the product or service’s reputation while advertising caters towards its image.  Thanks to good PR and advertising, Harambe is still remembered around the world.

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But the most special (and most ironic) thanks goes towards the PR nightmare of Harambe’s death.  Harambe’s legacy still lingers on years after that tragic tale.

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If you’re still reminiscing about Harambe, it’s time to get The Harambed.  Harambed: The Bed of your Memes.

Vermont: HIGH in the Green Mountains!

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Vermont is one of the most beautiful states of New England.  It’s boarded between New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts.  I studied game design and production for a few years over at Champlain College (located in Burlington) and it was an amazing state to live in.

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Many of my Friday and Saturday nights in Burlington consisted of partying, hanging out with amazing friends, bar hopping, and consuming some incredible cannabis.  Burlington is a very college-oriented type of town; despite having no legal cannabis shops available to the public, there were many smoke shops that had a wide variety of accessories.  Cannabis was very easy to get when I was living in Burlington (not because I was in COLLEGE, but because of the college influence around the town!).

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Image result for Vermont Cannabis

Even still, Vermont has never shied away from the 4/20-friendly party.  Burlington has very relaxed cannabis laws and the city has always ranked as one of the top safest cities of America.  In fact, Burlington’s popularity has become the main influence for Vermont’s latest political PR tactic.

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As of January 22nd, 2018, Vermont officially became the NINTH state to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults.  Vermont also became the first state to legalize through a state legislative.

Before we continue this PR miracle, let me just first say…CONGRATULATIONS VERMONT!  I’m SO excited about my college state legalizing recreational cannabis use.  It’s definitely going to be LIT on the GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE here in New England! #420BlazeItVermont.

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Moving on – Governor Phil Scott signed the bill yesterday.  Vermont’s new law will take effect on July 1st (same date when recreational dispensaries open in MA!).

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Now here’s where things get complicated – Vermont has some of the tightest restrictions in the nation.  Adults may purchase up to one ounce of cannabis (~28 grams); they can also purchase up to five grams of hashish as well.  Even with the new law taking effect, you still cannot buy or sell any cannabis in the state.

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What we are left with is the ‘water water everywhere and not a drop to drink’ scenario.  Cannabis would be legal everywhere, yet not a flower to smoke.  There aren’t any legal dispensaries open nor are they any legal ways to get cannabis.  Either way, this confusing scenario won’t stop college kids in Burlington from getting their legal weed (#BrokeInBurlington).

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While I’m very excited with Vermont’s progressive move, there’s still roadblocks present that leave people more perplexed than ever.  You are legally able to consume cannabis, BUT there’s no where or way to purchase it legally.  There’s still work that needs to be done in order to established a better system.  It’ll be a while before you can purchase a pre-roll of Blue Dream for your adventures in Lake Champlain.

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This is a very exciting time for the state of Vermont! I am amazed to hear about the green mountain state legalizing cannabis yesterday.  While studying (and PARTYING!) at Champlain College, I’ve found Vermont to be a little more liberal in their political stances.  Vermonters are big advocates for same-sex marriage, environmental protection, legalization of cannabis, and many other provocative issues.

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Six years and nine states later, the sky STILL hasn’t fallen yet.  Cannabis legalization has been doing more good for the community and continues to modify nation each year.  Vermont will be growing much more, both in popularity and publicity, now that cannabis legalization will be in full force.

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2018 is looking brighter than ever for the cannabis community.  Massachusetts, Maine, and now Vermont are joining the 420 bandwagons.  New Hampshire and New York are in danger of losing their dedicated audiences due to the trending paradigms.

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Congratulations to Vermont for going to pot!  There’s sure to be some more action happening at the green mountain state.

Axe-Throwing Adventures in Boston!

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Running a regular bar just doesn’t cut it in 2018.  You have to really get creative on strategies for a unique feature that would draw a big crowd.  Rotating craft beers and special cocktails can only get you so far, but the real trick is keeping your customers around longer.

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To combat this common issue, many bars or restaurants established fun events happening each week.  Various tactics restaurant businesses have used live music, trivia, board game night, food truck pop-ups, open mics, video game night, and even drag bingo.  Restaurants have become much more creative in marketing their business now than they did 20-30 years ago.  Selling food and beverages (especially alcohol!) are the obvious building blocks to a successful restaurant, but now you have to go BEYOND the call of duty to satisfy potential customers.

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The Millennial demographic produced a series of  challenges for restaurant businesses –a desire for more craft beer rotations, creative food options on the menu (like kale salad or avocado toast!), and social events to bring people together.  Boston is always knocking it out of Fenway Park when it comes to trending bars and restaurants in the city.  A couple of Boston neighborhoods are getting a special bar that involves…WAIT FOR IT…Axe-throwing.

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Image result for Urban Axes

Yes, people – AXE-THROWING bars are coming to the Boston area!  Philadelphia-based chain Urban Axes is opening a shop in Union Square of Somerville.  The location will provide a bar and is able to fit 80-100 people at a time.  There will be multiple throwing areas for your party.

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Each player throws 1.5-pound hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bulls-eye.  Players throw axes and try to reach as close to the bulls-eye to score as many points as they can.  Before the game starts, players start with safety and instructions from one of the main “axeperts” in the house.

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Image result for Urban Axes Austin

Urban Axes opened in 2016 and they currently have locations in Philadelphia and Austin (Baltimore will be open on March 15th).  These existing venues don’t serve food, but guests are welcome to bring some of their own.

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Other than Urban Axes, Revolution Axe Throwing will be opening this April.  This axe-throwing venture will be opening up on 69 Norman Street of Everett (near Nightshift Brewery, Short Path Distillery, and Bone Up Brewing!).  There won’t be food at first, but they are getting their beer and wine permit for the business.  Norman Street has become a growing gem for the city of Everett, so this area could get interesting this year.

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This idea sounds absolutely amazing.  Like David Ortiz knocking out another grand slam out of Fenway Park, Boston knocked out another grand slam with this incredible business concept.  Axe-throwing enthusiasts will be flocking to Somerville and Everett this summer.  2018 will surely be the year of axe-throwing bars.

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Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

Axe-throwing will become the new trick to bringing in the millennial demographic.  It hits three points of reeling in the Millennial audiences – the social feature (axe throwing), rotating craft beers, and creative food to keep them hungrier for more.  This right here is a prime example of great marketing and restaurant PR work.

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We may have to wait a few months until these axe-throwing venues open, but this will definitely be exciting to look forward to.  I don’t know about you, but I’m SO ready to take out my pent-up anger on those axes this summer (New England winter has been BRUTAL so far!).

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Look out for these axe-throwing bars this Spring and Summer!