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MA Recreational Cannabis on the Rise

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It has been over seven months since the first recreational dispensaries opened here in Massachusetts.  Cultivate and NETA Northampton were the first to dip into the recreational market on November 20th, 2018.  Even though they were far from the Boston area, both dispensaries managed to rake in MILLIONS of dollars in less than a week.

That was last year.  At March, the number of recreational dispensaries grew to a total of ten in Massachusetts.  Now, that number has doubled for a total of TWENTY recreational dispensaries.

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Image result for Massachusetts Landscape

We have over fifty medical dispensaries open in Massachusetts, with twenty of them open for adult use as well.  That figure translates to roughly 2/5th or 40% of dispensaries opening for recreational use alongside with medical.  Here we are at June 27th and the dispensary list is growing even further.

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But it’s the recreational dispensary list where things get really interesting.  As the list of medicinal dispensaries grow, so do the recreational ones.  And those dispensaries have been opening up for recreational use faster than ever.  The demand for recreational cannabis is skyrocketing so high (PUN INTENDED) that businesses are making their push for adult use to satisfy their audiences.

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At the same time, that high demand for recreational dispensaries creates a questionable future for the medicinal industry.  Will there still be new medicinal dispensaries opening up around Massachusetts?  Could they cave into the insurmountable pressures of the consumer market and allow for recreational use?  Is there any foreseeable hope for medicinal dispensaries in the near future?

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With the list of recreational dispensaries doubling in numbers already, there is no telling what lies ahead for the medicinal cannabis market.  Businesses will have to devise some clever tactics in order to keep afloat in the ever-changing cannabis industry.  Whether it be through marketing or public relations, companies will have to pull out any and all of their tricks to survive.

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Recreational dispensaries have already doubled in numbers.  It won’t be long until that number grows even further.  That, along with the measures to start opening cannabis cafes, will lead to a brighter future for the cannabis industry.  This is the beginning of a booming industry that will rapidly change within the next few years.

First it was the medicinal market that was popular.  But now all signs point towards the recreational market.

Working During Animal Crossing Time

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Pride month has been showcased all around mainstream media the past few weeks.  Companies from television, movies, literature, social media, and fashion are a few of many entertainment outlets that are showing their true pride colors.  Just recently, pride was utilized in the newest installment for Animal Crossing.

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Image result for animal crossing new horizons

Nintendo made the announcement last week that Animal Crossing: New Horizons would feature gender-neutral hairstyles and various skin tones for customizing your characters.  Players will have a lot of flexible options to choose from for skin tones as well as hairstyles.  Animal Crossing: New Horizons is set to release on March 20th, 2020.

If you are already waiting impatiently for Animal Crossing: New Horizons to come out for the Nintendo Switch, then there is something that’s just as amazing out on the internet now.  There is a site out there that plays hourly Animal Crossing music based on the EXACT time you have now.

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The idea is simple – this site detects your local time and plays an Animal Crossing tune that matches up with the one from the game.  You can choose from the three game options: Animal Crossing, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and Animal Crossing: Wild World/Animal Crossing: City Folk.  This site can be found at  All of three game title options play music from the time you have now.

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This a really simple, yet genius idea.  It’s a basic idea of creating a website featuring Animal Crossing music that syncs up with real time.  With that, the idea makes for an entertaining site to use at work.  Even if you have never played any of the Animal Crossing series, the music is still relaxing to listen to.

With that, the animal crossing music site is worth checking out.  Whether you want some new music to listen to during a major project or for something during your leisure time, this site features great Animal Crossing music.  It works at any time, both day and night.

Check out to have some Animal Crossing into your daily routine.