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California’s Cannabis Collectibles at The Standard Hotel!

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Recreational cannabis dispensaries will be opening up in the legal states next year.  States like Massachusetts, Maine, and even California are gearing up for the so-called ‘green rush’ that will be hitting the streets.  It’s been more than a year since four more states became 420-friendly for recreational use.

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What’s most important to keep watch of is California’s colossal cannabis rush.  California’s recreational dispensaries are opening in January (six months earlier than Massachusetts!) and they have been working for over year to get things ready.  Cannabis played a major role in modifying California’s culture as a part of the United States.  It’s crucial that California rolls out the reddest of red carpet for the 420 audiences next year.  Many audiences, especially visiting tourists, will be traveling down to California to take their piece of the notorious OG Kush.

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California is working diligently to finalize all of the licensing for the dispensaries.  Various dispensaries are set to open in January, while some still have to jump through a few more hoops to get business started.  One business is looking to open up their cannabis shop in a unique location – a hotel lobby.

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Lord Jones, a weed edibles maker, is looking to open up a cannabis shop in The Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip of West Hollywood.  The small cannabis shop would feature products from delicious treats infused with THC to healthy topicals like lotion.  Even better – they may ben able to sell ACTUAL cannabis that you could smoke!

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Imagine that – a small shop in the hotel lobby featuring some amazing cannabis products to choose from.  You could stop by to buy a pre-roll of a nice sativa strain like Moonshine Haze during your trip in Los Angeles.  If you’re coming back after a long day, why not go in and purchase some Bubba Kush flowers for the nightcap?  The possible scenarios for this genius marketing idea are ENDLESS!

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Providing a small cannabis shop in The Standard Hotel would be killing two birds with one stone – on one hand you’re marketing the product for the guests (that being the cannabis products!).  On the other hand, you’re also promoting the place that the cannabis is being sold at.  Two marketing mixes are being utilized for one amazing strategy happening in West Hollywood.

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Image result for West Hollywood

While this marketing tactic would bring about a great PR miracle for the Standard Hotel, there are some obstacles that we have to overcome before anything happens.  West Hollywood is still currently in the process of approving its license procedure.  Even after West Hollywood gets its licenses squared away, the Standard Hotel would ALSO need a state license (due to California’s dual-licensing program).  Before we can even see this marketing/PR tactic in play, we must jump through some legal hoops in order to open the hotel lobby cannabis shop.

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Even still, this would be an incredible idea.  It’s nestled on 8300 Sunset Boulevard, which is nestled right on the legendary Sunset Strip.  Hollywood is known for its entertaining tourist attractions and West Hollywood reels in some audiences as well.  What’s also intriguing to point out is that West Hollywood is one of many gay neighborhoods of California (others include Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego and The Castro neighborhood of San Francisco!).

Image result for Licensed Cannabis products

Image result for Licensed Cannabis products

As a PR pro, I thought this was a fantastic concept.  Cannabis trends have been booming since legalization has been sweeping the nation.  It’s important to utilize all aspects of the marketing mix with cannabis.  Even with these complicated legality issues between the state and federal government, we should figure out other ways to sell cannabis.  Dispensaries are wonderful and all, but we shouldn’t narrow our marketing mix to just one type of place.

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How about a trendy nightclub in Los Angeles that features VIP dab stations?  Or a luxurious spa on Beverly Hills that feature THC-infused bath bombs?  These scenarios CAN become a reality, folks!  We shouldn’t let frivolous legality roadblocks prevent us from becoming more creative about how we market cannabis products.  The place of the marketing mix shouldn’t just be around dispensaries; instead, we need to brainstorm every kind of place where cannabis would be most useful.

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With that, I hope that the plan really goes through.  Providing cannabis in a place like The Standard Hotel would be the start of how we utilize where we can provide cannabis.  Dispensaries are amazing and all, but it’s going to take more creative ideas from the marketing mix in order to raise awareness of the product.  Whether it be a trendy nightclub or opulent spa, cannabis should be promoted in every sort of place possible.

Hopefully we’ll be able to purchase Blackberry Kush pre-rolls at hotel lobbies in the near future.


Gentrification: The Green Rush’s Secret Curse

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Since I have going out most of the week, I’ve rarely had time to check out my favorite series when they air.  Bong Appetit has been cooking up more dank cannabis-infused foods and the cult within American Horror Story: Cult has been growing incredibly twisted each week.  My other favorite 4/20-themed series Weediquette has also been going deeper into other complex problems of cannabis prohibition.  Last week’s episode featured an intriguing problem that dealt with problems surrounding gentrification.

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Titled ‘Dank New World’, the episode looked into the skyrocketing cost of rent in Denver during the cannabis boom.  Krishna talked with various figures of the real estate industry about an answer out of gentrifying the city more.  Construction has been underway in Denver, with tons of condominiums and apartment buildings springing up each month.  One two-bedroom apartment featured on the episode was listed at $6,000 a month for rental price (which would easily be 5x as much if this were in Boston!).  It was shocking to see what kind of startling effects have been occurring with cannabis legalization.

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Image result for Denver Cannabis 2017

Think about this for a minute – Denver has been become one of the HOTTEST cities on the southwest coast since cannabis legalization in 2012.  Cannabis continues to grow as one of the most trending crops within the agricultural world.  This 21st century green rush event has motivated hundreds of thousands of Americans to flock to the legal state.  All of these ambitious consumers are chasing the American Dream – or their dream for that matter!

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Image result for Gold rush

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The gold rush of the 19th century spurred an adventurous phenomenon where folks from all across the country headed west for the gold.  It wasn’t so much the gold they were chasing after; rather, the gold stood for a brand-new opportunity.  A new friend, an original business practice, someone that would be their soulmate, and even the chance to claim a whole new identity.

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But the most essential and common aspect lying within these phenomenon?  The chance for a new LIFE.  A mysterious new life that could be found hundreds of thousands of miles away from your home.  You’ve never actually been there, yet you envision how beautiful the country must be on the western region.  Its these magnificent visions that caused everyone to head towards their new destination.

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Image result for Denver High rise apartment

Image result for Denver High rise apartment

We’re in the 21st century ‘Green Rush’ and Americans are more motivated than ever to seek out new beginnings.  The cannabis culture sent shockwaves around the west coast, yet that shock comes with a HIGH price.  More residential buildings are cropping up, but the ironic part is the lack of affordable housing being presented for the consumers.  Denver, like many other major cities within the U.S., is being continuously gentrified and leaving out some audiences out of the 4/20 pot parties.

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Leaving out a handful of unique audiences due to lack of money would spell out bad PR problems like Denver.  Not only does the monstrous marketing tactic of gentrification invites specific audiences into the pot parties, but it also pushes audiences of the lower economic ring out of the occasion as well.  The only audiences that would snag the VIP access of Denver’s cannabis culture would be the ones who can afford the $6,000 two-bedroom apartment.

Image result for Boston Apartments

Image result for Boston Apartments

Image result for Boston Apartments

What does this mean for the cannabis culture of Boston?  Could gentrification push certain target audiences out of the VIP pot parties?  Would we start seeing one-bedroom apartments go for $3,000 a month within the city?

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Image result for boston massachusetts

While rent prices haven’t gone crazy like those in San Francisco ($1,400 a month for cheapest apartment to rent!), affordable housing options are something we should think about while the green rush is happening in Massachusetts.  Once the cannabis boom ignites, thousands of enthusiastic audiences will be looking to take a piece of their gold.  Boston has already been more relaxed with their cannabis laws then New York City and their liberal perspective of the 4/20 culture is definitely paying off.  That boom comes with a blessing AND a curse.

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Image result for Affordable Apartments in Boston

Image result for Affordable Apartments in Boston

And yet, we can break out of that gentrification curse (we broke out of ‘The Curse of the Bambino’, so Boston has that going!).  Affordable housing options shouldn’t be some fantasy that can’t be reached.  Everyone, from every type of audience, should have the right to the new and incredible opportunities waiting for them with this green rush.  The gold rush phenomenon provided people a sense of hope, a clearer vision towards what they worked for their whole lives.  It’s an extraordinary national event that sparked ideas in everyone, especially the underdogs (FYI, Boston is DEFINITELY a city full of underdogs!).

Image result for Affordable Apartments in Boston

Image result for Affordable Apartments in Boston

The answer for providing all audiences their access to the Boston pot parties?  Affordable housing units satisfying more audiences within the economic ladder.  There were no economic restrictions during the Gold Rush of the 19th century, meaning lots of audiences were able to move out west for a better life.

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Let’s learn from our history and get the green rush right before gentrification turns that gold opportunity into a costly VIP dream.

Bong Appetit’s Halloweed Criss-Cross!

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Image result for Halloween

Happy Halloween Eve!  Just one day left until we get to celebrate the spookiest day of the year.  We’ve got cold weather, blustery wind swishing everything around, loads of candy being handed out, and people roaming around everywhere in costumes.  The spirit of Halloween is strong these days (most especially in Salem, MA!).

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Halloween may not be as entertaining to me now that I’m an adult with REAL plans these days, but I still enjoy watching the holiday-themed content on my favorite series.  Viceland’s Bong Appetit celebrated the holiday with a special HalloWEED party (get it? Halloweed, Halloween?).    The cast and crew got into the Halloween spirit with some cannabis-infused treats for the guest; they ended the dinner party in true Bong Appetit fashion – dabbing and smoking out of creature-shaped bongs.

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But the best part about last week’s episode?  The guest starring chefs that came back to create another entrée for the menu.  Four chefs from previous episodes of Bong Appetit created their own dish, each with their own Halloween twist.  It’s time to celebrate what’s known as the Bong Appetit TV Criss-Cross!

David Wilcox (Season 2, Episode 8)

Screenshot (234)

Our first TV criss-cross starts with David Wilcox.  David graced us with the cannabis-infused beef-tartare while dressing as a zombie for the night.  You’ll remember David back in the episode ‘Grow to Table Cuisine’ when they filmed at the ranch in Malibu.  Props to David for dressing up as a zombie while serving the beef!

Badmaash chefs Arjun and Nakul (Season 2, Episode 13)

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The Badmaash brothers Arjun and Nakul Mahendro returned to the Bong Appetit kitchen to create yet another Indian dish.  They first appeared on the episode ‘Tandoori Toke Fest’ to prepare some meals for the Indian dinner party (with some smokeable puri for afterwards!).  The eyeballs made from eggs and olives were a really creative idea for the curry they served for the Halloween feast.  Who knew that even Indian dishes could get a taste of Halloween?

Natalia Pereira (Season 2, Episode 16)

Screenshot (236)

          Brazilian chef Natalia Pereira came back to prepare the desert.  Pereira was on the last episode titled ‘Cannabis Coconut Stew’ where she created some amazing Brazilian meals.  She came back to prepare some chocolate brigadeiro spiders (infused with cannabis, of course!).

Devon Tarby (Season 1, Episode 5)


          Last, but not least, we have the cocktail mixer Devon Tarby.  Tarby first appeared in the episode ‘Tour de Terpenes’ back in season 1.  She made those incredible cannabis-inspired cocktails that went well with those various dab rips (that apple pipe drink was easily the best concoction I EVER saw on that show!).

Devon Tarby whipped up some cocktail resembling something that looked like witch’s brew.  This bright-orange colored drink was the perfect potion to drink for Halloween.  Just like back in season one, Tarby utilized cannabis flavors to the very fullest for a creative potion drink.

That’s it for today’s TV criss-cross.  Who knows what interesting guests we’ll run into next on Bong Appetit or other series.  Until then, get ready for Halloween tomorrow!

Bong Appetit’s Toasted Touchdown

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One of my favorite things about the fall are the football Sunday events I do with my family.  I love hanging out with my family to watch the Patriots while snacking on wings, chips, potato skins, and other tasty game day snacks.  Nothing like spending your day off watching your favorite football team in action!

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After seeing the Patriots win against the Saints, it occurred to me that I haven’t checked out the season premiere of Bong Appetit!  With that in mind, I clicked right onto the On-Demand section for the episode titled ‘Ganja Game Day’.  I sat through the season premiere and…WOW.  What a ‘ganja game day’ indeed!




This special episode featured typical game day appetizers infused with the finest cannabis products.  The menu featured Gochujang-whiskey glazed chicken wings, sweet potato skins, and peanut-butter chocolate footballs (all infused with cannabis, of course!).  Definitely a great way to kick-off another baked meal during the beginning of football season!





The guests included NFL pros Todd Herremans (Philadelphia Eagles), Eugene Monroe (Jacksonville Jaguars & Baltimore Ravens), and Eben Britton (Jacksonville Jaguars & Chicago Bears).  All players are currently retired and are now playing their part in the expanding cannabis industry.  Does the name ‘Eugene Monroe’ sound familiar to any Viceland fans?  It should, because Monroe appeared in season 2 episode 2 of Weediquette titled ‘Gridiron Ganja’!  Monroe returns to the silver screen advocating for cannabis use yet again, but this time he joins other NFL players as they munch through cannabis-infused appetizers.


What made the episode so intriguing (other than the delicious appetizers!) was the strong advocacy for medical cannabis.  Three former NFL players from various teams joined together in one house to discuss medical cannabis use among other players.  Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy, also known as CTE, is the controversial topic flying around the sports community.  With more retirees being diagnosed with CTE every year, there is a growing amount of scrutiny behind the disease.  There are no final results written up about how to combat this illness, but cannabis advocates like Todd or Eugene are out to prove that cannabis provides better treatment.

Who knew it took three retired NFL players to come together under the Bong Appetit house to discuss CTE?  Whatever the case may be, it’s something that needs to be talked about more as the years go on.




After enjoying some cannabis-infused game day appetizers, the boys lit up a ‘super bowl’ for some after-dinner entertainment (the NFL pros deserve the SUPER BOWL for working so hard to try to make it to the Super Bowl!).  It was quite a ‘super bowl’ that lit up, with tons of cannabis packed onto the pipe.  The ‘Super Bowl’ was the perfect ending to a special football-themed episode of Bong Appetit.

That was just only the first episode of the newest season.  Check back each Thursday night at 10:30 PM to see what the Bong Appetit crew has in stores next.

HIGH Quality Sign Advertising

Before I get into this topic, I’d like to start with a story (STORY TIME!).  After a long day of work, I stopped by the dispensary to grab some medicine.  While heading close, I drove RIGHT past the turn I was supposed to go.  “Damn it!”, I thought.  I was too excited about checking out the new place that I didn’t make the right turn.  It wasn’t until heading back the right way that I noticed these two small signs dug into the ground.

Image result for Sign Advertising

Image result for Sign Advertising

Image result for Sign Advertising

These signs were decorative in their colorful advertising, but they barely caught my eye at all.  I’ve passed by millions of billboards and sign advertisements in my life because of their magnificent size and intriguing messages.  Signs need to have some important message plus a decorative background if they ever want to capture the audience’s attention (Drivers BARELY have a minute to even look at your sign let alone understand the message!).

Image result for Sign Advertising

This was something I had to ask about.  After finishing up my purchase, I casually asked if they thought about creating bigger signs for their store.  Their response?  The sign can’t increase in size due to town/state regulations for advertising cannabis.

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Image result for Sign Advertising Alcohol

Let’s take a minute to process this answer – town/state regulations, not due to lack of creativity or productivity, are what preventing audience’s awareness of the medical dispensary.  We can provide lots of billboards or sign advertising for alcohol, yet cannabis still gets shooed away from the spotlight.  Looks like Rudolph can’t be joining any reindeer games (too early for Christmas, I KNOW!).

Image result for Don Draper

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But seriously folks, this poses a serious problem for the advertising community.  All the Don Drapers and Peggy Olsons won’t be able to create the best signs and billboards for the cannabis industry.  I’m not saying we need a huge billboard sign over the highway, but it has to attract the most attention in the best way possible.  Here’s some recommendations that other signs should follow:

10 Feet Per Inch Rule

Image result for 10 Feet per inch rule signs

A good rule of thumb for letters in signs is 10 feet per inch of letter height.  One letter that is 9 inches would be readable for drivers seeing it at 90 feet.  The higher the letter inch, the more distance it will tap into within its designated area.  More distance means more foot traffic will become aware of your billboard or sign.  How else can you expect potential customers to check out your so-called “strain of the week” if they don’t see the sign while driving?

Color the Sign

Image result for Color Wheel

Image result for Black and White Design

Signs need to be COLORFUL and utilizing the right colors will attract drivers’ attention.  Whether it’s a basic white and black combo or a combination of primary colors, presenting the message with a nice background will make it much more appealing.  Put in the wrong color mix for your messages and your audience will be completely turned off because they can’t even read it.  Coloring that white space of nothing the right way determines whether your sign or billboard advertisement was successful.

HIGH Height

Image result for High Billboard

Image result for Cannabis Billboard

Patients are looking for where the HIGH-quality medicine is, so the sign needs to be HIGH enough for them to find (get it? Signs HIGH enough to find HIGH quality cannabis?).  If they don’t see the sign or billboard, then no attention has been caught and they will keep driving.  Driving requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and attention, so audiences barely even have time to even see your sign let alone actually stop and read it.  Rather than having it dug onto the cold cemented ground, your sign has to spring HIGH enough so that the driver sees it through their window (I can’t stop with these weed puns today!).

Image result for Cannabis Billboard

Image result for Cannabis Billboard

So there you have it — correct letter size, colorful backgrounds, and a tall height are some tips for creating a great sign or billboard advertising.  Attracting driving audiences can be very tricky since they are too busy driving to their next destination.  Capturing potential audiences during their daily errands is a clever advertising tactic that works IF you create the right sign! With these helpful tips, I’m sure you’ll create your own magnificent sign/billboard for your cannabis dispensary or whatever role you play in this booming industry.