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The Batman – Robert Pattinson

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Image result for Warm Winter

Winter is just about more than halfway over, meaning Spring is right around the bend.  It already feels lighter and warmer in the middle of February.  These random warm days only make me crave for the summer to come.

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Summer is THE season for the hottest superhero blockbuster films.  And one of the most anticipated superhero-themed films The Batman will be coming out much later on.  The actor who will be playing the caped crusader is none other than Robert Pattinson.

Image result for The Batman 2021

Image result for The Batman 2021

Robert Pattinson will be donning the batsuit for The BatmanThe Batman is an upcoming film by DC Comics as yet another remake of the Batman franchise.  It will also feature Zoe Kravitz (Selina Kyle/Catwoman), Paul Dano (Edward Nashton/Riddler), Andy Serkis (Alfred Pennyworth) and Colin Farrell (Oswald “Oz” Cobblepot/Penguin).

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Image result for Robert Pattinson The Batman

Pattison will go from being the vampire in Twilight to batman in The Batman.  You can expect to see The Batman when it releases on June 25th, 2021.

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Image result for The Batman 2021

This makes for great publicity for DC Comics and for the batman franchise.  There have already been teasers dropped for The Batman, which is already more than a year away!  Robert Pattinson will still be a bat, only now he’ll be a superhero rather than a sparkling vampire.

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We’ll get to see more of Pattinson going from vampire bat to batman when The Batman releases in theaters next summer.

Marvel Movie Marathon

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Marvel has been killing it in the movie industry lately.  The well-known comic book publishing company has been releasing a string of superhero movies for their audience.  Their latest film Black Panther raked in over a billion dollars since being released last month (even beating Tomb Raider with a haul of over $27 million!).  From Iron Man to Dr. Strange, every type of superhero has been brought into the big screen each year.

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Next month will be quite a show with the release of Avengers: Infinity War.  It’s only a month until the movie premieres and Marvel already has a major marketing tactic prepared for the film’s release.

Calling all Marvel fans – Marvel is hosting a special 12-film marathon to celebrate the release of Avengers: Infinity Wars!

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Two AMC Theatres (Empire 25 on Times Square NYC and Disney Springs in Orlando) will host the marathon at 1:30 on April 25th, where tickets will go for $75 per person.  The El Captain Theatre in Los Angeles is hosting a screening on the same day where tickets go for $100 each.  Listed below are the movies being featured for the marathon:

Iron Man 
The Incredible Hulk
Captain America: The First Avenger
Marvel’s The Avengers
Guardians of the Galaxy
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Captain America: Civil War
Doctor Strange
Spider-Man: Homecoming
Black Panther
Avengers: Infinity War

All of the films will be showcased, leading up to the premiere of Avengers: Infinity War.  Marvel fans certainly don’t want to miss out on this fantastic screening.

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This is a really cool marketing tactic from Marvel.  Marvel is working alongside with AMC Theatres to get audiences pumped up for their newest film.  What’s interesting is that this isn’t AMC’s first Marvel marathon they put together.  AMC hosted a series of Marvel films back in 2015 to celebrate the release of Avengers: Age of Ultron (Marvel only had 11 films created back then).

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I have seen most of these films from Marvel and thought they were really well done.  Marvel does a great job of showcasing a cast of colorful superheroes that have a rich storyline attached to each of them.  Each superhero is struggling with their own issues, but they come together to defeat the main enemy who is looking to destroy the world.  The Avengers was an interesting way of weaving the characters and storylines together for one major blockbuster film.

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Any self-respecting Marvel fan should definitely head to one of these theaters on April 25th.  It will be another action-packed movie marathon that leads to another exciting chapter of the Marvel series.  Check out the Marvel movie marathon next month!

MICE 2017!

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Happy Monday everyone!  Hope you all had another fantastic weekend.  Things have been VERY spooky around here since Halloween is coming up (just EIGHT more days!).  They just kicked things up a notch during the last episode of AHS, which I will discuss later this week!

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For now, I’ve been still reeling in from another fun Sunday.  Yesterday I attended the Massachusetts Comics Expo (MICE) over in Cambridge at Lesly University.  I attended the event last year (which you can read about that past adventure here) and wanted to go back again because it was so much fun.

Upon entering the building, I received my sticker and headed up to the 2nd floor.  I roamed around the crowded hallways, glancing around at the vast amount of amazing artwork around me.  Comics, posters, flyers, stickers, and even the business cards looked absolutely outstanding.  As an artist within the writer community, I was in awe of the magnificent comics the comic book artists made.  The graphics as well as the storylines themselves really captured my attention to some of the interesting comics.

Here were some of the highlights from yesterday’s MICE event:

The Legend of Gay Zelda


One interesting thing I noticed around the comic event was the LGBTQ theme popping up around some story lines.  Many comic series featured characters that were gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, queer, non-binary, and so on.  There were comics that featured heterosexual characters, but it was the diverse comics that really turned my head.  A real head-turner for me was this comic called The Legend of Gay Zelda.

The Legend of Gay Zelda is an adorable fanzine featuring love between two gay video game characters.  It presents an intriguing parallel universe within The Legend of Zelda universe.  I’m not the biggest fan of The Legend of Zelda, but I loved the overall concept of a gay Zelda series.  There are no limits when it comes to comics (especially independent comics), so this was one of many series that pushed the boundaries of comic book storytelling.

The Unquotable Trump


Another interesting comic I spotted was one called The Unquotable Trump by Robert Sikoryak.  I’ve heard plenty of jokes about President Donald Trump since he was elected and this comic was chock full of them.  Sikoryak takes traditional comic styles from various pop culture references and adds Donald Trump into the mix.  Comic series like Batman, Archie and Friends, Ritchie Rich, and Garfield were some of many famous references played out in the book.  No reference was safe from the invasion of Donald Trump!

Purchased Comic – What Happened to John Crowley?


This year I picked up some really interesting comics I found.  While heading through this corner table, I spotted an interesting series titled What Happened to John Crowley?.  I talked with author Ian Richardson not just about the comic, but about video games like The Witness and how amazingly challenging it was.  He discussed with me about the comic is a non-linear crime story about what happened to John Crowley in Rut’s Hollow.

I went home later to read through the series.  It was dark, shocking, confusing, and even downright disturbing.  This non-linear story about John Crowley kept me glued in for more.  Reading through the letters (which seemed like clues in the story) were the only way of understanding John Crowley’s demise.

It was definitely a shocking and weird story.  Even though I left the story confused as ever, I really enjoyed the graphic content within the storyline.  It was a dark and twisted tale that had me really wanting to understand who this John Crowley guy was.

Props to Ian Richardson for this fantastic story!

Purchased Comic – The Comic Book Story of Video Games


My other purchased comic over at MICE was called The Comic Book Story of Video Games by Jonathan Hennessey and Jack McGowan.  I got to speak with Jack McGowan, who was really passionate about the video game industry.  He loves the industry so much that he compiled lots of research into pinpointing its true history.


While I haven’t read the comic yet, I will definitely read it during my train rides to Boston.  I truly love video games and I will definitely enjoy reading through this animated story about its rooted history.

That’s it for my awesome adventure over at MICE.  It was certainly a lot of fun and I really enjoy seeing another artists’ work.  Here’s to the art community creating a better world each day!

Massachusetts Independent Comic Expo (MICE)

Cambridge is one of many Boston neighborhoods that is fun to roam around.  With interesting landmarks like Harvard University and the Cambridge Galleria, Cambridge will make for a great day trip in the city.  Famous speakers pop into Harvard University to discuss a topic that is relevant to the world today.  Other famous universities around Cambridge include Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge College, and Lesly University.

Lesley University is a private university that specializes in art and design.  Thousands of students flock to Lesley to show off their artistic skill to their professors.  Whether it is piecing together short stories or painting new pictures, artists from all across the country apply to Lesley University to become an amazing artist.  There are special panel events that students can attend to gain some insight from other well-known artists in the area.  This past weekend, I went into Lesley University to attend MICE.



MICE, or the Massachusetts Independent Comics Expo, is an expo celebrating comic book designs from independent creators.  This was the 7th annual event that took place on October 29th-30th at Lesley University.  It was produced by the Boston Comic Arts Foundation, aiming to introduce local readers of all ages to the variety of art and storytelling in independent comics.  There were two levels filled with exhibitors showing off their masterpieces.  Upon entering the exhibits, I have seen some of the most spectacular work ever on comic books, posters, stickers, and other materials.


Some of the work was so impressive that I just had to stop and chat with them for a bit.  Upon entering the first area, I noticed a big colorful poster that had the movie title Showgirls on the bottom of the design.  That was what drew me to talk with Chris, the comic book designer from Brooklyn.  I mentioned that I really enjoyed viewing the colorful poster and the comic version of The Room.  He mentioned that his love for bad movies inspired him to create an animated comic out of the cult films that flopped in the box office.  Another unique thing I noticed was that all of his business cards featured a tarot-card like design on the back of each card.  This was a really cool idea and praised him to continue making more works of art like this.

Earlier in the same area, I noticed a book showing Peanuts-like drawings in a comic strip design.  While it didn’t feature Charlie Brown or Snoopy, the drawings drew me into that similar environment.  When talking to the comic artist/illustrator Jesse, he mentioned that he was influenced by Charles Schulz’s Peanuts comic strip when creating Year ‘Round Days.  I really liked where he got his inspirations from and was impressed by how familiar the art work was.  It was a cool comic-strip showcasing his lifetime experiences with interesting stories in each page.


Another exhibit table showed a colorful design of Kirby and his friends, which prompted me to talk to designer Madeline.  It was then that I told her that I really liked the drawing of the Kirby gang and she told me that she really loved Kirby after playing Kirby 64: The Crystal ShardsKirby 64: The Crystal Shards was actually one of my favorite games for the N64 and was pleased to see how that game inspired her!  Other works included a drawing of Rini from Sailor Moon and No-Face from Spirited Away.  Madeline really did a great job drawing the familiar characters and utilizing colors to make them pop out good.  I thanked her for discussing her artwork with me and moved on to check out other areas.





In another room, I noticed small cards on one of the exhibit tables.  All of the cards were referring to popular characters from cult films/TV shows.  Some of the characters I recognized were Wolverine, The Incredible Hulk, Freddie Krueger, Batman, Jason Voorhees, and other popular figures.  What was unique about the cards were that each character was transformed into fairy creatures.  I spoke with the conart creator Jay about how amazing they were and he showed me a few comics he works on as well.  His fairy creatures were very well done, with each character showing off their flair in the card.


I was just heading into another room of the exhibit and I noticed some mini comics that were sketched using pencils.  The title was Feeling Worthless? and it featured self-help tip for people suffering from mental health issues.  I spoke with the creator, LB Lee, on how interesting his idea was as a comic.  This was an interesting concept that is entertaining and could give people a purpose to not feel so worthless sometimes.  His idea was amazing and I praised him to continue doing more work like this around Boston.




Overall this was an amazing comic book expo to attend this past weekend.  I don’t read a lot of comic books in my spare time, but it was interesting to see lots of artists gathering together to show off their finished works of art on display.  The event was free for everyone and you could spend HOURS looking through all of the work people made for the event.  While my specialty belongs with writing, I did learn some things while being in a big room with artists.




Whether you’re a writer or animator, artists gather together to create something meaningful in their lives.  Being an artist doesn’t mean that you can pick up a pen and draw a picture of pig; it means looking deep down with yourself as how you see the pig being drawn.  Maybe the pig is colored blue or maybe his snout has monster-like features that make him a mutant.  Whatever creative idea you come up with, it was designed from your imagination.



As the writer of MakeSandcastlesNotWar, I know that I can’t just write a short summary of American Horror Story.  I have to juice up the story with interesting detail, crafting the story to be something relatable to all audiences.  This writing tip applies to many instances when I write about television, movies, music, fashion, cannabis, social media, and other categories.  Anybody can say they are able to read and write, but it takes LOTS of work to write something truly amazing from your creative perspective.  After attending the MICE event, I definitely took away some interesting tips that will shape MakeSandcastlesNotWar to become a better blog in the near future.