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3/31 Sunday Funday Quote

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Real progress is progress in charity, all other advances being secondary thereto.

~ Aldous Leonard Huxley


Love, Death & Robots Review

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With my busy work schedule and the fact that the weather is starting to get warmer outside, it’s been tough to find entertaining content on Netflix.  There are hundreds of original TV shows and movies coming out in the digital library, yet I have very little time to discuss it all.  Spring is in full bloom, which means all new series and movies will be released soon.

Even still, I managed to find this one unique series that was quite entertaining.  It contained eighteen short stories that revolve around the themes of love, death, and robots in the distant future.  This is Love, Death & Robots.

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Love, Death & Robots is an adult animated anthology series that came out on March 15th, 2019.  The series contains 18 episodes spanning between 5-17 minutes long.  Each episode is produced by different cast and crews, showcasing a new story each time.  Every episode revolves around the similar theme of love, death, and robots.

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Interestingly enough, Love, Death & Robots plays as a re-imagining of the 1981 animated sci-fi film Heavy Metal.  The series resembles a similar concept to the film due to its showcase of the heavy sexual and violent content throughout the episodes.  While it doesn’t play out as the actual sequel, Love, Death & Robots still bears striking resemblance to the film.

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Overall, Love, Death & Robots proved to be really entertaining.  Each episode came with its own wild sci-fi story of the future.  Various content within the sci-fi world was discussed throughout the season.  Whether it was yogurt taking over the world or human beings taking part of their own virtual reality, each episode had a disturbing glimpse of a whole new world.  It was like a cross between Devilman Crybaby and Black Mirror rolled into one kooky animated series.

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If you’re a fan of Heavy Metal and looking for a series with that much graphic sexual/violent content, definitely check out Love, Death & Robots.  You will be pleased with the horrific sci-fi stories that are told throughout the series.