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NO Safe Spaces in No Safe Spaces

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      With Halloween on its way, all of the spooky horror films are all the rage.  Movies like IT Chapter Two and Annabelle Comes Home are out in theaters, scaring audiences nationwide.  October is that time of the month for spookiness everywhere.

       And speaking of spookiness, there’s a provocative new documentary that is soon to be coming out later this month.  It’s about the horror and disturbing trends happening within college campuses around the country. This documentary is known as No Safe Spaces.

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Image result for No Safe Spaces Film

       No Safe Spaces stars comedian Adam Carolla and radio talk show host Dennis Prager (also creator of PragerU) as they travel the country talking to experts, both from the right and left wing, about free speech around college campuses.  The documentary will cover topics about safe spaces, free speech, college protests, comedians, and other ideas. Despite growing up from completely different backgrounds, both Dennis and Adam share the same concern for where the country is heading.  Some of the featured guests interviewed include Tim Allen, Ben Shapiro, Jordan Peterson, David Rubin, Van Jones, and many others.

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       The film is set to hit theaters only in Arizona (both Phoenix and Scottsdale), but future dates and cities will be announced soon.  Either way, No Safe Spaces will be easily accessible nationwide.

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Image result for No Safe Spaces Movie

       Halloween is just around the corner, so why not watch No Safe Spaces to get spooked by the mere insanity that is happening within college campuses.  It’s a major PR nightmare that is sure to have you chilled to the bones. Safe spaces, speaker protest, comedian cancellations, oh my!

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       Check out No Safe Spaces this month if you want to see the TRUE horror that lies within American college campuses these days.  Just remember this: there is NO safe space in this film.


Campus Cannabis Consumption at The UBC

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Cannabis is most popular with young adults, especially those attending college.  College students from all across the country consume cannabis at some point during their schooling.  Whether it is during a party during the weekend or sneaking a joint in before completing that big paper the night before its due, college students aren’t shy about lighting up during their own time.

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Ironically enough, many US colleges prohibit cannabis smoking (as well smoking in general!) around their campuses.  Colleges place heavy restrictions on smoking among their students and even create designated areas to use cigarettes.  Each college or university set their own standards for cigarette or cannabis smoking.

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Meanwhile in Canada, where cannabis is 100% legal all across the nation, the socio-cultural landscape is already changing.  The University of British Columbia recently made a bold move to allow students to consume cannabis on the campus.

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Image result for university of british columbia

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That’s right folks – University of British Columbia students can freely smoke cannabis within the area.  Students are allowed to light up at designed “smokers” gazebos around the school.  While cannabis will be allowed in special areas, students still aren’t able to consume inside any campus building.

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Image result for Studying in library

This bold idea can be utilized for many instances.  Light up that joint before writing that 15-page essay on feminism! Take some hits off the pipe before that brainstorming session for the big group project.  If you don’t have any major assignments, do some pre-gaming hits before heading off to that house party!

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Image result for university of british columbia

The University of British Columbia is one of hundreds of colleges and universities in Canada that allows cannabis use within their school.  With cannabis use legal all across the Canada, colleges and universities are changing their socio-cultural atmosphere around their campuses.  Many still prohibit cannabis use in their campus, but a lot of colleges are taking that bold step in accepting cannabis as well.

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When the country changes, so does its establishments; that idea holds true, most especially for universities like The University of British Columbia.  Cannabis is fully legal in British Columbia, so colleges around the area are creating their own policies and procedures in place.

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With that, cannabis is certainly making huge waves in Canada.  Colleges and universities are allowing students to light up around campus, thus changing their socio-cultural landscape.

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Who knows, maybe American colleges and universities will learn a thing or two from Canada and allow their own students to consume cannabis.  Cannabis is still being legalized all across the nation, so it won’t be long before college students are able to light up before completing that big paper the night before its due.

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If you’re an aspiring student who wants to freely consume cannabis during their schooling, they should look to attend The University of British Columbia real soon.

Trapped in the Cry Closet

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Image result for Finals Week

Finals week were always tough while attending Champlain College.  I would head into the library to see hundreds of students locked inside the rooms studying.  They brought over their laptops, pens, pencils, notebooks, and other studying materials.  Some had a major exam coming up while others were cranking out that 15-page paper.  Many students even resorted to pulling off the classic all-nighter to get their work done (and yes, even I pulled a few all-nighters to complete my papers during finals week).

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What was even more crazier than the week itself were the stress-release activities Champlain College offered.  Things such as puppy rooms or chair massages were offered for students who needed a break from the chaotic week.  I’ll admit that some of the activities seemed childish for young adults like me.  My favorite way of relieving stress after finals was blowing off steam at the house parties around Burlington, also known as ‘House Party Hunting’ (House Party Hunter!).

Image result for College Finals Week

Image result for College Finals Week

Like Champlain, many colleges offer stress-free related activities during Finals Week.  From puppy rooms to coloring, there’s many ways students choose to relax.  These days, there is one activity that proves to be so incredibly preposterous.  Nestled within the University of Utah lies…The Cry Closet.

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Image result for The Cry Closet

The Cry Closet – a small dark room decorated with dark fabric lining inside that features a plush floor filled with stuffed animals.  A time hangs inside of the door while the outside features a sign reading ‘A Safe Place for Stressed Out Students’.  Students can find this closet at the J. Willard Marriott Library.

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Here are the rules of this so-called ‘Cry Closet’:

  1. Knock before entering
  2. Only one person in the closet at a time
  3. Limit your time in the closet to no more than 10 minutes
  4. Turn lights and timer off before leaving
  5. Use #cryclosetuofu if posting on social media

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Ok seriously folks… a CRY CLOSET?  This is what our young, innovative aspiring college students are working on these days?  A small closet filled with stuffed animals that they can cry in?  If Champlain featured a cry closet in the library, I would hotbox the room with bong rips before finishing up that final paper (I would be ‘crying’ from the coughing fits).

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Image result for The Cry Closet

But all joking aside, this spells trouble for higher education all across this nation.  When you have students using a ‘cry closet’ during their spare time, you know damn well that they aren’t prepared to take on the world.  You know what’s sadder than the amount of work they have?  The fact that they have to use a ‘cry closet’ to mope about how hard their life is right now.

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Folks… THIS is the generation we have entering the real world – college students clutching a stuffed animal, crying about their huge biology exam coming soon.  They weep and cringe at the thought of finishing up that 20-page paper on German Philosophy.  Not only is this sad, but it’s also downright SCARY to think about.  I shudder at the mere thought that some of these students will be doing Public Relations in the future!

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There are much healthier (and more mature) ways to destress during college finals.  Exercise, healthy eating, taking long walks, writing, and drawing are a few of many ways to take care of yourself.  Feel free to reward yourself after a long day.  Maybe order pizza on a Monday after finishing up most of work or head out to a bar one night after completing that essay.  Finals week can be stressful, so its important that you take as much steps necessary to get through it.  Anything is better than locking yourself in a small room to cry.

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In the end, students need to come out of the Cry Closet and into the real world.  There are no cry closets in any work office you enter.  While there is no cry closet, there are bars all around where you can blow off steam.  These bars are located all around the office for your convenience.

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If you’re a college student stressed about finals, step out of the cry closet and into the REAL WORLD.  Pull up your big boy pants, get your coffee, and finish up that term paper.  Now is the time to show the world what you are truly made of.

MakeSandcastlesNotWar/Tal Rimoni Show

Afternoon everyone!  If you remembered from yesterdays press release, I was going to be on The Tal Rimoni Show at Salem State University.  Junior Salem State student Tal Rimoni invited me in to discuss when public relations goes to pot.  It was a great half-hour of questions, good laughs, memorable stories, and even some take-aways at the end of the series.


For those who couldn’t catch the show, here were some of the highlights of our discussion:


MakeSandcastlesNotWar Visits The Tal Rimoni Show



TR: So first, give a little background about yourself.

JC: So I transferred from Champlain College into Salem State University back in 2013 where I majored in Communications with a minor in Marketing & focus on Public Relations.  I switched my focus from Media Studies to Public Relations after completing the first semester.  There was this special event at school where I really enjoyed learning more about the PR industry.  After the first semester I joined SSUPRSSA (Salem State University Public Relations Student Society of America) to get more involved with the public relations industry.  PRSSA held weekly meetings that discussed things such as networking, agency tours, PRSSA Conferences, and many more exciting news.  Since then, I graduated almost 2 years ago with a Bachelor’s degree in communications.
TR: What led you to work in this industry?

JC: I have been interested in cannabis since the 2012 elections when Colorado & Washington State legalized recreational cannabis, which was also the time when Massachusetts decided to go medicinal.  While in college, I looked more into this booming industry that was happening in legal states.  I conducted research about cannabis through Leafly, Weedmaps, and even from friends around the school.  From strain effect to dispensaries, I looked through every aspect of this industry
TR: Do you smoke marijuana personally?

JC: Yes, I have consumed different types of cannabis products such as flowers, edibles and even tinctures.  While trying some of this products out, I even learned about new products out on the market.  I mostly enjoyed the different types of effect it had.  Some strains made me focused and more energized for the day while other made me relaxed for the night.

TR: How do you network in the Cannabis Community?

JC: I attend networking events I find through social media or word of mouth.  The main event that kicked things off was this ‘End of Prohibition’ party back in December 2016.  That event connected me to a LOT of interesting people that played a major part in the cannabis industry.  Ever since that party, I stayed connected with the people who host networking events to stay informed of what’s happening.  Social media was also a big way to find out what events were happening around cities like Boston or Salem.  Facebook was the major social media network where I found out about the events because I get many event invites sent out every week.

TR: Now that Marijuana is legal, has its use increased or decreased
from your perspective?

JC: Cannabis use has definitely decreased over the years because the regulated market made the business more sophisticated.  Studies have shown decreased use in CO & Washington State since shops open up.  Cannabis shops aren’t easily letting children or teenagers inside because they are being cautious when rolling out this industry.  There is definitely more media attention spread about cannabis, but there hasn’t been major increase of cannabis use in general.
TR: Why has it taken so long for Marijuana to and still be legal?

JC: Mostly it has to do with politics.  That ‘Reefer Madness’ mindset is still looming over people’s head, which has created many roadblocks in industry.  Employees, especially those in the Communications industry, are very limited due to legality issues.  Cannabis is STILL a schedule I drug on a federal level, so there is very little that we can do with this product.
TR: What is the future of the industry looking like?

JC: Other than just cannabis shops, I see cannabis being more integrated into our daily lives.  You hear about things like Pot & Paint night and Cannabis Yoga which are just some of the beginning stages of the entertainment aspect of cannabis.  Pretty soon you will see cannabis integrated with writing, arcades, movie theaters, etc.  Personally, I would love to see a 4/20-themed jazz club where you consume cannabis and listen to jazz at night.  I definitely see cannabis being more integrated with our daily activities.
TR: You have a blog yourself, so could you explain what you write generally?

JC: MakeSandcastlesNotWar started back in March 2016 as an entertainment PR blog.  I write about many aspects of entertainment such as TV, movies, fashion, music, etc.  Cannabis came into play in December 2016 when it was declared legal in MA.  Some of my reoccurring entries include PR Nightmares, TV Criss-Cross, philosophical journeys, and other craziness.  While the blog focuses on Public Relations, there is also topics about marketing and advertising.

TR: Well thank you so much for being on the show today Jon.  Any final comments?

JC: Your welcome Tal!  Here’s one thing to remember – Make SANDCASTLES, Not WAR.  Thank you!

MakeSandcastlesNotWar Press Release #1


350 Revere Beach Boulevard Apt. #3-3T

Revere, MA 02151

Jon Carey

                                                                                                                                        April 9th, 2018



MakeSandcastlesNotWar Creator Featured on Tal Rimoni Show

MakeSandcastlesNotWar creator Jon Carey will be featured on the Tal Rimoni Show.  Carey will be joining Salem State University student Tal Rimoni on the series tonight at 7 PM.  Some of his discussions for the episode include his experience networking in the cannabis industry, how he got his start, where the idea for MakeSandcastlesNotWar came from, and other juicy topics.  PR enthusiasts alike won’t want to miss out on this colorful topic about public relations going to pot (LITERALLY!).

This idea was pitched through Jon Carey, sole creator of the thriving entertainment PR blog MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  MakeSandcastlesNotWar covers the latest and greatest in the field of entertainment; many stories come with its own PR twist, providing a bigger lesson hidden beneath the actual story.  Carey covers a wide range of categories such as fashion, movies, TV, music, cannabis, and many others.  Each new topic is covered daily Monday-Friday with a series of special quotes on the weekend.

“Massachusetts has become a gold mine ever since they voted to legalize cannabis”, said creator Jon Carey.  “A lot of college students, especially those in the communications field, are graduating during such an exciting time where a whole new industry awaits them.  Cities like Boston and Salem will grow even bigger.  The possibilities for these ambitious students are endless.”  Carey also says he looks forward to reuniting with his Alma Matter Salem State University.  He was a Communications major focusing on Public Relations as well, but now Carey will be the one providing the scoop on this flourishing industry.

The Tal Rimoni Show airs on WMWM 91.7 FM during Mondays from 6-8 PM.  Creator Tal Rimoni is a junior Communications major focusing on public relations at Salem State University.  He enjoys movies, music, TV, politics, and sports.  Some of his featured guest included up and coming rapper DaVinci.  Rimoni will feature Jon Carey starting tonight at 7 PM.