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MA Fiery Fireworks PR Nightmare

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Summer is quickly approaching here in the month of June.  Many more people are getting out and doing their daily summer activities.  Some are sailing around the ocean while others are taking that quick jog around the beach.

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But lately I have noticed a rather popular thing happening is fireworks being set off.  Throughout my nightly binge-watching session, I’ll hear a ‘BOOM’ and ‘BANG’ going off each minute.  Somewhere within the area of Lynn, MA, even in other areas of Boston, people are setting off more fireworks at night.

If you reside in MA and have been noticing MORE fireworks going off at night than usual, then you are not alone.

Gaithersburg, Maryland's Fourth of July Fireworks

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Calls around the Boston area related to illegal fireworks going off have skyrocketed to over 2,300% in the past week.  Phones have been ringing off the hook about fireworks being set off in different neighborhoods.  Areas such as Boston, Dorchester, Somerville, Revere, and even in Lynn are seeing fireworks going off for minutes, even hours.

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Fireworks are still illegal in Massachusetts; and yet, these fireworks weren’t just from New Hampshire – some of these come from legal states such as Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Nebraska, and others.

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With that, Massachusetts certainly has yet another explosive PR nightmare happening this summer.  The COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t been stopped yet and the fireworks aren’t bringing in any cheer this summer season.