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What/If – 1 Decision, 1 MAJOR Consequence

Ok folks – there have been a lot of talk about the latest hit TV series coming out this month.  Even as Summer is coming in with its bright sun and blue skies, there’s still plenty of great series to watch.  There will be some rainy days here and there, so its always great to create that TV binge-watch list.

What I have for you today is… another TV series!  This Netflix series came out merely two weeks ago in May.  It’s a unique thriller series that revolves around one newlywed’s lucrative and questionable offer from a mysterious benefactor.  This is What/If.

Image result for What If Netflix

Image result for What If Netflix

What/If is an anthology neo-noir thriller miniseries that was created by Mike Kelley.  Renée Zellweger stars as Anne Montgomery, a powerful venture capitalist in San Francisco.  She offers help for Lisa Ruiz-Donovan (Jane Levy) and her biotech startup called Emigen Molecular Sequencing.  Sean (Blake Jenner) spends a night with Anne in return for her help.  What happens next sends Lisa on what would be the wildest journey of her life.

Image result for What If Netflix

This thriller series digs deep into the concept of what happens when acceptable people start doing unacceptable things.  Lisa offers Sean up for Anne Montgomery, only to have her life spiraling out of control.  Interestingly enough, Sean isn’t the only one keeping secrets from her.

Image result for What If Netflix

In the end, What/If is definitely worth watching.  This creepy thriller series quickly escalates after the first episode.  Sean and Anne’s meeting set off what would be the pinnacle of the season itself.

Check out What/If on Netflix to see how one fateful decision changes the trajectory of an entire life.


Black Mirror Season 5

Image result for Sunny Spring Day

Image result for Sunny Spring Day

Afternoon sandcastle makers!  We are at just a month away until summer begins a.k.a. my favorite season of all time.  The weather is getting a lot warmer, flowers are blooming everywhere, and the summer blockbusters are playing in theaters.  Summer may be on the slower side in terms of PR nightmares and other shenanigans, but there is still always amazing content here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.

Image result for Black Mirror

One other major event I am super pumped about is the newest season of Black Mirror.  A recent trailer just dropped for season five.  And folks… let’s just say we’re in for some MORE bizarre sci-fi technological nightmares.

Image result for Black Mirror Season 5

Image result for Black Mirror Season 5

Image result for Black Mirror Season 5

Three different stories will be told this season.  All three featuring eerie technology and a slew of famous actors/actresses.  Some notable stars include Miley Cyrus, Topher Grace, Damson Iris, Andrew Scott, Anthony Mackie, and others as well.  Season five of Black Mirror drops on June 5th.

Image result for Black Mirror Season 5

Image result for Black Mirror Season 4

Black Mirror is an amazing sci-fi anthology TV series from the United Kingdom.  It’s a trippy, horrific look into a modern society that uses unique technology that comes with tragic consequences.  Some stories were so brilliant that they received nominations (even awards!) years later.

Image result for American Horror Story

Image result for Black Mirror

While summer isn’t the season for American Horror Story (that comes in the fall), Black Mirror is still entertaining to watch.  As short as the episode lists are, each one still comes packed full of action.  What makes up for its short list is the augmented timeline of the story, which helps create more horror and realism for the audience.

With that, the newest season of Black Mirror is coming real soon.  I personally am very exciting to hear about the new season coming out in just a few weeks.  The trailer looks incredible, showcasing three new glorious stories on the creepy side of technology.

Image result for Black Mirror Season 5

Be sure to check out season five of Black Mirror when it releases on June 5th.

Chambers – A Netflix Horror Series

Image result for Spring 2019

Image result for american horror story

Even with Spring in full bloom, I do enjoy some horror series here and there.  There are great horror TV shows/movies that help keep me occupied while waiting for my favorite one of all time – American Horror Story.  I wait, both patiently and impatiently, for the newest season of American Horror Story to come out.  Each one comes with yet another horrific chapter even more twisted then the previous version.  The most recent chapter, American Horror Story: Apocalypse, woven together multiple elements from different story lines.

We still have four months until the newest season drops.  But for today, it’s time to discuss a bizarre horror show on Netflix.  It centers around an extreme obsession on a girl’s mysterious death in the suburbs of Arizona.  This is Chambers.

Image result for Netflix Chambers

Image result for Netflix Chambers

Chambers is the story of a teenager named Sasha who receives a heart transplant from Becky.  After her transplant, she is haunted by these unexpected visions.  As Sasha’s visions become more troublesome, she starts to dig deep about the donor’s mysterious death.  She then starts to unravel through the gruesome circumstances and wild conspiracy about her tragic end.

Image result for Netflix Chambers

Image result for Netflix Chambers

This story got twisted really fast.  There are various elements of psychedelics used within the story.  Cannabis, mushrooms, peyote, and even ayahuasca are mentioned throughout the season.  Interestingly enough, these all add to the increasingly bizarre events that happen each episode.  To put it bluntly, Chambers is a story wrapped in chambers of craziness.

Image result for Netflix Chambers

Psychedelics, a heart transplant gone wrong, crazed obsessions about the mysterious death of a young girl.  All of these help Chambers make for a great horror series worth seeing.  Various creepy elements tied together for one true horror fest.

Image result for Netflix Chambers poster

With that, Chambers is a great horror series worth checking out.  There are strange coincidences that happen within Sasha and Becky that only get weirder each episode.  For those who are impatiently waiting for the newest season of American Horror Story to drop, Chambers is a great horror series to watch this Spring.

AHS: 1984


Image result for american horror story season 8

Image result for american horror story season 8

Here we are in the middle of April and we are half a year away until the newest season of American Horror Story.  Season 8 was quite explosive last year as American Horror Story: Apocalypse revolved around Michael Langdon, the powerful demon that was born in American Horror Story: Murder House.  From the very first episode, it has been a whirlwind of seasons crossing over upon each other.  There were many elements from different seasons that were wrapped into one amazing story line.

It may still be early in the year, but a MAJOR teaser was recently dropped last week.  The teaser dropped the newest season which will be known as… AHS: 1984.

Screenshot (321)



Screenshot (328)

The teaser shows a young teenage girl running through the woods at night.  A tall, dark masked man slowly chases after her.  She finds shelter in an abandoned barn.  Even still, the masked man still catches up to her.  Seconds later, the teaser ends with the masked man driving a knife through the barn door.  With that, the scene reveals the season’s title ‘AHS 1984’.

Image result for Friday the 13th 1984

Image result for nightmare on elm street 1984

Image result for children of the corn 1984

Image result for the hills have eyes 2 1984

Interestingly enough, 1984 was quite a significant year for slasher movies.  Some infamous movies that came out that year include Friday the 13th, Children of the Corn, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Hills Have Eyes.  All four movies gained nationwide success, creating a major cult following among horror movie fans everywhere.

With this new title released, what kind of story can we see this year?  Will American Horror Story become a slasher-themed horror movie for this season?  Could the season be set at summer camp?  Who is the masked man that followed the girl into that barn?

This one teaser already came packed with many unanswered questions to answer.  Will start finding out the answers soon enough.

Screenshot (329)

For now, let’s take the time to celebrate the revealing of this year’s season titled AHS: 1984.  Who knows what kind of adventurous ride we will be in for this fall?


Streaming Services for Niche Audiences

Image result for Netflix

Image result for Netflix

As you know, Netflix is where I go to watch amazing series these days.  With thousands upon thousands of TV series and movies to choose from, there is always something entertaining to watch.  Even with new Netflix originals being released each month, I always find some hidden gold within the digital library.  Whatever the case may be, I can always count on Netflix for better content.

Image result for Hulu

Image result for Amazon Prime

Still, Netflix is only one of many unique streaming services you can find online.  Other than the typical streaming services out there like or Hulu or Amazon Prime, there are streaming services catered for a niche audience.  Some services offer horror films that aren’t playing in theaters while others provide lots of mind-blowing documentaries.  Whatever the case may be, the digital library grows larger as time goes on.

Here are some unique streaming services around the internet these days:


Image result for CuriosityStream

Image result for CuriosityStream

CuriosityStream is known for showcasing award-winning documentaries.  Choose from over 2,000+ shows within the digital library.  Prepare to have your mind blown as you surf through countless numbers of topics.  From food to the internet, every type of documentary can be found on CuriosityStream.  This is the streaming service you’ll need if you want to be blown away by the mere workings of science.


Image result for Dekkoo

Image result for Dekkoo

Dekkoo is the premiere streaming service for gay men.  Browse through thousands of gay films to choose from.  Categories include action adventure, bad romance, biopic, drama, drag, and many others.  Netflix does provide TV series/movies for the LGBTQ community, but Dekkoo comes with much edgier content.  Better yet, Dekkoo even comes with an ‘Erotica’ category as well.


Image result for BritBox

Image result for Monty Python Flying Circus

Image result for Midsomer Murders

Tally-ho!  The BritBox is the biggest streaming collection of British television.  Owned by BBC Studios and ITV plc, BritBox focuses on British Television series.  It features both past and current series to choose from.  Get a bit silly with Monty Python’s Flying Circus or solve some crimes with Detective Barnaby in Midsomer Murders.

If British television is more your thing, definitely look into the BritBox.


Image result for Shudder

Image result for Shudder

For those who celebrate Halloween every day, Shudder is the premiere streaming service for all things horror.  Shudder showcases thousands of titles filled with horror, thriller, and suspense.  What makes Shudder so popular is that many films are deemed too gruesome for theaters.  All horror movie buffs should look into Shudder to find those spine-tingling titles you crave every day.


Image result for Pureflix

PureFlix streams the latest wholesome Christian films and tv series.  With PureFlix, its all about the three F’s – faith, family, and fun.  They provide that feelgood experience for the entire family that is entertaining, fun, inspirational, and educational.