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Kevin Hart’s Academy Awards PR Nightmare

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Within the past few years, Hollywood award shows have been spurring up lots of controversy these days.  The Golden Globes, Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, and many other award series featured some form of mishap or shocking message that dragged many names in the mud.  One event featured a crazy blunder with the name flop during the 2017 Oscars (read more on that here).  It just goes to show that any PR nightmare during the award shows will spread for quite a while.

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But one PR nightmare has already sparked on social media before the 2019 Academy Awards even started.  Famed comedian Kevin Hart has stepped down from hosting the Academy Awards after controversial jokes resurfaced from his past.  He announced as the Oscars host on December 4th, but was soon booted from his title.  Hart later apologized, confirming that he will not be hosting this year.

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Image result for kevin hart Tweet

Image result for kevin hart Tweet

After that, Nick Cannon showed support for Hart and went on various Twitter rants re-posting old tweets from other comics.  Such comics he name-dropped include Sarah Silverman, Amy Schumer, and Chelsea Handler.  Cannon would be just one of many figures supporting Kevin Hart.

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Nick Cannon wasn’t the only celebrity in this social media feud.  Comedian Michael Che utilized the news for his ‘Weekly Update’ segment Saturday Night Live.  Rather than tearing Hart down, Che defended him for his actions.

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Michael Che and Nick Cannon were just a few of many celebrities backing behind Kevin Hart.  Others include Kevin Kline, D.L. Hughley, Michael Blackson, and Andrew Schulz.  Billy Eichner was even another member taking to Twitter on this controversy as well.

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At this point, everything has become one big circus.  One shocking tweet from the past resurfaced and a bomb went off all around social media.  The real victim of this nightmare is Kevin Hart and these comments from the peanut gallery are only propelling this train wreck even further.  For the record, this circus act will continue as we see who will become the next host of the 2019 Academy Awards.

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One thing’s for certain – Kevin Hart will not be hosting award shows anytime soon.  His PR nightmare will blow over eventually.  It just takes one hidden tweet from the past to completely remove Hart from hosting the Academy Awards.

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In the world of social media, nothing stays hidden forever.  There’s that one tweet, one picture, one idea that could put a serious damper on things.  If only Kevin Hart knew of that fact before he were to suffer in the hands of his own PR nightmare.


AHS: White House Christmas

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Happy Monday folks!  December is here, which means the Christmas season is upon us.  Many people are out grabbing their Christmas trees and gathering their decorations.  Advertisements for shopping deals on Christmas presents are on full blast for this month.  It’s just like the tagline of Games of Thrones goes – Winter is Coming.

While many are excited about putting up their own decorations, there are some that are quite shocked at what the White House has on display this year.  Melania Trump, the first Lady of the United States, decided to spread the Christmas cheer with a rather… DARKER sort of decor.

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Image result for melania trump christmas tree 2018

During a recent video showcasing a tour of the White House, Melania Trump walks through a hallway of blood red Christmas trees.  These trees line up side by side, leading up to a huge lit Christmas tree on the front.  The room is lit with white-orange lighting hanging from the ceiling.

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Image result for melania trump christmas tree 2018

Image result for melania trump christmas tree 2018

Image result for melania trump christmas tree 2018

Throughout the video, we see many Christmas tress all around the offices.  The lighting becomes a dark orange glow, spreading all across the hallways.  In one room, a model version of the White House and other Washington monuments sits on a marble table.  A bouquet of flowers is put within the middle between two highly decorated Christmas trees.  There is even a Christmas wreath decorated with pencils labeled with the term ‘Be Best’, showcasing the first lady’s anti-bullying initiative.

Melania went decked out the White House in the spirit of the patriotic theme “American Treasures”, which looks to recognize America’s “unique heritage”.  The color red is seen all around the hallways, playing a significant role for the theme.

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Probably one of the creepiest aspects of the decorations are the blood red trees in the hallways.  It certainly presents a type of… EERIE mood if you will.

These decorations are too amazing that even MakeSandcastlesNotWar had a few things to say about the idea:

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  • Looks like Melania Trump stole Dandy Mott’s dark red lighting idea from American Horror Story: Freak Show!

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  • I guess we can now say that Netflix’s House of Cards is really being played out right now.

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  • Speaking of American Horror Story: Freak Show, Gloria Mott must’ve had some influence in the Christmas tree decorations.

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  • Those aren’t blood red Christmas trees – those are the costume props for The Handmaid’s Tale

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  • If you look close enough, the twins from The Shining should come out any minute
  • This year at the White House… There Will Be Blood.

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  • The red Yips Yips have gotten a lot bigger since I last saw Sesame Street.

In the end, these decorations are just simply brilliant.  There are so many zany references that people are finding from these peculiar photos.  These past Christmas seasons have been cheerful with the Obamas, but the Trumps took an interesting turn for their seasonal decor.  It truly is an actual American Horror Story being played out in our eyes.

      Let us celebrate the beauty of this chilling Christmas decorative theme here at the White House.

AHS Apocalypse Crossovers Recap

Alrighty folks, we have just a few days left until the last month of the year.  November is ending soon, which is still quite a shock being that I’m still reeling in from the hearty Thanksgiving dinner.  The one thing that has still been lingering around my mind was the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse quickly became my favorite season after the first few episodes.  The 8th chapter featured intriguing characters, horrific tragedies, and one warped Antichrist known as Michael Langdon.  But what really got me hooked on the latest season was the range of crossover events that happened in many episodes.  Various plots from different season intertwined into one complex story line, spinning different characters into the same AHS universe.

These twisted crossover events truly made the show that much more entertaining.  Each character, both new and old, played their part in the battle against Michael Langdon.

To celebrate this clever type of storyline, it’s time to look back on the best crossover events that happened during season eight.  What’s interesting to note is that some of these crossovers intertwined with more than one season as well.

Here’s the recap of the major crossover events that happened during American Horror Story: Apocalypse:

Episode 1 – The End

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Our first crossover event kicks off none other than the main man himself, Michael Langdon.  Michael Langdon was born from Tate and Vivien back in American Horror Story: Murder House.  Little Michael is all grown up and created the Apocalypse that happened during the episode.

Episode 2 – The Morning After

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Other than Michael Langdon, The Rubber Man is another significant enemy that returned from season one.  The Rubber Man first made his appearance in the first episode, reappearing every now and then in the Murder House.  He returned to season eight, haunting more victims in Outpost 3.

Episode 3 – Forbidden Fruit

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Myrtle Snow, Cordelia, and Madison Montgomery all made their return after everyone consumed the poisoned apple.  You may remember these powerful witches from American Horror Story: Coven.  This would be the start of the infamous Murder House/Coven crossover that would occur throughout the season.

Episode 4 – Could it Be… Satan?

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We see more crossovers with American Horror Story: Coven as we enter Miss Robichaux’s Academy, the witch’s coven.  Queenie makes her return as we learned she was still trapped in the Hotel Cortez.  This scene marks a triple crossover event of American Horror Story: Murder House, American Horror Story: Coven, and American Horror Story: Hotel.  Three crossovers woven under one united storyline.  It was certainly an ingenious event to behold.

The other one takes place near the end when Michael Langdon fetches Madison Montgomery from her personal hell.  Montgomery was placed there at the end of American Horror Story: Coven.  Langdon fetches both Queenie and Madison from their hells, driving more former characters into the new season.

Episode 5 – Boy Wonder

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Episode five takes us to a familiar test known as the Seven Wonders.  Four witches (Madison, Queenie, Misty, Zoe) performed this test back in American Horror Story: Apocalypse to see who would become the next Supreme.  Michael Langdon performs the test, acing every aspect each time.

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One of his tasks during the Seven Wonders was to retrieve Misty Day from her personal hell.  Misty Day was the infamous witch who used natural ingredients to bring things back to life.  She was sent to her personal hell by the end of the third season, dissecting frogs all day.

By the end, we get a preview of one of the biggest crossover events of the century – the return of The Murder House.

Episode 6 – Return to Murder House

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This was one of the BIGGEST crossover events ever – Return to the Murder House.  It was here where the AHS universe all started, the haunted house where multiple murders happened throughout the decades.  We got every one of our favorite former characters back into the story – Ben and Vivien Harmon, Tate, Violet, Moira O’Hara.  But the best cameo of all was the return of Constance Langdon aka Jessica Lange.  Lange returned to her role as Constance, the mother of Michael Langdon.  Each character discussed Michael’s colorful history with Madison and Behold, showcasing an even darker side of him.

Returning to the Murder House helped us gather many clues about how Michael Langdon was truly born.

Episode 7 – Traitor

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Voodoo queen Dinah Stevens helped to summon Papa Legba for Cordelia.  Papa Legba was the ghoulish voodoo character that took Marie Laveau’s soul back in American Horror Story: Coven.  He also still owns Nan’s soul since the third season as well.

Episode 8 – Sojourn

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Things get interesting when we see Ms. Venable working for Mutt and Jeff’s corporation three years before the nuclear blast.  She was already introduced back in episode one, making this a crossover within its own season.  Not only do we learn more of Ms. Venable’s past, but we also see how Mead was recreated as an android.  Two new characters crossing over within their own seasons on this episode.

Episode 9 – Fire and Reign

Seasons one and three merge again as the coven witches continue to figure out how to defeat Michael Langdon.  Many of the main witches have been destroyed by him, creating a battle between various characters from the past seasons.

Episode 10 – Apocalypse Then

Last, but not least, we move towards the final episode.  This is where most of the loose ends start tying up.  Mallory and Coco were hidden in Outpost Three and given new identities.  The three remaining witches hid in the swamp mud to survive the nuclear blast.  They all enter Outpost Three to face Michael Langdon.

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Marie Laveau resurfaces onto the scene after seeing Dinah pledge her allegiance for the antichrist.  Laveau was spending her time in her own personal hell back in American Horror Story: Coven.  She tries to fend off from Michael Langdon, but is only killed in the process.

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Mallory casts her time travel spell to return to the Murder House back in 2015.  It is then that we return to the time where Constance kicks Michael out of the house after seeing a dead priest lying beside him.  Langdon steps out, only to be run over by Mallory.  This is the last time we return back to the Murder House during the season.

And thus, ends our recap of the crossover events of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  This was quite a season filled with many twists and turns throughout.  These crossovers truly made for an incredible story.

Black Friday Thankfulness 2018

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Happy Black Friday, readers!  Rather than run around rampant searching for gifts around the mall, I decided to take this time to be thankful for what has happened this past week.  Three amazing events were discussed under one week here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  After gorging for hours on a lovely Thanksgiving feast, I still remain thankful for what has gone down at the blog lately.

With that, it is time to reminisce on those special topics today:

American Horror Story: Apocalypse Season Finale

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First off, I am most thankful to be a part of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  The apocalyptic theme this chapter brought on a nuclear war, nostalgic story lines, and a slew of familiar characters from various seasons.  I am grateful to watch it all go down in the end, only to document it for a blog post.  There is no telling what will go down in the AHS universe and that certainly held true this year.

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But what is most special about the finale is that surprising cliffhanger within the end.  That last element proves that there is SO much more behind the story we’ve yet to uncover.  So many answers were revealed in the end and many other questions have yet to be resolved.

Either way, I am most thankful to showcase the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Recreational Cannabis Market in MA

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Image result for MA Recreational Cannabis

One of the biggest PR miracles is finally here – recreational cannabis dispensaries are open here in Massachusetts.  Years after voting ‘YES’ for legal cannabis and now we finally have legal recreational dispensaries up and running.  All adults need is their license or state ID proving that they are 21 or older and they will have access to any cannabis products within the shops.

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Kudos to Massachusetts for opening up the first recreational cannabis dispensaries.  This is surely one PR miracle that will surely make history for years to come!

Super Drags

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Last, but not least, I am thankful for Netflix releasing Super DragsSuper Drags was a wildly hilarious adult animated superhero series featuring three drag queens who fight off evil.  Lemon, Scarlet, and Safira join together to fight Lady Elza and the conservative politician Sandoval.  They work for the lovely Champagne and look to attend shows held by the great Goldiva.

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Super Drags was definitely worth watching and I am so thankful to discuss this unique adult animated series.  Hopefully season two will be in the books for 2019.

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And with that, those are three things I am grateful to discuss here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  I am thankful for an explosive season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse, the golden PR miracle of recreational cannabis dispensaries in Massachusetts, and the release of Super Drags.  With that, I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  Be thankful for all that has happened as well as all of the amazing events happening in the future.  We still have less than two months until we ring in the new year, so let us have a joyous and grateful weekend.


Have a wonderful holiday weekend and be sure to see what’s in store next week.  Just remember – Make SANDCASTLES, Not WAR.

AHS Apocalypse Season Finale

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Alrighty folks, after mere months of weekly horrific surprises… American Horror Story: Apocalypse has finally come to an end.  It has been quite a wild ride, running into many crossovers this past season.  Each character (especially those from the previous seasons!) played their unique role in this apocalyptic madness.  After just the first episode, the crossovers just kept coming.

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Let us begin with the story – Back in 2017, Myrtle infiltrates Jeff and Mutt’s lab while there were plotting who will escape to which outposts during the Apocalypse.  Myrtle forces the two that Coco is guaranteed a spot at Outpost 3 (which also goes for her family as well).

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In the swamp, Cordelia and Myrtle cast a special identity spell on Coco and Mallory so that they easily hide out in Outpost 3 while Michael Langdon instigates the nuclear war.  Their plan is to break the spell on Mallory after the Apocalypse and use the time-traveling spell (the one that was used in the last episode) in order to stop Michael Langdon from starting the Apocalypse.

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Image result for american horror story Apocalypse Season 8 Episode 10

Image result for american horror story apocalypse marie laveau

Flash-forward to 2021 and we have Madison, Myrtle, and Cordelia awakening from Misty’s shack.  They make their way over to Outpost 3 to resurrect Coco, Mallory, and Dinah (which ALREADY happened earlier in the story).  At this point, we travel back to where we left off in episode 3.  As Dinah asserts her loyalty to Michael, the voodoo queen Marie Laveau returns.  Marie Laveau was released from hell by Papa Legba in exchange for Dinah’s soul.

It is then that the real battle begins – Marie kills Dinah with a machete while Cordelia casts a spell to make Mead explode.  While Michael stood there looking stunned, Madison arms herself with Mead’s inbuilt rifle and shoots him dead.

Meanwhile, the other witches grab a strand of Michael’s hair and take Mallory to a safer place in order to begin the spell.  After being stabbed by Brock, she loses too much energy to go on.  In order to save Mallory, Cordelia offs herself so that Mallory could become Supreme; thus, rejuvenating her and enhancing her powers.  With that, Mallory successfully casts the spell to travel back to time.

Image result for american horror story apocalypse Murder House

We are now in 2015 back in the Murder House.  You heard me right – we are officially back at the Murder House ONCE again.  More accurately, we are back at the time when Michael becomes a full-grown teenager and kills a priest.  Constance insists that Michael leaves her house at once.  Michael steps outside, only to be repeatedly run over by Mallory.  Michael begs Constance to take him into the Murder House, but she leaves him out on the road instead.

With the timeline now altered, many changes awaited Mallory.  Myrtle Snow remains dead, being that Cordelia never had to resurrect her for the Apocalypse (since it wasn’t going to happen).  Mallory also saved Queenie by warning her off of the Hotel Cortez.  As an act of gratitude for destroying Michael, Papa Legba’s associate Nan returns Misty Day from hell.  Madison still remains in hell, but Mallory would get to her eventually.

Image result for american horror story apocalypse Season finale

Image result for american horror story apocalypse Season finale

But it wasn’t just the witches’ lives that were completely altered.  Remember those two lovebirds Timothy and Emily from the first few episodes?  They ended up meeting together for the first time.  After a year, they ended up having a baby; three years after that, their child killed its nanny in a recreation of Michael Langdon’s first murder.  Anton LaVey, Samantha Crowe, and Mead arrive at the house to receive the new Antichrist.

And there you have it – the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  It was quite a bizarre story, full of foreshadowing and flashbacks.  But after all of that craziness, is the madness really over?  There are still many plot holes that have yet to be filled from this season.

Could next season take off from the Apocalyptic theme?  We may not know yet, but we will have more clues thrown at us next year.  All we have to do now is to look back on yet another fantastic season finale from the AHS universe.