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Hollywood — A Netflix TV Series (May 2020)

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Ryan Murphy really has been dominating the TV game this October.  American Horror Story: 1984 is already taking off well and The Politician was the first dip into Netflix.  Whether it be a streaming service or cable, Ryan Murphy has a lot of great series all around.

Interestingly enough, The Politician isn’t the only TV series Ryan Murphy in stores for Netflix.  He is also planning to release another TV series that centers around the glitz and glamour of Tinseltown.  This future project is known as Hollywood.

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Hollywood will take viewers into the Golden Age of Tinseltown, showcasing stories from the 1940s.  Its about the young and optimistic world of Hollywood back when it was starting to take off.  The first story will center around Rock Hudson, who will be played by Jake Picking.  Some of the other cast include Darren Criss, David Corenswet, Jeremy Pope, Jim Parsons, Joe Mantello, Dylan McDermott, and Patti LuPone.  You can expect to see Hollywood when it releases on May 2020.

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This was really exciting to hear.  While the premiere date is a half a year away, it is still exciting to hear of Ryan Murphy creating yet another series for Netflix.  The Politician was already amazing to watch and Hollywood will be just as amazing.  I already read about Rock Hudson’s life in All That Heaven Allows: A Biography of Rock Hudson by Mark Griffin (which I reviewed on here) and I’m looking forward to see this play out in the new series.

If you already binge-watched The Politician, then don’t worry – the glitz and glamour of Hollywood will be coming to Netflix next year.


The Politician – Hobart/Jackson

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Over the first week of October, I kicked off the fall season by binge-watching Ryan Murphy’s newest series The Politician on Netflix.  The Politician followed Payton Hobart’s (Ben Platt) race as high school class president at Saint Sebastian High School in Santa Barbara, California.  It was quite an amazing story that wove together elements from shows like Glee and House of Cards.

But while the main storyline was all on Payton Hobart’s race for class president, there was another familiar star of the show.  That actress was none other than Jessica Lange.

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That’s right folks – one of the BEST things about The Politician was the return of Jessica Lange.  This was her latest TV role after making her surprise appearance in American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  Jessica Lange played Dusty Jackson, the mother of Infinity Jackson (Zoey Deutch).

And for the record, Jessica Lange’s character was just as crazy as ever.

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The first episode starts with Payton taking in cancer-stricken Infinity Jackson under his wing.  However, he gets news that Infinity didn’t have cancer.  After running some blood tests, He and his friends find out that she was perfectly healthy… or so they thought.

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Infinity wasn’t actually sick.  It was her mother Dusty that was causing her to be sick in the first place.  She was a victim of Munchausen by proxy from her own mother.

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So there you have it – Jessica Lange played a crazed grandmother who made her own granddaughter sick.  The story about what happened to her own daughter gets even more disturbing.

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So far Jessica Lange was Constance Langdon in American Horror Story: Murder House and American Horror Story: Apocalypse, Sister Jude Martin in AHS: Asylum, Fiona Goode in AHS: Coven, and Elsa Mars in AHS: Freak Show.  Not only that, but she also played Bette Davis in Feud.   Years later and she is still bringing her A-game on Netflix.  Dusty Jackson was just one of many amazing characters to watch.

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With that, Jessica Lange returned to play another disturbing, yet creative character in The Politician.  Dusty Jackson definitely had that American Horror Story vibe to her (like Constance or Fiona!).

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Whatever character she plays, just remember that she’ll always be the baddest witch in town.

Wicked Awesome Wednesday TV Lineup

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Wednesday is that hump day of the week and it has always been one of my favorite days for TV time for quite a while.  It’s all due to American Horror Story returning every Fall.  AHS: 1984 is coming in hot with their nostalgic 80s horror slasher theme for this season.  Every week I’m still glued to my seat watching what happens next.

Interestingly enough, the lineup for Wednesday just got even better with the renewal of a few other series.  One is back in FX while the other two are on Comedy Central.

Here’s the highlight for the amazing Wednesday TV lineup for the months to come:

American Horror Story: 1984

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Our first one for the list is American Horror Story: 1984.  Season nine follows the camp counselors of Camp Redwood as they are hunted down by Mr. Jingles.  American Horror Story: 1984 is on FX at 10 PM.

Crank Yankers

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Crank Yankers returned to Comedy Central for a fifth season.  More puppets are putting the ‘hell’ in ‘hello’ in the infamous town of Yankerville.  Catch the season of Crank Yankers at 10:30 P.M.

South Park

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Last, but not least, is South Park.  Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny continue their adventures in South Park, Colorado.  You can catch South Park at 10 P.M.