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AHS Crazy Clowns Revealed!

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Happy Monday folks!  We’re in the middle of October and all of the scariest horror films/TV series have been airing in honor of Halloween approaching soon.  While I may be out on the prowl within the streets of Boston, I still make time for my favorite horror classic American Horror Story.

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Image result for AHS Ally gif

Image result for AHS Ally gif

This year’s chapter in the anthropology series revolves around the themes of cults.  Ally is still hysterical over the random clowns and irregular holes that have been driving her insane.  In a classic American Horror Story twist, viewers are shocked and perplexed about her bizarre encounters with the clowns.  Are there really crazy clowns terrifying Ally?  Or could this all be some horrific mirage that is playing inside her mind?  All that we know for sure is that there has been a lot of crazy surprises so far.

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Image result for AHS Cult Gimp

Image result for AHS Cult Gimp

Last week’s episode gave us even more chilling events (I don’t know what was more disturbing – seeing the set-up for the gimp’s death or RJ being shot multiple times by a nail gun!).  But the biggest surprise was revealed in episode five titled ‘Holes’ when we find out who were those crazy killer clowns.  A part of me knew who these killers were while others left me shocked and asking for more information.  Here were most of the clown’s identities revealed:

Trlfaccla Clown

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The first clown on the list was the trlfaccla clown.  This three-faced clown acted as the leader of the cult since horrifying Ally in the supermarket.  It happens to be none other than…Kai!

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That’s right folks – Kai is the trlfaccla clown!  This does seem obvious since Kai’s clown get-up looked the craziest.  He was running the show as himself as well as the stunts he pulled with the clown cult.

Toothy Clown

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Image result for AHS Cult Harrison

Our next clown was the tallest of the group, spotting a wide-open toothy grin and wearing bright green hair.  This tall clown was Harrison, who moved next door with Meadow to Ally and Ivy.  Toothy was the one who murdered Serena, which makes sense since Meadow and Harrison recruited together with Kai to commit the crime.  Not only that, but Harrison was definitely the one under all those holes.

Satanist Clown

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Satanist clown, the one with the face-painted pentagram and hands crawling out of its head, was revealed to be Beverly.  We find out Beverly joins Kai’s group after being passed over for a promotion at work.  Serena Belinda (a.k.a. Emma Roberts!) received the promotion instead, but she gets brutally murdered while filming a segment.  Beverly has shown to be a strong follower in Kai’s ‘Clockwork Orange’ shenanigans (her reference, not mine!).

Painted Face Clown

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Sporting patches of white and grey face paint was Winter, Kai’s son.  We learned that Winter joined Kai’s cult back in episode one and has been babysitting Oz, all while destroying Ally and Kai’s relationship at the same time.  While babysitting Oz, Winter has been showing him horrific content from the dark web.  It’s shocking to find out now that Winter has also been part of the clown cult all along!

Harlequin Clown

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Many were misled on this clown’s identity, but the real person behind the Harlequin clown getup was Beverly’s cameraman R.J.  R.J. helped Beverly with her progress in the news, even joining the clown cult with her.  It makes sense too, being that he helped with Serena’s death during her news segment.  His clowning around is cut short after being shot to death by nail guns from his own crew.

Brainy Clown

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Remember the brainy clown pounding the toothy clown in the produce section back in episode one?  That clown happens to be Detective Jack Samuels.  Detective Jack Samuels had a thing going on with Harrison (which we learned a few episodes ago), so it makes sense that they were the duo getting it on.  I was dying to know who those clowns were, specifically Brainy and Toothy after watching their disturbing dry humping session at the supermarket.

Elephant Clown

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Now it’s time for the BIGGEST surprise of all.  Earlier in the blog, I discussed the elephant drawing that was released on twitter (which you can read about here).  That elephant clown monster happens to be – wait for it — Ally’s girlfriend Ivy.  Ivy, the love of Ally’s life, joined Kai’s cult!  Not only is she betraying her love Ally, but she IS the elephant clown monster!

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What a double whammy moment right here – Ivy is the elephant clown monster that also joined Kai and his gang.  These surprises definitely flipped the script on this twisted storyline.  Just when you thought you figured out the mystery, only to be pulled down into another twist.

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And that’s who your gang of clowns are.  Who knows what other disturbing surprises will pop up in the next episode on Tuesday night.  All we know for sure – Kai’s clown cult will be out for more shenanigans real soon!


AHS Season 7 Episode 1

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Happy Wednesday!  It’s the first full week of September and the new TV series and seasons are making their splash on the silver screen.  This may be the first full week of September, but that’s not the only amazing thing that happened.  Last night FX premiered the seventh season of – wait for it – AMERICAN HORROR STORY!

Image result for AHS Cult

Image result for AHS Cult

Ah yes, American Horror Story — my all-time favorite horror series on TV.  Even with many nights flipping through shows on Netflix, I still turn on the cable network to watch the latest episode of the anthology series.  Every twist and turns that chapter provides has me on the edge of my seat.  It’s the perfect combination of horror, darkness, shock, and even downright bizarre.

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Last year I cranked out various posts showcasing what’s occurring on American Horror Story: Roanoke.  Since I enjoyed the idea so much, I decided to bring back this event this year.  Get ready for a whole new year of American Horror Story craziness!


Let’s start with the list of cast and characters that will be featured this season:


  • Evan Peters as Kai Anderson
  • Sarah Paulson as Ally Mayfair-Richards
  • Billie Lourd as Winter Anderson
  • Cheyenne Jackson as Dr. Rudy Vincent
  • Alison Pill as Ivy Mayfair-Richards


  • Adina Porter as Beverly Hope
  • Colton Haynes as Detective Samuels
  • Leslie Grossman as Meadow Wilton
  • Billy Eichner as Harrison Wilton
  • Emma Roberts as Serina Belinda
  • Lena Dunham as Valerie Solanas
  • Chaz Bono as Gary Longstreet
  • John Carroll Lynch as Twisty the Clown (TWISTY’S BACK!)


Introduction Scene

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Image result for AHS Cult

Image result for AHS Cult Winter

We start with scenes from Hillary and Trump’s election campaign (taken from REAL news fottage).  Newsclips, footage of protests, and other discussions flickered around for a few seconds until it faded to the series title screen.  Kai Anderson (Evan Peter’s character is the energetic Trump supporter while Ally Mayfair-Richards (Sarah Paulson) supports Hillary.  It gets even more freaky when Evan spreads cheese dust over his face, resembling a bizarre Trump copycat.

Twisty the Clown

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Twisty the Clown is BACK… in a comic book series, that is!  A reenactment of the scene from American Horror Story: Freakshow is played out in a modern version.  The couple encounter the clown, only for the guy to get beaten by Twisty.  While running from the clown, the woman runs into an old rusty bus in the woods (same one from Freak Show!).  We find out in a bit that Twisty was made into a comic book series.  This scene also introduces us to Ally’s phobia of clowns.  Ally sees a therapist to help shed her irrational fears (FUN FACT: The doctor is played by Cheyenne Jackson, a AHS veteran who appeared on American Horror Story: Hotel and American Horror Story: Roanoke).

Clown Chaos in the Supermarket

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Image result for AHS Cult Winter

Ally enters the supermarket for what would become one trippy scene.  It starts with two clown children appearing in the mirror.  She wanders away, only to run into two clowns doing it (clowns are creepy enough, but two horror clowns dry humping is DISTURBING!).  Multiple clowns surround Ally while she runs into her car, where another clown awaited her.  We find out after commercial (in true AHS fashion) that it was all a horrific hallucination.

Winter’s Babysitting Interview

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Winter Anderson (Kai’s brother) is interviewed by Ally and Ivy about babysitting their kid.  It isn’t until a few minutes later that Winter is introducing their kid to some of the most horrific content featured on the dark web.  She mentions that it is like taking a vaccination whereas you watch what scares you the most in order to feel less afraid.

Kai’s Shenanigans

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While everyone is shrouded in fear over the election, Kai is out on his regular shenanigans.  He is slobbering drunk, looking to cause more trouble amongst the Trump opponents.  His latest scheme involves pissing in a condom and launching into a group of Mexicans, only to be beaten up by the gang (while someone filmed the whole event).

Restaurant Hallucinations (More Clowns!)

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More bizarre hallucinations appear when Ally is having her meal.  She opens up the dinner plate only to see her food filled holes (which triggered her trypophobia, her fear of irregular holes).  As she looks away, she finds another creepy clown casually beating it in the kitchen.  These hallucinations are building up to a point where Ally is going insane.

Clown Burglary

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Image result for AHS Cult Clowns

Ivy and Ally’s son Oz notices an ice cream truck parked across the street.  The clowns exit from the ice cream truck and break into Tom and Marilyn Chang’s house.  Oz peaks at the windows only to see the Changs being murdered by the clown gang.  After some words with the detective (played by AHS rookie Colton Haynes), Ally turns around in her bed only to run right into the clown with the four-faced mask.

Send in the IT Clowns

Image result for Fall Horror Films

Image result for Fall Horror Films

With fall coming in around the corner, the horror films will be screening in theaters nationwide.  Horror movies are great to watch and they’re extra special around Halloween time.  The summer blockbuster franchise season may be ending soon, but now it’s time to get scared silly with the horror films.  One horror franchise that everyone is excited about this year is Stephen King’s IT.

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Image result for Stephen King IT

IT is set to release in theaters nationwide on September 8th.  Based on the novel Stephen King wrote in 1986, the classic tale follows seven children in Derry, Maine who are terrorized by a creepy clown known as Pennywise.  Pennywise is responsible for the dozens of children that disappeared from the town.  After being terrorized by the traumatic clown, the children face their own demons as they got older.

Image result for stephen king it 2017

Image result for stephen king it 2017

Fans of Stephen King’s novels will definitely be looking forward to the film.  This horror franchise will definitely open up a whole new fear of clowns.   One movie theatre is pushing that clown culture over the edge by hosting a ‘clowns only’ screening.

Image result for The Alamo Drafthouse

You heard me right, people – a CLOWNS-ONLY screening of IT will be taking place in September!  The Alamo Drafthouse in Austin, Texas is hosting the screening just for clowns.  Some activities that will occur before the film starts include raffles, face painting, a photo booth, and some other terrifying events.  Moviegoers are encouraged to dress like a clown for this special screening.

Image result for women only wonder woman screening

Image result for women only wonder woman screening

This whole ‘clowns only’ screening idea came about after the Wonder Woman screening controversy.  After holding a screening of Wonder Woman for women only, a lot of men grew angry over the event.  One of those complainers asked if there would be a male-only screening of Thor: Ragnarok or a special screening of IT for the clowns.  Sure enough, The Alamo Drafthouse decided to take his idea of a clown screening.  Other ‘clown only’ screenings will be happening in Brooklyn, Dallas, Omaha, Phoenix, San Antonio, and other places.

Image result for The Alamo Drafthouse

It’s interesting how The Alamo Drafthouse went along with the man’s idea of screening IT just for clowns.  Rather than spark up some political controversy, The Alamo Drafthouse decided to get creative for the upcoming IT film.  This makes for an interesting PR stunt to drum up buzz about the movie.

Image result for wonder woman women only screening

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Screening events for films like Wonder Woman and IT are great publicity stunts to generate more buzz on franchise.  These kinds of stunts pull audiences from all around the area to check out the latest film hitting the theaters.  Fans of Stephen King’s IT novel will don their best clown outfit to celebrate their favorite story.

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I think this is an incredible PR stunt!  Moviegoers will be even more freaked out with all of these clowns sitting around them.  It’s a shame that there isn’t a ‘clowns only’ screening in Boston because that would’ve made for quite a movie experience!

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Screening events like ‘clowns only’ screening for IT are great examples of publicity stunts for movies.  Publicity stunts will only help the product/service grow higher if it is pulled off correctly.  It’s important to strategize your stunt so that you reach your goals/objectives for the work.  Any errors that happen with the stunt will create a PR nightmare for the company!

Image result for The Alamo Drafthouse

The Alamo Drafthouse showcased a great example of how a publicity stunt like ‘clowns only’ screening of IT will help flourish the franchise.  Not only will this pull more potential audiences into seeing the film, but it will generate some fantastic publicity.  PR pros should take note of this case study for a future reference.

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Last year we had some craziness with the clown sightings around America and now we have a screening event where clowns are encouraged to attend.  All clown enthusiasts should attended the ‘clowns only’ screening of IT in September!

AHS: Cult Trailer!

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Welcome back readers!  It’s been a while since we’ve got some decent news happening (lots of news happening while I’ve been busy enjoying the last few days of summer!).  We’re nearing the end of August, leaving me shocked that summer flew by so fast.  Pre-season football has already started and students are going back to their school/college soon.

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Summer has been quite amazing this year (amazing new job, good income, decent shows to binge-watch on Netflix!) and I look forward to what fall brings.  The Netflix series have been amazing, but now I’m definitely pumped for what fall TV has to offer.  With the weather getting colder within the next few months, staying in to warm up is always a great idea.  Sure I love going out to Boston every week, but catching up with my favorite TV series is another amazing option as well.

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If you’ve been reading the blog, you would know already that I’m a big American Horror Story fanatic (I did a whole month summarizing the horror and gore that was AHS: Roanoke, so yeah there’s that).  I’m definitely into horror series and American Horror Story goes far beyond some of the films I’ve watched.  Just when I think they couldn’t push the twisted and sadistic anthropology any further, they hit back harder with another gruesome tale.  Earlier I provided a few tidbits about this year’s chapter with the new teasers that released; I was excited to find out that the newest season will provide opening credits!

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That’s right folks – the opening credits to AHS:Cult are out!  This year’s chapter brought back the opening credits that clue audiences into what will happen in the story.  I got to check out the newest trailer (about 15 times since it released!) and it definitely answered my burning questions about the theme.

Here are the highlights on the trailer for AHS: Cult:

Bugs, Insects, Bees, Oh My!

Screenshot (112).png

Screenshot (118)

Screenshot (125).png

First thing I noticed right off the bat were the insects flying around.  There were close-up shots of millipedes, flies, and even bees.  The beehive kept coming up a few times (there IS a subtle theme that goes along with the cult idea!).  Insects have been around since the first chapter with American Horror Story: Murder House and they’re coming back for the latest one.  Looks like we’ll have to keep an eye out for the insects this season!

Donald Trump Mask

Screenshot (113).png

          Masked killers have always been a recurring theme in Ryan Murphy’s twisted series (The Carver, The Rubber Man, Twisty the Clown) and this season we have a figure donning a mask that resembles Donald Trump.  There was news detailing that the 2016 election results will be a central theme for season seven.  Horror will be seeping into politics this year!

George Washington Statue

Screenshot (114).png

Screenshot (70).png

Screenshot (115).png

Throughout the trailer, there’s some creepy figure of George Washington that pops up.  The figure looks concerned, as if he sees danger heading into his way.  He also wields a weapon and stands as if he is ready for battle.  This season is getting a lot more political, so it is only fitting that we see the George Washington figure.  Who knows what other past presidents we will see pop up next.

Clown Cult

Screenshot (116).png

Screenshot (120).png

We got to meet Twisty the Clown on AHS: Freak Show and now we are dealing with a clown cult this season.  Clowns are popping up from coffins, each one dressed in the same depressing/creepy outfits.  It’s also interesting to mention that Twisty the Clown will be coming back this year!

Hillary Trump Mask

Screenshot (121).png

Screenshot (127).png

Not only are we dealing with a Donald Trump masked-character, but we also have some in a Hillary Clinton mask.  Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, the two candidates for the 2016 election, are going to be part of this year’s political horror story.  Those masks are just downright BIZARRE and it’ll be interesting to see them this season.

Political Shadow Figure

Screenshot (136).png

Screenshot (137).png

Screenshot (141).png

Halfway through the trailer, there’s some creepy figure that lurks around.  His shadow is seen on a wall while a dark carousel goes around.  At one point, his shadow disappears while the camera moves closer to him.  Who is this mysterious figure?  Is he another political figure from the past?  Could he have some connection to the weird George Washington figure?

Bleeding Flag

Screenshot (123).png

Screenshot (128).png

An American flag comes up, but its splattered with blood.  Gushes of blood trickles down the cloth, signaling a time of danger.  I’m sensing that it has to revolve around the clown cult.  Whatever the case may be, we’re about to find out what danger the residents are in.

Bloody Shower Sex

Screenshot (133).png

Screenshot (130).png

Don’t mind the horny couple, they’re just having some shower sex…while being covered in blood!  Love is always in the air here in the AHS universe and it usually ends up messy (LITERALLY messy!).  The bloody couple having shower sex could be a part of the crazy clown cult.  Either way, we have a new couple to follow!

Creepy Beekeeper

Screenshot (135).png

Screenshot (138).png

Our last creepy figure to discuss is the beekeeper.  You can’t see his face, only his beekeeper outfit.  Other than the bees flying around, we’ll have to keep a close eye on this mysterious man.  What is his backstory all about?

Title Card

Screenshot (142).png

As a final bonus piece, the title card is revealed.  The season title card looks absolutely amazing.  From the rusted grey texture to the blood dripping on the letters, the AHS: Cult card looks perfect for this season.  Kudos to the creative designer for cooking up this amazing piece of artwork for the title card!

American Horror Story: Cult

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It’s a sunny day here in MA and we’re midway through this awesome summer season.  Learning about new TV series coming out this fall is one of the last things on my mind (it’s been too beautiful outside to even stare at my computer screen for one second, OK?).  This is the season where people are shutting down their screens and heading out for an adventure outdoors.  Popular TV series are on their summer break, which gives people more reasons to be outside.  While everyone has been enjoying this season, my favorite series just dropped some MAJOR clues about the next season.

Image result for American Horror Story

Image result for American Horror Story Season 7

Image result for American Horror Story Season 7

American Horror Story, which is my favorite horror TV series of all time, dropped a teaser on the internet a few days ago.  The teaser itself features a bunch of dark clowns wielding axes in what appears to be some Gothic cult.  An apprehensive woman stares out from the crowd of clowns, wondering what is happening.  A voice-over narrates during the teaser saying, “Does it seem like no one really understands you? Do some people just make you sick? Are you afraid? We can set you free.”  All the clowns gather in unison, performing their ritual for us to see as the voice-over narrates the event.  The scene ends with the announcement of season seven for American Horror Story.

Image result for American Horror Story Season 7

Image result for American Horror Story Season 7 Instagram

            You heard me right, folks – American Horror Story is returning for its seventh season!  This new season, titled American Horror Story: Cult, will be airing this fall.  The first episode will drop on September 5th.

Image result for American Horror Story Ally and Kai

Image result for American Horror Story Ally and Kai

In addition to the new teaser trailer, Murphy announced that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be part of a love story this season.  He dropped a post on Instagram tyesterday featuring a drawing of a man with blue hair (who will be played by Peters!) alongside Sarah’s character with the note, “Ally and Kai in CULT…a love story for the ages”.  Evan and Sarah are both AHS veterans that have been part of the cast since American Horror Story: Murder House.  Each of the cast members played some oddball characters, but you can expect to be seeing a lot more Evan Peters in season seven.  So not only will we be seeing more of Evan Peters this season, but he will be part of an interesting love story with Sarah Paulson’s character.

Image result for American Horror Story Season 7 Twisty

Image result for Twisty the Clown GIF

Image result for Twisty the Clown GIF

Before dropping the teaser trailer, Ryan Murphy already dropped a few breadcrumbs for us to follow.  A few weeks before the trailer, Murphy released an Instagram post of a magazine featuring Twisty the Clown on the cover (you know, THAT Twisty the Clown from AHS: Freakshow that made Pennywise look like child’s play!).  It looks like Twisty’s dastardly deeds won’t be over yet because it looks like we delving into his story again this year.  Twisty is just one of the few characters that we will be exploring this year.

Image result for Netflix

Image result for AHS Evan Peters

This was fantastic news to hear!  Lately I’ve been trying to keep up with the new shows premiering on Netflix and it was exciting to hear about the next season of American Horror Story.  I really enjoy most of Evan Peter’s character on the series, so I’m pumped to hear that we will be seeing more of him this year.  The new season itself looks really interesting and I’m curious what this whole cult theme will look like.

Image result for AHS

American Horror Story has had its shares of intriguing themes and the cult idea will be interesting to check out.  There’s been lots of craziness since the election last year so we’ll have to wait a little more than a month to see what horror story Ryan Murphy has in stores for us.

Image result for AHS Cult

Last year we dived into the story of Roanoke and now we’re entering the cult this year.  Stay tuned on September 5th for the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult!