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Caption This!

Greetings, fellow readers!  Figured I’d try a new line of posts during my busy work week.  Today is the first of what I call ‘Caption This!’, a series of post where I showcase my caption idea based on the picture.  Here’s the first caption:

Image result for trump visiting the pope

Caption: Looks like the Trump family is auditioning for season 7 of American Horror Story!

AHS Teases New Elephant Monster!

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Image result for AHS Bastien the Minotaur

Image result for AHS Piggy Man

It’s now been six months since American Horror Story: Roanoke ended and I really haven’t been doing much research on the newest season.  What I do know is that it will follow a new storyline, have new crazy enemies, and a twisted monster that will hack and slash some of the characters.  There’s always a new monster creeping around the corner every season and some of them will take our fears to a whole new level.  First there was Bastien the Minotaur on American Horror Story: Coven, then the Piggy Man graced us with his grotesque appearance on American Horror Story: Roanoke, and our new season will introduce…an elephant!

Image result for Ryan Murphy Elephant

On May 5th, Ryan Murphy teased us with a new tweet of an elephant monster for next season.  This elephant looks creepy AF, with black hollowed-out eyes and a red, twisted grin.  None of its body has been drawn, but the face itself will induce nightmares for months to come.  To put it bluntly, this new elephant monster already looks creepy…as…FUCK.

Image result for ahs elephant

Who is this new elephant monster?  What is the backstory behind this disturbing drawing?  Does it have any ties to the previous monsters within the American Horror Story universe?  What’s the reason for that twisted grin?

Image result for AHS Twisty

Image result for AHS Twisty

While I don’t have any answers yet, there’s already a clue found within the drawing.  Recognize that twisted grin?  You should, because it’s the EXACT same mask Twisty the Clown wore on American Horror Story: Freak Show!  AHS fanatics will remember Twisty the Clown, the disturbing clown killer on season 4 that made Pennywise look like child’s play.  Twisty the Clown, played by John Carroll Lynch, was the monster who kidnapped or murdered his victims.  What’s even more frightening was the tale behind his mask that he wears as his costume.

Image result for AHS Freakshow

If the elephant’s grin bears a striking resemblance to Twisty, then the clue could be tied to season 4 in some way!  Whether it ties directly to Twisty the Clown or not, there’s a hint that we could be revisiting the Freak Show storyline during season 7.  No other clue has been dropped, yet we have an interesting idea for what the monster will be next season.

Image result for AHS Elephant

Image result for AHS Addiction Demon

Before dropping the twisted clown drawing, Ryan Murphy revealed that season 7 will revolve around the 2016 elections.  Rather than the storyline being directly about Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, it will play as an allegory of the fears many people felt after the election results.  The elephant is the symbolic animal for the republican party; with that being said, the elephant monster will definitely fit well with the disturbing allegory for next season.  Who knows what kind of shocking outfit the elephant monster will wear during season 7.  The elephant monster could serve as an assistant to one of the characters (like The Addiction Demon was to Sally McKenna).

Image result for AHS

This was so cool to find!  I honestly haven’t been reading much news about the upcoming season of American Horror Story these days.  Discovering this awesome tweet while on the train home from Boston really got me pumped about the new season.  The elephant drawing itself looked SO creepy and I’ll enjoy watching it do its dirty work!  It drives me insane how long I have to wait until I figure out what dastardly theme Ryan Murphy has planned for us.  There’s really not much on TV (except for Bong Appétit and Weediquette) and American Horror Story is really the only story I look forward to.

Image result for AHS Elephant

There is no other major news about the new season of American Horror Story, but more news will be dropping in the future.  Ryan Murphy showed us the most disturbing animal creatures (Bastien the Mintoaur and the Piggy Man!) and now he’ll be scaring us shitless with an elephant monster.  Looks like people won’t be heading to the zoo anytime soon next year!

Santa Clarita Diet – A Horrific Suburban-Style Comedy!

It’s the middle of February and winter has brought us some cold days here in Massachusetts.  Yesterday we got quite a blizzard and hundreds of schools/offices closed down for the day.  Lucky for me, I didn’t have any obligations to attend to during the blizzard.  This was one of those perfect ‘Netflix and Chill’ kind of snow days to binge-watch your favorite series.

For me, the snow day became the perfect afternoon to finish up Netflix’s Santa Clarita Diet.  This horror-comedy series starred Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as married couple Sheila/Joel Hammond who work as real estate agents in Santa Claritas, California.  Their lives take a twisted turn when Sheila transforms into a living zombie that dines on human flesh.  The single-camera comedy series premiered on February 3rd and consists of 10 episodes.

Before diving into this horrific comedy series, I never got into most of these comedies on basic cable that were set in the gated, suburban neighborhoods.  TV series like Suburgatory or The Neighbors had these mundane story-lines with bland characters and their “problems” they faced every day (your neighbor bought a new grill for the block party that’s better than yours…oh god, THE HORROR.  THE HORROR!).  Most of these sunny suburb shows made me want to gag over the shitty plot-lines for some of the episodes.  Showtime’s Weeds was set in the suburban town of Agrestic, but Nancy Botwin’s pot schemes are what kept me glued to the series.

What made Santa Clarita Diet so interesting was Drew Barrymore’s unique problem of transforming into a zombie.  Sheila wasn’t able to eat normal food, so she had to start eating flesh…human flesh, that is!  On the last scene of the first episode, Gary starts hitting on Sheila outside of her house.  To revolt against his demands, she bites off his fingers and starts devouring him raw.  That final scene of Sheila consuming Gary is what kept me hungry for more!  Things get really wacky in the series as Sheila and Joel search for more human flesh around their neighborhood.

Other than the actual show itself, the title screen provides some cool graphics.  The opening features a dinner plate set with all of the eating utensils and napkin.  Everything seems normal until a drop of blood hits the top of the ‘I’, spilling onto the font that reads “DIET” on the dinner plate.  It drops a subtle hint as to what the single-camera comedy series will be all about.

Overall, Santa Clarita Diet was a great comedy to watch on Netflix.  The series had some great cameos pop up every once in a while (including Nathan Fillion, Patton Oswalt, Thomas Lennon, and Andy Richter).  This was one of those suburban comedy series that I actually enjoyed watching because of its edgier content.  It provided the suburban-style atmosphere, but the story itself got much crazier after each episode.

Santa Clarita Diet isn’t just another cookie-cutter, family-friendly comedy series set with some bland suburban-setting storyline.  There was blood, there was gore, and lots of scheming with the neighbors to keep their secret hidden from everyone.  It’s a different kind of suburban story with a horrific twist where Sheila transforms into a zombie.  If you’re looking for a unique comedy series on Netflix on a cold winter day, you should definitely check out Santa Clarita Diet!

MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Best Christmas TV Specials/Movies

I’ve decided to take a quick break of Christmas gift ideas to discuss some of my favorite Christmas specials (MakeSandcastlesNotWar isn’t all about materialism you know!).  One of the best parts of Christmas are the amazing Christmas specials that air every year.  Frosty, Rudolph, and even Santa swarm into our airwaves during the month of December to remind everyone of the Christmas spirit.  It’s that special time of the month where we take a break from the typical programs and realize what’s truly important in life.

To celebrate the awesome Christmas specials, I created a list of some of my favorite Christmas TV Specials/movies that I enjoy.  Some really touched my heart while others forced me to look away.  It’s the specials that made me happy, cheerful, laugh, cry, shocked, and just heartfelt about the season.  Here are some of the memorable Christmas TV specials/movies that I enjoy each year:

How the Grinch Stole Christmas:  You’re a mean one, Mr. Grinch!  You’ve got termites in your smile!  It’s the classic tale of The Grinch trying to steal Christmas from the Whos down in Whoville.  He managed to take EVERYTHING from the Whos: presents, ornaments, food, decorations, and so much more!  Why that Grinch even took the last can of Who Hash.  The Grinch even took the roast beef…that bastard!  Although in the end, he realizes what Christmas really was all about and returns everything back to the Whos.

A Charlie Brown Christmas:  It’s the Charlie Brown special that will go down in history as one of the best Christmas specials ever.  Charlie Brown doesn’t understand the meaning of Christmas, yet he’s been made as director of the school play.  He truly didn’t get it, until Linus says his famous lines near the end.  His friends gathered around him at the tree and celebrated Christmas with him in the end.  Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Mad Men “Christmas Comes But Once a Year”:  Shut the door and have a seat, because we are going to be discussing the special Mad Men Christmas episode “Christmas Comes But Once a Year”.  The episode opens on December 1964, where Sterling Cooper Draper Price is hosting their Christmas party.  Sterling Cooper Draper Price faces serious financial problems due to their limited client base and their expensive new office space.  Meanwhile, Don Draper’s private life becomes even more complicated (when has Don Draper’s life EVER been simple?).  One of the highlights was seeing Roger Sterling putting on a Santa suit for the party.  It’s business as usual for this Mad Men Christmas episode.

It’s a Wonderful Life:  This classic Christmas film airs every Christmas Eve on NBC.  James Stewart stars at George Bailey, a man who gave up his dreams in order to help others.  He was about to jump off the bridge in Bedford Falls, until he was intervened by his guardian angel Clarence Odbody.  Clarence shows George an alternative life where he was never born.  It was that alternative reality that helped him snap into reality, running into his family’s home.

Frosty the Snowman:  Frosty the Snowman was one of many television specials from Rankin/Bass Productions.  The kids run outside during recess to build a snowman whom they named Frosty.  Professor Hinkle’s rabbit Hocus Pocus heads outside with the hat that the children put on Frosty’s head.  That hat caused Frosty to come to life, starting what would be an incredible adventure for the kids.  It’s the Christmas special that made me wish I could bring Frosty the Snowman myself!

Nip/Tuck “Reefer”:  Before Ryan Murphy scared us shitless with American Horror Story, he shocked us with the series Nip/TuckNip/Tuck had a few Christmas episodes, but they were not so jolly to watch!  The episode deals with Sean McNamara as he spends his Christmas alone drinking to a great extent while his best friend Christian gets surprised with 3-year-old Wilber coming back into his life.  Sean gets asked to be a mall Santa, in which hilarity ensues.  He continues drinking and starts insulting the kids coming up to him.  One of the best highlights is when one of the elves starts blowing him while Christian watches in shock.  You go, Sean as Santa Claus!

Prancer:  Oh my god…this movie got sad quickly!  I remember watching this movie in 5th grade during the Christmas party at Doyon School with my friends.  We were all hyped to be out of school for vacation, so we celebrated with a Christmas party.  Jessica Riggs encounters a live reindeer in the woods that she named Prancer, so she hides him inside the barn to nurse him.  Her father wants the reindeer out of their life, but she couldn’t bear to lose him.  Prancer!

American Horror Story “Unholy Night”:  Nip/Tuck gave us some sullen Christmas-themed episodes and American Horror Story was no different.  The episode “Unholy Night” of American Horror Story: Asylum introduced us to a new nightmare: a killer Santa Claus.  Leigh Emerson was a man who had a psychotic breakdown, causing him to dress up as Santa Claus and start killing people.  He becomes a patient at Briarcliff, only to bite off an orderly’s nose on Christmas.  One of his victims was Sister Mary Eunice, but instead she stabs him in the neck with a letter opener.  It was a very violent/bloody Christmas at Briarcliff.

The Muppet Christmas Carol:  And now we’ve come to the final title of our list: The Muppet Christmas Carol.  Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, The Great Gonzo, and the other Muppets come together to reenact Charles Dickens’ classic tale.  Ebenezer Scrooge does not share the merriment of Christmas, so he is haunted by the three ghosts of Christmas.  Each ghost shows him his past/present/future of everyone celebrating Christmas without him.  It is then that he wakes up from his dream, running down to join everyone on Christmas Day.  Scrooge finally gets the Christmas spirit and realizes what it’s truly all about.




American Horror Story: Roanoke Season Finale

Last night was the season finale of American Horror Story: My Roanoke Nightmare.  The season ended with random TV spin-offs, a guest appearance from an earlier season, more killing from the spirits of the Roanoke House, and a surprising survivor.  It has a been a long and twisted road after 10 episodes.  After a shocking season, we find out what happened to the final cast member.  Let’s take a trip down summary lane to discuss what happened.


            So we start off at a PaleyFest event that featured all of the cast members in the show.  A woman asked a question to Rory and got a sweet hug from him.  Next we see a YouTube video of her discussing her issues with the 2nd season (titled Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell).  Another video features Jether Polk of the Polk family (i.e. the one that cut up pieces of Lee’s leg and snorted coke with her) discussing his plans for being on TV for the 2nd season.  This happens before the title credits come in.

After the credits, we hear about Lee Harris’s calamitous life when she appeared on the show.  The jury decided that Lee was acquitted of all murder charges against her.  She was considered innocent of her accused actions…or so we thought!  Lee’s next appearance was at Lana Winters show.

American Horror Story fans would remember Lana Winters in American Horror Story: Asylum.  The duo discussed that they both overcame traumatizing obstacles to stay alive (Lana Winters kept inside Dr. Thredson’s house with furniture made of HUMAN SKIN…yeah, I don’t even want to go down that road again!).  Lana remarks that she has heard from Lee’s daughter Flora, which was when Lee starts to become agitated and shocked over the news (you heard me right, Flora was alive the ENTIRE time!).  All of a sudden, gunshots are heard from another room.  It is revealed that Jether broke into the station to seek revenge against Lee for trying to kill him.  Jether is shot by the police and we cut to commercial due to “technical difficulties”.

The next scene starts with a group of ghost hunters from Spirit Chasers looking to catch ghosts at the Roanoke house.  They trespass the house during the blood moon (bad idea!) to capture the spirits of the house on camera.  Lee interrupts the show, bursting in looking for Flora.  All of the Spirit Chasers crew are murdered by the ghosts.

Lee finally finds Flora in the house.  After being cooped up during the blood moon, Lee lets Flora go.  She decides to have Priscilla shoot her and set the house on fire while Flora gets away.  So who ended up the lone survivor of this season?  Flora Harris.  It was Flora Harris that would be the only surviving cast member for the show.

It was such an explosive season of American Horror Story this year!  The documentary-style format seemed strange in the beginning, but I finally understood parts of where the show was going.  Piggy Man was a crazy serial killer this season and it was ironic that he was already introduced back in season one with American Horror Story: Murder House.  Ryan Murphy definitely took the series in another direction with these twists each episode.  Usually most of the surprises are revealed in the first episode, but this season laid out the surprises every other episode.

Image result for american horror story Roanoke Butcher GIF

Overall, I really enjoyed watching American Horror Story: Roanoke this year!  Another killer season has been complete for the fall season.  The criss-cross references from the earlier seasons were interesting to discover in the first five episodes.  Season 7 will start in 2017 and clues to the new season will roll out in Spring.  Who knows what twisted stories Ryan Murphy has in store for us next year?  Until then, we will just have to breathe a sigh of relief that we finally made it out of the Roanoke House.