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Giving the Gift of Cannabis

Image result for Cannabis Products

Image result for Cannabis Products

As of right now, millions of Americans are able to buy legal cannabis.  With a wide range of dispensaries selling various merchandise, customers are purchasing more cannabis than ever.  The passages of laws such as Amendment 64 (Colorado) and Question 4 (Massachusetts) have made it much easier for businesses to provide cannabis for their audiences.  It was easy enough to get audiences riled up and ready for legal cannabis to purchase; only problem were the legal roadblocks preventing us from providing safe access to cannabis.

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But there’s one aspect of the cannabis industry that’s rarely been discussed about.  It seems to be, dare I say, a HIDDEN GEM discovered within the written law.  Cannabis can not only be sold, but it can also present itself as a GIFT.

Image result for Cannabis Gift

Image result for Cannabis Gift

That’s right – it’s LEGAL to give cannabis as a GIFT to someone.  Cannabis products can be used as a gift item for another person.  The gift aspect applies to all festivals – Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, weddings, anniversaries, and especially for 4/20!  Now that cannabis can legally be gifted for someone else, the creative possibilities are ENDLESS.

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Oh…I forgot to mention something else – businesses are ALREADY cashing in on this aspect of the law.  Businesses all around are utilizing this as their hidden marketing strategy.  Juice delivery service HighSpeed delivers expensive bottles of juices, but their products come with free sample of cannabis. Boston-based company called Duuber is presenting their ‘gift’ through cannabis-themed T-shirts.

Image result for Duuber Shirt

Image result for HighSpeed Juice

Get the gist yet?  Businesses are not SELLING cannabis; rather, they are adding it as an accessory to their main products.  Duuber is selling the T-SHIRTS, but their cannabis treats build on their brand awareness.  HighSpeed is juicing up their sales on juices, NOT on the cannabis.  Cannabis becomes like an accessory piece, serving as a subtle function for the product.

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Image result for Price of product

There are different ways to market cannabis and this unique tactic is certainly one of them.  By utilizing the Price and Product of the marketing mix, brands like Duuber and HighSpeed will succeed in targeting new audiences.  Cannabis is a very interesting product that has so much potential to flourish in the business world (most especially with marketing in this case!).  There’s so much creativity to put into this product and so much more potential audiences to tap into.

Image result for Cannabis Gift

Image result for Cannabis Gift

With that, there’s more than one way to present a product or service.  Hidden gems like being able to gift cannabis provide the answers we need to provide better work marketing this product.  There’s so much more creativity we have yet to tap into; nothing should ever prevent us from unlocking the secret answers we have been yearning for.  These are the answers that will help drive cannabis even further.

Image result for Cannabis Law

If we want to push cannabis further out of prohibition, maybe the secret lies in digging deeper into the laws.


Harambed: The Bed of your Memes

Image result for Harambe

Image result for Harambe

It’s been more than a year since Harambe’s untimely death (#RIPHarambe).  Harambe was shot in the Cincinnati Zoo, in what would follow as one of the most bizarre PR nightmares in entertainment history.  The scene made nationwide news everywhere, with many bold responses from professionals in the environmental industry.

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Image result for Harambe Emoji

Years later and Harambe is still remembered in the internet.  He is a lovable meme brand that got his own song (#DicksOutForHarambe), t-shirt designs, and even an emoji.  It was shocking PR nightmare that was brought to better light by the social media community.

What’s most surprising for Harambe (and his global brand) is his newest product line – a bed.

Image result for Harambed

Image result for Harambed

That’s right, Harambe fans – the HARAMBED has arrived!  Harambed: The Bed of Your Memes.  It’s the newest product line released by the Harambe brand.

Image result for Harambed

Image result for Harambed

Image result for Harambed

The Harambed features 10 inches of ‘meme-ory’ foam that is covered by 100% faux fur.  You can snuggle up with the realistic life-sized arms; it also includes a matching pillow and sleep mask as well.  This meme-sensationalized bed can be yours for the price of… $1,000,000!

Image result for Harambed

Only a cool million dollars for a bed from one of the most notorious brands from the internet.  This bed will truly help you be the bed of your memes.  If you feel as though your losing your primal instincts, take a walk on the wild side with the Harambed.  You’ll surely feel like a true ‘King of the Jungle’ in both the morning AND night!

Image result for Harambed The Bed of your Memes

Seriously guys…this idea is just pure GOLD.  The ad slogan alone sells it – the Bed of your MEMES.  It’s the perfect word twist for selling a relaxing bed to your audiences.  Every audience (including the Harambe fans) are going to flock to this product; not just because of its sheer comfort, but also because of the notorious internet reference.  Harambe’s brand was already flourishing within the social media community, which will definitely be a major help for this colorful product.

Image result for Mad Men Don

Image result for Harambed

This is the kind of products that turn heads – its new (yet references a classic meme), got a catchy slogan, and provides some interactive accessories to use.  I’m not one of the Mad Men like Don Draper, but I definitely see how it ties in well with advertising the product.  Catchy slogans like ‘The Bed of your Memes’ will go help you go far, in terms of selling it to your audiences.

Image result for Harambe

Image result for Public Relations and Advertising

And so, Harambe’s brand lives on years later.  The genius ad campaign for the Harambe only flourishes the PR miracle of his brand.  Public Relations and adverting bounce off of each other in the business world – public relations tinkers with the product or service’s reputation while advertising caters towards its image.  Thanks to good PR and advertising, Harambe is still remembered around the world.

Image result for Harambe's Death

But the most special (and most ironic) thanks goes towards the PR nightmare of Harambe’s death.  Harambe’s legacy still lingers on years after that tragic tale.

Image result for Harambed

If you’re still reminiscing about Harambe, it’s time to get The Harambed.  Harambed: The Bed of your Memes.

The GOAT Vs. Time – By Facebook Watch

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With all this talk about game (The Guy’s weed game and Nintendo’s Labo game idea), I completely forgot to mention the most important game happening soon – the Super Bowl!  It will be just FOUR days until the New England Patriots face off against the Philadelphia Eagles.  All of the 2017-2018 football season comes down to this final showdown.

Image result for super bowl lii

Every Patriot team member is preparing themselves, both physically and mentally, for the 52nd Super Bowl.  Each team member is building up their strength for the big game; Tom Brady on the other hand has been revving up the audiences with his special six-part documentary.

Image result for Tom Vs. Time

Image result for Tom Vs. Time

Facebook released a six-part documentary series called Tom Vs. Time on January 25th.  Dubbed in social media as ‘Patriot Porn’, Tom Vs. Time chronicles the life of Tom Brady.  The six episodes takes viewers into the life of one of the greatest New England Patriots quarterbacks of all time.  Hailed as the greatest of all time (#TheGOAT), Tom Brady continues his winning streak five rings later.

Image result for Tom Vs. Time Facebook Watch

Image result for Tom Vs. Time Facebook Watch

Each part chronicles a different aspect of his game plan.  Other than his football strategy, Tom Vs. Time focuses on his personal life as well.  It’s definitely the kind of ‘Patriot Porn’ that Patriot fans can enjoy.

Image result for Tom Brady Uggs

Image result for Tom Brady Vegan Snacks

Image result for Tom Brady Family Guy

Image result for Tom Brady Entourage

Tom Brady’s brand has been flourishing since his winning streak with the New England Patriots.  He endorses many various brands (Aston Martin, Uggs, Movado), launched his own brand of vegan snacks, voiced in shows like The Simpsons and Family Guy, made a guest appearance in Entourage (both the show and movie!), and was even a cameo on Ted 2.  Brady’s legacy continues to flourish in the social media universe even when he’s off the field.  Even though the New England Patriots is one of the most hated brands of the sports business, fans all across the country still can’t get enough of Tom Brady.

Image result for Tom Vs. TIme

Image result for tom brady five rings gif

Audiences only get to see Tom Brady when he plays for the Patriots, but this documentary shed a humanistic side of the Brady brand.  You get to see the Tom Brady off of the Gillette Stadium field and into his home/office.  It’s the kind of sports documentary where Brady looks back at his winning seasons and reflects upon his football career.  He’s come so far since starting with the New England Patriots and he isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

Image result for tom brady five rings gif

So far I have been enjoying this documentary series.  I love Tom Brady as a Patriots player and it was great to see another side of him.  This is one mini-series I will follow while waiting for the Super Bowl.

If you can’t wait for the Super Bowl this Sunday, check out Brady’s new documentary series Tom Vs. Time.  You will get a glimpse inside Brady’s personal world.

And with that… FOUR days left until the 52nd Super Bowl!

Go Family Guy Yourself!

 Image result for Family Guy

Image result for Family Guy

          Family Guy has been a timeless American animated comedy series for decades.  Millions of Americans tune into Fox on Sunday night for another rowdy adventure with the Griffin Family.  Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, Stewie, and Brian Griffin go through one crazy story after another in the colorful town of Quahog.  Sixteen seasons and hundreds of episodes later, Family Guy is still a favorite among viewers.

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Image result for Adult Swim

It’s still amazing to think that Family Guy was once cancelled by FOX over a decade ago.  With skyrocketing DVD sales and Cartoon Network’s strategic PR move to air repeats, Family Guy proved to be a major hit amongst many audiences.  There’s no slowing down this animated comedy series from its tracks (it’s just moving towards more hysterical jokes!).

Image result for 300th

As silly as the show has gotten, there’s one serious milestone for the series – Family Guy reached its 300th episode on January 14th!  That’s right…there are now 300 episodes of Family Guy that have premiered on television.  Just…wow.  Kudos to the employees of the Family Guy series for bringing a show up for THAT long!

Image result for Family Guy gif

Image result for Family Guy gif

Image result for Family Guy gif

The Griffin family have been at it for almost 19 years.  300 episodes of hilarity, nonsense, shocking humor, gruesome battles, and just pure silliness.  Whether it was another one of Peter’s jackass antics or Brian and Stewie taking another road trip (my personal favorite sub-stories!), there was always another incredible adventure to enjoy.

Image result for Family Guy Yourself

To celebrate Family Guy’s 300th episode, FOX launched a website called Family Guy Yourself (familyguyyourself.com).  Family Guy Yourself is an entertaining interactive site where you can create a Bitmoji style avatar from Family Guy.  The generator allows you to customize a series of body types, eyes, skin colors, faces, hairstyles, noses, lips, and clothing to create your own avatar.  Once you’re all set creating your character, you can choose from a list of frames to put your character in.  You could choose to place him in a plain colored background or have him on the streets of Quahog.

Being that I love Family Guy, I decided to have some fun with this dress-up game.  I decided to create a personal avatar that reflects who I am as a professional writer.

Here’s the set-up:

Screenshot (257).png

First, I had to choose a specific body type for my avatar.  I choose the thin male body type.

Screenshot (258).png

From there, I looked through a series of skin color to choose from.  The colors ranged from white to black.  I decided to just leave it as it was.

Screenshot (262).png

Next it was time to choose a hair piece.  You could choose from a variety of hair styles that were short or long.  There was even an option to go completely bald as well!  With that, I chose to have a short blond hairstyle.

Screenshot (264).png

Chin structure was next on the list.  Many chin shapes were available to choose from.  Other than chins, you could also give them facial hair if you wanted.  I went with the blonde beard-mustache combo.

Screenshot (268)

Now I had to give him a pair of eyes (literally!).  You can choose a set of eyes to give your avatar.  Glasses are even a option for him or her as well.  I thought my avatar would be too cool for glasses, so I gave him a more animated look.

Screenshot (269).png

After the eyes came the nose.  Many noses, big and small, were available to pick from.  Noses weren’t that important for me, so I just left it alone.

Screenshot (270).png

You can’t have a nose without a mouth!  Mouths or lips are options as well.  Whether you want them cheerful or look serious all day, that option is all up to you.  Since my avatar is a happy and adventurous guy, I gave him a stiff upper lip.

Screenshot (273).png

Screenshot (274).png

Fashion is extremely important for my character.  I really wanted my avatar to look hip, so I dressed him down as casually I could.  The large variety of clothes will help you style your man or woman the best way possible.  To keep him casual (yet professional), I dressed my avatar with a T-shirt and a sleeveless button-up shirt.

Screenshot (275).png

Avatars had fashion choices for bottoms as well.  I wanted my avatar to be in a warmer climate, so I gave him shorts.

Screenshot (276).png

Once you were done creating your avatar, you get choose an image format to save the file in.  Image formats come in tall, square, round, or wide.  Then there’s the image backdrop to put your character in.  There’s four backdrops to choose from as well as background scenes from the TV series.

Screenshot (277).png

I wanted my character to stand out in a nice portrait form, so I placed him a blue backdrop.  The fourth selection really came out nicer than the other choices.

Screenshot (278).png

And… voila!  There’s my amazing avatar, all dressed in red and black.  He’s ready to get some professional writing done, yet he’s daydreaming about his next trip to the beach!  This Family Guy avatar would definitely live well on the west coast.

This was a lot of fun to play through!  I really enjoyed the wide selection of choices to create your character with.  They really help provide enough selections to really pinpoint my idea for the character.

Image result for South Park Avatar

Image result for Go Powerpuff Yourself

An interactive avatar game where users could share their character on social media is absolutely genius.  PR stunts like this really help FOX draw in more audiences to tune into Family Guy.  Many other series like South Park or even Powerpuff Girls (read about that stunt here) created their own avatar games for their audiences as well.  It’s not like a video game with any enemies, but it was meant to serve as an interactive piece of the show.

Image result for Family GUy

FOX definitely struck gold with this PR stunt and many people are getting in on the action.  Family Guy aired their 300th episode, which was fantastic news to hear about beforehand.  It still amazes me that Family Guy have captivated audiences for so long.  Ever since they landed on Fox back in 1999, Family Guy continues to flourish throughout the years.

Image result for Family Guy Brian and Stewie

That’s all for today’s PR miracle by FOX.  Be sure to tune in on Sunday nights at 9 PM to see another one of Peter’s wacky antics or another misadventure featuring Brian and Stewie!

California’s Cannabis Collectibles at The Standard Hotel!

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Recreational cannabis dispensaries will be opening up in the legal states next year.  States like Massachusetts, Maine, and even California are gearing up for the so-called ‘green rush’ that will be hitting the streets.  It’s been more than a year since four more states became 420-friendly for recreational use.

Image result for California

Image result for California OG Kush

What’s most important to keep watch of is California’s colossal cannabis rush.  California’s recreational dispensaries are opening in January (six months earlier than Massachusetts!) and they have been working for over year to get things ready.  Cannabis played a major role in modifying California’s culture as a part of the United States.  It’s crucial that California rolls out the reddest of red carpet for the 420 audiences next year.  Many audiences, especially visiting tourists, will be traveling down to California to take their piece of the notorious OG Kush.

Image result for California Cannabis

California is working diligently to finalize all of the licensing for the dispensaries.  Various dispensaries are set to open in January, while some still have to jump through a few more hoops to get business started.  One business is looking to open up their cannabis shop in a unique location – a hotel lobby.

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Lord Jones, a weed edibles maker, is looking to open up a cannabis shop in The Standard Hotel on the Sunset Strip of West Hollywood.  The small cannabis shop would feature products from delicious treats infused with THC to healthy topicals like lotion.  Even better – they may ben able to sell ACTUAL cannabis that you could smoke!

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Imagine that – a small shop in the hotel lobby featuring some amazing cannabis products to choose from.  You could stop by to buy a pre-roll of a nice sativa strain like Moonshine Haze during your trip in Los Angeles.  If you’re coming back after a long day, why not go in and purchase some Bubba Kush flowers for the nightcap?  The possible scenarios for this genius marketing idea are ENDLESS!

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Image result for the standard hotel hollywood

Providing a small cannabis shop in The Standard Hotel would be killing two birds with one stone – on one hand you’re marketing the product for the guests (that being the cannabis products!).  On the other hand, you’re also promoting the place that the cannabis is being sold at.  Two marketing mixes are being utilized for one amazing strategy happening in West Hollywood.

Image result for West Hollywood

Image result for West Hollywood

While this marketing tactic would bring about a great PR miracle for the Standard Hotel, there are some obstacles that we have to overcome before anything happens.  West Hollywood is still currently in the process of approving its license procedure.  Even after West Hollywood gets its licenses squared away, the Standard Hotel would ALSO need a state license (due to California’s dual-licensing program).  Before we can even see this marketing/PR tactic in play, we must jump through some legal hoops in order to open the hotel lobby cannabis shop.

Image result for Sunset Strip

Image result for Gay West Hollywood

Image result for Gay West Hollywood

Image result for hillcrest gay

Image result for the castro gay

Even still, this would be an incredible idea.  It’s nestled on 8300 Sunset Boulevard, which is nestled right on the legendary Sunset Strip.  Hollywood is known for its entertaining tourist attractions and West Hollywood reels in some audiences as well.  What’s also intriguing to point out is that West Hollywood is one of many gay neighborhoods of California (others include Hillcrest neighborhood in San Diego and The Castro neighborhood of San Francisco!).

Image result for Licensed Cannabis products

Image result for Licensed Cannabis products

As a PR pro, I thought this was a fantastic concept.  Cannabis trends have been booming since legalization has been sweeping the nation.  It’s important to utilize all aspects of the marketing mix with cannabis.  Even with these complicated legality issues between the state and federal government, we should figure out other ways to sell cannabis.  Dispensaries are wonderful and all, but we shouldn’t narrow our marketing mix to just one type of place.

Image result for LA Nightclub

Image result for The Spa on Rodeo

How about a trendy nightclub in Los Angeles that features VIP dab stations?  Or a luxurious spa on Beverly Hills that feature THC-infused bath bombs?  These scenarios CAN become a reality, folks!  We shouldn’t let frivolous legality roadblocks prevent us from becoming more creative about how we market cannabis products.  The place of the marketing mix shouldn’t just be around dispensaries; instead, we need to brainstorm every kind of place where cannabis would be most useful.

Image result for The Standard Hotel LA

With that, I hope that the plan really goes through.  Providing cannabis in a place like The Standard Hotel would be the start of how we utilize where we can provide cannabis.  Dispensaries are amazing and all, but it’s going to take more creative ideas from the marketing mix in order to raise awareness of the product.  Whether it be a trendy nightclub or opulent spa, cannabis should be promoted in every sort of place possible.

Hopefully we’ll be able to purchase Blackberry Kush pre-rolls at hotel lobbies in the near future.