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Summer 2018 Goals Update #1

Happy Hump Day folks!  It has been a little over a month since I created my summer list.  Being that summer is here, I wanted to jot down some goals I wanted to complete these next few months.  This summer list will go until the last day of summer (September 21st).

Let’s recap my goals and give some updates so far:

Read 5-10 Books

I have read four books since June.  What I have finished so far include California, Angels In America (both parts I and II), and The Haunting of Hill House.  Right now I am at the beginning of my fourth book (which I will get into the near future).  From the looks of it, I am more than half-way towards my goal.  Who knows, there is always a chance to add more titles to the mix!

Hiking Trips to New Mountains

As of right now, I have not planned any hiking trips.  It has been very hot most of the weeks and it doesn’t make for great hiking weather.  Most of the hiking I have been doing has been around Bailey’s Hill.  Once the weather cooperates (and I pencil in a good chunk of time), I will explore some new hiking trails around my area.

Rooftop Bar Events

While being in Boston, I have been attending events on the patio rather than the rooftops.  I am still hoping to find events right on a rooftop bar.  Whether it be a networking event or a casual get-together with friends, I definitely have to hit up the rooftop sometime soon.

Biking Around Beaches (Nahant, Winthrop, Revere, etc)

Since the summer started, I have been taking my bike out almost every week.  I have been riding around trails in Nahant; in fact, I even discovered this incredible biking trail to go through (which I will go into more details soon).  Winthrop and Revere are a few areas that have good bike path.  While Boston may be busy, Memorial Drive looks promising.

Attend Concerts

To be honest, I have not been attending much concerts lately.  Not that I don’t have the time or money for it, but I haven’t found any good shows yet.  Not a lot of shows are exciting around Boston.  Hopefully I will run into some event featuring one of my favorite bands playing.

Go Camping

Camping is still an idea in mind.  Just have to pick a great week and some friendly companions to join me.  Nothing like chilling with nature in the great outdoors!

Vacation Trip to Burlington, VT

Burlington is still one of few places I would like to visit this summer.  Heading back to my college town would be quite a blast.

Take Trips to NH and Maine

Being that trips to New Hampshire and Maine could be done in a day, I should be able to squeeze in some time to head up there.  They are not that far from me, even though I am closer to Boston.

Summer Blockbusters

One summer blockbuster I enjoyed so far was The Incredibles 2The Incredibles 2 was a fantastic sequel from The Incredibles and I enjoyed every minute of it.  The summer blockbusters look promising so far.

Swimming in Ocean

Lastly, I have been doing some swimming this summer as well.  I have been swimming in Nahant and Revere Beach as well as in swimming pools.  Swimming has been such a great way to cool off during those hot days.  There’s more hot weather coming our way, so those are the best times to go swimming.

That’s all for this month’s update on the summer goals list for 2018.  I’ll be back next month with another update.  Until then… Happy Summer!


Summer Reading #2 – The Haunting of Hill House

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Welcome back readers!  Good to be back to writing after my short holiday break.  My 4th of July week was full of fireworks, food, and some outstanding American made pre-rolled joints.  This was a perfect week to kick back from writing for a bit to celebrate this amazing country.

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Now that I’m back to my regular writing schedule, I figure its time to take a look at another title for summer reading this year.  Last time I took a look at Angels in America, an epic play about the symbolic, yet horrific look at the AIDS crisis and the gay men enduring personal hardships during the 1980s.  Our next title takes us away from the hustle and bustle of 1980s New York City and into an abandoned house on a hill.  Four people arrive at this tattered and dark house to search for evidence of supernatural occurring.  This novel is called The Haunting of Hill House.


The Haunting of Hill House is a gothic horror novel written by Shirley Jackson.  It was published in 1959 and is considered one of the best literary ghost stories of the 20th century.  Most of the events take place in Hill House, an eighty-year old mansion built between many hills.  Hill House was built by Hugh Crain, who passed away years ago.


Four main characters stay in the Hill House for the weekend – Dr. John Montague, Eleanor Vance, Theodora, and Luke Sanderson.  Dr. John Montague is an investigator of the supernatural who invites the guest into the Hill House.  Eleanor is the shy young woman who resented living as a recluse caring for her demanding mother.  Theodora is a bohemian, flamboyant artist.  Luke Sanderson is the young heir of Hill House, acting as the host for the others.

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A few minor characters come in later during the novel.  Mr. and Ms. Dudley act as caretakers of Hill House, yet they refuse to stay in the house during the night.  Ms. Montague, Dr. John Montague’s wife, enters the house for the weekend with Arthur Parker to help investigate the house.

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Many creepy and eerie occurrences happen over the duration of the novel.  One such disturbing aspect is the way the house was constructed.  Hill House was constructed with a few unique modifications that caused the characters to lose their balance every so often.

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This was definitely a creepy novel to read.  Each character had their own quirks, which made this horror story even more exciting.  They each came with their own agenda, only to be disturbed by the haunting each night.

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If you’re looking for a creepy Gothic horror story to read this summer, definitely check out The Haunting of Hill House.  It is filled with supernatural haunting, kooky characters, and one strange house on the hill.

Final Thoughts Before July 1st

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As we enter the last Friday of June, we quickly realize that July is approaching.  Summer has been the key phrase in many of the past post these days.  Another month of summer means more outdoor event happening all across cities.  This the time for more leisure, taking time away from the work week to enjoy the outdoors.

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But if anything, July marks one special thing – recreational cannabis dispensaries opening in the state of Massachusetts.  Even in the dog days of summer, this will be one mystery that will be played out over the next few months.

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What will this recreational market look like? Will there be a shift within the marketing curve happening in the near future?  If so, could this lead towards the favor of the cannabis industry?

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Who knows how this industry will play out.  It will be interesting to see what a regulated recreational cannabis system will look like in the near future.  Many kinks will have to be worked out, yet all of those kinks go towards creating a more beneficial industry.

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If there is ever something for PR pros to keep watch of this summer (and beyond), it’s the recreational cannabis industry.  This is the year where you will see a lot of buzz going to pot (LITERALLY!).  Whether the publicity be good or bad, one thing’s for certain – cannabis is definitely the talk of the town around Massachusetts these days.

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Happy Friday folks and don’t forget to hold onto your seats.  It’s about to get a LOT more interesting in July.


Summer Solstice Passage

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Here we are, just one week after the beginning of summer solstice.  Summer is here, bringing in hotter temperatures all around Massachusetts.  Other than the increasing temperatures, one of the most intriguing phenomenon that happens during the summer revolves around the concept of day and night.

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During the summer, days become longer while the nights are shorter.  There is more daylight happening outside than there is nighttime.  We are receiving more daylight during a 24-hour period.  While all of this is happening, the 24-hour time period remains the same.

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We have the same number of hours each day, but the amount of daylight changes each season.  Here at summer solstice, the sun does not start heading down until around 8:00 p.m.  After that, the sky wanes closer into the night.  Even after our long day of summer, the sun still comes down after a while.  And yet, it is this image that creates this fascinating idea of days being longer.

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Image result for Summer Solstice

We are not gaining more time in our life; rather, nature presents this intriguing illusion that there is still more time.  With more daylight means more time spent enjoying the day outdoors.  Whether it is a work errand or enjoying an entertaining concert, you are provided with what seems like ‘extra time’ but really a boost of overall mood.  Summer is a season to enjoy outdoors, especially after being cooped up during the bitter cold of winters.

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While you’re enjoying a day at the beach or having another drink on the patio after work, just remember this – its all thanks to the summer solstice, with the sun shining longer than ever.


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Happy Hump Day readers!  We’re only just a mere week away until Summer starts.  Summer solstice is happening on the earth, creating longer days and shorter nights here in the country.  Longer days means more time spent heading to amazing events around your area.  Cities like Boston are rolling out outdoor vendor events so that many audiences can enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

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On Monday we dived into cannabis-themed LGBTQ events that were happening in San Francisco.  While Boston will have to wait a while until LGBTQ events start mixing with cannabis, there are other ways the city could cash in on that PR gold.  And the key tactic for this opportunity can happen right outside.

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Rooftop bars are all in the rage here in Boston, providing cold beers and magnificent views.  People come up after their work day to soak up the last few hours of sunshine before heading back home.  With cannabis legal in Boston, the next step in the strategy would be to create 4/20-themed rooftop events (which you can dive back into here).

But why stop there?  Are rooftop events the only marketing tactic for cannabis?  Why not further expand the marketing mix of opportunities that are presented to us?

And ironically enough, these answers were right in front of us the entire time.  They were there before you make it up the rooftop, even before you step onto the elevator.  Cannabis events should open within…patios.

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Image result for Boston Patios

Image result for Boston Patios

Patios make for a perfect spot for events outdoors.  Now that the warm weather is here, people will want to be served at a table on the patio.  They want to enjoy their food and cold beers outside with their friends or family.  It makes for a simple, yet entertaining event for everyone.  After spending three months escaping the bitter cold winter, now is the time to soak in this amazing weather.

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Image result for Boston Patios

These events on the patio are great and throwing cannabis into the mix will provide for a HIGHER positive experience.  You can’t really smoke cannabis indoors in many places, so having a designated smoking area is a must for this to happen.  Providing a special designated area will keep people around longer without feeling paranoid.

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Think about this – you got a cannabis-themed networking event out on the patio.  Many of these professionals want to enjoy their cannabis during the event.  Why not make it easier by mixing cannabis and networking right on this special area.

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In other words, let the people have their cake and eat it too.  Let them meet up to discuss things happening in the cannabis industry all while consuming the very product they enjoy.  They spent their time and energy planning to attend the event, so it’s only fair that they spend that time wisely.  It may seem complicated, but the ending results would be incredible.

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This may take a while to figure out the legality kinks throughout this process, but it’s something that CAN be done.  Cannabis-themed patio events are something we should definitely look into in the near future.  Recreational shops are opening in almost a month and these will present a lot of magnificent ideas for the city of Boston.

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Image result for Human Beings Nature

Patios, as well as rooftops, are some of a few places we could utilize within the marketing mix.  As human beings, we owe it to ourselves to become closer with nature.  Having cannabis-themed events indoors is great but providing them outdoors makes for a more monumental experience.

Let’s start brainstorming 4/20-themed patio events for a HIGHER experience.