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MakeSandcastlesNotWar Visits The Summit Lounge

Business proposals for legal cannabis clubs have already been drawing up here in Massachusetts.  With cannabis legalization in full swing and dispensaries soon to be opening, the need for public consumption becomes critical.  Massachusetts citizens are able to consume cannabis legally, yet you cannot consume in public.  The city of Worcester figured out the so-called ‘water water everywhere and not a drop to drink’ scenario by opening up the first ever cannabis social club called The Summit Lounge.





The Summit Lounge, located on 116 Water Street, is a non-profit private social club where members can openly consume cannabis.  Members can consume their cannabis by using their collection of papers, pipes, bongs, lighters, and other accessories; they provide the accessories, but they run on a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cannabis) policy.  You can also consume cigarettes, cigars, and even hookah on the premise as well.  It’s a unique social club providing a 4/20-friendly atmosphere.  Anyone who is looking to be a member of The Summit Lounge can join for just $50 a month.




Other than cannabis accessories, The Summit Lounge offers a wide range of activities.  You can curl up with a joint and a good book or play some Xbox One with your friends.  If video games aren’t your thing, there’s also a stack of board games to choose from.  This is the kind of 4/20-themed entertainment where you get to consume cannabis, play some games, and possibly make a friend or two afterwards.

I wanted to learn more about how this exciting new service came to be.  Earlier I spoke with Kyle Moon, the general Manager for The Summit Lounge.


Kyle informed me that he got the idea from his brother Jake.  Jake Moon was a medical patient in MA who went to Colorado to check out the cannabis scene.  He noticed that there was no safe place for any legal social consumption, so he pitched the idea to operate a legal social club back in Massachusetts.  They worked with a lawyer to figure out the legality issues of running a cannabis social club.


As far as audience demographics, Kyle mentioned that the average age group that enter the club is 25-40.  It is mostly middle-aged men and women (30-40) who are married and have kids.  They are concerned about smelling like cannabis in front of their children, so they head over to The Summit Lounge to consume with other like-minded adults.  The concept was only limited to medicinal patients at first, but later it opened up for everyone.


Some events that they hold (or plan to hold in the near future) include paint night, glass blowing, social networking, and even classes like teaching members how to roll a blunt.  There are even members that pop by to consume cannabis while getting some work done.  This was set as a social environment where people could come together and consume cannabis.


Surprisingly enough, Kyle’s business doesn’t really have any big competition around Worcester.  The Summit Lounge is still so new that people don’t know what it is yet.  Even with cannabis legalization set in full swing, the cannabis industry still proves to be an evolving landscape.


Even still, Kyle definitely sees more cannabis lounges happening in the future.  With all of the advocacy for legal social consumption, the need for places like The Summit Lounge are more important than ever.  He mentioned that Boston would be a perfect location for a cannabis club because of the wide demographic of young professionals in the city.  This type of establishment would work for any big city as well.


For those looking to open up their own cannabis social clubs, Kyle Moon’s one advice would be to always follow up.  It is important to stay connected with everyone in this evolving landscape.  You will be hit with plenty of pitfalls and you have to find a way to work through everything.

And with that, The Summit Lounge proves to be a worthy social cannabis club that works for the thriving city of Worcester.  Special thanks to Kyle Moon for taking the time to discuss the first ever social cannabis lounge in the state of Massachusetts!  Here’s to hoping more social cannabis clubs open up in the near future.


Be sure to check out The Summit Lounge at 116 Water Street Worcester, MA.  Happy smoking!

Everything Sucks! = Da Bomb

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Netflix has really been showcasing a lot of nostalgic content this month.  We were introduced to a new ‘Fab Five’ in the reboot of Queer Eye and Joel McHale moved from E! to Netflix where he became the host of The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale.  Lately it has been just one amazing reboot after another.

These new series make for great shows because they take us back to a more simpler time.  Not all shows were created based on their colorful past.  There is one new coming-of-age, comedy-drama series that takes us back to a time of VHS tapes and flannel shirts.  I’m talking about Netflix’s series Everything Sucks!.

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Image result for Netflix Everything Sucks

Set in Boring, Oregon (which is actually a REAL town!), Everything Sucks! chronicles the lives of teenagers in Boring High School who make a movie together while dealing with issues such as sexuality and dating.  Lucas O’Neil joins the A/V Club with his friends McQuaid and Tyler.  He develops a crush on Kate Messner, the principal’s daughter of Boring High.  Kate doesn’t have feelings for Luke, BUT she does have the hots for Emaline Addario.  The series parodies off from the teen culture during the mid-1990s.

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Image result for Netflix Everything Sucks

Everything Sucks! is the 90s time warp you have been looking for.  This nostalgic series features flannel shirts, Surge, VHS tapes, Zimas, alternative rock/grunge music playing in the background, and even a scene at Blockbusters.

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This low-budget teen comedy series was interesting to watch.  Everything Sucks! featured a diverse and colorful cast of characters going through typical teenage drama.  If you took out the sci-fi component from Stranger Things and crossed that with Freaks and Geeks, you would get Everything Sucks!.

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Image result for Netflix Everything Sucks

There have been some amazing rebooted series on Netflix lately and Everything Sucks! was something different.  It featured an original storyline stemming from the bangin’ years of the 1990s.  Everything Sucks! took us back to a simpler time when the age of technology was still in its prime.  We used modems to connect to the internet and watched movies on VHS tapes; those days are long gone, yet technology only became more sophisticated over the years.

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In the end, Everything Sucks! is the perfect blast from the past of the 90s era.  The series is all that and a bag of chips.  Binge-watching the series this past week was the bomb.  This phat drama series will leave you saying ‘oh, snap!’ during multiple episodes.

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If you are looking for a stylin’ nostalgic 90s series, definitely go check out Everything Sucks! on Netflix.

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale!

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Image result for E! The Soup

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There was one thing I always looked forward to on Friday nights at 10 PM after middle/high school – E!’s The SoupThe Soup was a pop culture comedy series hosted by Joel McHale where he roasts about clips from TV series.  From talk shows to sports clips, every TV series had an embarrassing (and sometimes AMAZING) moment that had to be showcased.  Series like Rock of Love or The View became staple shows for pointing out the humiliating, yet GOLDEN highlights.  It was one of my favorite comedy series I looked forward to after a long week of school.

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I laughed, I cried while laughing, and even rolled over the floor dying of that laughter (I mean, LITERALLY rolling over the floor over this show).  The Soup never ceased to amaze me with their weekly hysterical comments of some of the craziest shows around the nation.  This was the show that featured some quality comedy.

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The Soup had a good run with twelve seasons from July 1st, 2004-December 18th, 2015.  It was a great comedic series that featured lots of colorful characters as well.  Mankini, Matt the intern, and Lou the chihuahua were a few of many great characters that made The Soup so special.

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It had a great run on E!…and now Joel McHale’s newest project made its way to Netflix.  Joel McHale stars in Netflix’s new series The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale.

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Image result for the joel mchale show with joel mchale

The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale aired its first episode on February 8th…and it’s EVERYTHING I wanted it to be and MORE.  It follows a similar system like The Soup – Joel McHale showcases hilarious clips from various TV series around the world.  Random actors and actresses stopped by the set during the series as well.  One of the best parts?  MANKINI RETURNS!

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Ah, yes – another successful reboot launched onto Netflix this year.  Joel McHale slays it again with his weekly Netflix series, cracking jokes at some of the craziest highlights on television.  The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale is another successful rebooted series for Netflix.

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Netflix has been utilizing nostalgia for their latest content.  Stranger Things, Fuller House, and even Trailer Park Boys are just some of many trending tv series in the digital library.  Their format follows ideas from the past and that strategy is reeling in lots of audiences.  Stranger Things features two seasons of memorable trends of the 80s.  Audiences who grew up watching Full House in the 80s-90s enjoy seeing the characters again in Fuller HouseTrailer Park Boys was popular more than a decade ago in Canada, but soared in popularity with American audiences after being added on Netflix.

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Even when original content is hard to come by, nostalgic ideas seem to seep into many new story lines in the newer TV series.  Maybe the answer could be to look back, not forward, in history for some fresh ideas.  There are still many stories from our past that have yet to be discovered. The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale follows their format from E!’s The Soup years ago and it still works!

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If you want to win over your audiences, nostalgic content is the way to go.  The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale is just flat-out hilarious and should continue with their original format.  There is nothing broken in the series that needs to be fixed.

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For those who loved seeing Joel McHale on The Soup, be sure to catch a new episode of The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale every Sunday!