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Give Jobs, Not Spare Change

Image result for homeless in america

Image result for homeless in america

Homelessness is a widespread problem around various cities in America.  Hundreds of thousands of homeless people wander among the streets searching for place to crash.  It has been an on-going problem for decades, especially in the state of California.

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Image result for los angeles homeless

More than a quarter of the homeless population in America currently live in California.  Out of all of the major cities in California, Los Angeles is the epicenter of the homeless crisis.  Even with more programs implemented, the homeless population continues to be on the rise.  San Diego is changing the game with their unique work program.

Image result for the alpha project san diego

The Alpha Project for the Homeless is a non-profit organization that runs on 3737 Fifth Avenue in San Diego.  They hire homeless people for a new work program where they help clean the downtown area.  At the same time, they are also helping the homeless get back on their feet.

Image result for the alpha project san diego Work

It’s a pretty simple process – a van comes around to pick up workers at a specific location.  Workers are paid $11.50 an hour cleaning up trash around the streets.  They work all day cleaning up the streets and receive their pay after the job is finished for the day.  Similar programs like The Alpha Project already exist in other cities such as Chicago, Denver, Portland, Austin, and even Seattle.

Image result for the alpha project san diego Work

Image result for the alpha project san diego Work

This is a WIN-WIN situation for both parties – homeless people get paid $11.50 an hour cleaning up the streets of San Diego (all while feeling good about their productivity) and San Diego ends up looking a lot cleaner in the process.  After laying around in the temporary shelter doing nothing for a while, getting outside to clean up the streets will spur some motivation in these employees.  It’s a simple job for people who need that push back into reality.

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There’s an old Chinese proverb that goes like this: Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.  In this scenario, we are teaching homeless people how to fish rather than giving them a fish.  Giving them money may help them for the day but giving them a JOB will help them for a lifetime.  Rather than solve the long-term problem with a short-term solution, we should just figure out the long-term problem instead.

Image result for the alpha project san diego

Organizations like The Alpha Project for the Homeless help teach a man to fish rather than giving them a fish.  In this sense, the homeless people are learning how to take care of themselves rather than have people assist them through basic tasks.  They need to get their pride and dignity back in order to become a more productive member of society.

Image result for Boston MA

Image result for Salem MA

In the end, San Diego is going above and beyond the call of duty in taking care of the homeless.  Homeless people need a productive job rather than another quarter thrown into their cup.  Providing them with a job to clean up the streets (or any job for that matter!) will spur up that spark of pride and dignity they lost earlier.  Cities like Boston or Salem should take note of this interesting project if they want to deal with the homeless crisis the right way.

Image result for Give a man a fish

Productive jobs, not free money, will help eradicate the homeless crisis.  You have to teach a man to fish not give them a fish.


California’s HIGH GDP Growth PR Miracle

Happy Monday readers!  We’re almost half-way through February, with the last few weeks of winter coming our way.  It won’t be long now before we get outside more and watch the green grass growing.

Speaking of grass, it’s time to start the week with yet ANOTHER 4/20 topic!

Image result for gross domestic product

Image result for Goods and services

Each state here in the country brings in a certain amount of Gross Domestic Products (or GDP) every year.  Gross Domestic Product is the monetary measure of market value of all final goods and services produced during each period of time.  Usually the measurement is a quarterly or yearly rate.  This measurement doesn’t reflect differences in inflation rates of cost of living within each county.

Every year, each state is ranked based on how much profit is being fueled into the economic system.  The data is compiled together to determine which state has the highest Gross Domestic Product.

Image result for California

The numbers are in…the state with the HIGHEST GDP (again!) is…California.

Image result for California

That’s right people – California currently has the highest GDP in the nation.  California brings in the most profits for the nation’s economic system.

Image result for California GDP 2017

Image result for California and New York City GDP 2017

How high is California’s GDP?  California’s economy is SO big that it is ranked the 6th largest in the world.  The Golden State is making twice as much as New York City every year.  Over a third of the GDP is produced within the Los Angeles and Orange counties (which isn’t surprising being that this is where the entertainment capital is located!).

Image result for US Map of California

Ok…at this point, you’re probably wondering what ANY of this has to do with the 4/20 community.  Let me explain – California leads as the state with the most exported products within the nation.  They produce the most goods and services for their audiences; not only that, but they ship those goods all across the states.  When California’s economy grows, so do the surrounding states as well.  It’s as if the United States was tied together under this secure web that was bundled together by the state of California.

Image result for US Map of California

With cannabis being legal since January, California’s GDP will only grow that much higher.  What’s also intriguing about California’s economic PR miracle is that it will benefit the other 49 states as well.  California’s GDP boom will help through:

Image result for California Exportation

Image result for California Ships goods

  • Exportation – With so much cannabis products being manufactured within California, there is such a large demand from the audiences; other than Californian citizens, citizens from other states want the product as well. California has always been a leader of exportation and adding cannabis products/services to the list would be tremendous help.  States (mostly the 4/20 friendly ones!) will be able to sell high-quality cannabis goods that was made from California.  Many states still suffer from conservative laws that prevent high-scale manufactured cannabis goods from being made.  With California producing lots of cannabis products, many states will receive their slice of the pie by exporting their goods.

Image result for California PR

Image result for California Cannabis

  • Reputation – Being that California is already generating MILLIONS of dollars through cannabis, their economic reputation will surely be flourishing. That economic boom will echo all across the nation, making waves for years to come.  This PR miracle will start conniving other states to go to pot (LITERALLY!) for more funding.  That funding could help states with improving roads, public schools, homelessness, and other social-economic problems they face.  California struck gold once again and audiences from all across the nation want to get in on this 21st century Gold Rush that is happening.

 Image result for California in US

And with that, California being the leader in Gross Domestic Product is definitely a great thing for the United States.  California will continue to export their high-quality cannabis goods across the nation and their economic boom will surely be a PR miracle to keep track of.  Each state (whether 4/20 legal or not) will benefit from California’s growing economy through cannabis products and goods.

Image result for Map of US Cities

This is right here is what success looks like.  Boston should pay attention to economic PR ideas like this one if they are looking for GDP growth of their own.


If we want to figure out economic growth, we should stat from taking a page from The Golden State.

BAKED Potato Skins = 4/20 Touchdown

Image result for super bowl pats vs eagles

Happy TGIF readers!  Only two more days left until the 52nd Super Bowl.  The New England Patriots will face off the Philadelphia Eagles at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Which team will become the winner of this year’s event?

Image result for super bowl Spread

Image result for super bowl Spread

Now that the work day is finally over, it’s time to prepare for the traditional Super Bowl party.  You’re family/friends will be coming over that night and you got to create various dishes for them to pig out on.  Some typical staple dishes include nachos and dip, chicken wings with dressing, jalapeño poppers, chili, and the infamous submarine sandwich loaded with meat and/or veggies.

Image result for Potato Skins

Image result for Potato Skins

One of my favorite finger foods I enjoy are potato skins.  Potato Skins are a fantastic snack that go amazing with sour cream.  It’s the perfect combination of cheese melting along a potato packed with bacon, scallions, green onions, and other toppings.  If I got enough of the munchies at a restaurant, I’ll order some potato skins for an appetizer; they also make for excellent pub food with a cold beer!

Image result for Potato Skins

Image result for Cannabis

For those who are throwing a 4/20-friendly Super Bowl party, there’s a way to get those potato skins EXTRA baked…with CANNABIS!

Image result for Potato Skins

Cannabis-infused potato skins can be created in your very own home.  This simple recipe can make your Super Bowl party much more amazing.  Heck, you may even consume a ‘Super Bowl’ of fine medicine while you’re at it!

Here’s how to make these EXTRA baked potato skins:


  • 4 large russet potatoes
  • Canola oil (for coating the potatoes)
  • 4-7 grams of cannabis already grounded to a fine powder
  • 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon paprika
  • 1/8 teaspoon peer
  • 8 bacon strips all cooked and crumbled
  • 1 ½ cups of shredded Cheddar cheese
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • 4 sliced green onions


Image result for Potatoes baking in oven

Baking the potatoes-  Heat up your oven to 350 degrees and position the rocks in top and bottom thirds.  Wash the potatoes with cold running water and a stiff brush.  After the potatoes dry, use a fork to poke a few holes around so that the moisture will escape during the cooking process.  Place your potatoes in a bowl and coat them lightly with oil.  Sprinkle them with kosher salt and place directly on the rack in the middle of the oven.  Put in a baking sheet in the lower rack to catch all of the drippings.  Bake the potatoes for 1 hour; after they are done, allow them to cool for 30 minutes.

Image result for Cannabis decarbing in oven

Cannabis Decarbing- Reduce the oven heat to 275 degrees.  Spread out the powdered cannabis on a cookie sheet and bake it for 20 minutes.  Remove from the oven after they are done and allow them to cool.

Image result for Potato Skins before cooked

Baking the Potato Skins- Cut each potato in half lengthwise and scoop out the pulp, leaving 1/4 in the shell.  Place potato skins on a greased baking sheet.  Combine salt, Parmesan cheese, oil, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.  Brush the mixture on both sides of the skins.  Sprinkle the powdered cannabis inside as well.  Bake them at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes.  Put in some cheddar cheese and bacon.  Set the timer for 5 more minutes longer until all of the cheese is melted.

Image result for Potato Skins before cooked

Top it all off with sour cream and onion.  And voila!  Time to thrown down with these EXTRA baked potato skins.

That right there is how you create a tasty treat for your 4/20 Super Bowl party.  It’s classic pub food being extra baked with that mix of cannabis.  You and your party will enjoy the baked sensation from the flavorful baked potato skins.

Image result for Potato Skins before cooked

If you’re looking for a unique appetizer for Sunday, these EXTRA baked potato skins are sure to be a touchdown at your party.  Check out this fantastic recipe and be ready for the 52nd Super Bowl February 4th at 6:30 PM.

Oh yeah… GO PATS!!


Vermont: HIGH in the Green Mountains!

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Image result for champlain college

Image result for burlington vermont

Vermont is one of the most beautiful states of New England.  It’s boarded between New Hampshire, New York, and Massachusetts.  I studied game design and production for a few years over at Champlain College (located in Burlington) and it was an amazing state to live in.

Image result for burlington vt

Image result for burlington vt lake champlain

Many of my Friday and Saturday nights in Burlington consisted of partying, hanging out with amazing friends, bar hopping, and consuming some incredible cannabis.  Burlington is a very college-oriented type of town; despite having no legal cannabis shops available to the public, there were many smoke shops that had a wide variety of accessories.  Cannabis was very easy to get when I was living in Burlington (not because I was in COLLEGE, but because of the college influence around the town!).

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

Even still, Vermont has never shied away from the 4/20-friendly party.  Burlington has very relaxed cannabis laws and the city has always ranked as one of the top safest cities of America.  In fact, Burlington’s popularity has become the main influence for Vermont’s latest political PR tactic.

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

As of January 22nd, 2018, Vermont officially became the NINTH state to legalize recreational cannabis use for adults.  Vermont also became the first state to legalize through a state legislative.

Before we continue this PR miracle, let me just first say…CONGRATULATIONS VERMONT!  I’m SO excited about my college state legalizing recreational cannabis use.  It’s definitely going to be LIT on the GREEN MOUNTAIN STATE here in New England! #420BlazeItVermont.

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

Moving on – Governor Phil Scott signed the bill yesterday.  Vermont’s new law will take effect on July 1st (same date when recreational dispensaries open in MA!).

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

Now here’s where things get complicated – Vermont has some of the tightest restrictions in the nation.  Adults may purchase up to one ounce of cannabis (~28 grams); they can also purchase up to five grams of hashish as well.  Even with the new law taking effect, you still cannot buy or sell any cannabis in the state.

Image result for Burlington Vermont

What we are left with is the ‘water water everywhere and not a drop to drink’ scenario.  Cannabis would be legal everywhere, yet not a flower to smoke.  There aren’t any legal dispensaries open nor are they any legal ways to get cannabis.  Either way, this confusing scenario won’t stop college kids in Burlington from getting their legal weed (#BrokeInBurlington).

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

While I’m very excited with Vermont’s progressive move, there’s still roadblocks present that leave people more perplexed than ever.  You are legally able to consume cannabis, BUT there’s no where or way to purchase it legally.  There’s still work that needs to be done in order to established a better system.  It’ll be a while before you can purchase a pre-roll of Blue Dream for your adventures in Lake Champlain.

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

This is a very exciting time for the state of Vermont! I am amazed to hear about the green mountain state legalizing cannabis yesterday.  While studying (and PARTYING!) at Champlain College, I’ve found Vermont to be a little more liberal in their political stances.  Vermonters are big advocates for same-sex marriage, environmental protection, legalization of cannabis, and many other provocative issues.

Image result for Vermont Cannabis

Six years and nine states later, the sky STILL hasn’t fallen yet.  Cannabis legalization has been doing more good for the community and continues to modify nation each year.  Vermont will be growing much more, both in popularity and publicity, now that cannabis legalization will be in full force.

Image result for Cannabis Flag

2018 is looking brighter than ever for the cannabis community.  Massachusetts, Maine, and now Vermont are joining the 420 bandwagons.  New Hampshire and New York are in danger of losing their dedicated audiences due to the trending paradigms.

Image result for Vermont State Cannabis

Congratulations to Vermont for going to pot!  There’s sure to be some more action happening at the green mountain state.


Weed Moms > Wine Moms

Image result for Suburgatory

Image result for The Neighbors

Image result for American Housewife TV Show

TV series set in the suburbs usually contain the typical clichés — fancy cookie-cutter houses, fresh-cut lawns, family-friendly neighbors, block parties held on the street, and other things.  It all meshes together to set the family-friendly mood within the series.  And yet, there’s one cliché character that stands out in many of these TV shows.  I’m talking about the Wine Mom.

Image result for Claire Dunphy Wine

Image result for Life in Pieces Wine

Meet Wine Mom – the hardworking mother figure who rewards herself with a wine at night.  After a day of work here and a PTA meeting there, she looks to come home to a glass of wine right at home.  There’s many examples of the ‘Wine Mom’ culture springing up in many of these shows set in the suburbs.  The Neighbors, American Housewives, Suburgatory, Modern Family, and even The Middle a few examples of where you can find the Wine Mom cliché.  These shows were set for networks catering to more family-friendly audiences (ABC, NBC, CBS are a few examples!).

Image result for Suburban Wine Mom

As family-friendly as these shows make out to be, there’s no shame or taboo in mothers drinking wine every night.  They openly drink wine (as well as even discuss their longing for the product!) both day and night.  Wine continues to become a more popular hand prop for many of the female characters.

Hidden within the tall shrub of the suburb culture, there’s one underrated figure that is goes unrecognized in the story.  The one character that is rarely drawn up is…the WEED MOM.

Image result for Mom using weed

Image result for Mom using weed

Image result for Mom using weed

Weed mom is similar to the Wine Mom figure – only instead of drinking wine, this mother smokes cannabis.  The weed mom chooses to smoke a joint, light a bowl, vape, or even do bong rips at the end of a hard day at work.  She openly smokes cannabis and is not afraid to discuss how it helps with her daily errands.

Image result for Mom smoking weed

Image result for Mom smoking weed

So where are these ‘Weed Mom’ characters?  Why aren’t there as much weed-consuming mothers in the TV world?  With legal cannabis use on the rise, shouldn’t we see an increase of these Mary Jane figures in the fictional suburban culture?

Image result for Suburban Wine Mom

Image result for Nancy Botwin Smoking weed

Image result for Nancy Botwin Smoking weed

Unfortunately, folks – pot parents are still a touchy subject in the 21st century.  As diverse as our TV families have become, there still doesn’t seem to be room for the Mary Jane mothers out there.  It seems as though the fictional cul-de-sac streets aren’t 4/20 friendly yet.  The only great example I can come up with is Nancy Botwin of Jenji Kohan’s Weeds.

Image result for Modern Family Cam and Mitchell

Image result for Blackish

Image result for One Day at a time

On a better note, our suburban characters ARE becoming more diverse — gay couples, mixed-raced couples, single mothers, and other differentiated characters have made their splash onto the silver screen.  Cam and Mitchell make excellent fathers for Lily on Modern Family.  Penelope Alvarez raises two children on her own for the remake of One Day At a Time.

Image result for wine mom meme

Image result for wine mom TV

Image result for Moms TV series Wine

Sure there’s much more diversity and inclusiveness within many new TV series, but pot’s damaged stigma is still lingering on.  If these ‘Wine Moms’ can become a staple character on a network like ABC, then a Weed Mom shouldn’t be a problem.  It really is ironic to see family-friendly networks showcase hardworking mothers downing glasses of wine a night, yet they shy away at the sheer idea of a mother smoking a bowl.

Image result for Moms TV series Wine

Image result for Mother smoking cannabis

What does this say about our culture when downing wine glasses is acceptable and lighting a joint is not?  Why is there still so much shame over pot parents?  Is there still hope for the ‘Weed Mom’ vaping in the suburbs during her day of errands?

Image result for betty draper smoking

Image result for Suburban wife smoking weed

With cannabis legalization becoming more popular among all residential cultures (including the suburbs!), it’s time we start re-shaping the characteristics of the suburban housewife.  We’ve moved past the 1950s housewife that has dinner cooking for her hardworking husband and now’s the time to showcase the busy mother stopping to rest for a joint.  Times have CHANGED…which means these characteristics have to change as well.

Image result for Suburban wife smoking weed

Instead of this growing ‘Wine Mom’ culture, I suggest we flourish the culture of the Weed Mom.  Weed Mom would make a better parental figure, as well as generate more trending memes on social media.  Hopefully we’ll see the ‘Weed Mom’ trend starting within these new suburban-style series this year.

Image result for Suburban wife smoking weed

It’s time for soccer mom Pamela to put down her wine glass and light up that doobie with her friends Jessica and Claire.