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RetroBlox: The Future of Retro Gaming

One of the cool perks of owning a video game console was storing them in a video game library in your room.  Having all of those games was a great way to show off your collection to your friends that come over for the day.  Whether it was the old school Super Nintendo or going modern with the PS4, it felt accomplishing to store all those treasured games into your organized library.

Back when I was living in Ipswich, I had a plethora of games stacked into a huge bookcase.  I had titles that were for consoles such as the PS2, Super Nintendo, Wii U GameCube, PS3, Wii, and other systems.  It felt riveting knowing that I had a library of games to choose from on a rainy, mundane day.

Since moving into Lynn, my gaming consoles have scattered around in boxes.  I do have most of my games, but I doubt that most of them work these days (or the console for that matter!).  It sucks that my library of games could become useless if the console breaks.  Now that we’re settled into 2017, I wonder if there will be a new console built to play all of those nostalgic games.

Well folks, I just came across an awesome find that answered my question.  Allow me to introduce to you…the RetroBlox!  RetroBlox is the first modular HD retro-gaming console, becoming the next step to a “one console” future of video games.  The RetroBlox console provides a small slot up top for the retro game cartridges that would play titles from systems such as NES or Sega Genesis.  Besides the slot, it also includes a disc drive that would be compatible with CD-style titles from systems like the PS1.

The versatile gaming experiences work through the Element Modules provided.  The concept is simple: insert the type of module you want, plug in a game to play, and then add that game to your personal collection or play through the cartridge/CD.  Each Module is specifically crafted for each console to play on.

All of the games provide an amazing user interface that provides 1080p HD picture quality.  Instead of scrolling through texts to find a game, the interface showcases the art and personality of every game in HD.  Not only will you be able to play these games, but you will see them in their original box format!

Besides the retro-style concept, the RetroBlox also allows you to connect with peers and share your gaming experience.  You can share screenshots and videos to show off to your friends Facebook or Twitter.  Better yet, you can stream your favorite games on Twitch!

No other news has been announced about the console, but it will be hitting Kickstarter on Spring 2017.  Be on the lookout for the RetroBlox on Kickstarter when the campaign starts.  It definitely looks like a revolutionary idea for the ultimate nostalgic gaming experience.

This sounds like an awesome console!  I love the idea of purchasing one console that would play a majority of old-school titles.  It is definitely something I would fund money into because I want to play all of my old games again.  Some of the new games look amazing, but I am definitely a nostalgic gamer these days.

Here’s to hoping that the RetroBlox kicks off with a huge hit!  This would become a great console for the Millennials/Generation X’ers audience that grew up playing these classic titles.  Nostalgic gaming has been the latest trend the past few years with the release of the Sega Mega Drive Classics Hub (more on this here) and the Nintendo NES Classic Edition (read about this console here).  If the nostalgic gaming trend continues this year, then the RetroBlox should take off big time.

If all goes well, the future of the one-console gaming concept could be lurking right around the corner.  Let’s hope the future comes in sooner than later!


All About That #VanLife

Millennials like me are a unique generation of people to hear about.  We strive for individual expression, push for more equal rights among everyone, binge-watch shows on Netflix, use ride-sharing apps like Lyft to get home, and most of our news we get comes from Buzzfeed.  Many people are perplexed by our behavior, scratching their heads on the dramatic technological changes we’ve created for this new world we live in.  Some ideas have broken ground on a solving a complex problem while others have just created a new fad for people dive into.  One unique fad that has taken storm lately is the van life movement.

Van Life, known as #VanLife on social media, is a movement where young adults are redesigning their vans to create their new homes.  More young adults are transforming their vans into a mobile home rather than saving up for a larger house.  The main objective is to create their mobile home they can travel around with to save money on expenses like mortgages, bills, repairs, and other unfortunate costs.  Once their mobile home is complete, the only expenses they deal with are food and gas for the car.

It’s like something out of On the Road where young adults have been cruising around in their new home for a year or so now.  People showcase their vans through Instagram or Twitter with other fans of this movement.  Cross-country trips are nothing new, but the #vanlife movement has taken the adventure to new heights.  Now you won’t have to go back home after your adventures because you already live in it!

This is a fascinating concept that I have heard about a few times.  I read On the Road by Jack Kerouac a month ago and the novel inspired me to take a cross-country trip of my own.  Just the thought of getting into a car and driving all across the country would be the most amazing experience ever.  While I don’t have a van around, I have had thoughts of just taking my things into my Toyota Camry and starting my own adventure.

Millennials didn’t conjure up this idea of cross-country traveling, but they certainly elevated the idea in the digital world.  We utilized social media to revolutionize how we watch TV or how to purchase products online and at the store.  Van life is just another example of millennials transforming the On the Road experience into a greater cause.  With the summer still in full swing, now is a great time to hop into a vehicle for a cross-country adventure with your friends or family.

Ride-Sharing Into Your Destination

After a fun night with my friends in Boston, I pull up my Lyft app to get a ride home.  I usually stay out late at night and I don’t feel safe traveling by foot.  Who knows what happens on the trains at this time of night?  Ride sharing apps like Lyft or Uber have become the social norm for millennials who are searching for a ride.  Why are ride-sharing apps trending more than taxis?  Because taxis are SO 20th century!

In all seriousness, taxi rides aren’t the most pleasant experiences.  Most of the bright yellow cabs are unkempt, the costs of the rides burn a hole in your pocket, and your driver will probably be a grumpy old man that wants nothing to do with you.  Lyft provided me the exact opposite experience and it provided me the option to rate how good my driver was.

Ride-sharing apps like Uber and Lyft were the pioneers in transforming the way we get around in the city.  With the release of new ride-sharing apps each year, what other options could we choose?  Are there unique ride-sharing apps with interesting features?  The answer to both of those questions are yes.  Here are some unique ride-sharing apps people can choose from for their phones:

Lyft: Lyft is known as ‘a ride whenever you need one’.  Launched in San Francisco on June 2012, Lyft’s mobile app connects drivers with passengers who are in need of a ride.  Riders can share the costs with their friends and will match with other riders who are heading into the same direction.  Passengers can rate their driver based on things like friendliness or cleanliness once the ride is over.  This app is geared toward the young, tech-savvy crowd that want to save a few extra bucks on their trip.

Chariot For Women: Chariot For Women is a unique app that caters to women only and features only women drivers.  The app hit Boston on April 19th, providing a safer alternative for women who are riding alone.  Other than adult women, Chariot For Women can pick up boys and girls under the age of 13.  Anyone who identifies as a woman, even trans-gendered, are able to use this app.

This idea stems from the sexual assault incidents within the past years involving Uber/Lyft drivers.  Many sexual assault cases from around the world prompted businesses to think more about safety issues surrounding women passengers and male drivers.  This idea seems great for women seeking a ‘Cinderella’ experience for their ride.  Who wouldn’t want to ride in a beautiful carriage on their way to a party with their gal pals?  Just don’t forget your glass slipper on your way out!

Fasten: Boston-based Fasten hit the market last year as a means to disrupt the competition with Uber and Lyft.  Their marketing plan surrounds the idea of having riders pay less while the driver makes more money.  Passengers always see what the total cost will be during the ride, so no one will be shocked by the ending price.  Unlike Uber/Lyft, Fasten has no surprise surge pricing that comes up.  This is a great Boston-based app for those who need a cheap ride in and around the city.

Bridj: Rather than being another ride-sharing app, Boston-based Bridj prides itself as being “the world’s first pop-up mass transit system”.  Rather than relying on cars, Bridj provides 14-seat luxury shuttles for passengers that want to get around style.  These shuttles have leather seats, Wi-Fi, and an average pick-up time of less than 10 minutes.  Those living in Boston, D.C., or Kansas City shouldn’t pass up this unique ride-sharing experience.

So there you have it!  A few unique ride-sharing apps to travel to your destination.  Whether it is for saving money or taking a trip with your gal pals, there’s always a unique app for everyone.  Don’t hail for a taxi, skip the public transit, and forget walking alone in the middle of the night.  The 21st century taxi services are here and they will provide you a much better riding experience.