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Phish at Phenway

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Besides being the home field for the Boston Red Sox, Fenway Park also hosts many musicians coming into the city.  Zac Brown, Pearl Jam, Billie Joel, and even Jimmy Buffet are a few of many notorious bands that rocked Fenway Park.  It just goes to show that they sing more than just ‘Sweet Caroline’ in Kenmore Square (#InsideBostonJoke).

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Whether it be a music act or another baseball game, one thing’s for certain – Fenway Park makes for one of the most entertaining venues here in Boston.  Fenway Park branches out in its entertaining avenues by hosting more than just sports games.  All types audience roam around Yawkey Way to grab their food, beers, and other accessories before the big game (or show!).  This summer, audiences will be grooving to the infamous VT jam band known as… Phish.

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That’s right folks – Phish is returning to Fenway Park.  Phish will be returning with some all new jams in Boston for their Summer 2019 tour.  It’ll be a true Boston highlight known as ‘Phish at Phenway’ (#PhishPhanPun).  You can see Phish at Fenway Park on July 5th and 6th.  Tickets go out starting February 1st.

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Phish hails from the quaint town of Burlington, Vermont (a.k.a. my old college stomping ground!).  Trey Anastasio, Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman, and Page McConnell formed the band back in the 1980s, making fantastic music as a jam band.  They attract many fans, known as ‘Phish Phans’, all across the nation.  Coincidentally, Phish Phans are similar to the ‘Dead Heads’ that followed the Grateful Dead.  They still play many sold-out shows, filling every seat around the stage.

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Some of their earlier albums include Junta, Lawn Boy, A Picture of Nectar, Rift, Hoist, Billy Breathes, The Story of the Ghost, and even Farmhouse.  Not only do they have lots of studio albums (15 to be exact), but they have a TREMENDOUS number of live albums from their past shows.  Phish Phans can choose from a variety of shows they played over the past 30 decades or so.  It’s those live albums that make Phish even better.

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I’m honestly so pumped that Phish is playing in Boston this summer!  Phish was one of my favorite bands in college and I have been looking to see them live at some point in the future.  Their music gets really creative throughout each track, with some spanning more than ten minutes.  So amazing that Phish his hitting up one of the most iconic spots of Boston.

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Be sure to grab your tickets to see Phish at Phenway this summer!


MA Cannabis Culture Identity Crisis

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With the legalization of cannabis in Massachusetts comes many cannabis-themed establishments in the area.  Hydroponics stores, dispensaries, and smoke shops are a few of many specialty businesses that cater to the cannabis industry.  These types of specialty business funnel in BILLIONS of dollars into the growing cannabis industry here in Massachusetts.  What’s also interesting to note is that every type of business, whether it be directly or indirectly, caters to the cannabis culture as well.

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Cannabis has involved into this trending subculture all across the major cities, especially within Boston.  While Boston doesn’t have any recreational dispensaries operating yet (which is coming MUCH later this year!), there are still legal shops opening north of the city.  Those are the businesses where ALL types of audiences are welcome, not just medical cannabis card users.  It’s no secret that recreational cannabis shops will be the hot new trend this year.

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But there’s also another interesting business trend happening here in Massachusetts.  Bigger businesses from out of state are moving in on Massachusetts and acquiring companies all around the state.  These businesses are coming from states such as Colorado, California, Washington, Oregon, and others.  The latest acquisition recently came from a company in Georgia.  Not only are they coming from legal states, but they are even from non-legal states as well.

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What we have is a reverse ‘Gold Rush’ scenario where companies are heading out east to claim their share of the treasure.  Cities like Boston and Portland are booming faster than ever thanks to the flourishing cannabis industry.  Those HIGH rent costs in Boston are due to the cloud of cannabis smoke sweeping around the city.  Massachusetts was one of the first states of the New England region to legalize cannabis, which caused its popularity as a brand to skyrocket even further.

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In an intriguing turn of events, Massachusetts businesses aren’t establishing their own specialty cannabis operations.  Not only does these hurt businesses statewide, but it also dampens the cannabis culture as well.  As other businesses from various states swoop into the Bay State, Massachusetts may lose its own cannabis culture in the process.

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Every state created their own unique culture different from the rest.  California’s culture is significantly different from Massachusetts in many ways.  They may have legal recreational shops, but their traditions and culture were shaped completely different in history.  The last thing we need is for Massachusetts to develop a identity crisis simply because local citizens were kept out of their own.

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In the end, there certainly is a lot of excitement happening here in Massachusetts.  Businesses, especially those outside of the state, are raking in on the ‘Green Rush’ happening in the New England region.  If things don’t work itself out, Massachusetts may not establish their own unique cannabis culture that differs from Colorado or Michigan.  Who knows, we could see a cannabis culture made up from professionals in Missouri.

Let’s work to shape our Massachusetts cannabis culture with local citizens running Massachusetts-based businesses in the near future.

Gentrified Boston Shuts Down Restaurants

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Image result for l'espalier Boston

Within the past week, there has been a slew of restaurants closing around the Boston area.  L’Espalier, the famous French cuisine restaurant in the Back Bay, was the first of many that have or will be closing down.  The restaurant first opened in 1978, gaining widespread recognition as a high-end restaurant in the Boston area.  Over forty years later and L’Espalier served its last meal in the Back Bay.

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The next famous landmark that would be closing soon is Durgin-Park.  Durgin-Park was a historic restaurant in Faneuil Hall, serving classic New England food.  It has been around Boston for almost two hundred years (even during the Civil War!).  A lack of customers as well as not being able to keep up with the modern times were some of many problems the restaurant faced over the years.  Nevertheless, Durgin-Park will be closing its doors on January 12th.

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But its not just the city of Boston that is dealing with restaurant shutdowns.  Santoro’s Sub-Villa, a famous sub shop on route 1 of Saugus, will be serving their last subs after opening for more than 60 years.  It’s shocking to see this wave of restaurant closings making ways into the Greater Boston area.

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At this point, you have to wonder what has been the cause for this string of downfalls to happen.  For one thing, gentrification has certainly played its part by establishing businesses catered to a specific audience.  More changes within the demographic means sweeping changes among its surrounding areas.  Restaurants like Durgin-Park aren’t faring well with the new wave of tourists visiting Boston.

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Another interesting piece to this puzzle is the recent hike of the state’s minimum wage to $12/hr.  With the minimum wage increase, businesses are scrambling to rethink their financial strategies.  They must make ends meet all while paying their employees even more.  All of this is depending on the flow of business that happens each day.

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Durgin-Park, Santoro’s Sub-Villa, and L’Espalier are a few of many restaurants that are shutting their doors this year.  This news still comes as quite a shock to many people, being that they have been landmark destinations in the area.  Gentrification and the recent minimum wage increase are a few factors that play into these downfalls.  Who knows what other establishments will announce their closing date as well.

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One thing is for certain – gentrification is shutting down businesses as well as historic neighborhoods.


MA Recreational Shops – One Month Later

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Image result for MA Recreational Sales

As of right now, it has been exactly ONE month since recreational cannabis shops opened in Massachusetts.  Thousands upon thousands of customers have been lining up around the doors in the two shops.  Various cannabis products are being sold like hot cakes.  With another shop opening in Salem, the competition just got even bigger.  One thing is for certain – so much change has happened ever since the shops opened in Leicester and Northampton back on November 20th.

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Its at this stage that we now start discussing the burning question that has been on lots of people’s mind.  The question is this – just how much sales have been generated in just one month here in Massachusetts?

On this day, one month after Cultivate and NETA officially went recreational, the dispensaries made a combined total of over $7 million.

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Over $7 million in sales, generated in just ONE month within the state of Massachusetts, from two dispensaries alone.  Remember that NONE of these dispensaries are close to the city of Boston.  They are mere miles away from Boston, yet they have already been off to a great start.   You can certainly say that Christmas came early for Massachusetts this year.

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That latest figure is a REAL number.  Just like over $2.2 million in one week is a real number as well.  If this keeps up, Massachusetts will be generating over $80 million in sales (which will climb to over HUNDREDS of millions once the dispensaries hit Boston!).

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One month later and the PR miracle still reigns on for the recreational industry.  However, one industry’s PR miracle is also another industry’s PR nightmare.  With the recreational industry generating lots of buzz, the medical community is finding itself in a state of panic.  Audiences of the medical industry are scrambling, anxious of the sweeping changes that are quickly happening within Massachusetts.  As more shops become established in various neighborhoods, the wind is blowing towards recreational cannabis.

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At this point, you have to wonder – what does all this mean for the medical cannabis industry?  What hidden tactics can be utilized to salvage itself from going completely under?  Would there be any desire for a so-called ‘medical card’ to get access to cannabis in the next five years? Or better yet, how about ten years?

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All that can be said is this – 2019 is looking to be an EXTREMELY interesting year for the cannabis industry.  Lots of changes have been taking place around Massachusetts and many are already left scrambling.

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Recreational cannabis is here, providing a whole new way of doing business within the 4/20 community.  Not only is this industry crossing over with other businesses, but its already influencing other subcultures as well (LGBTQ, feminism, just to name a few).

Brace yourselves, folks – we are starting to dig out the gold that we have lying around us here in Massachusetts.


MA Recreational Sales PR Miracle

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Image result for MA Recreational

Just last week, Massachusetts opened up its first recreational cannabis shops.  Thousands upon thousands of customers waited hours (literally HOURS!) in line to buy cannabis products.  Customers went in to buy flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and other cannabis accessories as well.  It was truly one of the busiest days for Northampton and Leicester, just days before Thanksgiving.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much the two dispensaries made after just one day.  The final results?  Both dispensaries clocked in at a combined total of over $440,000.

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Image result for Money gif

That’s right folks – $440,000… from both dispensaries combined… in just ONE DAY.  Massachusetts made almost half a million dollars in just that day alone.  You don’t need any articles or basic math to know that they made over a million dollars in less than a week.

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Oh, and the best part about all of this?  This hasn’t even hit in BOSTON yet.  These figures were made within the dispensaries in Leicester and Northampton, both miles away from the city.

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It’s the PR miracle that keeps on giving.  Massachusetts legalized its first recreational shops and the ending results are better than ever.  Over $440,000 was made on just one day alone.  These shops we opened just a week ago, yet we are already seeing tremendous figures.

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What we have is the same type of PR story, but with different characters – state opens first recreational shops (in this case, Massachusetts!), audiences from all across the country enter such dispensary, and both the dispensary as well as state receives nationwide buzz for weeks on end.  Colorado and Washington State were the first to go recreational back in 2012 and now its hitting towards states on the east coast.  Massachusetts is truly reeling in from this PR miracle that has been sweeping the nation for half a decade.

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Image result for Massachusetts Ocean

PR pros should definitely pay close attention to Massachusetts next year.  This is just the beginning of a whole new era for the cannabis industry here in the east coast.  It may have taken quite a while to lift this off the ground, but now its finally swinging in full force.

Recreational cannabis is here to stay in Massachusetts.  The gold mines in this new ‘Green Rush’ are starting to be uncovered, but the biggest treasure is sure to be unlocked very soon.

In the end, one thing is for certain — $440,000 in just one day speaks mere volumes for the cannabis industry here Massachusetts.