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Image result for MA Fall

As we move into the last day of September, a number of sweeping changes start hitting around the nation.  Fall is a season of change, most especially when it comes to the temperature.  A new season means new PR nightmares will soon unfold.

Unfortunately, Massachusetts is already in the midst of its own PR nightmare that kicked in recently.  It has to do with one of the most popular products out on the market.  This was a nightmare that started so suddenly and is still sending shock waves everywhere.

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Ladies and gentlemen… all vaping products are TEMPORARILY BANNED in Massachusetts.  This includes tobacco, THC, and CBD vape oil.  The news comes after a string of mysterious illnesses, even deaths, from vape use.  Vaping products are set to be banned for four months.  The ban is expected to be lifted on January 25th.

Image result for Vaping

Image result for Vaping

This PR nightmare poses serious problems for the state of Massachusetts.  For one thing, this ban will push customers into the illicit market.  People who routinely vape won’t stop vaping just because it is banned.  With vape products now being illegal, audiences will turn to the black market to get the desired product they are looking for.

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Image result for Vaping

And then there’s the places themselves that provide the vaping products for their customers.  These specialty businesses were raking in thousands (even MILLIONS!) in finances for selling vaping products every day.  Vaporizers, e-juice, batteries, chargers, and other accessories have been provided for audiences into the vaping culture.

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Image result for Vaping

Only less than a week since the vaping ban started and businesses are already fighting back.  Employers know that this ban will ruin their business.  If nothing is done, their business will soon be smoked out.

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Image result for Vaping

The vaping ban is already hurting both audiences and businesses here in Massachusetts.  What’s even more shocking is that cannabis is being thrown into the mix as THC is one of the common elements being discussed in vaping.  It couldn’t come at a worse time, what with the holidays quickly approaching over the next few months.  Looks like the young men and women of America won’t be getting their vaping presents this year.

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Only way to go shopping for vape products in Massachusetts is through the black market.


Monty Python Ad in Boston

Every now and then, Boston has some creative advertisements in the city.  Its those small, yet noticeable ad that makes me stop and take a double look at the messages around me.  Some are humorous while others showcase for a greater cause.

Interestingly enough, I passed through quite an amazing ad over the past few weeks.  It combined a simple message for a great bar all through an ingenious pop culture reference.


The ad from Elephant and Castle reads ‘And now for something completely brilliant.  Get your brit on.’  This line stems from a famous line from Monty Python that goes ‘And now for something completely different.’  Monty Python was a classic British comedy series that featured Terry Gilliam, John Cleese, Terry Jones, Eric Idle, and Michael Palin.  It was this line announced every now and then before a new skit started.  You can find it at Downtown Crossing area of Boston.


Besides the obvious statement of the ad, its pop culture twist only makes it even better.  Monty Python was such a brilliant sketch series and its still relevant to this day.  Even if it’s something like a billboard display in Boston.

CBD Water Discovery

Sometimes when you wander around the city of Boston you find something TRULY amazing.  It’s something so spectacular that you just have to share it with the audiences around you.  Just this past week I found just that around Downtown Crossing area.  I wandered into the street only to find a shop that sells… CBD Water.




CBD Water, as in, water mixed with CANNABIDIOL.  This CBD Living Water is infused with CBD extracted in alkaline 9+pH water.  Some of the other ingredients include potassium bicarbonate, magnesium sulfate, and potassium hydroxide.  It has over 10,000,000 nanograms of CBD, which comes out to 10 mg of CBD inside the bottle overall.  Interestingly enough, this is was an award-winning CBD product in 2013.


This bottle would go great for the gym or your favorite yoga class.  You can cool down and experience the pain-reducing effects of CBD.  Look at that – a water bottle that keeps you hydrated AND reduces pain!


I happened to find this CBD Water at the Amazing Essentials shop on 44 Bromfield Street in Boston.  You’ll have to cough up some money for this product because one bottle of CBD water costs over $6 total.  Even still, its worth it for a hydrating bottle of CBD Water.


Check CBD Water at the Amazing Essentials shop today.  It’s the perfect water bottle to quench your thirst AND reduces your pain level all at the same time.

Phish at Phenway 7/6 Setlist

After my fun little mini vacation I had this past week, I am now rejuvenated and energized for the next string of posts here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  It was a great 4th of July week with great food, cold craft beers, and amazing firework shows.

Image result for phish fenway 2019

Image result for phish fenway 2019

This past weekend I got to see Phish at historic Fenway Park in Boston (#PhishatPhenway).  Phish played  Friday and Saturday of last week, with thousands of people jamming to some killer tunes out on the baseball field.  Trey, Mike, Page, and Jon rocked the park here in the city.

Their setlist for Saturday was absolutely amazing.  SO amazing that its time to reveal the highlights and where some of the best tunes originated from.

Here’s the recap of the setlist of Phish at Phenway on Saturday July 6th:



Set Your Soul Free


Wolfman’s Brother – Hoist, March 29th 1994

Reba – Lawn Boy, September 21st 1990

Back on the Train – Farmhouse, May 16th 2000

Mound – Rift, February 2nd 1993

About to Run

Down with Disease – Hoist, March 29th 1994

Simple – A Live One, June 27th 1995

Backwards Down the Number Line – Joy, September 8th 2009

Death Don’t Hurt Very Long

46 Days – Round Room, December 10th 2002

What’s the Use? – The Siket Disc, July 3rd 1999

Mexican Cousin – Round Room, December 10th 2002

Also Sprach Zarathustra

Split Open & Melt – Lawn Boy, September 21st 1990

Suzy Greenberg

Rise/Come Together

Wilson – A Live One, June 27th 1995