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Boston Cannabis Business — APPROVED

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April 20th is only a few days away and cannabis businesses are snatching up applications to start operating.  Hundreds upon hundreds of businesses are obtaining their licenses so they can bring their cannabis products or services over to their audiences.  Besides the highly-anticipated recreational dispensaries, other types of cannabis businesses will be operating in various towns and cities in Massachusetts.

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Towns are always great to set up but setting up cannabis businesses in the cities would be a MAJOR win-win situation.  Cities provide all kind of attractions for various demographics, generating that foot traffic prompting people to keep coming back for more.  There are already a few cities that plan to open up recreational dispensaries in July.

One of those popular cities that will definitely dispensaries operating will be – SURPRISE SURPRISE – Boston.

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It’s official – Boston will have recreational cannabis dispensaries operating this summer.  The Boston Massachusetts Zoning Commission recently approved the regulations that will allow retail cannabis businesses to operate.  These businesses are not allowed to open within a half-mile of each other or within 500 feet of schools.  Word has it that there could be as many as 56 recreational dispensaries operating around Boston.

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Count it folks…56 DISPENSARIES operating within the Boston area.  When you add in the miscellaneous shops that aren’t dispensaries, you are looking at over 100 cannabis businesses operating in the city.  Those businesses will be able to bring in HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of potential jobs in the city.  And the amount of profit being brought in will be in the MILLIONS if not billions.

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This PR miracle is just absolutely perfect.  It’s as if we were given the key to unlock a whole new world for Massachusetts.  All of that advocating, drafting, marketing, planning, and executing are finally worth it in the end.  Cannabis businesses can now move in on their territory and start their operations.

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For the record, I did mention ‘SURPRISE SURPRISE’ when announcing the news because I just KNEW that Boston would be providing recreational dispensaries in the city.  Boston is the perfect city to have this kind of industry coming to life, especially during the tourist season.  Think about it — you have thousands of tourists flocking every summer to the city.  It would only make sense being that Boston has:

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  • A high population of young professionals aged 25-40
  • Thriving industries around the neighborhood (technology, health, sports, entertainment)
  • Trending restaurants, especially those specializing in Irish/Italian cuisine
  • Legendary sports teams

With these attributes, Legalizing cannabis businesses in Boston should be a no-brainer.  Providing these operations will add only add more amazing buzz for this thriving city.

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I got real excited for this industry when I heard this news.  Cannabis businesses will now be able to operate all around Boston just in time for the summer.  There will definitely be marketers, advertisers, and PR pros flocking more towards this booming industry.  It would be amazing if agencies even started taking clients from cannabis businesses.  This is definitely the start to an amazing adventure for Massachusetts.

Getting that approval was one of the few final steps to finally making this happen.  Boston is only one step closer to opening a whole new industry for its audiences.

For now, let’s celebrate this as another victory for the cannabis industry.  Looks like cannabis businesses won’t be going up in smoke anytime soon.


MakeSandcastlesNotWar Press Release #1


350 Revere Beach Boulevard Apt. #3-3T

Revere, MA 02151

Jon Carey

                                                                                                                                        April 9th, 2018



MakeSandcastlesNotWar Creator Featured on Tal Rimoni Show

MakeSandcastlesNotWar creator Jon Carey will be featured on the Tal Rimoni Show.  Carey will be joining Salem State University student Tal Rimoni on the series tonight at 7 PM.  Some of his discussions for the episode include his experience networking in the cannabis industry, how he got his start, where the idea for MakeSandcastlesNotWar came from, and other juicy topics.  PR enthusiasts alike won’t want to miss out on this colorful topic about public relations going to pot (LITERALLY!).

This idea was pitched through Jon Carey, sole creator of the thriving entertainment PR blog MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  MakeSandcastlesNotWar covers the latest and greatest in the field of entertainment; many stories come with its own PR twist, providing a bigger lesson hidden beneath the actual story.  Carey covers a wide range of categories such as fashion, movies, TV, music, cannabis, and many others.  Each new topic is covered daily Monday-Friday with a series of special quotes on the weekend.

“Massachusetts has become a gold mine ever since they voted to legalize cannabis”, said creator Jon Carey.  “A lot of college students, especially those in the communications field, are graduating during such an exciting time where a whole new industry awaits them.  Cities like Boston and Salem will grow even bigger.  The possibilities for these ambitious students are endless.”  Carey also says he looks forward to reuniting with his Alma Matter Salem State University.  He was a Communications major focusing on Public Relations as well, but now Carey will be the one providing the scoop on this flourishing industry.

The Tal Rimoni Show airs on WMWM 91.7 FM during Mondays from 6-8 PM.  Creator Tal Rimoni is a junior Communications major focusing on public relations at Salem State University.  He enjoys movies, music, TV, politics, and sports.  Some of his featured guest included up and coming rapper DaVinci.  Rimoni will feature Jon Carey starting tonight at 7 PM.

Perspective Philosophy

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Perspective can provide an intriguing way of how we see the world.  We use our eyes to see objects that are near us or those that are further away.  Things that are far are actually much bigger as you move closer to them.  What may seem big now becomes so minuscule as you move further and further away.  Even major cities seem so small depending on where you are situated.


You see that dark silhouette of buildings peer out from the ocean?  That’s the city of Boston.  One of the most ever-growing cities here in the United States now looks like a small patch of land surrounded by water.  Those humongous buildings all around the area look like dominoes all lined up in their position.


And then you realize that those tower-like figures represent offices, apartments, restaurants, hotels, and even concert venues. Energy, projects, press releases, housing, art, food, and basic infrastructure are all being created on that very spot.  All of it sits right on that area adjacent from the Atlantic Ocean.


Its only then that you can’t imagine how many times you’ve traversed across this intimidating city.  Whether you were rushing to catch the next train or quickly heading over to check out the next trending restaurant, you know firsthand how stressful Boston can be.  When you’re standing right inside the city, you feel trapped within the towering buildings hovering around you.  There’s this overwhelming feeling that you feel closed in, having little to no space to maneuver around.


Then you leave the city and you move farther away.  You distance yourself further and you notice the city growing much smaller.  After dealing with the stresses of life, you start to wonder where all that anxiety came from when entering the city.  Being in the city certainly takes a toll on your mind, but you never stop to think about where the madness comes from.


Where does all this intimidation come from?  How is it that people are able to survive this thriving city without going completely insane? For a city filled with craziness, what is it that keeps people coming back?


Maybe it’s the excitement that happens every day and that there’s something magical about the hustle of being in a booming city like Boston.  People look back at those domino-stacked towers looming over the city and feel ambitious about going back out there.


In the end, however you see this monstrous piece of land is all through your own perspective.

Cannabusiness Networking

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Even with the dreary and cold weather we have been having lately, I still get out for the weekly networking events happening in Boston.  Networking events are one of the quintessential ways to connect with fellow employers from around your area.  People from all around attend a networking event to socialize with others about work opportunities.  They usually happen after work (around 5-6 PM) and take place at the nearest bar or restaurant.

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Image result for Boston Networking Event

Networking events are catered to all kinds of businesses; from architecture to agriculture, you can find every type of employee promoting themselves with some good ol’ face-to-face marketing.  You’ve probably caught a glimpse or two of these events back when you were studying in college.  Well schooling is all over now for guys like me and now I get myself to these citywide networking events every week.

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Many of these networking events cater around major trends happening in the business world.  With cannabis making a major splash in the city of Boston, cannabis-themed networking events have been happening more and more.  And in these 4/20-friendly events, joints aren’t the only things lighting up.

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Image result for Cannabis Networking Event

In the legal states, hundreds of professionals are attending networking events to ‘talk shop’ about what is happening in the cannabis industry.  From growers to marketers, cannabis connoisseurs are coming together to further their businesses.  Thousands of ideas are bouncing across the room just waiting to be heard.  Bold business ideas that would have never seen the light of day over 20 years ago are now starting to be discussed among business professionals in a popular bar.

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Image result for Cannabis Networking Event

After hours of their brains lighting up with creative ideas, some go off to light up their joint or bowl of cannabis.  It WAS a cannabis-themed networking event after all, so it’s only fair that they consume some of the product they are promoting.  A few minutes into their joint and professionals are already thinking more creatively about the cannabis industry.

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Image result for Cannabis Networking Event

What we have here is not only a uniquely-themed networking event, but we also introduced a new way of conducting business.  Professionals attend cannabis-themed networking events to discuss ideas among each other only to make new connections/friends in the process (who they also share a joint with afterwards!).  And even during their 4/20 sessions, MORE ideas are being discussed as well.  It has already been proven that cannabis helps boost creativity in many ways, but now we are seeing how it benefits professionals in the business world.

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Image result for Cannabis Networking Event

With the cannabis culture spreading its influence over big cities like Boston, that influence will only seep its way towards other business practices.  Companies and organizations could utilize cannabis (or ideas from the cannabis community) to further their own businesses. Imagine a PR company utilizing cannabis for their next campaign or brainstorming session. Cannabis’s hospitality mindset is influencing ALL types of business communities.

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So much is happening with the legal cannabis industry and many professionals are holding networking events to make ideas happen.  Ideas are one thing, but its how you PITCH those ideas are what will get you far in the business world.  Cannabis connoisseurs are coming out of the grow closet and sharing their business ideas among each other over appetizers.

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Now is a better time than ever to start making those ideas a reality.  Legal cannabis is coming VERY soon and these networking events are a perfect opportunity for making meaningful connections.

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If you’re looking to dive into the cannabis business, bring your business cards (as well as some cannabis) and start networking!

Axe-Throwing Adventures in Boston!

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Running a regular bar just doesn’t cut it in 2018.  You have to really get creative on strategies for a unique feature that would draw a big crowd.  Rotating craft beers and special cocktails can only get you so far, but the real trick is keeping your customers around longer.

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To combat this common issue, many bars or restaurants established fun events happening each week.  Various tactics restaurant businesses have used live music, trivia, board game night, food truck pop-ups, open mics, video game night, and even drag bingo.  Restaurants have become much more creative in marketing their business now than they did 20-30 years ago.  Selling food and beverages (especially alcohol!) are the obvious building blocks to a successful restaurant, but now you have to go BEYOND the call of duty to satisfy potential customers.

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The Millennial demographic produced a series of  challenges for restaurant businesses –a desire for more craft beer rotations, creative food options on the menu (like kale salad or avocado toast!), and social events to bring people together.  Boston is always knocking it out of Fenway Park when it comes to trending bars and restaurants in the city.  A couple of Boston neighborhoods are getting a special bar that involves…WAIT FOR IT…Axe-throwing.

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Image result for Urban Axes

Yes, people – AXE-THROWING bars are coming to the Boston area!  Philadelphia-based chain Urban Axes is opening a shop in Union Square of Somerville.  The location will provide a bar and is able to fit 80-100 people at a time.  There will be multiple throwing areas for your party.

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Each player throws 1.5-pound hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bulls-eye.  Players throw axes and try to reach as close to the bulls-eye to score as many points as they can.  Before the game starts, players start with safety and instructions from one of the main “axeperts” in the house.

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Urban Axes opened in 2016 and they currently have locations in Philadelphia and Austin (Baltimore will be open on March 15th).  These existing venues don’t serve food, but guests are welcome to bring some of their own.

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Other than Urban Axes, Revolution Axe Throwing will be opening this April.  This axe-throwing venture will be opening up on 69 Norman Street of Everett (near Nightshift Brewery, Short Path Distillery, and Bone Up Brewing!).  There won’t be food at first, but they are getting their beer and wine permit for the business.  Norman Street has become a growing gem for the city of Everett, so this area could get interesting this year.

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This idea sounds absolutely amazing.  Like David Ortiz knocking out another grand slam out of Fenway Park, Boston knocked out another grand slam with this incredible business concept.  Axe-throwing enthusiasts will be flocking to Somerville and Everett this summer.  2018 will surely be the year of axe-throwing bars.

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Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

Axe-throwing will become the new trick to bringing in the millennial demographic.  It hits three points of reeling in the Millennial audiences – the social feature (axe throwing), rotating craft beers, and creative food to keep them hungrier for more.  This right here is a prime example of great marketing and restaurant PR work.

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We may have to wait a few months until these axe-throwing venues open, but this will definitely be exciting to look forward to.  I don’t know about you, but I’m SO ready to take out my pent-up anger on those axes this summer (New England winter has been BRUTAL so far!).

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Look out for these axe-throwing bars this Spring and Summer!