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5/23 Thirsty Thursday Quote

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An unconditional right to say what one pleases about public affairs is what I consider to be the minimum guarantee of the First Amendment.

~ Hugo Lafayette Black


5/19 Sunday Funday Quote

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When you are tempted to look elsewhere for greener pastures, just remember someone else is probably looking at yours. And if another pasture looks greener, perhaps it is getting better care and attention. Grass is always greener … where it is watered.

~ Ezra Taft Benson

William K. Clifford’s Essay in The Witness

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Since I got back to playing The Witness (for meditative reasons), I have been revisiting some of the audio logs around the island.  These audio logs were one of my most favorite elements featured in the game.  Each one featured a wise quote, statement, or poem that directly or indirectly relates to the area you are in.  Whether I was reflecting puzzles in the desert or creating tetris blocks in the swamp, I always stumbled them upon my journey.

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There are two audio logs within the game both featuring a famous essay written in the 19th century.  You can find them in the Hedge maze behind the statue of the man with a sack over his shoulders and inside the ship on the floor underneath the controllers.  Those audio logs feature excepts from a writing piece known as The Ethics of Belief.

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The Ethics of Belief was written by philosopher William K. Clifford back in 1877.  William K. Clifford wrote on the utmost importance of evidence and it triumphs various ways of thinking.  One of his key statements in the essay is, ‘It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone to believe anything on insufficient evidence’.  He emphasized that people who base their beliefs on wishful thinking, blind faith, self-interest, or other such unreliable grounds would be immoral.  These intellectual bad habits would harm both themselves and society.

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You can find the first part of the essay on the shipowner within the ship and the passage about the busy man in the hedge maze.  Two separate audio logs combining into one amazing story from an essay written by William K. Clifford.  The quotes themselves are amazing to hear, but its where it originates from that makes these audio logs so intriguing.  There was also that time we discovered three passages from Arthur Eddington’s The Nature of the Physical World.

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Image result for The Witness Game

Even as I play The Witness now, there’s still many surprises that I find within the game.  Whether it’s a puzzle or text from an audio log, this game is packed with amazingly sophisticated content.  Who knows what the next discovery will take us next?

With that, William K Clifford’s The Ethics of Belief is another great writing piece from The Witness.  Read up on his whole philosophical essay on belief to get the full idea.