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Viceland’s Epic TV Criss-Cross!

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After the first day of my work week, I am most excited to come home to watch the new episodes of Weediquette and Bong AppétitWeediquette may have aired their final episode of the season (boo!), but Bong Appétit is still going strong.  Last week’s episode featured Abdullah Saeed throwing a pizza party for his friends featuring cannabis-infused pizzas.

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            Other than showcasing cannabis-infused pizzas, there were some notable guests that dropped by for the celebration.  These guests appeared on Bong Appétit for what is known as – wait for it—a TV CRISS-CROSS!  That’s right, folks!  Today’s post features a crazy TV criss-cross that brought together various guests from other TV series.  It was a TV Criss-Cross so spectacular that it is known as…the Viceland TV Criss-Cross!

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            So let’s break it down:  For the pizza-themed episode, the Bong Appétit crew welcome Frank Pinello from The Pizza ShowThe Pizza Show follows Frank Pinello as he travels across the country tasting various pizza pies.  Frank’s own series can be watched on the Viceland network!  Since The Pizza Show was on hiatus until season 2, Frank dropped by the Bong Appétit house to help out with making three infused pizzas.  He isn’t a heavy cannabis user, but he was enthusiastic about adding cannabis products into his pizza pies (props to him for that amazing dab hit at the end!).  Cannabis and pizzas, two beautiful commodities here in America, melded together for one fantastic Bong Appétit episode. 

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            But wait, there’s more!  The episode featured guests from Viceland’s other series King of the RoadKing of the Road follows three teams that go on a skating trip of a life time, shredding their dignity (as well as blood!) to be crowned as King of the Road.  It’s a wild scavenger that leads three teams all across the country to cross off each item on the list (for those of you who remember the scavenger hunt episode on MTV’s Viva La Bam, it’s basically that concept for the series!).  Some of the King of the Road crew dropped by for some pizzas, smoke some amazing weed, and to shred on the half-pipe ramp.

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And there you have it – three amazing shows on Viceland under one roof for Bong Appétit It was an amazing TV criss-cross that featured three shows from one awesome TV network.  There were pizzas, there were radical skaters shredding the half-pipe, and of course…LOTS of weed!  Skateboarding, cannabis, and pizzas…can it get any better than this?  This was the best Viceland TV Criss-Cross to date!

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            I haven’t done much TV Criss-crosses for MakeSandcastlesNotWar lately and I’m glad I found the time to write about this one.  It’s funny how you discover TV series intertwining for one amazing television event.  TV series have been crossing over each other for decades and it makes for great entertainment.  Viceland’s criss-cross of Bong Appétit with The Pizza Show & King of the Road made for a fantastic episode last week.  Who knows what other fantastic TV Criss-crosses we’ll run into in the future.

Funny Cannabis Strain Names

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There are over hundreds of known cannabis strains around the nation.  Some strains are named for an aspect of the plant (Panama Red, Purple Urkle) while some names play off of pop culture references.  As cannabis becomes more popular among American culture, the motivation to spread out unique strains becomes more relevant than ever.  Nowadays, most new strains are discovered from crossing different strains among each other.  Many more strains have yet to be discovered and the names are getting crazier than ever!

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To dive into this topic, MakeSandcastlesNotWar decided to look at a few interesting choices for strain names.  Some strains referred to aspects of popular culture while other names were just flat out strange.  These strains are a few of many others that have a funny name for the plant.  Here are a few hilarious strain names that are out on the market:

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Alaskan Thunder Fuck:  Alaskan Thunder Fuck is just one of those strains that will make you think ‘what the fuck?’.  Originating in the Matanuska Valley area of Alaska, this legendary sativa strain possesses a relaxing yet intensely euphoric high.  It’s also known for having the ‘creeper’ effect and cause you to get the munchies after consuming.  This strain produces strong odors of lemon, pine, menthol, and skunk.  Consuming Alaskan Thunder Fuck produces happy, euphoric effects that are great for combating depression and stress.

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Herijuana:  While this strain sounds more like something you inject through needles, Herijuana does NOT pose any similarities to heroin.  Herijuana is a classic indica strain that produces THC levels of over 25%.  Consuming herijuana will cause a heavy, numbing feeling (NOT the numb feeling from heroin!)  that will keep you relaxed and sleepy.  This strain is perfect for those suffering from pain and insomnia.

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Phishhead Kush:  Before I start the description…YES, this strain IS an homage to the band Phish.  Another indica-dominant strain, Phishhead Kush produces heavy hypnotic effects that leave the mind and body feeling pure bliss.  This strain inherits this spicy, woody aroma that comes from the Afghani indicas.  Blast some of your favorite Phish records and kick back with some good Phishhead Kush!

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Zombie OG:  Ironically enough, Zombie OG will NOT transform you into some flesh-eating monster.  This indica strain should be consumed during a lazy night because of its strong sedative effects.  Zombie OG is a cross between Blackberry and OG Kush.  Consuming Zombie OG is great for treating muscle spasms, depression, and even stress.  Consuming Zombie OG would go perfect with The Walking Dead episode premiere on a Sunday night.

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Skywalker OG:  May the Fourth Day happened a few days ago, so it’s only makes sense that we add Skywalker OG into the mix.  This indica-dominant hybrid strain could take you to a galaxy far, far away…with its strong body effects such as mild tingling and numbness.  Skywalker OG is a cross between Skywalker and OG Kush that is here to rescue you from pain as well as physical limitations.  Consuming Skywalker OG will leave you feeling happy, relaxed, and euphoric that will melt away that stress or depression.

So there you have it, 5 hilariously-named cannabis strain.  One sounded similar to a harder drug (heroin!), another strain was an homage to Phish, and there was even a strain after a flesh-eating monster.  As wacky as these names were, these are definitely some go-to strains if you’re looking for something different.

I hope you enjoyed reading through some of these funny strains.  If you ever come across one of these strains, be sure to pick them up at your local dispensary!

Supernatural: XXX Edition

One interesting horror series I have been binge-watching on Netflix lately is SupernaturalSupernatural first aired on September 13th, 2005 on The WB network.  The series revolves around brothers Dean and Sam Winchester who hunt for demons, ghosts, monsters, and other ghastly figures that try to destroy the earth.  They cruise around the country in Dean’s ’67 Chevrolet Impala that was passed down from their father John Winchester.  Almost every episode begins with the Winchester brothers heading to a new city/town to destroy another creature (for the record, the whole series is filmed in British Columbia!).

Supernatural plays off as a beefed-up, macho version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where its two brothers fighting monsters and saving the damsel in distress.  I would say that it’s not as gruesome as American Horror Story, but the show has some gory death scenes every now and then.  It has some horror scenes mixed in, but the thing that really draws me into the series?  The subtle gay jokes in some of the episodes.

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Every now and then, Supernatural slips in some homosexual occurrences that pulls the series into another direction.  A running gag that keeps happening is Dean and Sam being mistaken for partners rather than brothers.  While Sam and Dean are straight, the series spills some sexual innuendos that have audiences believing another tale.  One of my favorite instances when Dean meets with Chief in season 4 (Dean’s reaction to meeting the Chief was just PRICELESS and I would pay good money to see what would’ve happened between the two!).

After digging up some research, I realized that I wasn’t the only fan who thought of this.  Apparently, there’s this whole community that creates gay fanfiction stories that happen between Sam/Dean and Dean/Castiel.  For those of you who don’t know, fanfictions are fictional stories that people write based on their favorite TV series.  Since the start of the series, audiences have been writing fanfiction stories surrounding Sam and Dean’s relationship.

If that weren’t interesting enough, there’s critics believing that Dean may be bisexual.  This idea started after Castiel was introduced in season 4 after Castiel pulled Dean out of hell.  From what I have seen on season 4, Dean and Castiel have an…INTERESTING relationship.  Dean is not a fan of Castiel right now, but their relationship will blossom as the series goes on.  If that were truly the case, it would make the series a LOT more interesting.

For the record, I think we should cut the bullshit and provide the fans what they truly want – a homoerotic version of Supernatural.  There’s been so many gay fanfiction stories surrounding the characters and it give the audiences exactly what they wanted in the first place.  Let’s face it – audiences that watch the series are fantasizing about a relationship between Sam and Dean or Dean and Castiel.  I think what America really needs now is a XXX-rated version of Supernatural (NO JOKE, there’s ACTUALLY a porno version of this series titled This Ain’t Supernatural XXX!).  It wouldn’t have to cast the same characters from the series, but it would cast look-alikes from the series.

The XXX-rated series would be titled Supernatural: XXX Edition.  It would star Dean, Sam, and Castiel as they fight off monsters and for their love for one another.  There would be some cheesy fighting scenes and ridiculous one-liners (cause when has there EVER been porn that had good dialogue?).  In the end, the boys celebrate together after a long week of hunting with a three-way in bed.  This porno would be about three boys, lots of monsters coming their way, and one steamy relationship that tests their love for one another.

It’s your move, Hollywood – millions of fans have been writing gay fanfiction of Supernatural and now’s the time to deliver what everyone’s been waiting for.  The subtle gay jokes have been enough to convince me that there’s a gay porno that should be in the works (There HAS to be a scene between Dean and this ‘Chief’ character in the porn!).  There’s a lot of parody porn out on the market and a homoerotic version of Supernatural would be just the thing people need.

Fans all around the world have the right ideas and now the porno just needs to be in the works.  There’s a lot of craziness in the world right now and we could really use something entertaining like Supernatural: XXX Edition.

Welcome Back to the Cash Cab!

Back when I was in high school I discovered this awesome series called Cash CabCash Cab was a game show hosted by stand-up comedian Ben Bailey that aired on the Discovery Channel.  Bailey would drive around New York City looking to pick up random strangers.  Once the contestants entered the cab, Ben would inform the party that they were part of the game if they choose to play.  Players would be asked to answer questions where they would win $25-$100 for each correct answer.  The game ends once the players reached their destination or if they answered wrong three times during the ride.

Cash Cab first aired on December 5th, 2005 and ended its final ride on April 18th, 2012.  It was a unique game show that took place within a NYC cab with a variety of trivia questions.  The cash cabs may have been out of service since 2012, but Discovery Channel is looking to revive the show soon.

After a 5-year cancellation, Cash Cab returning to Discovery Channel!  The adventurous game show is returning to the Big Apple for all new episodes.  Each episode will follow the same format with each contestant.  Discovery Channel has not announced a set host yet, but Ben Bailey could return his position as the Cash Cab host.  For an even more shocking twist, special comedians and celebrities will be driving the cab to pick up passengers.  There are no other changes that will be made to the classic format, but more news is to come soon.

It’s so awesome to hear that Cash Cab is returning soon!  I loved watching the series and I dreamed about entering the Cash Cab when I’m in New York again.  This will be interesting to see a modernized version of the series after being cancelled for over 5 years.  With ride-sharing apps being the new norm for transportation, it’ll be interesting if people will be taking the cab at all.

Who knows, maybe the Cash Cab will become a ride-sharing vehicle like Uber or Lyft.  The Discovery Channel should consider using a ride-sharing car rather than the typical cab since millennials get a Lyft these days.  Times have changed over the past 5 years and Cash Cab should consider ditching the cab to keep up with the latest trends.  That’s not to say that there’s anything wrong with the show’s format, but it would be a helpful strategy for better ratings.

For now, let’s appreciate that the Cash Cab will be rolling around the streets in NYC soon.  Who knows what unsuspecting passengers will win big money while on the Cash Cab!

Lange/Shipka Hollywood TV Criss-Cross!

Although it’ll be months before American Horror Story starts its next chapter, I have been enjoying Ryan Murphy’s newest series Feud.  The first season of Feud chronicles Hollywood’s most notorious feud between Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.  We are three episodes in and the feud has really been hitting hard within the two actresses.  The actresses have just wrapped up filming What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? and now the film is set to release in theaters nationwide.

During the show, there’s been some interesting actresses that I’ve been keeping tabs on.  There’s Jessica Lange from the American Horror Story series and Kiernan Shipka who played Sally Draper in Mad Men.  These women played characters that shared similar backgrounds before moving onto Feud.

To better explain this, it’s time for something that we’ve been aching for so long: a TV criss-cross!  But this isn’t just ANY TV criss-cross cause today’s post is…a DOUBLE TV criss-cross!  Get ready folks, cause the double tv criss-cross is about to start.

Before Kiernan Shipka starred as B.D. in Feud, she was little Sally Draper in Mad Men.  Sally’s parents were famous adman Don Draper and former model Betty Draper.  What’s ironic is that both characters Kiernan played were daughters of mothers that worked in the entertainment industry!  Bette Davis was a star in Hollywood and Betty Draper was a model before having children (both of their initials are BD which is even more strange!).  After Kiernan finished up with Mad Men, she landed another 60s-era roll as Betty Davis’s daughter.  That’s one criss-cross down.

But wait, it gets even better!  Jessica Lange stars as Joan Crawford, an aging actress that longs for the spotlight once again.  Where exactly have we seen this type of character that works within the entertainment industry?  In chapters of American Horror Story, of course!  Lange starred as former singer/turned nun Sister Jude Martin in American Horror Story: Asylum.  Two seasons later, she played as singer Elsa Mars in American Horror Story: Freakshow.  This is her third project with Ryan Murphy where she stars as someone aspiring to be a star.

Wow…we’ve had TV criss-crosses before, but nothing more descriptive than this!  This intriguing criss-cross took two actresses from different worlds only to have them within the same silver screen together.  It really has been a while since the last TV criss-cross took place, so this definitely upped the ante for this category.

This was a great TV criss-cross to discover on Feud!  I’ve really been enjoying the series so far and both actresses have been doing amazing.  If you haven’t seen it already, Feud is definitely worth watching on Sundays.  It isn’t as disturbing as American Horror Story, but it does feature a whirlwind of jealously and hatred that makes for an incredible show.

TV criss-crosses haven’t been updated lately (due to the massive shift towards cannabis news), but there’s definitely some incredible criss-crosses to discover.  When there’s a new show to discover, there’s sure to be a hidden criss-cross somewhere along the horizon.