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Cold Remedy Treatment Tips

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Last week I got hit with a bad cold.  After a fun night in Boston with some friends, my cold kicked into high gears the next morning.  I could barely concentrate on the computer screen, let alone bring myself to type out another magnificent creation.  It was the kind of day to lay down and binge-watch shows on Netflix for hours on end.

One week later and I now remain sick-free.  It was quite a while until I was feeling 100%, being that it took some legwork each day.  The cold didn’t disappear with just one medicine alone.  In fact, it took a combination of various health tools that were at my disposal.

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If you’re a professional businessman like me and need to cure your sickness as soon as possible, there are a few great remedies to help alleviate your symptoms.  Here are a few of my remedies I used to ail my cold this past week:

Tea (and other liquids)

Image result for Herbal Tea

Image result for Herbal Tea

Everyone always says you must start drinking more liquids as soon as you get sick.  I’ll do you one even better – I drank even more tea than usual.  Any and all types of tea will work.  Green, black, white, herbal, and mint are a few of many great teas you should be drinking each day.  Tea has many antioxidant properties that help flush out toxins that are causing you to be sick.

Drinking liquids when your sick will help, but tea will alleviate your symptoms even faster.


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Taking DayQuil and NyQuil were a good routine for treating the cold as well.  DayQuil helps with the symptoms throughout the day.  NyQuil is perfect before bedtime to help get to sleep faster (it causes drowsiness, so its important to take it at night!).  They come in either liquid form or even in gel caps.


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Before starting your work day, be sure to pack an Emergen-C and water on the go.  Emergen-C is a powered drink mix vitamin supplement that is packed with tons of vitamin C; in fact, one packet contains 1,000 mg of it.  Vitamin C is the perfect remedy for knocking out the cold while in the office.

Tea, Emergen-C, and a touch of DayQuil are a few of many remedies to help relieve your cold.  We are still in the winter months, so expect more cold days to come here in Massachusetts.  Nevertheless, you can still treat your cold while braving the frigid temperatures each day.


AHS Apocalypse Crossovers Recap

Alrighty folks, we have just a few days left until the last month of the year.  November is ending soon, which is still quite a shock being that I’m still reeling in from the hearty Thanksgiving dinner.  The one thing that has still been lingering around my mind was the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Image result for american horror story apocalypse

Image result for american horror story apocalypse

American Horror Story: Apocalypse quickly became my favorite season after the first few episodes.  The 8th chapter featured intriguing characters, horrific tragedies, and one warped Antichrist known as Michael Langdon.  But what really got me hooked on the latest season was the range of crossover events that happened in many episodes.  Various plots from different season intertwined into one complex story line, spinning different characters into the same AHS universe.

These twisted crossover events truly made the show that much more entertaining.  Each character, both new and old, played their part in the battle against Michael Langdon.

To celebrate this clever type of storyline, it’s time to look back on the best crossover events that happened during season eight.  What’s interesting to note is that some of these crossovers intertwined with more than one season as well.

Here’s the recap of the major crossover events that happened during American Horror Story: Apocalypse:

Episode 1 – The End

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Our first crossover event kicks off none other than the main man himself, Michael Langdon.  Michael Langdon was born from Tate and Vivien back in American Horror Story: Murder House.  Little Michael is all grown up and created the Apocalypse that happened during the episode.

Episode 2 – The Morning After

Image result for american horror story apocalypse Rubber Man

Image result for american horror story Rubber Man

Other than Michael Langdon, The Rubber Man is another significant enemy that returned from season one.  The Rubber Man first made his appearance in the first episode, reappearing every now and then in the Murder House.  He returned to season eight, haunting more victims in Outpost 3.

Episode 3 – Forbidden Fruit

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Myrtle Snow, Cordelia, and Madison Montgomery all made their return after everyone consumed the poisoned apple.  You may remember these powerful witches from American Horror Story: Coven.  This would be the start of the infamous Murder House/Coven crossover that would occur throughout the season.

Episode 4 – Could it Be… Satan?

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We see more crossovers with American Horror Story: Coven as we enter Miss Robichaux’s Academy, the witch’s coven.  Queenie makes her return as we learned she was still trapped in the Hotel Cortez.  This scene marks a triple crossover event of American Horror Story: Murder House, American Horror Story: Coven, and American Horror Story: Hotel.  Three crossovers woven under one united storyline.  It was certainly an ingenious event to behold.

The other one takes place near the end when Michael Langdon fetches Madison Montgomery from her personal hell.  Montgomery was placed there at the end of American Horror Story: Coven.  Langdon fetches both Queenie and Madison from their hells, driving more former characters into the new season.

Episode 5 – Boy Wonder

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Episode five takes us to a familiar test known as the Seven Wonders.  Four witches (Madison, Queenie, Misty, Zoe) performed this test back in American Horror Story: Apocalypse to see who would become the next Supreme.  Michael Langdon performs the test, acing every aspect each time.

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One of his tasks during the Seven Wonders was to retrieve Misty Day from her personal hell.  Misty Day was the infamous witch who used natural ingredients to bring things back to life.  She was sent to her personal hell by the end of the third season, dissecting frogs all day.

By the end, we get a preview of one of the biggest crossover events of the century – the return of The Murder House.

Episode 6 – Return to Murder House

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Image result for american horror story Apocalypse

Image result for american horror story Apocalypse Constance

This was one of the BIGGEST crossover events ever – Return to the Murder House.  It was here where the AHS universe all started, the haunted house where multiple murders happened throughout the decades.  We got every one of our favorite former characters back into the story – Ben and Vivien Harmon, Tate, Violet, Moira O’Hara.  But the best cameo of all was the return of Constance Langdon aka Jessica Lange.  Lange returned to her role as Constance, the mother of Michael Langdon.  Each character discussed Michael’s colorful history with Madison and Behold, showcasing an even darker side of him.

Returning to the Murder House helped us gather many clues about how Michael Langdon was truly born.

Episode 7 – Traitor

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Voodoo queen Dinah Stevens helped to summon Papa Legba for Cordelia.  Papa Legba was the ghoulish voodoo character that took Marie Laveau’s soul back in American Horror Story: Coven.  He also still owns Nan’s soul since the third season as well.

Episode 8 – Sojourn

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Things get interesting when we see Ms. Venable working for Mutt and Jeff’s corporation three years before the nuclear blast.  She was already introduced back in episode one, making this a crossover within its own season.  Not only do we learn more of Ms. Venable’s past, but we also see how Mead was recreated as an android.  Two new characters crossing over within their own seasons on this episode.

Episode 9 – Fire and Reign

Seasons one and three merge again as the coven witches continue to figure out how to defeat Michael Langdon.  Many of the main witches have been destroyed by him, creating a battle between various characters from the past seasons.

Episode 10 – Apocalypse Then

Last, but not least, we move towards the final episode.  This is where most of the loose ends start tying up.  Mallory and Coco were hidden in Outpost Three and given new identities.  The three remaining witches hid in the swamp mud to survive the nuclear blast.  They all enter Outpost Three to face Michael Langdon.

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Marie Laveau resurfaces onto the scene after seeing Dinah pledge her allegiance for the antichrist.  Laveau was spending her time in her own personal hell back in American Horror Story: Coven.  She tries to fend off from Michael Langdon, but is only killed in the process.

Image result for american horror story Apocalypse Murder House

Mallory casts her time travel spell to return to the Murder House back in 2015.  It is then that we return to the time where Constance kicks Michael out of the house after seeing a dead priest lying beside him.  Langdon steps out, only to be run over by Mallory.  This is the last time we return back to the Murder House during the season.

And thus, ends our recap of the crossover events of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  This was quite a season filled with many twists and turns throughout.  These crossovers truly made for an incredible story.

Pose Season 1 Finale

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This past Sunday was the season finale of Ryan Murphy’s Pose.  After a month and a half of being introduced to NYC’s ball culture in the late 1980s, the first season comes to an end.  It was fierce, yet surprising episode that came with lots of happy endings for various characters.

Here’s what went down during the season finale of Pose:


Image result for FX Pose Season 1 Episode 8

Image result for FX Pose Season 1 Episode 8

After dreadful weeks of working as a dancer and being homeless, Elektra gets taken in by Blanca.  Elektra joins the House of Evangelista to help compete with the House of Ferocity.  Blanca sets up Elektra with a job at Indochine as a hostess.

Pray Tell gets set up on a date with a hunky bartender that works at all of the balls.  The date goes off well, leaving Pray Tell with a new man in his life.

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Damon receives exciting news that he and Ricky were picked to be professional dancers for Al B. Sure!  What’s even more exciting is that Damon even received his scholarship for his second year at school.

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In the meanwhile, Patty decides to let Stan move back into the house.  The two are starting to patch things up after she found out about the shocking affair going on.  Even still, Angel decides that she does not want to see Stan anymore.  Angel feels as though Stan should back home to his wife and children.

Image result for FX Pose Season 1 Episode 8

Image result for FX Pose Season 1 Episode 8

All of this led up to the final part of the episode – the princess ball.  The House of Evangelista competed against the House of Ferocity.  There was voguing, dancing, turning, spinning.  Most important of all, there was POSING.

Image result for FX Pose Season 1 Episode 8

Image result for FX Pose Season 1 Episode 8

It was a fiery competition between the two houses.  In the end, the House of Evangelista won a majority of grand prize trophies during the competition (with the help of Elektra of course!).  For the Mother of the Year Award, the winner went to… Blanca Evangelista.

That’s right – Blanca ended up being Mother of the Year.  It was such an uplifting moment during the episode of such an amazing series.  After all is said and done, Blanca won the ultimate prize.

And that’s the conclusion to the first season of Pose.  It was an incredible first season that featured a colorful cast of characters who come with amazing storylines.  Who knows what’s in store for the characters next season.

If there is anything to conclude this post with, its this – Work. Live. POSE.

Summer Solstice Passage

Image result for Summer Solstice

Image result for Summer Solstice

Here we are, just one week after the beginning of summer solstice.  Summer is here, bringing in hotter temperatures all around Massachusetts.  Other than the increasing temperatures, one of the most intriguing phenomenon that happens during the summer revolves around the concept of day and night.

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During the summer, days become longer while the nights are shorter.  There is more daylight happening outside than there is nighttime.  We are receiving more daylight during a 24-hour period.  While all of this is happening, the 24-hour time period remains the same.

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We have the same number of hours each day, but the amount of daylight changes each season.  Here at summer solstice, the sun does not start heading down until around 8:00 p.m.  After that, the sky wanes closer into the night.  Even after our long day of summer, the sun still comes down after a while.  And yet, it is this image that creates this fascinating idea of days being longer.

Image result for Summer Solstice

Image result for Summer Solstice

We are not gaining more time in our life; rather, nature presents this intriguing illusion that there is still more time.  With more daylight means more time spent enjoying the day outdoors.  Whether it is a work errand or enjoying an entertaining concert, you are provided with what seems like ‘extra time’ but really a boost of overall mood.  Summer is a season to enjoy outdoors, especially after being cooped up during the bitter cold of winters.

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While you’re enjoying a day at the beach or having another drink on the patio after work, just remember this – its all thanks to the summer solstice, with the sun shining longer than ever.

Summer 2018 Goals

It has been an interesting couple of days here at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  Pride Month started earlier, recreational cannabis shops are opening in less than a month, and summer is coming up real soon.  Summer is usually a more relaxed season and business runs a bit slower than usual; this scenario goes for the PR industry as well.

Being that there aren’t as much entertainment releases during this season, I figured I take things a different direction.  Earlier I composed list of goals I want to complete for this summer.  These are not important life-changing goals that could drastically alter my life; but rather, just fun activities or events I plan to complete for this summer.

Here are my summer goals for this year:

Screenshot (291)

Read 5-10 Books

To be honest, I have not been reading as much books as I used to.  With the weather getting nicer, now is the time to sit outside and read some books.  I received a bunch of books last Christmas from my family.  This past weekend I finished reading California by Edan Lepucki, which was a real interesting read.

My goal is around 5-10 by the end of the summer, but I will probably add on to that list as time goes on.

Hiking Trips to New Mountains

Hiking trips around Bailey’s Hill are always fun, but its time I extend my trips elsewhere.  There are lots of other hiking trails I have yet to discover around the Boston area.  Even in the busy streets of Boston, there are still nearby trails to hike around.  Hopefully I will find some great trails that are not too far from me.

Rooftop Bar Events

Yesterday I played around with the idea of rooftop events in Boston (which you can read about here).  Rooftop bars make for great events to enjoy drinks on a nice summer day.  Whenever I am in Boston, I will be sure to hit up some good rooftop spots.  I have already spent enough time drinking my craft beers inside the bars and now it’s time to enjoy a cold one out on a rooftop or patio area.

Biking Around Beaches (Nahant, Winthrop, Revere, etc)

Other than hiking trails, I enjoy riding my bike outside as well.  I took my bike out last year a few times in Point of Pines.  It was an exhilarating exercise to do around Revere Beach.  Some other areas I want to ride around are Nahant Beach, Winthrop Beach, Swampscott, and even parts of Boston.  Definitely looking to stay active all while enjoying the great outdoors.

Attend Concerts

A few years ago, I attended some good shows around Boston.  I got to check out the Boston Calling Festival and even saw Gregory Alan Isakov live.  This year I plan to be on the hunt for some good bands coming into the area.  Anything within the jam band/classic rock scene would be great.

Go Camping

Camping is always a fun summer activity.  I went camping a few times with the family and enjoyed getting away from town for a while.  Hopefully I will go camping with some close friends of mine during their break from work.  This could be a great way to take a break and reconnect with nature.

Vacation Trip to Burlington, VT

Burlington, VT was the home of Champlain College, my first college I went to after graduating high school.  This was such an amazing city to be in with so many awesome places in downtown.  I would walk for miles around the city and never get bored of what Burlington had to offer.  During this summer, I definitely want to head back to my old college town for a bit to explore B-Town again (#BrokeInBurlington).

Take Trips to NH and Maine

Besides Burlington, I definitely want to take some quick trips up to New Hampshire and Maine as well.  New Hampshire and Maine are more than an hour away from me, but it’s a great drive to get away from the city.  The city may be fun, but I will carve out some time to explore the countryside.

Summer Blockbusters

Those summer blockbusters are perfect for the rainy days.  There are a lot of great movies coming out this summer that I will have to check out this year.  If the weather isn’t perfect, then its time to check out some summer blockbuster films.  And for the record, I WILL create a post about some of the movies I checked out this summer.

Swimming in the Ocean

One last healthy activity for the summer – swimming.  The ocean will be warming up near the beach, which will be perfect to swim in.  Swimming in the pool is one thing, but swimming in the ocean is even better.  There’s nothing like feeling the waves of cold water splashing over you on a hot summer day.

That is all for the summer goals of 2018.  There may be new goals added if something else comes up.  Either way, this summer is looking to be brighter than ever each and every day!