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Halloween Horror Story!

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Happy Halloween everyone!  Today is the day to get your spectacular horror fest on.  Time to dress in your best costume and go trick-or-treating to collect all the candy you want.  Just be sure you know what’s actually inside your treats you collect.

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Oh that’s right… I’m guessing you haven’t heard of the latest tall tale.  It’s a horror story like no other, prompting you to think TWICE before collecting unusual pieces of candy.  The story happened in Los Angeles last year – three innocent boys took in a strange piece of candy, only to be in for the most bizarre night of their life.  This tale is called…Sugar High.


Note:  The names, identity, and locations have been altered due to confidentiality purposes.  Only the story itself remain the same. 

            Three high school kids were roaming around the streets of Los Angeles on Halloween night.  One was dressed as a football player, another kid was dressed as Batman, and the other was dressed as Indiana Jones.  They’ve been wandering for hours, taking in the same types of candy each house

“I’m so sick of getting the damn Nougat bars!”, shouted the football player.  “Why can’t we get some decent candy with good flavor to it?”

“Most of these houses suck anyways.  Their decorations are looking tackier now that that stupid Star Shower got so popular”, said the Indiana Jones character.  He lured around the neighborhood as trick-or-treaters wandered around each house.

Halloween was in full bloom in Los Angeles, with hundreds of kids roaming around the streets looking for their pieces of candy.  Everyone dressed in their favorite costume for this spooky night.

“Let’s not give up yet guys!” remarked Batman.  “There was a house I heard nearby on the corner gives out plenty of good candy.  Maybe they’ll hand out something tasty for once.”

“Come on man, get real”, said the football player. “What would be so special about that small and dingy place?  It sticks out like a sore thumb in this suburban neighborhood.”

“Well I say we check it out.”, said Indiana Jones.  “I’m still wide awake for some good trick-or-treating adventure.”.

The kids took off, walking closer towards the small house on the corner.  It sat nestled between two streets, pinpointed right at the intersection.  This bright yellow house had no Halloween decorations nor were there barely any lights on.  They knocked on the door a few times, waiting for some response.  Footsteps were heard from inside the house; an old man leaning onto a cane opened up the door.

“Ah, welcome!”, said the man.  “What brings you fine boys over here?”.

They all stared at each other, weirded out by their encounter.

“Uh, well”, the football player croaked. “We…we heard you may have some tasty candy for us.  Do you have the good stuff or not, old man?”

“Let me see here”, said the old man.  He rubbed his chin as he thought about what candy he could offer.  “I think I may have something extra special for you boys.”.

As the old man went into his house, the boys looked at each other for a bit.  What special treat could they be in for?  Would this candy be tasty at all?

“There it is!”, the old man shouted. “Got some special chocolates for you!”.

Lying on the man’s hand were three individually wrapped pieces of chocolate, each in the same size.  It was milk chocolate truffle with a hard shell on the outside and oozy flavor on the inside.

Not to seem rude, the three kids consumed the chocolate. “Oh wow!”, the football player cried.  “That was definitely delicious.”

“Definitely packed in the flavor with those.”, remarked Batman as he swallowed his chocolate.

“Oh absolutely!”, said Indiana Jones.

“Wonderful!”, the old man said with a grin.  “Glad you enjoyed those special chocolates.  If you liked those chocolates, then I got a REAL Halloween treat for you inside.  Come right inside and check it out.”.

Each of the boys agreed that they weren’t scared, so they went down the steps of his house.  Step by step, the room became darker and darker.  There was no light switch around and the boys kept walking down.  At one point, the finally got to the room.  Only problem was that they couldn’t see since it was so dark.

“I don’t see anything around here guys.”, remarked the football player.  “Any of you see anything yet?  Guys?”.

“I’m actually starting to get a dizzy”, said Batman.  “Is it just me or is the room really spinning?”.

One by one, each of their visions became blurrier.  In one motion, they fell onto the ground.

After minutes have passed, the football player was in a dimly-lit room.  He grunted until finally waking up.  The creaking sounds woke him up from his small slumber.  Dark red stains covered the walls, a small light-bulb was barely shining bright, the room echoes with series of creaks and croaks.  A small door was ajar in front of him.  Weird noises were coming from the other side, specifically grunts and moans from two creatures.

“What the—”, the football player whispered.  He slowly walked towards the door, curious to see what was on the other side.

What he peeped into was simply shocking– a naked male donning a deer’s head mask was banging another man who wore a mask resembling a pig’s head.  The two men moaned in ecstasy, banging each other for the sake of pleasure.  It was the most bizarre sexual scene he ever encountered — walls splattered with blood, a lightbulb dimly light in the middle, horror-themed music playing in the background, soaked sheets that barely stretched through the bed.

At one point, the men stopped moving and slowly turned their attention towards their open door.  They noticed the football player staring right at them.

“Oh SHIT!”, he screamed.  He slammed the door shut and ran out of the room.  Those masked men ran into the door, banging as hard as they could to break it open.  The football player hid into the corner, covering his ears and eyes while rocking slowly back in forth.  Bang, bang, BANG!  That door kept banging, until one point it suddenly stopped.

After cowering for a bit, the football player got up slowly and walked towards the door.  He creaked the door open, staring around the abandoned room.  The masked men were GONE!  One minute they were lunging themselves towards him and the next minute they simply vanished.  All looked the same, except for the masked men parading through their disturbing sexual ritual.

The football player screamed, running out of the bedroom and into another dimly lit room upstairs.  He opened up the trapdoor, only to see his friend staring aimlessly at the wall.

“Holy shit!”, the football player cried as he found his friend dressed in his Indiana Jones outfit. “Thank god your alive man!  Oh my god…I can’t believe I found you here.  What happened?”

“Oh I don’t know dude”, replied Indiana Jones.  “I remember swallowing that piece of chocolate.  Next thing you know, I woke up in this strange room.  I don’t know about you, but this room sure is trippy!”.

It certainly was trippy – various rubber suits hung onto railing, each one consisting of different features.  One particular suit, which featured a large spike on top of the head, was hanging off lower.  At one point, the suit fell onto the ground.

The boys yelped, looking around to see what made a sudden noise.  As they leered around the room, the rubber suit starting moving a bit.  First its legs slowly pulled itself up, then the body itself stretched for a bit.  It needed to stretch its legs after being hung on the rail for so long.  After stretching around for a bit, the rubber suit located the two boys and slowly headed towards them.

Both boys continued to look around, until they noticed the rubber suit with the silver spike heading their ways.

“Shit, dude!  RUN!”, shouted the football player. The boys quickly headed down from the ladder as the rubber man was edging towards them.  They shut the trapdoor, hoping the rubber man wouldn’t reach them anytime soon.

Shortly afterwards, they ran into their friend (the Batman!) lying on the ground.

“Wake up, man!  WAKE UP!”, they screamed.  There was no answer; their only option was to carry him up the dimly-lit stairs.  They pulled him up into the exit and quickly lunged the door open.  The trio walked faster and faster, getting far away from the house as they could.  It was truly a nightmare to behold, but their nightmare was finally over.

To this day, the trio still don’t understand what happened.  No authority figure believed their twisted tales of the disturbing sexual ritual or the rubber man chasing after them.  All that they recounted was that they consumed the special piece of chocolate from the old man and the rest became one horrific trip.

Was this all for real?  Or was they mind playing twisted tricks on them?  What kind of candy did they consume?

Either way, this twisted tall tale certainly proves one thing – always beware of unidentified pieces of candy that come in regular plastic wrap!

Bong Appetit’s Halloweed Criss-Cross!

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Happy Halloween Eve!  Just one day left until we get to celebrate the spookiest day of the year.  We’ve got cold weather, blustery wind swishing everything around, loads of candy being handed out, and people roaming around everywhere in costumes.  The spirit of Halloween is strong these days (most especially in Salem, MA!).

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Halloween may not be as entertaining to me now that I’m an adult with REAL plans these days, but I still enjoy watching the holiday-themed content on my favorite series.  Viceland’s Bong Appetit celebrated the holiday with a special HalloWEED party (get it? Halloweed, Halloween?).    The cast and crew got into the Halloween spirit with some cannabis-infused treats for the guest; they ended the dinner party in true Bong Appetit fashion – dabbing and smoking out of creature-shaped bongs.

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But the best part about last week’s episode?  The guest starring chefs that came back to create another entrée for the menu.  Four chefs from previous episodes of Bong Appetit created their own dish, each with their own Halloween twist.  It’s time to celebrate what’s known as the Bong Appetit TV Criss-Cross!

David Wilcox (Season 2, Episode 8)

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Our first TV criss-cross starts with David Wilcox.  David graced us with the cannabis-infused beef-tartare while dressing as a zombie for the night.  You’ll remember David back in the episode ‘Grow to Table Cuisine’ when they filmed at the ranch in Malibu.  Props to David for dressing up as a zombie while serving the beef!

Badmaash chefs Arjun and Nakul (Season 2, Episode 13)

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The Badmaash brothers Arjun and Nakul Mahendro returned to the Bong Appetit kitchen to create yet another Indian dish.  They first appeared on the episode ‘Tandoori Toke Fest’ to prepare some meals for the Indian dinner party (with some smokeable puri for afterwards!).  The eyeballs made from eggs and olives were a really creative idea for the curry they served for the Halloween feast.  Who knew that even Indian dishes could get a taste of Halloween?

Natalia Pereira (Season 2, Episode 16)

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          Brazilian chef Natalia Pereira came back to prepare the desert.  Pereira was on the last episode titled ‘Cannabis Coconut Stew’ where she created some amazing Brazilian meals.  She came back to prepare some chocolate brigadeiro spiders (infused with cannabis, of course!).

Devon Tarby (Season 1, Episode 5)


          Last, but not least, we have the cocktail mixer Devon Tarby.  Tarby first appeared in the episode ‘Tour de Terpenes’ back in season 1.  She made those incredible cannabis-inspired cocktails that went well with those various dab rips (that apple pipe drink was easily the best concoction I EVER saw on that show!).

Devon Tarby whipped up some cocktail resembling something that looked like witch’s brew.  This bright-orange colored drink was the perfect potion to drink for Halloween.  Just like back in season one, Tarby utilized cannabis flavors to the very fullest for a creative potion drink.

That’s it for today’s TV criss-cross.  Who knows what interesting guests we’ll run into next on Bong Appetit or other series.  Until then, get ready for Halloween tomorrow!

10/27 TGIF Quote!

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Go ahead, capitalize the T on technology, deify it if it will make you feel less responsible — but it puts you in with the neutered, brother, in with the eunuchs keeping the harem of our stolen Earth for the numb and joyless hardons of human sultans, human elite with no right at all to be where they are.

~Thomas Pynchon, Gravity’s Rainbow