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6/23 Saturday Quote

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Local prohibitions cannot block advances in military and commercial technology… Democratic movements for local restraint can only restrain the world’s democracies, not the world as a whole.

~ K. Eric Drexler


6/22 TGIF Quote

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One of the problems I’ve always had with propaganda pamphlets is that they’re real boring to look at. They’re just badly designed. People from the left often are very well-intended, but they never had time to take basic design classes, you know?

~ Art Spiegelman

6/15 TGIF Quote

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Most people exhibit what political scientists call “the conservatism of the peasantry.” Don’t lose what you’ve got. Don’t change. Don’t take a chance, because you might end up starving to death. Play it safe. Buy just as much as you need. Don’t waste time. When we think about risk, human beings and corporations realize in their heads that risks are necessary to grow, to survive. But when it comes down to keeping good people when the crunch comes, or investing money in something untried, only the brave reach deep into their pockets and play the game as it must be played.

~ David Lammers