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11/30 Cannabis Reflective Philosophy

Greetings, fellow readers!  So very much has happened within the past few weeks that has spilled onto this week.  As we move towards the final month of the year, it’s time to discuss it in the best way possible… reflective philosophy.

Medical Cannabis Week Philosophy

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Medical Cannabis has had quite a week here in America.  New York is pushing strategies to include medical cannabis as part of their health care coverage.  The University of British Columbia is initiating their first study of cannabis’s effect on the opioid epidemic.  But one of the biggest PR miracles that is still shining on is the opening of recreational dispensaries here in Massachusetts.

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In just one day alone, over $440,000 was made by the two dispensaries combined.  Think about the basic math in this scenario — $440,000, made within just one day of sales.  Almost half a million dollars of sales of cannabis products on just that ONE day.  Edibles, flowers, tinctures, concentrates, topicals.  Hash, wax, flower, shatter, the whole nine yards.  All types of cannabis products sold for almost half a million dollars on November 20th.

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You don’t need to compute some math or search the latest article to know that over a million dollars was made in LESS than a week.  All you need is that final result and your mind can clearly pinpoints the foreshadowing through that number.  Let the numbers speak for themselves.  Words will just get jumbled around the background of this beautiful ending for this long-awaited arrival.  It’s such a winning number that you can barely wrap your head around what has happened.

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That’s when you just know… that was it.  Recreational cannabis has its biggest PR miracle that is growing faster than ever.  Hard work and a little patience helped lift this new aspect of the cannabis culture off the ground.  Only ten days have gone by, yet the future becomes clearer than ever.

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Then there is the other outcome you have to wonder about – the medical cannabis industry.  This is when you have to ask those big questions filled with complex answers.  What does the future truly hold for the medical cannabis industry?  Could there be hidden strategies that could keep this industry trending further?  If there were ever still a trend, what would it possibly look like?  Is there still something medical cannabis provides that recreational doesn’t?

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As the years go on, those questions become harder to answer.  With the wind starting to blow towards the recreational market, competition among businesses will be very interesting.  Strategies will become more advanced.

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At this point, there is very little data to ponder about within the next few days.  The holidays are starting very soon, so we must take time to celebrate this last month.

If there were anything to remember for today, it’s this – 2019 is looking to be MORE and MORE eventful for the cannabis industry.  Especially around Massachusetts.


Canada’s Crafty Cannabis Study

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New York and Massachusetts have been peddling further into the cannabis industry these days.  Massachusetts is reeling in from the PR miracle of opening two dispensaries (which already made over $1,000,000 in less than a week!) and New York senators are passing a bill to have health care coverage for medical cannabis.  Both states are seeing the wide range of benefits cannabis has for their citizens.  Things in the east coast are really starting to pick up now over this past week.

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Along with all of this exciting buzz happening in America, its upstairs neighbor Canada has been celebrating its own miracles as well.  Cannabis is legal in Canada (as in, EVERYWHERE in Canada), various universities started allowing students to smoke on campus, and the very first 4/20 video game lounge opened up in British Columbia (more on that here).  Canadian citizens all across the nation have been reaping the benefits of being able to consume cannabis from both medical and recreational dispensaries.  In the land of Tim Horton’s and poutine, Canada’s cannabis community has become much greener this year.

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With all of these events happening, British Columbia has become much more of a 4/20 hot spot these days.  But its not just the students that have more freedom to use cannabis.  Cannabis is now being utilized for scientific research.

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University of British Columbia’s first Canopy Growth Professor of Cannabis Science Dr. M-J Milloy will be leading a scientific research on how to fight British Columbia’s opioid crises.  BC’s opioid crises was declared a public health emergency back in 2016, yet a record number of people are dying of overdoses.  This research looks to reduce the opioid epidemic all across the nation.

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Image result for BC City

The opioid epidemic was mentioned not to long ago during the discussion about New York’s plan for providing health care coverage on medical cannabis.  Canada is one of many countries seeking alternative solutions to fighting this health PR nightmare.  Opioid use has been on the rise every year, prompting many people to unorthodox ideas like cannabis.

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All throughout the decades, we heavily demonized cannabis for its supposed idea that it would get us hooked onto harder drugs like methamphetamine or heroin.  In an ironic twist of events, cannabis is acting as a secret substitute to detox our bodies from such illicit substances.

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On a simpler scale, the basic idea is to consume cannabis in order to minimize the damages from withdrawing heroin.  But in a scientific sense, cannabis acts as an EXIT drug where the cannabinoids flush out many toxins that are damaging our physical, mental, and emotional state.  Cannabis, the very same plant demonized for its urges towards harder drugs, is now becoming this healing plant that helps rejuvenate the human body of all poisonous chemicals.

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That is why you are seeing New York looking to pass bills to include medical cannabis as part of their health coverage and Canada creating the first study on cannabis in UBC.  All roads lead back to the growing opioid epidemic many nations are facing today; and that public health crises have been costing MILLIONS, especially for countries like Canada and the United States.

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And with that, cannabis will hold the key answer to our growing opioid epidemic nations are facing today.  What used to be demonized for getting users started on illicit drugs like heroin is now preventing such painful symptoms from occurring.  Many nations will continue to see cannabis as an alternative strategy over time.  Hopefully it won’t take another spike in opioid use to know that we have this gigantic health PR nightmare on our hands.


AHS Apocalypse Crossovers Recap

Alrighty folks, we have just a few days left until the last month of the year.  November is ending soon, which is still quite a shock being that I’m still reeling in from the hearty Thanksgiving dinner.  The one thing that has still been lingering around my mind was the season finale of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

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American Horror Story: Apocalypse quickly became my favorite season after the first few episodes.  The 8th chapter featured intriguing characters, horrific tragedies, and one warped Antichrist known as Michael Langdon.  But what really got me hooked on the latest season was the range of crossover events that happened in many episodes.  Various plots from different season intertwined into one complex story line, spinning different characters into the same AHS universe.

These twisted crossover events truly made the show that much more entertaining.  Each character, both new and old, played their part in the battle against Michael Langdon.

To celebrate this clever type of storyline, it’s time to look back on the best crossover events that happened during season eight.  What’s interesting to note is that some of these crossovers intertwined with more than one season as well.

Here’s the recap of the major crossover events that happened during American Horror Story: Apocalypse:

Episode 1 – The End

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Our first crossover event kicks off none other than the main man himself, Michael Langdon.  Michael Langdon was born from Tate and Vivien back in American Horror Story: Murder House.  Little Michael is all grown up and created the Apocalypse that happened during the episode.

Episode 2 – The Morning After

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Other than Michael Langdon, The Rubber Man is another significant enemy that returned from season one.  The Rubber Man first made his appearance in the first episode, reappearing every now and then in the Murder House.  He returned to season eight, haunting more victims in Outpost 3.

Episode 3 – Forbidden Fruit

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Myrtle Snow, Cordelia, and Madison Montgomery all made their return after everyone consumed the poisoned apple.  You may remember these powerful witches from American Horror Story: Coven.  This would be the start of the infamous Murder House/Coven crossover that would occur throughout the season.

Episode 4 – Could it Be… Satan?

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We see more crossovers with American Horror Story: Coven as we enter Miss Robichaux’s Academy, the witch’s coven.  Queenie makes her return as we learned she was still trapped in the Hotel Cortez.  This scene marks a triple crossover event of American Horror Story: Murder House, American Horror Story: Coven, and American Horror Story: Hotel.  Three crossovers woven under one united storyline.  It was certainly an ingenious event to behold.

The other one takes place near the end when Michael Langdon fetches Madison Montgomery from her personal hell.  Montgomery was placed there at the end of American Horror Story: Coven.  Langdon fetches both Queenie and Madison from their hells, driving more former characters into the new season.

Episode 5 – Boy Wonder

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Episode five takes us to a familiar test known as the Seven Wonders.  Four witches (Madison, Queenie, Misty, Zoe) performed this test back in American Horror Story: Apocalypse to see who would become the next Supreme.  Michael Langdon performs the test, acing every aspect each time.

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One of his tasks during the Seven Wonders was to retrieve Misty Day from her personal hell.  Misty Day was the infamous witch who used natural ingredients to bring things back to life.  She was sent to her personal hell by the end of the third season, dissecting frogs all day.

By the end, we get a preview of one of the biggest crossover events of the century – the return of The Murder House.

Episode 6 – Return to Murder House

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This was one of the BIGGEST crossover events ever – Return to the Murder House.  It was here where the AHS universe all started, the haunted house where multiple murders happened throughout the decades.  We got every one of our favorite former characters back into the story – Ben and Vivien Harmon, Tate, Violet, Moira O’Hara.  But the best cameo of all was the return of Constance Langdon aka Jessica Lange.  Lange returned to her role as Constance, the mother of Michael Langdon.  Each character discussed Michael’s colorful history with Madison and Behold, showcasing an even darker side of him.

Returning to the Murder House helped us gather many clues about how Michael Langdon was truly born.

Episode 7 – Traitor

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Voodoo queen Dinah Stevens helped to summon Papa Legba for Cordelia.  Papa Legba was the ghoulish voodoo character that took Marie Laveau’s soul back in American Horror Story: Coven.  He also still owns Nan’s soul since the third season as well.

Episode 8 – Sojourn

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Things get interesting when we see Ms. Venable working for Mutt and Jeff’s corporation three years before the nuclear blast.  She was already introduced back in episode one, making this a crossover within its own season.  Not only do we learn more of Ms. Venable’s past, but we also see how Mead was recreated as an android.  Two new characters crossing over within their own seasons on this episode.

Episode 9 – Fire and Reign

Seasons one and three merge again as the coven witches continue to figure out how to defeat Michael Langdon.  Many of the main witches have been destroyed by him, creating a battle between various characters from the past seasons.

Episode 10 – Apocalypse Then

Last, but not least, we move towards the final episode.  This is where most of the loose ends start tying up.  Mallory and Coco were hidden in Outpost Three and given new identities.  The three remaining witches hid in the swamp mud to survive the nuclear blast.  They all enter Outpost Three to face Michael Langdon.

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Marie Laveau resurfaces onto the scene after seeing Dinah pledge her allegiance for the antichrist.  Laveau was spending her time in her own personal hell back in American Horror Story: Coven.  She tries to fend off from Michael Langdon, but is only killed in the process.

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Mallory casts her time travel spell to return to the Murder House back in 2015.  It is then that we return to the time where Constance kicks Michael out of the house after seeing a dead priest lying beside him.  Langdon steps out, only to be run over by Mallory.  This is the last time we return back to the Murder House during the season.

And thus, ends our recap of the crossover events of American Horror Story: Apocalypse.  This was quite a season filled with many twists and turns throughout.  These crossovers truly made for an incredible story.

MA Recreational Sales PR Miracle

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Image result for MA Recreational

Just last week, Massachusetts opened up its first recreational cannabis shops.  Thousands upon thousands of customers waited hours (literally HOURS!) in line to buy cannabis products.  Customers went in to buy flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and other cannabis accessories as well.  It was truly one of the busiest days for Northampton and Leicester, just days before Thanksgiving.

At this point, you’re probably wondering how much the two dispensaries made after just one day.  The final results?  Both dispensaries clocked in at a combined total of over $440,000.

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Image result for Money gif

That’s right folks – $440,000… from both dispensaries combined… in just ONE DAY.  Massachusetts made almost half a million dollars in just that day alone.  You don’t need any articles or basic math to know that they made over a million dollars in less than a week.

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Oh, and the best part about all of this?  This hasn’t even hit in BOSTON yet.  These figures were made within the dispensaries in Leicester and Northampton, both miles away from the city.

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It’s the PR miracle that keeps on giving.  Massachusetts legalized its first recreational shops and the ending results are better than ever.  Over $440,000 was made on just one day alone.  These shops we opened just a week ago, yet we are already seeing tremendous figures.

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What we have is the same type of PR story, but with different characters – state opens first recreational shops (in this case, Massachusetts!), audiences from all across the country enter such dispensary, and both the dispensary as well as state receives nationwide buzz for weeks on end.  Colorado and Washington State were the first to go recreational back in 2012 and now its hitting towards states on the east coast.  Massachusetts is truly reeling in from this PR miracle that has been sweeping the nation for half a decade.

Image result for Massachusetts Ocean

Image result for Massachusetts Ocean

PR pros should definitely pay close attention to Massachusetts next year.  This is just the beginning of a whole new era for the cannabis industry here in the east coast.  It may have taken quite a while to lift this off the ground, but now its finally swinging in full force.

Recreational cannabis is here to stay in Massachusetts.  The gold mines in this new ‘Green Rush’ are starting to be uncovered, but the biggest treasure is sure to be unlocked very soon.

In the end, one thing is for certain — $440,000 in just one day speaks mere volumes for the cannabis industry here Massachusetts.

New York’s Cannabis Health Care Plan

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While Massachusetts’ recreational cannabis industry has already been running, New York is still pushing out their own programs for medical cannabis.  With over 90,000 medical patients in New York, the need for better programs becomes critical.  That especially holds true for the most populous city of America, New York City.

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In a city of over 8,600,000 citizens, New York City has fewer than ten dispensaries within the area.  Even more interesting is that there are more gay bars and nightclubs than there are medical cannabis dispensaries.  Both types of subcultures have always been thriving for decades, making NYC one of the most progressive cities on the east coast.

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Sure, Massachusetts is already ahead of the game with recreational cannabis shops open; but the Big Apple has other plans in stores for their medical cannabis community.  In the distant future, New Yorkers could see medical cannabis being covered by health insurance.

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New York state taxes could soon be going towards helping public health insurance cover medical cannabis.  A bill is being planned that would require government health-insurance programs to cover cannabis just like any other prescriptions.  Such companies would include Medicaid, the Essential Plan and Child Health Plus.  This bill would also go for Elderly Pharmaceutical Coverage as well as workers’ compensation.  Lawmakers believe that this will help battle the opioid epidemic within the state.

Image result for New York Opioid Epidemic

Image result for New York Opioid Epidemic

That right there is the main kicker of this whole political PR idea – the opioid epidemic.  It’s one of the many health PR crises that is spurring the medical cannabis community even further.  With opioid use spiking to such high ranges, many states are utilizing alternative options to combat this epidemic.

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It’s ironic really – utilizing one of the most popular plants in America to ween off one of the most popular prescriptions.  Man vs. Nature, or in this case, Nature vs. Man.  Cannabis battles opioid prescriptions in one of the biggest health PR nightmares in the nation.

Image result for Reefer Madness

The main point to realize isn’t whether or not cannabis is a vial solution; but rather, the shocking revelation that people are turning to cannabis as an alternative.  Cannabis, the very plant we have demonized for over half a century, has now become sort of this ‘secret weapon’ that we are starting to recognize.  It was like the answer has been right in front of us the entire time.

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And that right there is how you have New York state lawmakers turning to medical cannabis for fighting the opioid epidemic.  New York sees other states and cities (most especially Massachusetts!) legalizing cannabis and now they are adopting certain procedures those such states are establishing.  If you truly want to understand NYC’s cannabis community, you have to understand its bold and colorful history.  This city was always in the forefront of anything entertainment in the east coast – fashion, food, television, movies, and even pornography.  While the west coast always had Los Angeles, NYC was the city the bridge the gap over to the northeastern region of America.

Image result for new york city statue of liberty

With that, New York is pushing for their own big changes in their medical community.  It’s ideas like this that will put cities like New York City on a better solution towards decreasing the opioid epidemic.  All of this will go down in another battle between Nature vs. Man.