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Supernatural: XXX Edition

One interesting horror series I have been binge-watching on Netflix lately is SupernaturalSupernatural first aired on September 13th, 2005 on The WB network.  The series revolves around brothers Dean and Sam Winchester who hunt for demons, ghosts, monsters, and other ghastly figures that try to destroy the earth.  They cruise around the country in Dean’s ’67 Chevrolet Impala that was passed down from their father John Winchester.  Almost every episode begins with the Winchester brothers heading to a new city/town to destroy another creature (for the record, the whole series is filmed in British Columbia!).

Supernatural plays off as a beefed-up, macho version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer where its two brothers fighting monsters and saving the damsel in distress.  I would say that it’s not as gruesome as American Horror Story, but the show has some gory death scenes every now and then.  It has some horror scenes mixed in, but the thing that really draws me into the series?  The subtle gay jokes in some of the episodes.

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Every now and then, Supernatural slips in some homosexual occurrences that pulls the series into another direction.  A running gag that keeps happening is Dean and Sam being mistaken for partners rather than brothers.  While Sam and Dean are straight, the series spills some sexual innuendos that have audiences believing another tale.  One of my favorite instances when Dean meets with Chief in season 4 (Dean’s reaction to meeting the Chief was just PRICELESS and I would pay good money to see what would’ve happened between the two!).

After digging up some research, I realized that I wasn’t the only fan who thought of this.  Apparently, there’s this whole community that creates gay fanfiction stories that happen between Sam/Dean and Dean/Castiel.  For those of you who don’t know, fanfictions are fictional stories that people write based on their favorite TV series.  Since the start of the series, audiences have been writing fanfiction stories surrounding Sam and Dean’s relationship.

If that weren’t interesting enough, there’s critics believing that Dean may be bisexual.  This idea started after Castiel was introduced in season 4 after Castiel pulled Dean out of hell.  From what I have seen on season 4, Dean and Castiel have an…INTERESTING relationship.  Dean is not a fan of Castiel right now, but their relationship will blossom as the series goes on.  If that were truly the case, it would make the series a LOT more interesting.

For the record, I think we should cut the bullshit and provide the fans what they truly want – a homoerotic version of Supernatural.  There’s been so many gay fanfiction stories surrounding the characters and it give the audiences exactly what they wanted in the first place.  Let’s face it – audiences that watch the series are fantasizing about a relationship between Sam and Dean or Dean and Castiel.  I think what America really needs now is a XXX-rated version of Supernatural (NO JOKE, there’s ACTUALLY a porno version of this series titled This Ain’t Supernatural XXX!).  It wouldn’t have to cast the same characters from the series, but it would cast look-alikes from the series.

The XXX-rated series would be titled Supernatural: XXX Edition.  It would star Dean, Sam, and Castiel as they fight off monsters and for their love for one another.  There would be some cheesy fighting scenes and ridiculous one-liners (cause when has there EVER been porn that had good dialogue?).  In the end, the boys celebrate together after a long week of hunting with a three-way in bed.  This porno would be about three boys, lots of monsters coming their way, and one steamy relationship that tests their love for one another.

It’s your move, Hollywood – millions of fans have been writing gay fanfiction of Supernatural and now’s the time to deliver what everyone’s been waiting for.  The subtle gay jokes have been enough to convince me that there’s a gay porno that should be in the works (There HAS to be a scene between Dean and this ‘Chief’ character in the porn!).  There’s a lot of parody porn out on the market and a homoerotic version of Supernatural would be just the thing people need.

Fans all around the world have the right ideas and now the porno just needs to be in the works.  There’s a lot of craziness in the world right now and we could really use something entertaining like Supernatural: XXX Edition.

Funny Search Result on Sunday FunDay!

Hello everyone!  No news to discuss, just wanted to turn your attention to something more interesting.  Yesterday I was surfing through my blog to see the status of it so far.  Everything seemed ordinary until I looked at the ‘Search Terms’ portion.

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Someone was searching ‘jesse jackman bottom’ and seemed to have discovered my blog on Google.  So yeah, apparently someone was searching for porn and they decided to check out my site through their search.  Well…I am certainly flattered!  It’s funny what kind of audience you get when writing about certain topics.

To the man/woman who was looking for ‘jesse jackman bottom’ videos…THANK YOU for discovering my work at MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  Always a pleasure to find random visitors who stumbled upon my blog (whether it was intentional or accidental!).  I hope you enjoyed your night with some amazing videos of Jesse Jackman.

These pictures are dedicated to that user who stumbled onto my blog:

Hope your Saturday night was memorable one!

California’s Pornographic Victory Against Prop 60

Even in the darkest of times, there are always silver linings propping up in every corner.  Our new President isn’t what we had in mind, but we managed to legalize recreational cannabis use in 1/5th of the country.  California became the most recent state on the west coast to legalize cannabis use.  Cannabis has always been part of a counter-culture in the state of California, with the Golden State becoming a safe haven for weed users (more on this special subject next week!).  It seems as though victory has been declared for both cannabis as well as the pornography industry in the state of California.

One other controversial bill that was part of California’s election was Proposition 60, the Condoms in Pornographic Films Initiative.  Condoms are already required on adult film shoots by California law, but the rule is rarely enforced.  The proposition would’ve strengthen the rule with private entities taking further action against studios that violate the law.  Voting “Yes” would’ve required the use of condoms and other safety measurements while filming.  This measure also would’ve required producers to pay for certain health requirements/check-ups.  A “no” vote would oppose the measures of Proposition 60.  By a tally of about 53.94%, Californians voted “no” down the controversial proposition.

Before we can dive into more perspectives about Proposition 60, we need to understand California’s liberal history with pornography.  A majority of pornography made in America is in Chatsworth, a neighborhood located northwest of the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles.  Adult film companies moved their filming location to San Fernando Valley after director Hal Freeman made Caught From Behind II: The Sequel in 1983.  The LAPD found the idea of a sequel offensive, so Freeman was arrested on five counts of pandering (i.e., pimping).  Filming has now been set in San Fernando Valley, San Francisco, and other areas of southern California.

Many adult film starts spoke out against Proposition 60.  Jesse Jackman grew up in Boston and works as a senior engineer.  After his 38th birthday, he was connected to San-Francisco-based gay porn studio TitanMen through his friend Roman Wright.  He shot his first scene with Hunter Marx in the film Surveillance in 2012.  Jackman currently lives with his partner Dirk Caber.

Jesse Jackman recently contributed an article to the Huffington Post about his stance on the initiative.  Jackman stated that he DOES use condoms in all of his films, but still voted the idea down.  He also made a point that condom-less porn (bareback sex) outsells condom porn.  The potential for lost revenue could’ve drove a majority of studios out of the state.  Other performers that spoke out against Proposition 60 were Chanel Preston, Eric Leue (Executive Director of The Free Speech Coalition), Jack Hammer XL, Sister Roma (Art Director for NakedSword/Falcon Studios Group), Siouxie Q (adult film performer/activist/writer), and many other employees of the pornography 

On the business front, Proposition 60 would’ve created a SERIOUS blow to the pornography industry in California.  The adult film industry generates tens of billions of dollars into California’s economy.  Legalizing this proposition would’ve endangered many pornographic brands over condom use in the studios.  Bareback sex (anal/oral sex without condoms) is one of the most popular search categories in pornography.

Adult film stars have also remarked some problems with using condoms in the studio.  Performers spend hours during each shoot and the friction from condoms can cause rashes at times.  It seems as though wearing condoms while performing has been hurting adult film stars rather than keep them safe.  So not only would more condoms hurt the adult film business, but it would cause more performers to leave the industry.

There seems to be a major issue of shame within the pornography industry.  Adult film stars are shamed by friends/family for working in such a risky business.  Proposition 60 would’ve created more shame among employees.  Pornography has always been just another form of entertainment, so why is there so much shame over this industry?  Graphic violence is always depicted in TV series/movies, yet there’s more shame in watching graphic sexual content.

Proposition 60 seems to be a metaphor for how America looked down upon sex and praised violence.  Performers like Jesse Jackman Eric Leue may have been performing for years, but they have always been strongly educated about sexual health.  Maybe it’s time that we better educated ourselves on sexual health rather than having health officials tell us what is safe.  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows that sex is one of our physiological needs that is essential for survival.  If sex is so essential, then why do we become so taboo about it?

In the end, Proposition 60 was more than just about requiring performers to always use condoms.  Proposition 60 would’ve created heavy restrictions that caused employees of the adult film industry to flee from California.  Billions of dollars would’ve been lost had Proposition 60 been set in stone.  Entertainment comes in all forms (including pornography!) and we must work hard to protect it.  Performers have showed America that the adult film business will reign strong in the state of California.