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MakeSandcastlesNotWar’s Exclusive Look at Super Mario Odyssey

Back in October 2016, Nintendo revealed a trailer for the Nintendo Switch.  The Nintendo Switch is their newest hybrid home console that is set to be released on March 3rd.  Its unit is shaped similarly to a tablet computer and features two detachable controllers called Joy-Con.  Joy-Con can be used individually or attached to a grip for the more traditional game pad form.

Halfway through the trailer we see someone playing a new Mario game.  Mario was seen jumping and hopping through this desert world, avoiding a bullet bill that was heading his way.  No news was found about what the new Mario game would be…until NOW!

Mario’s new adventures will continue onto the Nintendo Switch with the new title Super Mario OdysseySuper Mario Odyssey is the 7th 3D platformer within the Super Mario series and will also return to the more freeform level design that was previously used in Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario 64.  Here’s some first-impressions notes I got from viewing the trailer:

Mario takes on the Big Apple

The trailer starts with Mario leaping up from a drainpipe in what looks like a NYC-inspired area.  Taxi cabs are driving through the streets and regular people are walking around the sidewalk.  Mario jumps from the taxi cab to the swing onto the lamp post.  We also see his infamous wall-kick moves as he leaps from building-to-building to reach a ledge.  He climbs walls and runs down to the helicopter pad area, where a big flying contraption sends him off to his next destination.

From Urban to Desert

We see Mario’s contraption land into a secluded desert town, performing a rolling move down the sandy path (FYI, this was the same town shown in the Nintendo Switch trailer back in October!).  He leaps up from an umbrella to collect six pink triangles.  Not sure what their significance is, but they’re DEFINITELY important collectibles!

Frolicking in the Forest

Another world in Super Mario Odyssey takes Mario into a cool, damp forest area.  At one point, he runs through a flowery path that leads him around a hollow tree.  We also get a glimpse of Mario swimming through some water (a green pipe can be seen near where the water is flowing!).

World of Veggies

 Next world we see is full of large vegetables sprouting up everywhere.  Mario carries a large turnip within the world (this feature of picking up turnips date back to Super Mario Bros. 2 for NES!).  We see a glimpse of a Hammer Bro throwing hammers at Mario while he dodges two Spinies crossing his path.  Mario’s contraption takes off and steers him towards his next destinations (NYC-esque city, desert town, forest, vegetable world).

Bowser Returns!

In the newest chapter of Mario’s adventures, Bowser returns once again!  Bowser is looking to celebrate a royal wedding with Peach, but Peach just isn’t having it.  Mario must now save Peach from being Bowser’s wife and prevent the wedding from happening.  It’s been decades since Super Mario Brothers was released and Bowser STILL won’t let go of Princess Peach!

Mario’s Playable Cap

Within the earlier games, Mario’s cap simply served as an accessory for his outfit.  One scene shows Mario entering a ‘Crazy Cap’ shop, only to show off Mario’s new cap skills a few seconds later.  Mario can throw his hat boomerang-style and even use it as a jumping pad to head over to farther distances.  Previous Mario titles have shown him without his hat, but this would be the first game where Mario’s famous cap becomes a gameplay mechanic.

Riding the Lion

Near the end of the trailer, Mario jumps onto a gold lion’s back.  The lion runs through the sand, destroying any enemies that stand in their way.  So far this was only featured in the desert world.  Run like the wind, Mario!

I don’t know about you, but I am DEFINITELY excited for this game!  It’s been a while since I’ve played a good Mario title and I’ll have to check out when it releases.  Nintendo really knows how to promote their brand mascot for each new home console.  Mario may look the same, but a whole new adventure awaits him.  There’s no set date on when the title will be released, but I look forward to finding out more information on it soon.  In the meantime, let’s take this moment to celebrate Mario’s new adventure on the Nintendo Switch!


Run, Mario, Run! Nintendo’s Live-Action Super Mario Run Trailer

The mobile market has been booming with all sorts of apps these days.  There are apps for socializing with friends, playing video games, listening to music, and other useful reasons.  Whatever your case may be, there will definitely be an app for that.  It’s no doubt that the app market continues to rake in major profits from all target audiences.

Games are one of the most popular category of apps people download.  From Candy Crush to Temple Runner, thousands of games are available to install for your mobile phone.  There’s always some popular game out for the app market to try out.  Nintendo announced 2 months ago about Super Mario Run being released for the mobile market on December 15th (read more about the game here).  A live-action trailer for Super Mario Run came out a few days ago highlighting the game’s release.

First off, I want to give a shoutout to my fellow blogger Mike Scorpio for writing about this announcement (thanks Mike!).  I originally heard about this through his page and just had to talk about this for MakeSandcastlesNotWar.  You can find some of his latest work here.  It was truly an amazing advertisement that had to be discussed.

Now back to the advertisement itself: Nintendo released a video on their YouTube page titled ‘Super Mario Run’.  The video starts off with people just starting to wake up and getting energized for the day.  At one point, their eyes light up and they start running.  These characters start running, running to some special destination.  Where were these people running to?

We continue to see more people from around the world running in the ad (it’s called SUPER MARIO RUN, so that’s the basis for why they are running!).  Some people start jumping and running, pulling off tricks during their performance.  A few seconds before the minute mark, we see a shadow of Mario running that is displayed onto the brick wall.

Halfway through the video, we see thousands of people start running into the same direction.  All of these people were now running through New York City, being led by Mario.  Everyone crowds around Mario to cheer him on as he leaps onto the flag set up on Times Square.  He leaps…and he SCORES!  The crowd cheers while a young boy sees Mario leaping into his mobile phone.  It ends with a title card detailing the game’s release on December 15th.

And there you have it:  Nintendo’s newest ad for Super Mario Run showed thousands of people running into NYC.  This ad really got to the point about what the game was about.  It was about Mario RUNNING in the game while you tap your phone screen to make him jump or perform wall tricks.  Nintendo really summed up the main idea of the ad by having everyone run up to see Mario in the end.

This was an awesome commercial for Super Mario Run!  I really thought that Nintendo got to the point about the game mechanics.  It seems simple, fun, and I think a lot of people will really dive into this game.  I would definitely spend some good money for this game when it releases.  Mario has always been one of my favorite game franchises and I would be glad to play his newest title on my phone.

Here’s to Mario for entering the mobile market later this month.  The game will definitely hit the ground running (no pun intended!) and gain lots of popularity and in the app market.  Be sure to check out Super Mario Run when it enters the mobile market on December 15th!

Super Mario 64 Impossible Coin Glitch

Super Mario 64 was one of the best games around for the Nintendo 64.  There were colorful coins to collect, gold stars to grab after completing each mission, enemies to pummel within each world, and you had to fight Bowser three times during the game.  It was a classic game that I enjoyed playing for many years.  There were some frustrating stars to collect, but eventually I beat the whole game with all 120 stars.

While playing through the game, there were some funny glitches that occurred around some of the environment.  Some glitches involved seeing through the inside of the environment and there was even one where you can hop backwards into the final Bowser battle without collecting the required number of stars.  These glitches won’t affect the game too much, but they make for some funny incidents.  One glitch was found on Tiny Huge Island that involves an ‘Impossible Coin’ that is hard to reach.

YouTuber Scott ‘Pannenkoek2012’ Buchanan discovered a new unobtainable coin found on a section in Tiny Huge Island.  Throughout the game, there are 5 coins in each line of coins found within the gaming environment.  From Bob-omb Battlefield to Big Boo’s Haunt, every level has a line of five coins for Mario to collect.  The glitch in Tiny Huge Island is found on a line of four coins near where the bowling balls are being shot out, with one coin discovered underneath the environment.

Pannenkoek2012 released a video discussing the glitch and how there was a limited number of arrangements that the coins could spawn in.  When Mario enters a certain distance to a coin spawner (2000 units to be exact), it spawns 5 coins onto the screen.  The coins spawn 300 units above itself and are separated within 160 units.  Each coin checks how high the floor is, with the floor-checking function starting at 78 units above the coin and searching downward to find the floor.  A special failsafe comes into play where if the coin determines that it is below the floor, then it will immediately unload.  The failsafe ended up affecting the leftmost coin in the line.

So how is this wacky glitch happening?  The coin spawner is located UNDER the ground, thus being a programming glitch with the environment and coin.  Every coin spawner in each level are either on the ground or slightly above the ground.  This coin could’ve been grabbed if the coin spawner were 50 units higher.  Pannenkoek2012 hypothesized that if they changed the slope in order for the coin to spawn, then the bowling balls would’ve slid to the right instead of the left.  This is a surprising glitch that affects the floor, direction of the bowling balls, and number of coins spawning in the area.  What makes this story even more

Note that this isn’t the first ‘Impossible Coin’ that Pannenkoek2012 collected in Super Mario 64.  The first ‘impossible coin’ that he grabbed was on August 7th, 2014.  It was located within another section of Tiny Huge Island underneath the ground by a slope next to the bowling ball generator.  Using a tool-assisted run, Pannenkoek2012 exited the water from the side where he jumped and kicked in order to move himself towards the coin to collect.  Eighteen years later and the ‘impossible coin’ was finally collected.

This was a really cool glitch to hear about in the game!  I played Super Mario 64 for years and was shocked to hear about these ‘impossible coins’ that were hard to find.  Video games aren’t always perfect, but these surprising glitches are always funny to hear about.  Reading about the glitch makes me want to get the Nintendo 64 out and start playing Super Mario 64 all over again.  A few years ago, I collected all of the stars and beat the game with 100% completion.  It was a classic Mario game that featured one of the best soundtracks that I ever listened to.  While I don’t have my Nintendo 64 out with me, I am excited to hear about more interesting glitches that people discover.

Super Mario’s Mobile World

Mario is one of the many star characters of Nintendo.  From video games to plush toys, Mario graced us with his presence since his first appearance in the 80s.  Shigeru Miyamoto originally created Mario as well as other hit characters from Nintendo such as Donkey Kong, Yoshi, Link, Captain Falcon, and other notable figures.  Before taking off with his best-selling games, Mario was first known as ‘Jumpman’ in the video game Donkey Kong in 1981.  Miyamoto took the ‘jumpman’ character to create Super Mario Brothers for the NES and the rest was history.

Even in the digital age, Mario is still relevant to the video game culture.  From the Nintendo Entertainment System to the Wii U, Mario still pops up on people’s TV screens.  His latest venture was traveling through the warp pipes from Tokyo to Rio for the Olympics closing ceremony on August 21st.  We just can’t get enough of our favorite Italian plumber!

With a new year on the horizon, Mario will be featured in some new projects planned by Nintendo.  He has always been popping up for a new video game that is coming out for the latest home console.  Sure Mario will probably get another game released, but fans will have another surprise in store for them.  On December, Mario will have his own app called Super Mario Run.

Shigeru Miyamoto announced Super Mario Run at Apple’s San Francisco event yesterday.  The auto-running game will first be released within the iOS market for the IPhone and Ipad with a possible release for the Android market next year.  Miyamoto remarked that the game will be at a set price so that gamers wouldn’t have to fret about continuing to pay for the game.

It will be the first Mario game that people can play one-handed because Super Mario runs endlessly to the right on the smartphone screen.  Players can tap the screen to jump and hold down the screen to perform bigger jumps.  While in mid-air, you can tap the screen to perform Mario’s spin-float move.  The overall sound direction and aesthetics largely resemble the New Super Mario Brothers 2.5D, taking the Mario franchise right into your smartphone!

No set price or release date information has been confirmed, but we do know that Mario will be jumping into the mobile market.  Another interesting feature is the ‘Toad Rally’ mode where players will be able to challenge friends or strangers in the ‘ghost’ challenges.  These ‘ghost’ challenges involve both players competing in the same level to gather the most coins and pull of crazy moves to impress the toads for winning individual challenges.  Players will be sure to take their Mario skills to the test to become the Super Mario champion.

Hearing that Mario is jumping his way into the mobile market was awesome news!  I have been a huge fan of the Mario series since I received the Super Nintendo at three years old and I look forward to continuing Mario’s adventures on my phone.  Nintendo has always shied away from the mobile market, pushing their titles only to the home consoles.  Branching out into the mobile market will be great for raising Mario’s awareness to gamers everywhere.  Not only will this captivate the original Nintendo audiences, but the game will also ring in new target audiences through smartphones.

Mario has always captivated children’s hearts since he appeared on the tube with Super Mario Brothers on 1985.  Generation X’s and Millennials will enjoy playing a Mario game on their phone while killing some time.  They’ve grown up with Mario hopping from one home console to another and now he will be jumping into their mobile phones.  Even with the world changing every day, Mario still remains relevant in the gaming industry.  We will always look forward to the next chapter of Super Mario’s adventures.  One thing is for sure: Princess Peach is still in another castle waiting to be saved.

Super Mario Brothers: Rio Olympics

  The Rio Olympics came to a close a few days ago and it has been an incredible ride.  United States competitors took home more gold medals, Usain Bolt proved himself once again to be the fastest runner in the world, and Michael Phelps gave the ultimate glare that broke the internet in just 24 hours.  With all of this excitement this summer, the Rio Olympics came to an end with the traditional closing ceremony.

After all of the Olympics event, the hosting country puts on their closing ceremony show for their audience.  All of the competitors are tired out from their performance, so a good show is in order to celebrate their hard work!  Rio put on a colorful display of dancers, performers, and singers that was accompanied by music and lighting effects.  Once Rio completed their ceremony, they passed the torch over to Tokyo for hosting the summer Olympics in 2020.  Tokyo put on a dazzling show with anime characters appearing around the city, but the real star that stole the show was Mario.

Mario, the superstar of the Super Mario Brothers series, appeared at the closing ceremony!  The beloved mascot of Nintendo jumped into a warp pipe from Tokyo to enter another pipe leading into the Olympics in Rio.  A man climbed up the pipe dressed as Mario, only to reveal that he was Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.  Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as Mario…no words could describe how EPIC that performance was!

This colorful reference spread through social media like wildfire, with viewers freaking out about Japan’s Prime Minister dressing up as Mario.  Rio put on a colorful theatrical performance, but Shinzo Abe stole the show when he appeared from the pipe.  Audiences can definitely look forward to more animated theatrics when Tokyo hosts the Olympics in 2020.  In the meantime, Olympic athletes will take this time to train harder for the next summer games.

Mario has become the quintessential brand for Tokyo.  Mario was one of many Nintendo characters created by Shigeru Miyamoto, releasing him for the home consoles with Super Mario Brothers for the Nintendo Entertainment System in 1985.  It sold millions of copies worldwide and aided in resurrecting the American video game market when it crashed during the 80s.  Both in reality and in the virtual world, Mario is considered a hero for gamers worldwide.  While he is busy saving Princess Peach from the castle, Mario is saving millions of people suffering from boredom on a daily basis!

I watched the closing ceremony for Rio and was amazed to see Mario making an appearance!  Japan is widely famous for their video games, so it was great to see a video game superstar like Mario pop up the warp pipe for the Olympics closing ceremony.  Choosing Mario as part of the ceremony was a brilliant strategy for marketing Nintendo.  While Nintendo won’t be sponsoring the 2020 games, it was a great move by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe to appear as Mario.  Not only did the publicity stunt raise awareness of Mario, but it showed Abe’s comical side to the audience.  Kudos to Japan for their strategic business move to announce the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games.  With a colorful and animated display like that, we can only expect more exciting performances in the next Olympic opening ceremony!