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Neon Genesis Evangelion (Netflix Version)

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Image result for Neon Genesis Evangelion Netflix

During my vacation time, I have been watching this classic anime series called Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix.  Neon Genesis Evangelion is set fifteen years after a worldwide apocalyptic event that erupted within the futuristic city of Tokyo-3.  The series is about a young boy named Shinji Ikari who was recruited by his father to the organization Nerv to pilot this giant bio-machine mecha known as the Evangelion.  He uses the Evangelion to defeat the alien beings called Angels that wreak havoc in the city.  As he continues fighting the Angels each episode, Shinji and the other Evangelion pilots.

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Image result for Neon Genesis Evangelion

Neon Genesis Evangelion was originally released in the US on October 4th 1995 and aired on Cartoon Network (Toonami) as well as Adult Swim.  It was released on Netflix back in June 21st.  Interestingly enough, there were some striking differences between the original version and Netflix release.  Some were minor while others changed the course of the story within the Netflix series.

Here are some of the notable changes within the Netflix release of Neon Genesis Evangelion:

#1: Ending Credit Song

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Each episode of the original version concluded with a different version of Frank Sinatra’s classic lounge hit ‘Fly Me to the Moon’.  In the Netflix version, the covers are missing and replaced by a piano version of a different song.  This was due to one reason only – licensing fees.

#2: End Credit Song Within Series

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Not only was ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ obsolete from the end of each episode, but it wasn’t present for many episodes of the show.  This shifts a difference in tone within some scenes, especially one involving a heartbreaking voicemail message.

#3: Voice Cast

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The Netflix version also features a completely new dub by new actors.  While the new voice dub isn’t problematic for the story, the change still feels somewhat jarring throughout the show.  One silver lining is that Shinji Ikari was voiced by trans actress Casey Mongillo.

#4: Script Re-Write

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It wasn’t just the voice-over dubs that changed with the Netflix version.  The script itself changed as well.  This new script seems more of the literal translation of the original Japanese writing.

#5: Gay Subtext

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One random example of script re-writing involves one male character telling another that he is “worthy of love” and says, “I love you”.  Instead, the Netflix version has him saying, “You’re worthy of my grace” and, “I like you.”  It is both totally awkward and alters the meaning of the whole scene.

#6: Onscreen Text Translation

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Within the Netflix version, almost none of the onscreen Japanese writing is translated into subtitles.  This leaves a major mystery for many people who don’t read Kanji.

#7: Cursing

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Several lines within the Netflix version omit some of the heavy cursing from the original series.  A crucial line from the series conclusion was altered from “I’m so fucked up” to “I’m the lowest of the low”.  Another similar change was the line “So fucking what if I’m not into you?” changing to “Fine, so I’m a stranger.”

#8: More Script Changing

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Even more script changes are found within the new Netflix series.  One other such surprising case was the line “All is right with the world” changing to “All is very good.”  Interestingly enough, the original line stems from a poem by Robert Browning that reads, “God’s in his heaven – All’s right with the world!”  What’s even more odd is that the poem is present elsewhere within the show.

#9: NERV

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For some strange reason, the Netflix dubbed actors can’t seem to agree on how to pronounce the word “Nerv.”  The dubbed version has the characters saying “Nerv” or Nairv”.  This piece of dialogue changes from time to time within each episode.

Philosophical Passage on Pinocchio

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One of my favorite parts about reading 12 Steps for Life: An Antidote to Chaos were the pop culture references Jordan Peterson threw out every once in a while.  Peterson would make references to Disney cartoons such as Sleeping Beauty or The Little Mermaid.  These colorful and beloved animations served for great evidence of the many points he made throughout each chapter.  Throughout the book, one movie he continuously brings up is Pinocchio.

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Image result for Pinocchio

At this point, I have to admit one thing right now – Pinocchio was one of my favorite Disney movies of all time.  The famous story of the wooden puppet who turns into a real boy was a classic staple in my VHS library.  It had adventure, drama, deceit, and one emotional ending scene.  I must have watched the movie over hundreds of times before I started middle school.  These days, I still remember the main storyline from beginning to end.

But once I read 12 Steps for Life: An Antidote to Chaos, I realized that Pinocchio had so much more going within its storyline.  Pinocchio was more than just a simple wooden puppet looking to become a real boy.

Get ready folks – this will become one trippy, mind-blowing topic right here.

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Here we go: Pinocchio is a wooden puppet who comes with strings, both literately and figuratively.  He literately has strings (being that he is a wooden puppet), but those strings are also imagery of what is holding Pinocchio back from becoming a real boy.  Pinocchio is tethered by strings, reminding him of his true identity as a wooden puppet.

Image result for Pinocchio Geppetto Wish

Geppetto looks into the night and notices the star.  He wishes upon a star (which is one of the songs within the movie) as a plea to make Pinocchio.  A star is basically a part of the eternity of the night sky.  That star is transcendent, something that is ultimate in the world.  This memorable scene represents Geppetto looking upon something transcendent – something so magnificent and breathtaking that you wish you could share it with everyone in the world.

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Image result for pinocchio stromboli

Pinocchio was set for his first day of school.  But throughout the film, he faces all these temptations thrown at him.  “Honest” John Worthington Foulfellow and Gideon the cat trick Pinocchio into joining Stromboli, only to be kidnapped as a way for profits.

Image result for pinocchio Pleasure Island

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Later on, he gets tricked again by taking a trip to Pleasure Island.  He meets his new rebellious friend Lampwick during the trip, only to see him into a jackass (which, by the way, was one of the most cringing, disturbing scenes of my childhood).  Pinocchio gets served in the salt mines and even turns into a jackass as well, all in a place run by authoritarians.  Pleasure Island serves as the ultimate punishment for Pinocchio after he loses his way.

Image result for pinocchio Monstro

All of this could have been avoided if he were to – wait for it – TELL THE TRUTH.  If only Pinocchio were telling truths and not lying all of the time, he would reach his ultimate transcendent goal: to become a real boy.  His shenanigans only led him to shock and terror, only to land into the bottom of a whale (that whale being Monstro, of course).  It was there that he faced his ultimate challenge against Monstro, only to end up dying in the process.

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Through his courageous act against fighting Monstro, Pinocchio reaches his transcendent goal of being a real boy.  All is well after his crazy shenanigans.

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It is a basic, yet philosophical tale that comes with major symbolisms and metaphors.  Pinocchio may be just another Disney movie, but it becomes so much than that once you dive deeper into the story.  Who knew that a book like 12 Steps for Life: An Antidote to Chaos could provide so much meaning from a simple cartoon like Pinocchio.

And there you have it – the deep-rooted philosophical storyline woven in within Disney’s Pinocchio.  Just remember to tell the truth in life or else you’ll end up in Pleasure Island.

Netflix’s Disenchantment

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Image result for The Simpsons

Matt Groening’s The Simpsons is an iconic animated series about The Simpsons.  We look into the lives of Bart, Lisa, Maggie, Marge, and Homer as they go about their day.  The series is set in the present with references to pop culture throughout each year.

Image result for Futurama

Image result for Futurama

Almost a decade later, Futurama was released on air.  Futurama was an animated series set in the year 3000, a millennium later into the future.  Phillip J. Fry wakes up to the 31st century after falling into a cryogenic pod, freezing himself just a few minutes into January 1st, 2000.  Fry gets a job at Plant Express as a cargo delivery boy and works with Leela, Bender, Dr. Zoidberg, Amy, Hermes, and Professor Farnsworth.  The series had a good run until its final episode on September 4th, 2013.

The Simpsons chronicled the life of the Simpson family during the present while Futurama took place over a thousand years into the future.  Groening’s latest animated series takes viewers into the medieval kingdom of Dreamland.  This is Disenchantment.

Image result for Disenchantment

Image result for Disenchantment

Disenchantment was released on Netflix on August 17th, 2018.  The series follows Bean, an alcoholic and rebellious princess of Dreamland who goes on adventures with her elf companion Elfo and her “personal demon” Luci.  Bean is the daughter of King Zøg, the king of Dreamland.  She rebels against her father’s wishes and goes on random adventures throughout each episode.

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Image result for Disenchantment

After the first episode, I really enjoyed the idea of Disenchantment.  The characters come with their own humorous jokes and deal with problems in their own adventures.  It takes place in medieval times, but there’s a fantasy element involved in the series.  Fantasy elements such as dragons, wizards, jesters, as well as elves.  This series has a taste of Futurama, except the story line takes place in the past rather than the future.

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With its fantasy-themed medieval world, Disenchantment came action-packed with intriguing adventures each episode.  There is a shocking cliffhanger ending that will reveal more background story during the second part of the season.  Ten episodes later and I am definitely ready for the second part to release on Netflix.

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In the end, Matt Groening’s Disenchantment was well worth binge-watching.  It’s an amazing fantasy-adventure animated sitcom that borrows ideas from both The Simpsons and Futurama.  Bean is a badass heroine that goes on surprising adventures every episode.

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If you love Matt Groening’s work, definitely check out Disenchantment on Netflix.

Aggretsuko = Hello Kitty + Death Metal

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Lately I have been digging into the anime series out on Netflix.  First I binge-watched Fullmetal Alchemist all over again last month and I recently finished season 3 of Yu-Gi-Oh.  Not a lot of new series have been jumping out at me, so it was a great time to get back to the classics.  Luckily for me, Netflix has a good line up of anime within their digital library.

These series seemed silly most of the time, but nothing could prepare me for the wackiness of this latest anime.  It involves a red panda who relieves her stress by belting out Death Metal songs.  I’m talking about Aggretsuko.

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Image result for Aggretsuko Netflix

Aggretsuko is about office worker Retsuko, a 25-year-old red panda who works in the accounting department of a Japanese trading firm.  Retsuko takes out her daily frustrations by going to a karaoke bar every night and singing death metal.  She deals with things such as gossipy co-workers and even her pig director Ton (which is a literal play on the term ‘chauvinist pig’).  As the series moves on, Retsuko finds it hard to keep her secret from her co-workers.  The first season aired with ten episodes on April 20th 2018.

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The best part about this series so far are the death metal scenes.  When Retsuko picks up the microphone, she transforms into this wild animal and screams out death metal songs.  She usually sings about her daily frustrations about life.  Whether its her pig of a boss or the guy that doesn’t notice her, Retsuko has some crazy death metal song to sing.  Retsuko is basically the death metal Hello Kitty that I never knew I needed… until now.

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Beside the over-the-top death metal scenes, the characters themselves are just as ridiculous.  Gori and Washimi are the first to find out Retsuko’s hidden secret.  Surprisingly enough, they ended up loving her talent and started gossiping with Retsuko halfway through the series.  The series just keeps getting weirder each episode.

Image result for Aggretsuko Netflix

Overall, Aggretsuko was definitely entertaining to watch.  The characters were fun to watch and those death metal scenes made me laugh harder each time.  Retsuko is the death metal Hello Kitty I never knew I needed until last night.  Hopefully more episodes will be released with even MORE death metal songs being sung.

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If you’re looking for Hello Kitty mixed in with some heavy darkness, then Aggretsuko is definitely the anime for you.  Check out Aggretsuko on Netflix.