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The Shiny/Painted Legs Optical Illusion

Last February people caught wind of a shocking internet sensation that was known as ‘The Dress’.  The Dress was viral meme where viewers disagreed whether the color of the dress was black and blue or white and gold.  Over 10 million tweets mentioned The Dress with hashtags such as #thedress, #blackandblue, and #whiteandgold.  It was the shocking photo that made millions of people ask the question, “what color is the dress?”.

That meme was SO 2015.  What’s the newest internet meme illusion this time?  The Shiny Legs.  It’s ALL about the shiny legs this year!  For those who are just peeking out from under the rock, the shiny legs meme started after Twitter user @msbreeezyyy posted a photo of shiny legs yesterday afternoon.  The photo was released with the caption, ‘Once you see it you can’t unsee it’.

Millions of viewers are now debating whether they see shiny legs or painted legs.  So what’s the verdict?  Shiny or painted legs?  At first glance, it seemed like they were shiny legs on the photo.  After viewing it a few times, you’ll notice that the white is basically blotches of white paint on the legs.  It may seem like a silly optical illusion trick, but this photo has gone viral in less than 24 hours.

This wasn’t the first popular optical illusion image to have gone viral on social media.  Let’s go back to the time of The Dress – a black and blue/white and gold dress that had everyone scratching their heads.  A washed-out photograph of a dress was posted on Tumblr on February 26th, 2016.  This dress prompted millions of users to discuss what colors they saw and were confused by the other colors people were seeing.  It led to heated arguments about what the colors of the dress were.

So what’s going on here?  Why are people on social media so obsessed with these confusing photos?  These photos are just great examples of optical illusions.  Optical illusions are unique works of visual art that plays tricks on our brains.  Our brain sends messages that the photo is one thing, but then the brain discovers another image within the photo.

Take the classic vase illusion for example.  At first, you see a white vase in the photo.  After viewing the image for a few seconds, you’ll notice two faces in the background between the vase.  You now see that two images are created within the photo that your brain sees.  Optical illusion is a unique art form that interacts with what you see and your brain plays tricks on you, seeing images that aren’t really there.  Similarly, both the vase and the shiny legs internet sensation is an optical illusion where your brain is being fooled by what you are seeing.

It was interesting to see another optical illusion become viral.  Optical illusions were always so fun to look at as a kid and I loved the kind of tricks my brain was playing at the time.  This kind of visual art has a funny way of toying with your mind, conjuring up something that seems to be there.

While everyone is tweeting about whether the legs are shiny or painted, everyone’s brain is playing tricks on them and socializing about it.  Social media acts as a guiding point for people to discuss the art they found earlier.  Who knows, maybe it isn’t even white paint on the woman’s legs.  All we do is sit back and watch the slew of comments roll through social media platforms.


Brad, Angelina, and Jen: An Internet Meme Love Triangle

September 19th marks one of the worst divorces in Hollywood History: Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.  After being together for 12 years and only two years of marriage, the Brangelina couple finally called it quits this year.  It’s the divorce heard around the world, with everyone shocked and upset over the surprising news.  With this news comes a slew of questions we had to ask ourselves like, “how did things go so wrong? Is there such thing as a perfect marriage in Hollywood?  Does love even exist anymore?”.  In all honesty, what is life without Brangelina?!?

Yes, many people are rocked by the news and wondering how they will live without the Brangelina couple.  Once the new broke out on September 19th, the shit hit the fan on social media.  Audiences are reacting with the most relevant screencaps, including ones that involve Jennifer Aniston.  By the way, do you guys remember when Jen and Brad Pitt were a thing?

For those of you who were living under a rock during the early 2000s, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were one of the hottest couples of Hollywood.  Brad first met Friends co-star Jennifer Aniston in 1998 and decided to get married in 2000.  It was a rare Hollywood success for couple Brad and Jennifer, being married for 5 long years while being in show business.  Unfortunately, the couple broke it off in early 2005 and finalized their divorce in October.  Pitt started seeing Angelina Jolie while on the set for Mr. & Ms. Smith and the couple were seen together since.

Fast-forward 12 years later and the Brangelina dynasty is no more.  A flood of memes has been created by social media users, all expressing different outcomes of reacting to the news.  As I mentioned before, Jennifer Aniston became the focal point of the various memes created on the internet.  Some of them provide screencaps with Rachel Green from Friends.  The results are absolute GOLD.

In fact, along with the #Brangelina hashtag, Jennifer Aniston and #TeamJen also began trending worldwide.

Still, you can't expect the world NOT to be a little messy.

For more screencaps, check them out here at https://www.thesun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/1819285/angelina-jolie-brad-pitt-divorce-internet-reactions/

Whatever your stance is on the marriage, you were one of millions of Americans that were shocked by the sudden news.  We at MakeSandcastlesNotWar are saddened by the breakup of Brangelina, but we know that there will always be new Hollywood couples in La-La Land.  Who knows what’s in store for Brad and Angelina Jolie in the future.  Will there be a sequel for Mr. & Ms. Smith?  Are Brad and Angelina going to remain friends after this divorce?  We can only hope that this divorce isn’t a messy one after this month.

Phelps’ Glare Seen Around the World

2016 marks another year of the summer Olympics.  Every 4 years, athletes from all across the country come together to compete for the gold.  From the United States to Egypt, participants from around the world battle it out to become the very best of their nation.  Competition runs high for many athletes whether it is performing the perfect dive or hurling the javelin as far as they can.

Before it became the month-long TV phenomenon, the Olympics were originated in Ancient Greece with the first event held in 773 B.C.  Ambitious men came together in Olympia to test their strength, agility, coordination, and other physical attributes to become the very best.  Only men were able to compete in the Olympics, performing their games in the nude (yes, ALL games were performed buck naked!) as a means to show off their male physique.  It was a battle of strength, courage, and intelligence among the various competitors that wanted to be the best.

Flash-forward hundreds of thousands of years later and the Olympics is still relevant in the digital age.  Audiences never have to miss a competitive moment when millions of fans share highlights on social media.  There’s always that memorable moment that breaks the internet and the newest highlight comes from the popular U.S. swimmer Michael Phelps.

That’s right folks!  Michael Phelps is making waves on the internet once again (no pun intended!).  Other than winning multiple gold medals for men’s swimming, he rocked the world with the notorious tabloid pictures of him doing bong rips at a party.  All partying aside, he still kept swimming to win more gold medals at this year’s Olympics in Rio.  He recently won the gold medal last night, but it was his infamous glare that broke the internet.

Before competing against Chad le Clos of South Africa, Phelps was sported in a blue sports coat glaring at le Clos.  Phelps glared as Chad le Clos shadowboxed near the other competitors. Immediately after his glaring moment, the internet was swarmed with memes surrounding his highlighted moment.  Below are some memorable memes conjured up by various internet users.

So what was Phelps’ glare all about?  Was he secretly seeking revenge against him for winning the gold medal during the London Olympics?  Either way, his unforgettable glare is just one of many highlights during the game.  America’s greatest value in life is competition and nothing said it best than Michael Phelps’ stare-down towards Chad le Clos.

I actually watched the Olympics last night and remember seeing Phelps’ reaction before his run.  It was amazing to see Phelps win another gold medal for America.  Why is America so competitive?  America VALUES competition.  Phelps’ glare represents what America stands for – competing to become the very best in the nation.  This country works hard to kick ass every day, including fighting for our freedom.  We won our right back in the year 1776 and still prove ourselves worthy as an amazing country.  Kudos to Michael Phelps for breaking the internet once again!  His glare around the world shows everyone what America stands for as a nation.