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Cannabis-Infused Chocolates for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is here and the time of love is upon us.  Cupid has his arrows of love ready for the unsuspecting soon-to-be couples.  In this chaotic world we live in, it’s time to spread some of that good loving again.

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Flowers are always the perfect choice of gifts for Valentine’s Day (and we DEFINITELY covered you with some great ‘flowers’ to use last year *wink wink*).  If you’re growing tiresome of the same route with a boutique of flowers, chocolate is always another excellent choice.  You can’t go wrong with chocolate; there’s nothing more entertaining than receiving a gift you can eat with your significant other.

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MakeSandcastlesNotWar is here for ENTERTAINMENT purposes, so it’s time we discuss the best CANNABIS-INFUSED chocolates out on the market.  We covered you last year with the cannabis strains for Valentine’s Day last year (read up again here) and now we are talking about chocolate today.

If you are looking to stock up on cannabis chocolates this year, here are some companies that produce some of the best chocolates in the legal states:

Kiva Confections

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Our first stop is Kiva Confections.  Known as one of the most famous cannabis companies in California, Kiva Confections creates amazing cannabis-infused chocolates.  They are known for their Kiva Bars that come in many flavors such as dark chocolate, milk chocolate, ginger dark chocolate, tangerine, and others.  Kiva Confections also sells products such as Terra Bites, Petra Mints, and Kiva Minis.  Definitely pick up one of these Kiva Confections chocolates for your special Valentine.


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Altai is another California-based chocolate company that is a little more on the artisan side.  They feature things like chocolate bon-bons and pips.  If you want a little greed in your chocolates, get some chocolate coins that are marked at 10 mg of THC each.  Not in the mood for chocolates?  Chew on some fruit gummies or have a soother.  This is where you want to go if you want some gorge on some fancy chocolate this year.

Coda Signature

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Next on the list yet another artisanal chocolate company, with this one being based in Colorado.  Coda Signature is most known for their colorful assortment of truffles that feature unique flavors in each one.  One unique truffle is the passion truffle from The Forté Collection that is a light caramel filled with tart passion fruit and just a hint of Szechuan pepper.  Colorado citizens should definitely go to Coda Signature for some delicious truffles.

Kaneh Co. 

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Sometimes you’re just in the mood for a brownie on Valentine’s Day – a brownie with 24K GOLD that is!  That’s one of the special products that San Diego-based company Kaneh Co. offers.  They offer edible cookies, but it’s the brownies that are the main stars of this 4/20 show.  Other brownie flavors include triple chocolate, s’mores, peanut butter fudge, and chocolate chip.  San Diegans should definitely shop at Kaneh Co. for some unique brownies.


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Last on our list of cannabis-infused sweets is BlueKudu.  BlueKudu not only features delicious chocolates in unique flavors, but they also have really creative packaging.  Each flavor (like orange or coffee!) ties in with an intriguing background featured on the box.  They feature products for both recreational and medicinal use; only difference is the higher amount of THC content in the medicinal bars.

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And that is a few of many companies presenting some of the most delicious chocolates out there.  Any 4/20 couples living in these legal states should definitely pick up one of these cannabis-infused edibles.  They will only make your Valentine’s Day much sweeter.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!


Girl Scout Cookie Marketing Tactic #420

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Image result for boy scouts of america popcorn

Back when I was in elementary school, I joined the Boy Scouts of America.  I learned many skills while on the team such as making a fire, understanding general direction, folding the flag properly, and other things.  One of my main tasks was selling popcorn to potential customers.  It was one of my first instances of learning about the business world by going door-to-door and selling popcorn for people.  There were many times where people didn’t buy anything from me, but I did learn some good lessons about business.

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Image result for girl scouts cookies

While Boy Scouts had the popcorn drive, the Girls Scouts sell cookies for their organization.  Girl Scouts all across the country promote the famous Girl Scout Cookies around their neighborhood.  The types of cookies that they feature are S’mores, peanut butter, and even thin mint.

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Image result for girl scouts cookies

Like the popcorn sales, the Girl Scout Cookie drive is the perfect way of teaching young girls about the business world.  Girl Scouts are learning useful skills that would help them prepare for such career paths like advertising, public relations, marketing, journalism, and other fields of communication.  These types of skills will be necessary if girls need a leg up in the competition.  One Girl Scout went above and beyond her call of duty with her marketing strategy of selling her cookies near… a CANNABIS DISPENSARY.

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Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

A Girl Scout decided to set up her wagon near Urbn Leaf, a recreational cannabis dispensary located in San Diego.  The results?  Over 300 boxes of cookies sold in just SIX hours!

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What makes this even better was that she was still following the organization’s rules.  The girl scout set up her wagon with her father and technically she was off of the property, so no rules were broken.  It may have been a bold strategy, but she made out very well in the end.

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Image result for Urbn Leaf San Diego

Urbn Leaf is a medical and recreational dispensary located on 1028 Buenos Avenue.  It is one of many recreational dispensaries currently open in San Diego.  The recreational shop sells an assortment of flowers, capsules, topicals, edibles, concentrates, vape cartridges, and other cannabis accessories.  Another location is open at Golden Hill/South Park area at 3385 Sunset Street and another shop is set to open downtown at 3500 Estudillo Street.

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This marketing strategy is absolutely GENIUS.  It’s simple, yet clever at the same time – set up a table near a cannabis dispensary to sell cookies for potential customers.  Customers get the munchies after consuming some cannabis, so they will stop by a table to buy a box (or more) of some delicious Girl Scout Cookies.  People will enjoy some Girl Scouts Cookies after purchasing some GIRL SCOUT COOKIES at Urbn Leaf!

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That marketing strategy will take her very far in life.  The Girl Scout Cookie and Boy Scouts popcorn drive teaches kids the very basics of business.  They may not know it now, but those days of going door-to-door to sell products will come very handy in the future.  Kids will learn about the true meaning of entrepreneurship (both the good and bad parts!).

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Take a close look, communications professionals – THAT girl will be the one brainstorming amazing ideas for many businesses.  She hasn’t even started middle school yet (let alone high school!) and she is already demonstrating incredible skills in marketing.  This is the kind of competition we got going on from our future generation.

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Who knows what the future holds for the brilliant girl scout in San Diego.  Hopefully she pursues a career in marketing because she would make an incredible business woman.

If any boy scout or girl scout is having trouble selling their products, learn a lesson from the girl scout in San Diego and sell your cookies/popcorn near a cannabis dispensary.

BAKED Potato Skins = 4/20 Touchdown

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Happy TGIF readers!  Only two more days left until the 52nd Super Bowl.  The New England Patriots will face off the Philadelphia Eagles at the U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Which team will become the winner of this year’s event?

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Image result for super bowl Spread

Now that the work day is finally over, it’s time to prepare for the traditional Super Bowl party.  You’re family/friends will be coming over that night and you got to create various dishes for them to pig out on.  Some typical staple dishes include nachos and dip, chicken wings with dressing, jalapeño poppers, chili, and the infamous submarine sandwich loaded with meat and/or veggies.

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Image result for Potato Skins

One of my favorite finger foods I enjoy are potato skins.  Potato Skins are a fantastic snack that go amazing with sour cream.  It’s the perfect combination of cheese melting along a potato packed with bacon, scallions, green onions, and other toppings.  If I got enough of the munchies at a restaurant, I’ll order some potato skins for an appetizer; they also make for excellent pub food with a cold beer!

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For those who are throwing a 4/20-friendly Super Bowl party, there’s a way to get those potato skins EXTRA baked…with CANNABIS!

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Cannabis-infused potato skins can be created in your very own home.  This simple recipe can make your Super Bowl party much more amazing.  Heck, you may even consume a ‘Super Bowl’ of fine medicine while you’re at it!

Here’s how to make these EXTRA baked potato skins:


  • 4 large russet potatoes
  • Canola oil (for coating the potatoes)
  • 4-7 grams of cannabis already grounded to a fine powder
  • 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil
  • 1 tablespoon of grated Parmesan cheese
  • ½ teaspoon kosher salt
  • ¼ teaspoon garlic powder
  • ¼ teaspoon paprika
  • 1/8 teaspoon peer
  • 8 bacon strips all cooked and crumbled
  • 1 ½ cups of shredded Cheddar cheese
  • ½ cup sour cream
  • 4 sliced green onions


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Baking the potatoes-  Heat up your oven to 350 degrees and position the rocks in top and bottom thirds.  Wash the potatoes with cold running water and a stiff brush.  After the potatoes dry, use a fork to poke a few holes around so that the moisture will escape during the cooking process.  Place your potatoes in a bowl and coat them lightly with oil.  Sprinkle them with kosher salt and place directly on the rack in the middle of the oven.  Put in a baking sheet in the lower rack to catch all of the drippings.  Bake the potatoes for 1 hour; after they are done, allow them to cool for 30 minutes.

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Cannabis Decarbing- Reduce the oven heat to 275 degrees.  Spread out the powdered cannabis on a cookie sheet and bake it for 20 minutes.  Remove from the oven after they are done and allow them to cool.

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Baking the Potato Skins- Cut each potato in half lengthwise and scoop out the pulp, leaving 1/4 in the shell.  Place potato skins on a greased baking sheet.  Combine salt, Parmesan cheese, oil, pepper, paprika, and garlic powder.  Brush the mixture on both sides of the skins.  Sprinkle the powdered cannabis inside as well.  Bake them at 300 degrees Fahrenheit for 35 minutes.  Put in some cheddar cheese and bacon.  Set the timer for 5 more minutes longer until all of the cheese is melted.

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Top it all off with sour cream and onion.  And voila!  Time to thrown down with these EXTRA baked potato skins.

That right there is how you create a tasty treat for your 4/20 Super Bowl party.  It’s classic pub food being extra baked with that mix of cannabis.  You and your party will enjoy the baked sensation from the flavorful baked potato skins.

Image result for Potato Skins before cooked

If you’re looking for a unique appetizer for Sunday, these EXTRA baked potato skins are sure to be a touchdown at your party.  Check out this fantastic recipe and be ready for the 52nd Super Bowl February 4th at 6:30 PM.

Oh yeah… GO PATS!!

Axe-Throwing Adventures in Boston!

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Running a regular bar just doesn’t cut it in 2018.  You have to really get creative on strategies for a unique feature that would draw a big crowd.  Rotating craft beers and special cocktails can only get you so far, but the real trick is keeping your customers around longer.

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To combat this common issue, many bars or restaurants established fun events happening each week.  Various tactics restaurant businesses have used live music, trivia, board game night, food truck pop-ups, open mics, video game night, and even drag bingo.  Restaurants have become much more creative in marketing their business now than they did 20-30 years ago.  Selling food and beverages (especially alcohol!) are the obvious building blocks to a successful restaurant, but now you have to go BEYOND the call of duty to satisfy potential customers.

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The Millennial demographic produced a series of  challenges for restaurant businesses –a desire for more craft beer rotations, creative food options on the menu (like kale salad or avocado toast!), and social events to bring people together.  Boston is always knocking it out of Fenway Park when it comes to trending bars and restaurants in the city.  A couple of Boston neighborhoods are getting a special bar that involves…WAIT FOR IT…Axe-throwing.

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Image result for Urban Axes

Image result for Urban Axes

Yes, people – AXE-THROWING bars are coming to the Boston area!  Philadelphia-based chain Urban Axes is opening a shop in Union Square of Somerville.  The location will provide a bar and is able to fit 80-100 people at a time.  There will be multiple throwing areas for your party.

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Each player throws 1.5-pound hatchets at wooden targets marked with a bulls-eye.  Players throw axes and try to reach as close to the bulls-eye to score as many points as they can.  Before the game starts, players start with safety and instructions from one of the main “axeperts” in the house.

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Urban Axes opened in 2016 and they currently have locations in Philadelphia and Austin (Baltimore will be open on March 15th).  These existing venues don’t serve food, but guests are welcome to bring some of their own.

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Other than Urban Axes, Revolution Axe Throwing will be opening this April.  This axe-throwing venture will be opening up on 69 Norman Street of Everett (near Nightshift Brewery, Short Path Distillery, and Bone Up Brewing!).  There won’t be food at first, but they are getting their beer and wine permit for the business.  Norman Street has become a growing gem for the city of Everett, so this area could get interesting this year.

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This idea sounds absolutely amazing.  Like David Ortiz knocking out another grand slam out of Fenway Park, Boston knocked out another grand slam with this incredible business concept.  Axe-throwing enthusiasts will be flocking to Somerville and Everett this summer.  2018 will surely be the year of axe-throwing bars.

Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

Axe-throwing will become the new trick to bringing in the millennial demographic.  It hits three points of reeling in the Millennial audiences – the social feature (axe throwing), rotating craft beers, and creative food to keep them hungrier for more.  This right here is a prime example of great marketing and restaurant PR work.

Image result for Axe Throwing Bar

We may have to wait a few months until these axe-throwing venues open, but this will definitely be exciting to look forward to.  I don’t know about you, but I’m SO ready to take out my pent-up anger on those axes this summer (New England winter has been BRUTAL so far!).

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Look out for these axe-throwing bars this Spring and Summer!

Surviving New England in the Arctic!

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Last night was perfect for binge-watching Bill Nye Saves the World on Netflix.  After a day of completing tasks around my room, I binge-watched all six episodes on the first night of 2018.  I didn’t have to work on Tuesday, so it was great to stay in on this cold night.

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Image result for MA Cold Weather

But saying that it is cold outside is an understatement here in New England right now.  From where I am in Lynn, it is FREEZING cold out!  Temperatures have been dropping BELOW 20 degrees the past few weeks.  We got some snow on Christmas, but it still didn’t get any warmer later on.

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Image result for Cold Winter in Massachusetts

As a matter of fact, it’s been SO cold out that on some days it was colder than parts of Alaska near the end of December (colder than ALASKA for God sakes!).  I’ve dealt with cold weather the past few years living in the city, but this is just RIDICULOUS!  Very little snow, yet we’re getting dangerously low temperatures outside.

Image result for MA Weather forecast January 2018

Image result for MA Weather forecast January 2018

Well New Englanders – I got good news and bad news.  Here’s the bad news:  It’ll continue to be cold this week and we’re getting a Nor’Easter (a snowstorm for those who don’t know the Boston phrase!) all day Thursday.  The good news?  Temperatures will start to rise a little bit next week.  They’ll be rising up to a range of 20-38 degrees Fahrenheit.

We’re still getting frigid weather the next few days, but we CAN survive through this.  We bounced back during the 2017 Super Bowl and this will go away soon enough.

Just a few tidbits from someone who survived cold days (even weeks) at a time:

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  • If you don’t have any urgent obligations, PLEASE just lay low at home. This is not the type of the weather for any spontaneous event.  You can check out that new restaurant or shop later on when the weather warms up (it’ll STILL be open for business, you know!).  Just complete your essential tasks and head right back home.

Image result for A Christmas Story Randy

  • For those who are going outside, be sure to bundle up with as many layers as possible. When I mean ‘layers’, I mean LAYERS upon LAYERS of accessories.  Hats, gloves, scarfs, ski masks, boots, and other winter accessories should be put on before you venture out.  You’ll end up looking like Randy from A Christmas Story, but it’s worth it in the end to prevent frostbite from occurring.  This is the type of weather where frostbite occurs and you DON’T catch it.

Image result for Minestrone Soup

Image result for Potato Soup

Image result for Hot Cocoa

  • Eat hot or warm food and drinks throughout the week. Hot foods will help keep your body warmer then the ones set in room temperature.  Soups are perfect hot meals to consume on those cold nights.  Minestrone, French onion, chicken noodle, and even potato soup are perfect meals to have.  For drinks, make some hot cocoa or tea instead of your typical cold beverage.  You’re looking to warm your body up and ice-cold beverage won’t do the trick.

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Image result for Nintendo Switch

  • Take the free time during the snow days to catch up on your hobbies/interest. Finish binge-watching the last few episodes of that new series on Netflix or check out that movie you had on your list for a while.  Play that awesome video game you’ve been meaning to check out. Read that book, paint that picture, write that next piece (even a blog post like this one!), craft that design.  You don’t have to be in at work, so take advantage of this chance to catch up on your fun time.  No one will be moving quickly in New England during this horrific blizzard.

Image result for Antarctica

That’s just some advice from someone who survived many cold winters.  It may be seem like Antarctica around areas of New England, but it’ll only last for a short while.  Winter solstice is here and we have to deal with whatever Mother Nature throws at us the next few months.  Who knows, maybe the worst will soon be over and temperatures won’t be so low in the future.

Until then, just lay low inside your warm home and get back to your daily activities these next few weeks.