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American Horror Story: Cult

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It’s a sunny day here in MA and we’re midway through this awesome summer season.  Learning about new TV series coming out this fall is one of the last things on my mind (it’s been too beautiful outside to even stare at my computer screen for one second, OK?).  This is the season where people are shutting down their screens and heading out for an adventure outdoors.  Popular TV series are on their summer break, which gives people more reasons to be outside.  While everyone has been enjoying this season, my favorite series just dropped some MAJOR clues about the next season.

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Image result for American Horror Story Season 7

American Horror Story, which is my favorite horror TV series of all time, dropped a teaser on the internet a few days ago.  The teaser itself features a bunch of dark clowns wielding axes in what appears to be some Gothic cult.  An apprehensive woman stares out from the crowd of clowns, wondering what is happening.  A voice-over narrates during the teaser saying, “Does it seem like no one really understands you? Do some people just make you sick? Are you afraid? We can set you free.”  All the clowns gather in unison, performing their ritual for us to see as the voice-over narrates the event.  The scene ends with the announcement of season seven for American Horror Story.

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            You heard me right, folks – American Horror Story is returning for its seventh season!  This new season, titled American Horror Story: Cult, will be airing this fall.  The first episode will drop on September 5th.

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In addition to the new teaser trailer, Murphy announced that Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will be part of a love story this season.  He dropped a post on Instagram tyesterday featuring a drawing of a man with blue hair (who will be played by Peters!) alongside Sarah’s character with the note, “Ally and Kai in CULT…a love story for the ages”.  Evan and Sarah are both AHS veterans that have been part of the cast since American Horror Story: Murder House.  Each of the cast members played some oddball characters, but you can expect to be seeing a lot more Evan Peters in season seven.  So not only will we be seeing more of Evan Peters this season, but he will be part of an interesting love story with Sarah Paulson’s character.

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Before dropping the teaser trailer, Ryan Murphy already dropped a few breadcrumbs for us to follow.  A few weeks before the trailer, Murphy released an Instagram post of a magazine featuring Twisty the Clown on the cover (you know, THAT Twisty the Clown from AHS: Freakshow that made Pennywise look like child’s play!).  It looks like Twisty’s dastardly deeds won’t be over yet because it looks like we delving into his story again this year.  Twisty is just one of the few characters that we will be exploring this year.

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This was fantastic news to hear!  Lately I’ve been trying to keep up with the new shows premiering on Netflix and it was exciting to hear about the next season of American Horror Story.  I really enjoy most of Evan Peter’s character on the series, so I’m pumped to hear that we will be seeing more of him this year.  The new season itself looks really interesting and I’m curious what this whole cult theme will look like.

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American Horror Story has had its shares of intriguing themes and the cult idea will be interesting to check out.  There’s been lots of craziness since the election last year so we’ll have to wait a little more than a month to see what horror story Ryan Murphy has in stores for us.

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Last year we dived into the story of Roanoke and now we’re entering the cult this year.  Stay tuned on September 5th for the premiere of American Horror Story: Cult!

Boston’s GOT Night at Fenway Park!

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While I’ve been finishing up the newest season of Scandal on Netflix, a lot of people have been raving over the newest season of Game of ThronesGame of Thrones is the most popular HBO series that has won the highest amount of Emmy awards so far.  George R.R. Martin’s famed series has taken off since its start and fans are still reading his novel to this day.  Game of Throne (GOT) fans can’t get enough of the amazing fantasy series since it began in 2011.

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Image result for Game of Thrones Promotional products

It’s no secret that the GOT brand has been sweeping the stores.  Promotional products such as apparel, calendars, mugs, toys, posters, blankets, games, and many other items have been popular among its audience.  To think that all of this genius marketing promotion stemmed from Martin’s novel A Song of Fire and Ice that became a hit series on HBO.  Not only has the show gained so much popularity, but the GOT brand itself has spread to other marketing platforms.  One of those platforms hit one of the most famous landmarks of Boston.

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Brace yourself folks – Game of Thrones night is coming to Fenway Park tonight!  Fenway Park is promoting a GOT theme in honor of the latest season dropping on Sunday.  The Red Sox are facing off against the Toronto Blue Jays at 7:10 PM in this epic GOT them night.

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For an added promotional bonus, each ticket package through the special offer will include a Ser Andrew Benintendi bobble-head.  Other than the bobble head, fans will have the chance to sit on the infamous Iron Throne for a photo opportunity (which runs from 5 PM-5:40 PM).  The opportunity will be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis only.  Serious GOT who are in the Boston area should check out this awesome Red Sox game tonight!

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As a Boston PR pro, I have to say that this idea is GENIUS.  This event we have going on is what is known as a cross-marketing technique.  Cross-marketing is a unique form of cross-promotion where companies include extra appeals to the product or service they offer.  In short, it’s when one company works with another company to promote each other in one single marketing strategy.  The trick is searching for a product/service that would complement your work as well.

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One great example I can think of were the Mortal Kombat X franchise beers that were released last year.  Sound Brewery in Poulsbo, Washington released three limited edition craft beers based on some popular characters from Mortal Kombat.  Raiden, Scorpion, and Sub-Zero were the main characters from the game Mortal Kombat X that was coming out soon; Sound Brewery cross-marketed their brews with the Mortal Kombat brand for an ingenious marketing tactic (you can read up more about that marketing miracle here).

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Today we have the popular HBO series Game of Thrones teaming up with the Boston Red Sox for an epic GOT theme night at Fenway Park.  The Ser Andrew Benintendi bobblehead and Iron Throne photo-shoot add to the interactive experience fans will have at the game.  This bold marketing move crosses the Boston Red Sox audience with the GOT audience together for one epic themed night.  It’s marketing ideas like this that help business reach a deeper connection with their audiences.  Boston is truly proud of the Red Sox, but some long for the Game of Thrones series once baseball season is over.

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I really like where Fenway Park is going with these theme nights!  While I’m not the biggest GOT fan nor do I have the time to check out a Red Sox game, I do appreciate these awesome marketing promotions they are hosting.  Sports marketing was a great class to take at Salem State University and I really got a lot out of the course (even though sports isn’t my major specialty!).  This is one of those instances where the skills and knowledge you learn in the communications classes apply to real world situations.

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Kudos to the Boston Red Sox for showcasing a great example of cross-marketing!  It’s nights like this that show where the true Sox fans are around Boston.

My last message to end this would be…GO SOX!



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So other than American Horror Story rolling out their new season in the fall (which I have some REAL juicy updates about for later!), the other amazing series that’s coming back is Stranger Things!  The nostalgic sci-fi 80’s themed Netflix show will be back for its second season where we see what lies next for the kids.  Teasers/trailers have been promoted all across the social media platforms; but the real talk of the town lies within the newest poster.

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Netflix unveiled their newest poster for Stranger Things season 2, which will air on October 27th.  The poster depicts the gang (Dustin, Eleven, Will, and Lucas) on their bikes in an endless road as the watch the sky turn to chaos.  As the sky turns demonic red, a new monster is spurring out from the darkened clouds.  Beneath the clouds sheds a myriad of colors from a light bright orange to a midnight blue.  All we know for sure is that the gang will heading back to the upside-down world next season!

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Rather than ponder about the clues for the next season, I really couldn’t stop thinking about how amazingly creative this poster was!  One of my favorite features has to be that spread of colorful light underneath the demonic-red clouds.  That endless road dividing the line really captures that symbolism between light and dark.  It’s interesting how closely it resembles the retro 80’s movie posters.  Whatever the advertising pros were drawing up for the promotions, they definitely hit the nail on the head (they deserve a free round of drinks for how AMAZINGLY AWESOME the poster looks!).

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Stranger Things was a whole new nostalgic-80s idea I really got into last year.  As short as the first season was, it definitely grabbed my attention from the start.  It really is a great nod to how they advertised movie posters during the 80s (like for E.T. or Star Wars!).  I definitely dig a good nostalgic series and Stranger Things is really the way to go!

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In the end, the advertising pros knocked it out of the park with the Stranger Things posters.  All it takes is one beautiful promotional poster to get the social media folks talking (a picture IS worth a thousand words you know!).  All it takes is for a unique grabber within the image to capture your audience’s attention.  Whether the focus is towards the actor/actress or the action happening within the background, something must be the point of focus within the whole image.  This is the kind of secret that separates a good poster from a bad one.  If you’re sending mixed messages within your promotional poster, then your audience will be turned off from the whole idea.

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And yes, Netflix’s newest Stranger Things poster is one of the good ones.  It obviously did well by grabbing lots of attention among the social media realm.  These are the promotional posters that aspiring marketing/advertising/PR pros should all pay attention to in the years to come.  Even if you’re not an artist yourself, the hidden trick you must learn is how those features will snag your target audience’s attention towards the product or service.

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Take notice, people – THIS is one of examples of marketing promotion success!


Sense8 Revives in 2018!

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If you remember last month, we received the devastating news that Sense8 was cancelled after two seasons.  It was on the first day of Pride month (out of ALL months!) that the series got its axe.  I was just finishing up the last few episodes and was SHOCKED that the cliffhanger wasn’t going to be resolved.  Unsolved cliffhangers are one of my TV pet-peeves, making me go INSANE over what should happen in the end.

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That axe made me realize that even Netflix series can’t hide from cancellations.  Sense8 was popular, yet it was an expensive series to film.  After receiving the shocking news, millions of fans gathered to the internet to create a petition for reviving the groundbreaking sci-fi series.

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The bad news?  Sense8 still wasn’t going to be picked up for another season.  Ready for the good news?  It WILL give the audience the ending they deserve!

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Image result for Sense8 gif

You heard me right, folks – a special series finale of Sense8 will be out in 2018!  The two-hour finale will wrap up where the clusters left off.  No further details on what month it will be out, but an update will be released ASAP (that’s what PR pros do, ya know!).

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This is like a gift from the TV gods.  We’ll finally see how this all goes down.  All else I can really say is HALLELUJAH!

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Back to the actual story – the news broke out on June 29th when Netflix tweeted a video announcing the two-hour finale for the series.  The tweet read, “There are sensates within these walls, too. #WeAreTheGlobalCluster”.  It was retweeted more than 9,000 times, with fans shocked over the amazing announcement.

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What’s ironic about these stories is the awkward timing between the events.  Sense8 got its axe at the beginning of pride month and announced their two-hour series finale at the end.  It was a twisted turn of events, but we finally get the ending we deserve.

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I was so pumped on hearing about the Sense8 series finale! Since binge-watching the second season last month, I was really hoping to see that final showdown.  It’s true that I signed the petition, but it was because I truly liked the show that much.  The eclectic characters, rich story line, and breathtaking settings were a few reasons for why I looked forward to the show.

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It may be a while until the series finale actually drops, but we call all breathe a sigh of relief over the news.  Sense8 was one of those unique shows that we couldn’t put down yet.

Be sure to catch the two-hour Sense8 series finale next year!

Fidgety Fidget Spinners!

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Every year there’s always some simple concept that transforms into a huge fad within the blink of an eye.  Products such as movies, toys, food, TV series, games, clothing, and other commodities can become popular through an interesting idea.  Members of the communications industry can do as much as they can to spread awareness of the trend, but the ending results lie with the audiences.  Some trends stick with the country for a long time while other just wear off quickly.  These trends may come and go every so often, but they make big waves in the social media universe.  This year’s most trending toy is the fidget spinners.

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Fidget spinners, those twirling gadgets that you spin around for hours at a time, have been selling out like crazy in stores everywhere.  These gadgets have been around mostly to help kids with autism or attention disorders concentrate in school, but they exploded in early spring this year.  They weren’t made by a major corporate company and can easily be found at your nearest convenient store.  It’s a hot toy that revolves around such a simple unique selling point, which is to prevent fidgeting problems.



After months of seeing these around the shelves, I caved in yesterday and brought myself one!  While wandering around Liberty Tree Mall with my friend, I browsed through the selection of fidget spinners on the vendor.  I decided to go with the bright orange glow-in-the-dark spinner to take home.  It was only minutes later that I really got the hang of the device.



The gist of the toy is really simple: hold the top/bottom with your fingertips and spin the wheel as fast as you can.  Once you stop flicking, hold the bottom part with your fingertips as it spins by itself.  Try holding it with one of your fingertips once you use it a few times.  For even more advanced tricks, try balancing it on your nose or shoe while it’s spinning.

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Other than the fidget spinner, there’s also an alternative toy called the fidget cube.  The fidget cube comes with buttons, clickers, and even wheels to play around with.  Clicking around the fidget cube is really comforting for your hands when you start fidgeting.

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There’s something interesting going on when a toy like a fidget spinner becomes the most popular product for adults.  In this 21st century, our world is rapidly changing each day.  Adults are performing at a faster rate and they can’t stop moving.  There’s been a large demand for more productivity, leaving many people feeling very stressed out.  Could the rise of fidget spinners be caused by the large amount of stress we’re facing?

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Before fidget spinners became the hottest toy of 2017, adults calmed their fidgeting nerves through smoking cigarettes.  Although it’s a nasty habit, cigarette smoking was the common way to calm your nerves every now and then.  But since cigarettes have increased in price over the past few decades (Marlboros are over $10 a pack in MA!), adults have been trying to trade in one habit for another habit.  Then along came the fidget spinners and those fidgety adults can’t get enough of them.  In a strange sense, fidget spinners could be the trend that would replace the nasty habit of smoking cigarettes.

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As I mentioned before, trends come and go every year.  Remember when Pokémon GO was released last summer?  That game spread like WILDFIRE, becoming the hottest app on the Android/Apple market in less than a week (read more about Pokémon GO here).  Fidget Spinners are just as much of a trend as Pokémon GO was in 2016.

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Rather than crack jokes at the silly trends kids are following these days, we should be amazed by the surprising health benefits both of these trends provide.  Fidget Spinners are great for people dealing with fidgeting problems and Pokémon GO helps people who deal with social anxiety.  These trends, as silly as they sound, actually help people in ways that we couldn’t imagine.  Who knew that a new Pokémon game would help people gain better social skills?

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In the end, fidget spinners are one of many toys that combat fidgeting among people.  Things like the ball in the cup, yo-yos, and even Rubik’s Cube were popular just to play with.  The main unique selling point behind these trends was to give your hands something to do every so often.  Cigarettes may be expensive, but you can pick up a fidget spinner for less than $10.

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So the next time you start feeling fidgety, put down the cigarette and pick up a fidget spinner.