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Tiger King: Is the greatest shock-watch of 2020 just a celebration ...

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Something that amazes me is how long since it has been since I watched Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness.  This beautifully crafted documentary revolved around Joe Exotic and his zoo full of wild animals.  He eventually feuded with other exotic animal owners, especially with Carole Baskin.  The story kept getting more and more twisted within each episode.

Months after dropping on Netflix and the story still goes on.  One question that rings in my mind is about what happened to Joe Exotic’s infamous zoo.

Interestingly enough, the zoo was awarded to… Carole Baskin.

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That’s right you cool cats and kittens, THE cat-obsessed Carole Baskin of Big Cat Rescue now owns Joe Exotic’s former zoo. Baskin’s company Big Cat Rescue Corporation was granted ownership of the zoo, forcing Greater Wynnwood Development Group, LLC to vacate the premises with 120 days.

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This was quite a major turn of events during the feud between Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin.  Baskin now owns the zoo that was previously run by her nemesis Joe Exotic.  The sheer madness with Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness still lives on.

Cool Cats and Kittens – CUCU Covers

With that, Carole Baskin is running the show at Joe Exotic’s former zoo.  She is certainly taking the lead in life, with the help of her cool cats and kittens.

Working from your (Home)Office

How To Work From Home: Life Kit : NPR

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Working from home is not a new concept here in America.  Millions of people have worked remotely either in their own homes or other places to get their work done.  Some have flourished while others have failed (mainly due to low productivity).

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During the pandemic, many people started working from home (either by choice or due to office rules).  They hop onto their laptop or desktop every day, where they connect with their coworkers about the agenda for the day.  Some dress to the nines while others are in their bathrobe and slippers.  Whatever strategies they may have, each employee works their own unique way.

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And as the days go by, the ‘work from home’ agenda is growing nationwide.  Tech companies like Facebook and Google extended their work from home policies for many employees for the rest of the year.  Twitter allowed their staff to work from home indefinitely.

Over the course of the past few weeks, many people are opting to stay at home to work until the offices are fully open.  Some want to do it choice while others are through their company’s emergency policies.  For those that want to work from home longer, many say the reason is due to the pandemic.  Others have a better time working from home than being in the office.

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Everybody has their own personal reasons.  But the main point is this – modern technology has allowed a lot more flexibility for many employees to work from home.  Since a majority of their work is through computers, all they really need is a computer all set up and ready to go.  Apps like Zoom or Skype allow us to connect together through video chat to track our productivity progress or simply ask how everyone is doing.

Coronavirus Means Working From Home For More Employees : NPR

The whole ‘Work from Home’ routine doesn’t have to be mundane and strenuous.  Our vast advancement of technology gives us access to many essential tools to help get the job done.

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And the best part is we can get it all done while wearing our pajamas.


Facebook Emoji Tracking - TrueITPros

Facebook provides various emojis to react to certain posts from friends and family.  First there was the simple ‘Like’ button that appeared.  Years later, the concept of ‘Like’ segmented into other emojis.  These emojis are known as Like, Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry.  Each emoji comes in handy for each and every random post you find through the story.

In these crazy times, a brand-new emoji recently sprouted up on the ‘Like’ options.  It made the newest addition of the Facebook emoji collection.  This emoji is known as the Care emoji.

👍 Facebook Emoji List — Emojis and Reacts for Facebook [Updated ...

Facebook Care Reaction Emoji - Album on Imgur

The Care emoji shows an emoji hugging a heart.  When you hover over it with the mouse, the animation shows the emoji closing its eyes while pulling the heart closer to it.

How to Get Facebook's New 'Care' Emoji: Steps to Get The Reaction ...

As we are dealing with these hard times, a Care emoji is just the kind of thing we need in this world.  This emoji can be used for a variety of situations, both funny and serious.  It’s the revolving theme of showing care and helping one another as we get to better times.

How To Enable Facebook Care Reaction | Facebook Care React ...

With that, now is a better time than ever to show more care in life.  Whether it be through the Care emoji or not, care of any kind will really help.