The Terminator’s Apprentice

With all this commotion about the newest posts in 2017, I haven’t discussed anything within the silver screen lately.  No TV criss-crosses have been spotted yet and there haven’t been any unique shows that jump out at me.  Business has been slow this month and Donald Trump’s inauguration ceremony starts in a few weeks.  Now that Trump is busy with his Presidential work, we have a new host for this year’s The Celebrity Apprentice on NBC.

Former CA Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed on to be the new host for this year’s season.  The Celebrity Apprentice aired on January 2nd and includes 15 new celebrities competing this year.  Some notable celebrities competing include Boy George, Lisa Leslie, Jon Lovitz, Vince Neil, Snookie, and Kyle Richards.  The 1st episode already aired, with Carnie Wilson Carrie Keagan being the first to be eliminated.

Image result for you're terminated gif

People remember the earlier seasons with Trump’s infamous catchphrase “You’re Fired!” when each contestant was eliminated.  With a new host comes a new catchphrase and viewers had to wait until the season premiere to hear it.  When Carrie Keagan did the worst job on the first task, Schwarzenegger yelled out his catchphrase, “You’re Terminated!” to her.  Damn!  Arnold went all Terminator-style on that contestant!

This wasn’t the first (and last!) time Arnold went all Terminator on his contestants.  Carnie Wilson’s head was on the chopping block in the 2nd competition being that she did the worst on the task.  When Wilson was picked to leave the show, Schwarzenegger got up to say, “You’re terminated,” and “Hasta la vista, baby.”.  DAMN!  We should just rename this show The Terminator’s Apprentice if The Terminator will be hosting the show.

For those aren’t up to speed with 80s sci/fi films, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the Terminator in The Terminator when it was released in 1984.  He returned as his lead role as The Terminator in 1991 with the film Terminator 2: Judgement Day.  A few other Terminator films were released years later (Rise of the Machines, Salvation, Genisys), but they weren’t as exciting as the old films.  Either way, it’s exciting to see Celebrity Apprentice host Arnold Schwarzenegger use Terminator references on this show.

Hearing Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new catchphrase for The Celebrity Apprentice was great.  It was hilarious how he’s referencing one of the best 80s sci-fi films that he starred in.  I’ve seen some of the Terminator series and I definitely remember his catchphrases in the movie.  Schwarzenegger definitely has some big shoes to fill now that Trump is in office!  Who knows what other random Terminator references he’ll throw out this season.

Arnold’s catchphrases may be funny, but they’re also great for flourishing the Terminator brand.  Some viewers of The Celebrity Apprentice haven’t seen the Terminator films, so Arnold is definitely raising awareness of his work through his catchphrases.  Who knows, maybe his new catchphrases will cause him to be a favorable host with the audience.  And THAT was Arnold Schwarzenegger’s new catchphrase for The Celebrity Apprentice…hasta la vista, baby!

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