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Rob Gronkowski’s Kanjam Party Slam!

It seems as though Rob Gronkowski’s PR stunts can be heard of everywhere – a party bus, a book, his own flavor of Monster Energy, a photo shoot with cute kittens, and even singing tunes with David Ortiz about Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee.  As one of the most favorable players of the NFL, Gronkowski continues to extend the story of his personal brand.  Earlier he released his Instagram account to connect with millions of his followers on social media.  His next brand story involves a different kind of sport – Kanjam.

That’s right folks!  Rob Gronkowski released his own version of the popular partying game called Kanjam Gronk.  Gronkowski released a Kanjam Gronk game set on the website kamjamgronk.com.  The kanjam Gronk game set features 2 official goals, 2 custom designed Kanjam flying discs, a commemorative Gronk locker nameplate, and instructions for how to play the game.

Kanjam is one of the most popular partying games among college kids in the United States.  The object is to score points by throwing your flying disc and hitting or entering into the goal.  Your opponents will try to deflect the disc from entering the goal.  Players must get exactly 21 points in order to win the game.  Any throw that takes a team over 21 points would be subtracted from their score.

As mentioned earlier, this is just one of many ways Gronkowski’s brand continues to flourish.  He connects with his fans any way possible and now he dipped his toes into one of the most popular party games in America.  Rob Gronkowski is more than just an incredible football player; his ‘box of rocks’ personality makes him one of the most relatable athletes of the NFL.  Whatever stunts he pulls during his off-season schedule, he is sure to reel in another niche audience that will love Gronkowski even more.

Rob Gronkowski continues to be my favorite athlete of the New England Patriots.  Other than being one of the best tight ends of the NFL, his silly antics makes him more than just another great athlete.  While I don’t watch football as much as the next guy, it is always hilarious to watch what Gronkowski does off of the football field.  I am always eager to see what humorous PR stunt Rob Gronkowski will be involved with in the future.  Props to Gronk for branching out his brand into another product line!  If Kanjam was his latest product launch, who knows what’s in store for us Patriots fans?  We’ll just have to sit and wait for the next chapter of Rob Gronkowski’s life.


Gronk Spikes Instagram

If you’re a Patriots fan, you know that Rob Gronkowski is one of the most well-known players of the team.  He’s one of the best tight end players with a flourishing brand name.  Some of his infamous PR stunts include endorsing Dunkin’ Donuts, creating a brand of frosted corn flakes named Gronk Flakes, and even posing for the camera with cuddly kittens.  Gronk fans can be excited for his newest social media venture: Instagram.


Gronkowski officially joined the Instagram bandwagon earlier this week and he doesn’t disappoint!  His first 1-minute video showcases his life during the off-season months.  The video includes clips of him working out at the gym, completing swimming exercises by the pool, getting a haircut, and even partying with his pals at the bar.


Rob Gronkowski was drafted into the New England Patriots in 2010.  He set the single-season record for most touchdowns by a tight end in the next year.

Other than Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski is one of the most entertaining players to follow.  His last entertaining stunt featured him and David Ortiz sing a country song about Dunkin’ Donuts Ice Coffee.  Gronkowski isn’t shy when it comes to making cameos for TV and films.  He appeared with wide-receiver Julian Edelman for the Entourage movie in June 3rd, 2015.  Besides his random cameos on the screen, Rob Gronkowski posed in a photo shoot with cuddly kittens back in December 2014.


It’s important to note that he isn’t just doing these appearances for a salary.  Gronkowski is a charitable player who co-created the Gronk Nation Youth Foundation, a charity he and his family created to host events and create concepts to generate funds for benefitting youth charities.  His next event will be The One Mission Buzz Off for Kids With Cancer where he will shave his head at Gillette Stadium to honor kids with cancer.  All proceeds will be donated toward kids fighting cancer.


With all of his entertaining campaigns, Rob Gronkowski would be considered social media gold in the public relations world.  Gronkowski’s brand as a Patriots player is constantly flourishing with each creative campaign he is endorsed in.  His ‘box of rocks’ personality makes him the most likable and positive person for the Patriots.